250+ Measuring Devices And Instruments (2024 Updated)

Measuring Device

Last Updated: 5 January 2024

A measuring device or measuring instrument is a device to measure a physical quantity or degree of something in our lives every day.

In the physical sciences, quality assurance, and engineering, measurement is the activity of obtaining and comparing physical quantities of real-world objects and events. The process of measurement gives a number relating to the item under study and the referenced unit of measurement.

These instruments may range from simple objects such as rulers and stopwatches to electron microscopes and particle accelerators. Read the following list to know more.

List Of Measuring Devices & Instruments

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No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
2AF Signal LevelPsophometer
3Airflow1) Anemometers
2) Thermoanemometers 
4Air PressureBarometer
5Air Quality1) Nephelometers
2) Air Quality Meter
6Alcoholic StrengthAlcoholmeter
8Angle1) Circumferentor
2) Cross Staff
3) Goniometer
4) Graphometer
5) Inclinometer
6) Mural Instrument
7) Protractor
8) Bevel Protractor
9) Digital Protractor
10) Quadrant
11) Octant
12) Reflecting Circles
13) Sextant
14) Theodolite
15) Total Station
16) Sine Bars
17) Pivot Square
18) Three-Sided Squares
19) Square Shooter
20) T-Bevel
21) T-Bevel Setter
22) Protractor Plus
23) Miter Guide
24) Adjustable T-Square
9Angle of a SlopeInclinometer
10Angular velocity1) Stroboscope
2) Tachometer
3) Gyroscope
11Animal ActivityActograph
12Area1) Planimeter
2) Measuring Tape
3) Theodolite
13Astronomy1) Radio Antenna
3) Telescope
14Atmospheric PressureMercury Barometer
15Atom PolarizationStern–Gerlach Experiment


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Bocce BallBocceStik
2Body Fat1) Skinfold Calipers
2) Bioimpedance
3) Air displacement
4) DEXA Scan
3Body Temperature1) Medical Thermometer
2) Infrared Thermometer
4Boiling TemperatureEbullioscope
5Blood GlucoseGlucometer
6Blood PressureSphygmomanometer
7Brain WavesElectroencephalograph
8Breath Alcohol ContentBreathalyzer
10Brightness1) Lux Meter
2) Luminance Meter
3) Light Meter
4) Integrating Sphere
5) Densitometer
11Bullet Speed1) Ballistic Chronograph
2) Gun Chronograph


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1CapacitanceLCR Meter
2Capacitance ComponentCapacitance Meter
3Cathode Rays1) Crookes Tube
2) Cathode-Ray Tube
5Change in Volume of a Gas Eudiometer
6Circuit DistortionDistortion Meter
7Circulatory System1) Electrocardiograph
2) Glucose Meter
3) Sphygmomanometer
8Cloud CoverCeilometer
10Color1) Tristimulus Colorimeter
2) Tintometer
11Composition of GasesKatharometer
12Condensed Matter1) Infrared Spectroscopy
2) Neutron Detector
3) Radiofrequency
4) Raman Spectroscopy
13ConductivityElectrical Conductivity Meter
14Corrosion RateCorrator
15Crystal StructureX-ray Tube
16CurlingCurling Micrometer
18Current Without Physical ConnectionCurrent Clamp

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No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Data Recorded Over TimeData Logger
2Decibels1) Sound Level Meter
2) Decibel Meter
3) Integrating Sound Level Meter
4) Noise Dosimeter
3DeformationStrain Gauge
4Degree of DarknessDensitometer
5Density1) Aerometer
2) Dasymeter
3) Gas collecting Tube
4) Hydrometer
5) Pycnometer
6Depth of SeaMultibeam Echosounders
7DiameterCaliper Gauge
8Dielectric Properties of Thin FilmsEllipsometer
9Direct Solar InsolationPyrheliometer
10Direction1) Gyroscope
2) Compass
3) Wind vane
4) Gyrocompass
5) Wave Recorder
6) Anemometer
7) Wavemeter
11Distance1) Measuring Tape
2) Odometer
3) Odograph
4) Tacheometer
12Drop Size DistributionDisdrometer
13Drum StrokesDrumometer
14DuctilityUniversal Testing Machine


