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Last Updated: 30 November 2023

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Manipur is one of the most Beautiful States of Northeast India, It also happens to be one of the 7 Sisters States of the Northeast. There is much more to learn bout this fascinating Indian state of Manipur than just going through the books.

In this article, I have included a huge syllabus of all the topics that would be very useful to learn and also sit for state competitive exams like the Manipur Public Service Commission, State Exams, etc

Topics Included In This Article
  • History
  • Geography
  • District & Divisions
  • State Symbols
  • Chief Ministers & Governors
  • Governments & Politics
  • Festival, Dance, Music
  • Tourism and Heritage Sites
  • Wildlife, Parks & Stadiums
  • Rivers, Dams, Flora, & Fauna
  • Culture & Language, etc.

Boost Your General Knowledge by going through the Best 100 Manipur General Knowledge Questions and Answers on the Internet.

Manipur General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. Which country is comparable to the size of Manipur?

Answer: Slovenia

2. Which State is to the South of Manipur?

Answer: Mizoram

3. Who was the first Chief Minister of Manipur?

Answer: Mairembam Koireng Singh

4. What is the Area of Manipur?

Answer: 22,327 km²

5. What is the State Code of Manipur?

Answer: MN

6. What is the Area Rank of Manipur?

Answer: 23rd

7. How many Districts are in Manipur?

Answer: 16

8. How many Rajya Sabha seats does Manipur have?

Answer: 1

9. How many Lok Sabha seats does Manipur have?

Answer: 2

10. When did Manipur attain full-fledged Statehood?

Answer: 21 January 1972

11. What is the capital of Manipur?

Answer: Imphal

12. When was Manipur University founded?

Answer: 5 June 1980

13. Who was the first Chief Minister of Manipur from the Janata Party?

Answer: Yangmasho Shaiza

14. Which state is to the North of Manipur?

Answer: Nagaland

15. How many times President’s Rule was imposed in Manipur?

Answer: 10 Times

16. Who is the first BJP Chief Minister of Manipur?

Answer: Nongthombam Biren Singh

17. Which Country is located in the East of Manipur?

Answer: Myanmar

18. Which Ethnic Group of Manipur has the Majority in Population?

Answer: Meitei

19. Who was the last king of Manipur?

Answer: Maharaja Budhachandra

20. When was Manipur University converted into a Central University?

Answer: 13 October 2005

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21. Who is the Longest-Serving Chief Minister of Manipur?

Answer: Okram Ibobi Singh (15 Years, 11 Days)

22. Where is the modern game of Polo derived from?

Answer: Manipur

23. What is the other name of Manipur Airport?

Answer: Bir Tikendrajit International Airport

24. What does “Sana Leibak Manipur”

Answer: Manipur, Land of Gold

25. What is the Emblem of Manipur?

Answer: Kangla Sha

26. When was Manipur High Court established?

Answer: 25 March 2013

27. Who was the First Governor of Manipur?

Answer: B. K. Nehru

28. Who was the First Female Governor of Manipur?

Answer: Najma A. Heptulla (21 August 2016)

29. Which is the only International Destination that Manipur Airport Connects to?

Answer: Mandalay (Myanmar)

30. What does “Mani” means in Manipur?

Answer: Jewel

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31. What was Manipur known as during the “Langbachak Era”?

Answer: Tilli Koktong Leikoiren

32. Who is regarded as the First and Foremost king of Manipur?

Answer: Ningthou Kangba

33. Which Period was referred to in Manipur as a “Disturbed Area” by the Indian Government?

Answer: 1980–2004

34. What is the Classical Dance of Manipur known as?

Answer: Jagoi

35. Which is the largest Lake in Manipur?

Answer: Loktak Lake

36. Which state shares its border with Manipur on the west?

Answer: Assam

37. What are the 4 Major River basins of Manipur?

1) North: Lanye River
2) Central: Manipur River Basin
3) East: Yu River Basin
4) West: Barak River Basin (Barak Valley)

38. Which is the Largest River in Manipur?

Answer: Barak River

39. What is Polo known as in Manipur?

Answer: Sagol Kangjei

40. Which Manipur King signed an Instrument of Accession for joining India?

Answer: Maharaja Bodhchandra Singh (11 August 1947)

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41. What is the Official Language of Manipur?

