List of Apple visionOS 2.0 Version (2024 July Updated)

Apple visionOS

Last Updated: 12 July 2024

Are you looking for Apple’s Latest visionOS Version? Well, you came to the right place!

Before we get started let’s have a quick intro to visionOs.

visionOS is a mixed reality operating system derived primarily from iOS core frameworks (including UIKit, SwiftUI, ARKit, and RealityKit), and MR-specific frameworks for foveated rendering and real-time interaction.

It is developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. visionOS was unveiled on 5th June 2023 at Apple’s WWDC23 event alongside the reveal of the Apple Vision Pro.

The software was released on 2nd February 2024, shipping with the Apple Vision Pro.


1DeveloperApple Inc.
2OS FamilyUnix-like, based on Darwin (BSD), iOS, iPadOS
3Working StateCurrent
4Initial Release2nd February 2024
5Latest Release1.2 (10 June 2024)
6Latest Preview1.3 Beta 2 (01 Jul 2024)
2.0 Beta 3 (08 Jul 2024)
7Marketing TargetMixed reality headsets, Apple Vision Pro
9Kernel TypeHybrid (XNU)
10LicenseProprietary software with open-source components

Latest visionOS Versions

visionOS 1

#VisionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
11.0 Beta 121N5165g22 Jun2023
21.0 Beta 221N5207f25 Jul2023
31.0 Beta 321N5233f29 Aug2023
41.0 Beta 421N5259j03 Oct2023
51.0 Beta 521N5260b01 Nov2023
61.0 Beta 621N5300a14 Nov2023
71.0 Beta 721N30513 Dec2023
81.021N307Initial Relase2024
91.0.121N31123 Jan2024
101.0.221N32331 Jan2024
111.1 Beta 121O5181e06 Feb2024
121.0.321N33312 Feb2024
131.1 Beta 221O5188c13 Feb2024
141.1 Beta 321O5197a20 Feb2024
151.1 Beta 421O5203a27 Feb2024
161.1 RC21O20904 Mar2024
171.121O21107 Mar2024
181.1.121O22421 Mar2024
191.2 Beta 121O5555e02 Apr2024
201.1.221O23109 Apr2024
211.2 Beta 121O5555f09 Apr2024
221.2 Beta 221O5565d16 Apr2024
231.2 Beta 321O5570d23 Apr2024
241.2 Beta 421O5580a30 Apr2024
251.2 Beta 521O5587a07 May2024
261.221O58910 May2024
271.3 Beta 121O5747c17 Jun2024
281.3 Beta 221O5756a01 Jul2024
291.3 Beta 321O5761a09 Jul2024

visionOS 2

#VisionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
12.0 Beta 122N5252n10 Jun2024
22.0 Beta 222N5267g24 Jun2024
32.0 Beta 322N5277g08 Jul2024
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