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Earthing’s ResistanceMegger Tester
2Earthquake1) Seismographs
2) Seismometer
3) Richter Scale
4) Mercalli Scale
3Elapsed Machine HoursHourmeter
4Elasticity1) Resonant Frequency
2) Damping Analyser
5Electric Charge1) Electrometer
2) Electroscope
6Electric Current 1) Ammeter
2) Clamp meter
3) d’Arsonval Galvanometer
4) Galvanometer
5) Capacitance Meter
6) Voltmeter
7Electricity1) Energy Meter
2) Smart Meter
3) Multimeter
4) Tester
5) Galvanometer
8Electric CapacitanceCapacitance Meter
9Electric EnergyElectricity Meter
10Electric FieldField Mill
11Electric InductanceInductance Meter
12Electrical InsulationMegger
13Electric PowerWattmeter
14Electrical Resistance1) Ohmmeter
2) Wheatstone Bridge
3) Multimeter
4) LCR Meter
15Electromagnetic RadiationBolometer
16Electrostatic ChargeCoulombmeter
17Energy1) Electricity Meter
2) Gas Meter
3) Ballistic Pendulum
4) Watthour Meter
19Exposure to HazardsDosimeter
20Eye PressureGoldmann Applanation Tonometer


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Fabric DegradationBettsometer
2Fare of Distance TravelledTaximeter
4FlowFlow Meter
5Fluid DensityPycnometer
6Foot1) Brannock Device
2) Shoe Gauge
7Force1) Force Gauge
2) Spring Scale
3) Strain Gauge
4) Torsion Balance
5) Tribometer
6) Dynamometer
8FrequencyFrequency Counter
9Frequency SpectrumSpectrum Analyser
10Fuel LevelsFuel Gauge


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Gap WidthsFeeler Gauge
2Geometric LocationsUniversal Measuring Machine
3Gradient of Physical QuantityGradiometer
5Ground Reaction ForceForce Platform


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
2Hearing1) Sound Pressure Gauge
2) Sound Level Meter
3) Audiometer
3Heat Radiation1) Thermographic Camera
2) Actinometer
3) Constant Volume Calorimeter
4) Constant Temperature Calorimeter
5) Constant Pressure Calorimeter
6) Differential Scanning Calorimeter
7) Reaction Calorimeter
8) Infrared Thermometer
4Height of a Cloud BaseCeilometer
5High TemperaturesPyrometer
6Humidity1) Hygrometer
2) Lysimeter

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No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
2Imaging Technology1) Tomograph
2) Wind Tunnel
3) Electron Microscope
4) Scanning Electron Microscope
5) Transmission Electron Microscope
6) Optical Microscope 
7) Scanning Acoustic Microscope
8) Scanning Probe Microscope
9) Atomic Force Microscope
10) Scanning Tunneling Microscope
11) Focus Variation
12) X-ray Microscope
3Index of RefractionRefractometer
4InductanceLCR Meter
5Infrared RadiationForward Looking Infrared
7Intensity of Light1) Lux Meter
2) Spectrophotometer
8Ionizing RadiationGeiger Counter


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1KetoBlood Glucose Meters


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1LaserLaser Distance Meter
3Length/Distance1) Standard Rulers
2) Architect’s Scale
3) Caliper
4) Diagonal Scale
5) Engineer’s Scale
6) Feeler Gauge
7) Gauge Blocks
8) Gunter’s Chain
9) Measuring Rod
10) Meter Stick
11) Metric scale
12) Cosmic Distance Ladder
13) Micrometer
14) Opisometer/Curvimeter
15) Pacing (surveying)
16) Ruler
17) Stadimeter
18) Surveyor’s Wheel
19) Tape Measure
20) Thread Pitch Gauge
21) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
22) Yardstick
23) Ranging
24) Radar
25) Laser Rangefinder
4Lengths of Arbitrary Curved LinesOpisometer
5Level1) Level (instrument)
2) Laser Line Level
3) Spirit Level
4) Dip Sticks & Lead Lines
5) Sight Glass
6) Float Gauge
7) Sonar
8) Dumpy Level
6Light1) Photometer
2) Phototube
3) Luminance Meter
4) Illuminance Meter
5) Integrating Sphere
6) Spectrometer
7) Light Meter
7Light & Radiation Without Rest Mass1) Antenna
2) Bolometer
3) Camera
4) EMF Meter
5) Interferometer
6) Microwave Power Meter
7) Optical Power Meter
8) Photographic Plate
9) Photomultiplier
10) Phototube
11) Radio Telescope
12) Spectrometer
13) T-ray Detectors
8Linear MomentumBallistic Pendulum
9LiquidMeasuring Cylinder
10Location on Earth’s SurfaceSextant
11Lung CapacitySpirometer


