List Of Apple iPadOS Latest Version (2024 iPadOS 18)

Apple iPadOS Latest Version

Last Updated: 12 July 2024

Are you looking for the Apple iPadOS Latest Version? Well, you came to the right place! Before we get started let’s have a quick intro about iPadOS.

iPadOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. for its iPad line of tablet computers. It is a rebranded variant of iOS, the operating system used by Apple’s iPhones, renamed to reflect the diverging features of the two product lines, particularly the iPad’s multitasking capabilities.

It was introduced as iPadOS 13 in 2019, reflecting its status as the successor to iOS 12 for the iPad, at the company’s 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). iPadOS was released to the public on 19th September 2019.

A new iPadOS 18 was announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) on 10th June 2024.

iPadOS At A Glance

1DeveloperApple Inc.
2Written InC, C++, Objective-C, Swift, & Assembly Language
3OS FamilyUnix-like, based on Darwin (BSD), iOS, macOS
4Source ModelClosed with Open-Source Components
5Initial Release3rd April 2010
6Latest Release~
7Latest Preview17.6 Beta 3 (21G5066d) (09 Jul 2024)
18.0 Beta 3 (22A5307f) (08 Jul 2024)
8Marketing targetTablet Computers
9Available In40 Languages
10Update MethodOver-the-air, iTunes
11PlatformsiPads with ARMv8-A CPUs
12Kernel TypeHybrid (XNU)
13Default User InterfaceCocoa Touch (multi-touch, GUI)
14LicenseProprietary Software except for Open-Source Components
15Preceded ByiOS
17Support StatusSupported

Facts About iPadOS

  • The first iPad was released in 2010 and ran iPhone OS 3.2, which added support for the larger device to the operating system, previously only used on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This shared operating system was rebranded as “iOS” with iOS 4.
  • To emphasize the different feature sets available on the iPad, and to signal their intention to develop the platforms in divergent directions, at WWDC 2019 Apple announced that the variant of iOS that runs on the iPad would be rebranded as “iPadOS.” The new naming strategy began with iPadOS 13.1, in 2019.
  • On 22nd June 2020, at WWDC 2020 Apple announced iPadOS 14 which was released to the public on 16th September 2020.
  • On 7th June 2021, at WWDC 2021 Apple announced iPadOS 15 which was released to the public on 20th September 2021.
  • On 6th June 2022, at WWDC 2022 Apple announced iPadOS 16. The first Developer Beta version was available to the public on the same day, i.e., 6th June 2022.
  • On 5th June 2023, at WWDC 2023 Apple announced iPadOS 17. The first Developer Beta version was available to the public on the same day, i.e., 5th June 2023.
  • On 10th June 2024, at WWDC 2024 Apple announced iPadOS 18. The first Developer Beta version was available to the public on the same day, i.e., 10th June 2024.

iPadOS Latest Version History

iPhone OS 3

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
13.27B36703 Apr2010
23.2.17B40515 July2010
33.2.27B50011 Aug2010

iOS 4

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
14.08A29321 Jun2010
24.0.18A30615 July2010
34.0.28A40011 Aug2010
44.18B11708 Sep2010
54.2.18C14822 Nov2010
64.2.58E12811 Jan2011
74.2.68E20031 Jan2011
84.2.78E30314 Apr2011
94.2.88E40104 May2011
104.2.98E50115 July2011
114.2.108E60025 July2011
124.38F19009 Mar2011
134.3.18G425 Mar2011
144.3.28H714 Apr2011
154.3.38J204 May2011
164.3.48K215 July2011
174.3.58L125 July2011

iOS 5

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
15.09A33412 Oct2011
25.0.19A40510 Nov2011
35.19B17607 Mar2012
45.1.19B20607 May2012

iOS 6

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
16.010A40319 Sep2012
26.0.110A52301 Nov2012
36.0.210A55018 Dec2012
46.110B14128 Jan2013
56.1.110B14506 Feb2013
66.1.210B14619 Feb2013
76.1.310B32919 Mar2013
86.1.410B35002 May2013
96.1.510B40014 Nov2013
106.1.610B500 21 Feb2014

iOS 7

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
17.011A46518 Sep2013
27.0.111A470a19 Sep2013
37.0.211A50126 Sep2013
47.0.311B51122 Oct2013
57.0.411B554a14 Nov2013
67.0.511B60129 Jan2014
77.0.611B65121 Feb2014
87.111D16710 Mar2014
97.1.111D20122 Apr2014
107.1.211D25730 Jun2014

