100+ Maths General Knowledge Questions And Answers PDF

Maths General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Last Updated: 5 January 2024

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Mathematics Questions whether it be simple as addition or as hard as Abstract Algebra is always there in competitive exams.

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We always have heard that if you don’t practice maths you will forget how to solve it, Yes it’s true. Therefore let’s learn something new today.

Let’s try to answer some of the questions on maths that can help you improve your proficiency.

Maths GK Questions And Answers

1. Who is the Father of Mathematics?

Answer: Archimedes

2. Who discovered Zero (0)?

Answer: Aryabhatta, AD 458
Explanation: Aryabhatta invented zero but he didn’t give any symbol for zero, Brahmagupta was the first to give a symbol for zero and rules to compute with zero.

3. What is the average of the first 50 natural numbers?

Answer: 25.5

4. When is Pi Day celebrated around the world?

Answer: March 14

5. The value of Pi?

Answer: 3.14159

6. Value of cos 360°?

Answer: 1

7. Angle greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees are called?

Answer: Reflex Angles

8. Who discovered the laws of the lever and pulley?

Answer: Archimedes

9. Scientist who was born on Pi Day?

Answer: Albert Einstein

10. Who discovered Pythagoras Theorem?

Answer: Pythagoras of Samos

11. Who discovered the Symbol Infinity “∞”?

Answer: John Wallis

12. Father of Algebra?

Answer: Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi (Persian Mathematician)

13. Who discovered Fibonacci Sequence?

Answer: Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

14. First person to use the Greek letter pi (π) to denote the constant?

Answer: William Jones in 1706

15. Who discovered Logarithms and the Decimal point?

Answer: John Napier

16. Who invented the equals sign (=) ?

Answer: Robert Recorde

17. Who invented the Slide rule?

Answer: William Oughtred

18. Who invented Protractor?

Answer: Joseph Huddart

19. Who discovered the center of gravity?

Answer: Archimedes

20. Where was Abacus invented?

Answer: China

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21. Who created the symbol ‘e’ ?

Answer: Leonhard Euler

22. Which Greek Mathematician was killed by Romans during the capture of Syracuse?

Answer: Archimedes

23. Who developed an easy method to find out all the Prime Numbers?

Answer: Eratosthenes

24. Euler’s Formula?

Answer: Euler discovered two Important formulas
1) F + V = E + 2
2) e ix = cos x + i sin x

25. Father of Trigonometry?

Answer: Hipparchus

26. Father of Science?

Answer: Galileo Galilei

27. Who discovered Line Graph, Bar Chart, Circle Graph?

Answer: William Playfair

28. Who discovered ∇ (delta)?

Answer: William Rowan Hamilton

29. Who invented Boolean Algebra?

Answer: George Boole in 1847

30. Who invented Unknown or variable quantities x, y, z ?

Answer: René Descartes

31. Who discovered Graph Theory?

Answer: Leonhard Euler

32. Value of Napier’s constant ‘e’ ?

Answer: e ≈ 2.71828

33. Write the next number of the following Sequences 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,_?

Answer: 21

34. Who invented Unit Vectors i, j, k ?

Answer: William Rowan Hamilton

35. Who created the BODMAS rule?

Answer: Achilles Reselfelt

36. Who discovered the Square Root symbol √ ?

Answer: Christoph Rudolff

37. Who invented Statistical Graph?

Answer: William Playfair

38. Who is considered as the Father of Calculus?

Answer: Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz

39. Who is the Father of Analytic Geometry?

Answer: René Descartes and Pierre de Fermat

40. Which numbers were believed to Promote Love?

Answer: Amicable numbers

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41. Who Developed Taylor series expansions of Trigonometric Functions?

Answer: Madhava of Sangamagrama

42. Who discovered the Law of gravity?

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton

43. Who created ” i ” (√-1) as an Imaginary Number?

Answer: Leonhard Euler

44. Who discovered Multiplication?

Answer: William Oughtred

45. Father of Geometry?

Answer: Euclid of Alexandria (Commonly known as Euclid)

46. Who constructed the first Trigonometric Table?

Answer: Hipparchus

47. Who discovered Hyperbolic Sine and cosine “Sinh and Cosh”?

Answer: Vincenzo Riccati

48. Mathematical device that has Beads?

Answer: Abacus

49. How many Zeros are there in One Billion?

Answer: 9 (nine)

50. Who discovered Derivatives?

Answer: Gottfried Leibniz

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51. Who discovered Differential Equations dx ?