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Magnetic DeclinationDeclinometer
2Magnetic Field1) Compass
2) Hall Effect Sensor
3) Magnetometer
4) Proton Magnetometer
6) Flux Meter
3MagnetizationGouy Balance
4Mass1) Balance
2) Check Weigher
3) Inertial Balance
4) Katharometer
5) Mass Spectrometers
6) Weighing Scale
7) Beam Balance
5Mass/Volume Flow1) Gas Meter
2) Mass Flow Meter
3) Metering Pump
4) Water Meter
5) Coriolis Flow Meter
6) Differential Pressure Flow Meters
7) Electromagnetic Flow Meters
8) Flow Indicators
9) Metering Pumps
10) Thermal Dispersion Flow Meters
11) Ultrasonic Flow Meters
12) Flow Control Valves
13) Variable Area Flow Meters
14) Vortex Flow Meters
6Measurement of ForceLoad Cell
7Mechanical Properties of SoilBevameter
8Medical Imaging1) Computed Tomography
2) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
3) Medical Ultrasonography
4) Radiology
5) Tomograph
9Melting Point Melting-Point Apparatus
10Melting Temperature1) Differential Scanning Calorimeter
2) Kofler Bench
3) Thiele Tube
11Metabolic RateCalorimeter
Microwave FrequenciesMicrowave Power Meter
12Minor Changes to the EarthTiltmeter
13Musculoskeletal system1) Ergometer
2) Body Fat Meter

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No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Nervous SystemElectroencephalograph
2Network ParametersNetwork Analyzer
3Noise1) Sound Level Meter
2) Integrating Sound Level Meter
3) Noise Dosimeter


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Object RangeStadimeter
2Ocean DepthFathometer
3Optical ActivityPolarimeter
5Osmotic StrengthOsmometer


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Parking TimeParking Meter
2Particle & Ray Flux1) Bubble Chamber
2) Cloud Chamber
3) Dosimeter
4) Geiger Counter
5) Ionization Chamber
6) Microchannel Plate Detector
7) Photographic Plate
8) Photostimulable Phosphor Plate
9) Proportional Counter
10) Scintillation Counter
11) Lucas Cell
12) Semiconductor Detector
3Particles in a LiquidNephelometer
4Pelvis1) Collin Pelvimeter
2) Bone-Meter Kit
5Percentage Cover of an ItemQuadrat
7pH1) pH Meter
2) Saturated Calomel Electrode
8Photon PolarizationPolarizer
9Pitch of Musical NotesElectronic Tuner
10Plasticity1) Cam Plastometer
2) Plastometer
11PostagePostage Meter
12Power1) Wattmeters
2) Energy Meter
3) Power Meter
4) Watthour meter
13Power FactorCos Phi Meter
14Precipitation1) Rain Gauge
2) Snow gauges
15Pressure1) Barometer
2) Piezometer Pressure Gauge
3) Manometer Pressure Gauge
4) Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge
5) Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
6) Micro Manometer
7) Capsule Pressure Gauge
8) Absolute Pressure Gauge
9) Differential Pressure Gauge
10) Bellows Pressure Gauge
11) Dead-Weight Pressure Gauge
12) Tire Pressure Gauge
13) Nichols Radiometer
16Pressure of GasManometer
17Pressure of a LiquidRotameter
18Properties of LightSpectroscope
19Pulse RateStethoscope


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Quality of MilkLactometer


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Radar BrightnessSynthetic Aperture Radar
2Radiant Flux1) Integrating Sphere
2) Radiometer
3RadiationGeiger Counters 
4Radius of a SphereApherometer
5RainRain Gauge
6Rate of EvaporationEvaporimeter
7Reflectivity & MoistureSynthetic Aperture Radar
8Resistance1) LCR Meter
2) Multimeter
9Respitration1) Inductance Plethysmography
2) Capnography
3) Piezoelectric
3) Bioimpedance-Based Sensors
10Respiratory SystemSpirometer
11Response to Applied ForcesRheometer
12Right Angles in ConstructionFraming Square
13RPM1) Dynamometer
2) Tachometer