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iOS 8

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
18.012A36517 Sep2014
28.0.112A40224 Sep2014
38.0.212A40525 Sep2014
48.112B41020 Oct2014
58.1.112B43517 Nov2014
68.1.212B44009 Dec2014
78.1.312B46627 Jan2015
88.212D50809 Mar2015
98.312F6908 Apr2015
108.412H14330 Jun2015
118.4.112H32113 Aug2015

iOS 9

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
19.013A34016 Sep2015
29.0.113A40423 Sep2015
39.0.213A45230 Sep2015
49.113B14321 Oct2015
59.213C7508 Dec2015
69.2.113D1519 Jan2016
79.313E23321 Mar2016
89.3.113E23831 Mar2016
99.3.213F6916 May2016
109.3.313G3418 July2016
119.3.413G3504 Aug2016
129.3.513G3625 Aug2016
139.3.613G3722 July2019

iOS 10

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
110.014A40313 Sep2016
210.0.214A45623 Sep2016
310.0.314A55117 Oct2016
410.114B7224 Oct2016
510.1.114B10031 Oct2016
610.214C9212 Dec2016
710.2.114D2723 Jan2017
810.314E27727 Mar2017
910.3.114E30403 Apr2017
1010.3.214F9015 May2017
1110.3.314G6019 July2017
1210.3.414G6122 July2017

iOS 11

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
111.015A37219 Sep2017
211.0.115A40226 Sep2017
311.0.215A42103 Oct2017
411.0.315A43211 Oct2017
511.115B9331 Oct2017
611.1.115B15009 Nov2017
711.1.215B20216 Nov2017
811.215C11402 Dec2017
911.2.115C15313 Dec2017
1011.2.215C20208 Jan2018
1111.2.515D6023 Jan2018
1211.2.615D10019 Feb2018
1311.315E21629 Mar2018
1411.3.115E30224 Apr2018
1511.415F7929 May2018
1611.4.115G7709 July2018

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iOS 12

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
112.016A36617 Sep2018
212.0.116A40408 Oct2018
312.116B9230 Oct2018
412.1.116C5005 Dec2018
512.1.216C10420 Dec2018
612.1.316D3922 Jan2019
712.1.416D5707 Feb2019
812.216E22725 Mar2019
912.316F15613 May2019
1012.3.116F20324 May2019
1112.3.216F25010 Jun2019
1212.416G7722 July2019
1312.4.116G10226 Aug2019
1412.4.216G11426 Sep2019
1512.4.316G13028 Oct2019
1612.4.416G14010 Dec2019
1712.4.516G16128 Jan2020
1812.4.616G18324 Mar2020
1912.4.716G19220 May2020
2012.4.816G20115 July2020
2112.4.916H505 Nov2020
2212.516H2014 Dec2020
2312.5.116H2211 Jan2021
2412.5.216H3026 Mar2021
2512.5.316H4103 May2021
2612.5.416H5014 Jun2021
2712.5.516H6223 Sep2021

iPadOS 13

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
113.017A57719 Sep2019
213.117A84424 Sep2019
313.1.117A85427 Sep2019
413.1.217A86030 Sep2019
513.1.217A86130 Sep2019
613.1.317A87815 Oct2019
713.217B8428 Oct2019
813.2.117B9030 Oct2019
913.2.217B10207 Nov2019
1013.2.317B11118 Nov2019
1113.317C5410 Dec2019
1213.3.117D5028 Jan2020
1313.417E25524 Mar2020
1413.417E825524 Apr2020
1513.4.117E26207 Apr2020
1613.4.117E825823 Apr2020
1713.517F7520 May2020
1813.5.117F8001 Jun2020
1913.617G6815 July2020
2013.6.117G8012 Aug2020
2113.717H3501 Sep2020

iPadOS 14

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
114.018A37316 Sep2020
214.0.118A39324 Sep2020
314.118A839520 Oct2020
414.218B9205 Nov2020
514.218B11105 Nov2020
614.2.118B12119 Nov2020
714.318C6614 Dec2020
814.418D5226 Jan2021
914.4.118D6108 Mar2021
1014.4.218D7026 Mar2021
1114.518E19926 Apr2021
1214.5.118E21203 May2021
1314.6 Beta 318F5065a10 May2021
1414.6 RC18F7117 May2021
1514.6 RC 218F7221 May2021
1614.618F7224 May2021
1714.7 Beta 118G5023c19 May2021
1814.7 Beta 218G5033e02 Jun2021
1914.7 Beta 318G5042c14 Jun2021
2014.7 Beta 418G5052d29 Jun2021
2114.7 Beta 518G5063a08 July2021
2214.7 RC18G6813 July2021
2314.718G6919 July2021
2414.7.118G8226 July2021
2514.818H1713 Sep2021
2614.8.118H10726 Oct2021