Answer: Gottfried Leibniz

52. Who discovered Summation ∑ ?

Answer: Srinivasa Ramanujan

53. Who discovered the Product sign ∏ ?

Answer: Carl Friedrich Gauss

54. Which Symbol did Karl Weierstrass Invent?

Answer: |x|

55. What do we call people who have a “Fear of Numbers” ?

Answer: Numerophobia

56. Name of the symbol ∇ ?

Answer: Nabla

57. Who introduced the term “function” in Mathematics?

Answer: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

58. Who introduced the notation for a function y = f(x)?

Answer: Leonhard Euler

59. Name of the symbol ≡ ?

Answer: Equivalence Relation and Modulus

60. Name of the Symbol ( ) ?

Answer: Parentheses

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61. Name of the Symbol ⊥ ?

Answer: Perpendicular

62. What is the other name of Multiplication Sign “X” ?

Answer: Times Sign

63. Name of the Symbol ≜ ?

Answer: Equal by definition

64. Name of the Symbol ∑ ?

Answer: Sigma

65. Name of the Symbol ∏ ?

Answer: Capital Pi

66. Name of the Symbol φ ?

Answer: Golden ratio

67. Name of the Symbol ⇒ ?

Answer: Implies

68. Name of the Symbol ∴ ?

Answer: Therefore

69. The total number of dots on a dice?

Answer: 21

70. What is the Number system of these letters V, X, L, D, M ?

Answer: Roman Numerals

71. Who discovered the empty set sign ∅ (null)?

Answer: André Weil

72. Roman Number of 40?

Answer: XL

73. What Number that is twice the sum of their digits (other than zero)?

Answer: 18

74. Which is the only even Prime Number?

Answer: 2

75. Roman Number of 50?

Answer: L

76. Roman Number of 60?

Answer: LX

77. Roman Number of 70?

Answer: LXX

78. Roman Number of 90?

Answer: XC

79. Roman Number of 100?

Answer: C

80. Find the missing number in the series 5, 10, 17, _, 37, 50, 65, 82?

Answer: 26

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81. Which is the smallest Perfect Number?

Answer: 6

82. Who discovered + and – ?

Answer: Johannes Widman

83. Who discovered intersection ∩ and union ∪ ?

Answer: Giuseppe Peano

84. What is the next Prime Number after 13?

Answer: 17

85. Which is the only number that cannot be used as a Divisor?

Answer: Zero

86. Who is known as the prince of Mathematics in India?

Answer: Srinivasa Ramanujan

87. Who said the phrase “Number rules the Universe”?

Answer: Pythagoras

88.  Which number is Known as Ramanujan-Hardy Number?

Answer: 1729

89. What is the name of the number system with base 2?

Answer: Binary

90. How many seconds are there in one hour?

Answer: 3600 Seconds

91. Who discovered the identity sign ≡ (for congruence relation)?

Answer: Carl Friedrich Gauss

92. Which number system does not have the symbol for zero?

Answer: Roman Numerals

93. Who discovered Number Line?

Answer: John Wallis

94. Who discovered strict inequality signs < and > ?

Answer: Thomas Harriot

95. What number do we get when we multiply all of the numbers on a Telephone Number Pad?

Answer: Zero

96. Who discovered the division sign ÷ ?

Answer: Johann Rahn

97. Who discovered the ⌊x⌋ greatest integer ≤ x (floor) and ⌈x⌉ smallest integer ≥ x (ceiling)?

Answer: Kenneth E. Iverson

98. What is the name for the longest side of a Right Angled Triangle?

Answer: Hypotenuse

99. Which number does not have a Reciprocal?

Answer: zero

100. Who discovered Mathematical Induction?

Answer: Giovanni Vacca

101. What Phobia is the fear of Numbers?

Answer: Arithmophobia

102. How many zeros are there in One Trillion?

Answer: 12 Zeros (1,000,000,000,000)

103. What comes after a Trillion?

Answer: Quadrillion

104. Name the Polygon that has 15 Sides?

Answer: Pentadecagon

105. What is the other name of the Perimeter of a Circle?

Answer: Circumference

106. Riya ranked 8th from the top & 26th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?

Answer: 33

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