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No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Seismic StrainStrainmeter
2Seismic WavesSeismometer
3Shoe SizeBrannock Device
4Signal StrengthS Meter
5Slow Surface DisplacementCreepmeter
6Small DistancesMicrometer
8SnowSnow Gauge
9Solar RadiationPyranometer
10Solid HardnessDurometer
11Solid Shape/Surface1) Holographic interferometer
2) Resonant Frequency & Damping Analyser
3) Tribometer
12Sound1) Laser Microphone
2) Seismometer
13Sound Pressure1) Microphone
2) Shock Tube
3) Sound Level Meter
14Specific Gravity1) Hygrometer
2) Refractometer
15Specific Gravity of Liquids1) Densimeter
2) Hydrometer
16Specific Gravity of MilkLactometer
17Speed/Velocity1) Airspeed Indicator
2) LIDAR Speed Gun
3) Radar Speed Gun
4) Speedometer
5) Tachometer
6) Tachymeter
7) Variometer
8) Velocimetry
9) Anemometer
10) Accelerometer
11) Pitot Tube (Air Speed)
18Speed & Direction of CloudsNephoscope
19Speed of MovementLinear Position Transducer
20Standing Wave RatioSWR Meter
22StoolBristol Stool Scale
23StrainElectrical Strain Gauge
24Strength of Magnetic FieldsMagnetometer
25Structure of CrystalsDiffractometer
26Substance Identification1) Carbon Dioxide Sensor
2) Chromatographic Device
3) Colorimeter Absorbance
4) Gas Detector
5) Mass Spectrometer
6) Nephelometer
7) Oxygen Sensor
8) Refractometer
9) Smoke Detector
10) Ultracentrifuge
27Surface RoughnessProfilometer
28Surface TextureRoughness Meters
29Sugar1) Glucose Meter/Glucometer
2) Lactometer
3) Refractometer
4) Brix meter
5) Saccharometer
30Sun’s DiameterHeliometer
31Surface TensionTensiometer


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Tanning LiquorsBarkometer
2Temperature1) Thermometer
2) Thermocouples
3) Galileo Thermometer
4) Gas Thermometer
5) Liquid Crystal Thermometer
6) Resistance Thermometer
3TensileUniversal Testing Machine
4Testicle Size in Male HumansOrchidometer
5Thermal Expansion1) Dilatometer
2) Strain Gauge
6Thickness of Thin FilmsQuartz Crystal Microbalance
7Time1) Sundial
2) Clocks
3) Watches
4) Atomic Clock
5) Stopwatches
6) Winding Clock
7) Pendulum Clock
8) Electric Clock
9) Hourglass
10) Chronometer
8Torque1) Dynamometer
2) Prony Brake
3) Torque Wrench
4) Torque Meter
5) Torque Gauge
6) Torque Transducer


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Vertical DistancesCathetometer
2Very Low PressureVacuum Gauge
3Voltage1) Oscilloscope
2) Voltmeter
3) Multimeter
4) Potentiometer
4Volume1) Buoyant Weight
2) Eudiometer
3) Pneumatic Trough
4) Flow Measurement
5) Graduated Cylinder
6) Measuring Cup
7) Pipette
8) Buret
9) Beaker
10) Erlenmeyer Flask
11) Syringe
5Volume & Density of SolidsGas Pycnometer
6Volume ChangesDilatometer
7Volume of ApplauseClap-o-Meter
8Volume UnitVU Meter
10Viscosity1) Rheometer
2) Viscometer


No.Measurement OfDevice/Instrument
1Walking Distance1) Pedometers
2) Fitness Trackers
2Water1) Propeller Meter
2) Turbine Meter
3) Magnetic Flow Meter
4) Water Analysis Meter
3Wave InterferenceInterferometer
4WeightWeighing Scale
5Width1) Meter stick
2) Caliper
3) Tape Measure
6Wind Speed1) Anemometer
2) Wind Vane
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