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iPadOS 15

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
115.0 Beta 119A5261w07 Jun2021
215.0 Beta 219A5281h24 Jun2021
315.0 Beta 319A5297e14 July2021
415.0 Beta 419A5307g27 July2021
515.0 Beta 519A5318f10 Aug2021
615.0 Beta 619A5325f17 Aug2021
715.0 Beta 719A5337a25 Aug2021
815.0 Beta 819A5340a31 Aug2021
915.0 RC19A34414 Sep2021
1015.019A34620 Sep2021
1115.1 Beta 119B5042h21 Sep2021
1215.1 Beta 219B5052f28 Sep2021
1315.0.119A34801 Oct2021
1415.1 Beta 319B5060d06 Oct2021
1515.0.219A40411 Oct2021
1615.1 Beta 419B5068a13 Oct2021
1715.1 RC 119B7418 Oct2021
1815.1 RC 219B7521 Oct2021
1915.119B7425 Oct2021
2015.2 Beta 119C5026i27 Oct2021
2115.2 Beta 219C5036e09 Nov2021
2215.2 Beta 319C5044b16 Nov2021
2315.1.119B8117 Nov2021
2415.2 Beta 419C5050b02 Dec2021
2515.2 RC19C5607 Dec2021
2615.2 RC 219C5710 Dec2021
2715.219C5713 Dec2021
2815.3 Beta 119D5026g17 Dec2021
2915.2.119C6312 Jan2022
3015.3 Beta 219D5040e12 Jan2022
3115.3 RC19D4920 Jan2022
3215.319D5026 Jan2022
3315.4 Beta 119E5209h27 Jan2022
3415.4 Beta 219E5219e08 Feb2022
3515.3.119D5210 Feb2022
3615.4 Beta 319E5225g15 Feb2022
3715.4 Beta 419E5235a22 Feb2022
3815.4 Beta 519E5241a01 Mar2022
3915.4 RC19E24108 Mar2022
4015.419E24114 Mar2022
4115.4.119E25831 Mar2022
4215.5 Beta 119F5047e05 Apr2022
4315.5 Beta 219F5057e19 Apr2022
4415.5 Beta 319F5062g26 Apr2022
4515.5 Beta 419F5070b03 May2022
4615.5 RC19F7712 May2022
4715.519F7716 May2022
4815.6 Beta 119G5027e18 May2022
4915.6 Beta 219G5037d31 May2022
5015.6 Beta 319G5046d14 Jun2022
5115.6 Beta 419G5056c28 Jun2022
5215.6 Beta 519G5063a05 Jul2022
5315.6 RC19G6912 Jul2022
5415.6 RC 219G7115 Jul2022
5515.619G7120 Jul2022
5615.6.119G8217 Aug2022
5715.7 RC19H1207 Sep2022
5815.719H1212 Sep2022
5915.7.119H11727 Oct2022
6015.7.2 RC19H21807 Dec2022
6115.7.219G21813 Dec2022
6215.7.319H30723 Jan2023
6315.7.4 RC19H32121 Mar2023
6415.7.419H32127 Mar2023
6515.7.519H33210 Apr2023
6615.7.6 RC19H34909 May2023
6715.7.619H34918 May2023
6815.7.719H35721 Jun2023
6915.7.8 RC19H36418 Jul2023
7015.7.819H36424 Jul2023
7115.7.919H36511 Sep2023
7215.8 RC19H37018 Oct2023
7315.819H37025 Oct2023
7415.8.1 RC19H38017 Jan2024
7515.8.119H38022 Jan2024

iPadOS 16

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
116.0 Beta 120A5283p06 Jun2022
216.0 Beta 220A5303i22 Jun2022
316.0 Beta 320A5312g06 Jul2022
416.0 Beta 420A5328h27 Jul2022
516.0 Beta 520A5339d08 Aug2022
616.0 Beta 620A5349b15 Aug2022
716.1 Beta 120B5027f23 Aug2022
816.1 Public Beta 120B5027f24 Aug2022
916.1 Beta 220B5045d14 Sep2022
1016.1 Beta 320B5050f20 Sep2022
1116.1 Beta 420B5056e27 Sep2022
1216.1 Beta 520B5064c04 Oct2022
1316.1 Beta 620B5072b11 Oct2022
1416.1 RC20B7918 Oct2022
1516.120B8224 Oct2022
1616.2 Beta 120C5032e25 Oct2022
1716.2 Beta 220C5043e08 Nov2022
1816.1.120B10109 Nov2022
1916.2 Beta 320C5049e15 Nov2022
2016.2 Beta 420C5058d01 Dec2022
2116.2 RC20C6507 Dec2022
2216.220C6513 Dec2022
2316.3 Beta 120D5024e14 Dec2022
2416.3 Beta 220D5035i10 Jan2023
2516.320D4723 Jan2023
2616.3.120D6713 Feb2023
2716.4 Beta 120E5212f16 Feb2023
2816.4 Beta 220E5223e28 Feb2023
2916.4 Beta 320E5229e07 Mar2023
3016.4 Beta 420E5239b15 Mar2023
3116.4 RC20E24621 Mar2023
3216.420E24627 Mar2023
3316.5 Beta 120F5028e28 Mar2023
3416.4.120E25207 Apr2023
3516.5 Beta 220F5039e11 Apr2023
3616.5 Beta 320F5050f25 Apr2023
3716.5 RC20F6509 May2023
3816.5 RC 220F6615 May2023
3716.520F6618 May2023
3816.6 Beta 120G5026e19 May2023
3916.6 Beta 220G5037d31 May2023
4016.6 Beta 320G5047d15 Jun2023
4116.5.120F7521 Jun2023
4216.6 Beta 420G5058d27 Jun2023
4316.6 Beta 520G5070a10 Jul2023
4416.6 RC20G7518 Jul2023
4516.620G7524 Jul2023
4616.6.120G8107 Sep2023
4716.7 RC20H1812 Sep2023
4816.720H1921 Sep2023
4916.7.120H3010 Oct2023
5016.7.2 RC20H11517 Oct2023
5116.7.220H11525 Oct2023
5216.7.320H23211 Dec2023
5316.7.420H24019 Dec2023
5416.7.5 RC20H30717 Jan2024
5516.7.520H30722 Jan2024
5616.7.6 RC20H32027 Jan2024

iPadOS 17

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
117.0 Beta 121A5248v05 Jun2023
217.0 Beta 221A5268h21 Jun2023
317.0 Beta 321A5277h05 Jul2023
417.0 Beta 321A5277j11 Jul2023
517.0 Beta 421A5291h25 Jul2023
617.0 Beta 421A5291j31 Jul2023
717.0 Beta 521A5303d08 Aug2023
817.0 Beta 621A5312c15 Aug2023
917.0 Beta 721A5319a22 Aug2023
1017.0 Beta 821A5326a29 Aug2023
1117.0 RC21A32912 Sep2023
1217.021A32918 Sep2023
1317.0.121A34021 Sep2023
1417.0.221A35126 Sep2023
1517.1 Beta 121B5045h27 Sep2023
1617.1 Beta 221B5056e03 Oct2023
1717.0.321A36004 Oct2023
1817.1 Beta 321B5066a11 Oct2023
1917.1 RC21B7417 Oct2023
2017.121B7425 Oct2023
2117.2 Beta 121C5029g26 Oct2023
2217.1.121B9108 Nov2023
2317.2 Beta 221C5040g09 Nov2023
2417.2 Beta 321C5046c14 Nov2023
2517.2 Beta 421C5054b28 Nov2023
2617.1.221B10130 Nov2023
2717.2 RC21C6205 Dec2023
2817.221C6211 Dec2023
2917.3 Beta 121D5026f12 Dec2023
3017.3 Beta 221D5036c03 Jan2024
3117.3 Beta 321D5044a09 Jan2024
3217.3 RC21D5017 Jan2024
3317.321D5022 Jan2024
3417.4 Beta 121E5184i25 Jan 2024
3517.4 Beta 221E5195e06 Feb2024
3617.3.121D6108 Feb2024
3717.4 Beta 321E5200d13 Feb2024
3817.4 Beta 421E5209b20 Feb2024
3917.4 RC21E21727 Feb2024
4017.421E21905 Mar2024
4117.4.121E23621 Mar2024
4217.5 Beta 121F5048f02 Apr2024
4317.5 Beta 221F5058e16 Apr2024
4417.5 Beta 321F5073b30 Apr2024
4517.5 RC21F7907 May2024
4617.521F7913 May2024
4717.5.121F9020 May2024
4817.5.121F9103 Jun2024
4917.6 Beta 121G5052e17 Jun2024
5017.6 Beta 221G5061c01 Jul2024
5117.6 Beta 321G5066d09 Jul2024

iPadOS 18

#VersionBuild No.Release DateRelease Year
118.0 Beta 122A5282m10 Jun2024
218.0 Beta 222A5297f24 Jun2024
318.0 Beta 322A5307f08 Jul2024
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