Answer: Meitei (Manipuri)

42. What are the State Symbols of Manipur?

1) Bird: Nongin
2) Flower: Shirui lily
3) Mammal: Sangai
4) Song: Sana Leibak Manipur
5) Tree: Uningthou

43. Who was the first Chief Justice of the Manipur High Court?

Answer: Abhay Manohar Sapre

44. What type of Legislature does Manipur have?

Answer: Unicameral

45. Which is the highest peak in Manipur?

Answer: Mount Tempü (2,994 m)

46. Which type of soil is abundantly found in the valleys of Manipur?

Answer: Alluvium Soil

47. Which Region of Myanmar is to the east of Manipur?

Answer: Sagaing Region

48. What percentage of Natural Vegetation occupies Manipur?

Answer: 64%

49. What is the Staple Food of Manipur?

Answer: Rice

50. What is the IATA of Bir Tikendrajit International Airport?

Answer: IMF

List Of Chief Ministers Of Manipur

No.Chief MinisterTerm InTerm OutParty
1Mairembam Koireng Singh01 Jul 196311 Jan 1967INC
~President’s Rule(1)12 Jan 196719 Mar 1967
Mairembam Koireng Singh[2]20 Mar 196704 Oct 1967INC
2Longjam Thambou Singh13 Oct 196724 Oct 1967MUF
~President’s Rule(2)25 Oct 196718 Feb 1968
Mairembam Koireng Singh[3]19 Feb 196816 Oct 1969INC
~President’s Rule(3)17 Oct 196922 Mar 1972
3Mohammed Alimuddin23 Mar 197227 Mar 1973MPP
~President’s Rule(4)28 Mar 197303 Mar 1974
Mohammed Alimuddin[2]04 Mar 197409 Jul 1974MPP
4Yangmasho Shaiza10 Jul 197405 Dec 1974MHU
5Raj Kumar Dorendra Singh06 Dec 197415 May 1977INC
~President’s Rule(5)16 May 197728 Jun 1977
Yangmasho Shaiza[2]29 Jun 197713 Nov 1979JP
~President’s Rule(6)14 Nov 197913 Jan 1980
Raj Kumar Dorendra Singh[2]14 Jan 198026 Nov 1980INC
6Rishang Keishing27 Nov 198027 Feb 1981INC
~President’s Rule(7)28 Feb 198118 Jun 1981
Rishang Keishing[2]19 Jun 198103 Mar 1988INC
7Raj Kumar Jaichandra Singh04 Mar 198822 Feb 1990INC
8Raj Kumar Ranbir Singh23 Feb 199006 Jan 1992MPP
~President’s Rule(8)07 Jan 199207 Apr 1992
Raj Kumar Dorendra Singh[3]08 Apr 199210 Apr 1993INC
~President’s Rule(9)31 Dec 199313 Dec 1994
Rishang Keishing[3]14 Dec 199415 Dec 1997INC
9Wahengbam Nipamacha Singh16 Dec 199714 Feb 2001MSCP
10Radhabinod Koijam15 Feb 200101 Jun 2001SP
~President’s Rule(10)02 Jun 200106 Mar 2002
11Okram Ibobi Singh07 Mar 200214 Mar 2017INC
12Nongthombam Biren Singh[1]15 Mar 201721 March 2022BJP
Nongthombam Biren Singh[2]21 March 2022IncumbentBJP
Acronyms Of Political Parties
1INCIndian National Congress
2MUFManipur United Front
3MPPManipur Peoples Party
4MHUManipur Hills Union
5JPJanata Party
6MSCPManipur State Congress Party
7SPSamata Party
8BJPBharatiya Janata Party

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51. Which Chief Justice of the Manipur High Court was elected on 18 May 2018?
Ramalingam Sudhakar

52. What was Manipur Known as during the Khunungchak Period?
Meera Pongthoklam

53. When was Manipur made a Union Territory?
Answer: 1956

54. Who is known as the “Iron Lady of Manipur”?
Answer: Irom Chanu Sharmila

55. Which is the first Armed Opposition Group in Manipur?
Answer: United National Liberation Front (UNLF)

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56. What is the Full Form of PREPAK?
Answer: People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak

57. After the Meitei Groups which tribes contribute to Maipur’s Population?
Answer: Nagas and Kukis

58. Which is the Largest District of Manipur?
Answer: Churachandpur (4,574 km2)

59. Which is the Smallest District of Manipur?
Answer: Jiribam (232 km2)

60. How many districts of Manipur share their border with Myanmar?
Answer: 5 Districts

Districts Of Manipur That Share Its Border With Neighbouring States

No.Neighboring StateDistricts
1Assam1) Jiribam
2) Pherzawl
3) Tamenglong
2Mizoram1) Churachandpur
2) Pherzawl
3Nagaland1) Senapati
2) Tamenglong
3) Ukhrul
4Myanmar*1) Chandel
2) Churachandpur
3) Kamjong
4) Tengnoupal
5) Ukhrul

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61. How many members are in the Manipur Assembly?
Answer: 60 Members

62. How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes in the Manipur Assembly?
19 Seats

63. What is the Full Form of SHADC?
Answer: Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council

64. What is the Full Form of MNPF?
Answer: Manipur Naga People’s Front

65. Which state is known as the “Gateway to the East”?
Answer: Manipur

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66. What is the Full Form of MANIREDA?
Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency

67. When did the Government create 7 new Districts in Manipur?
Answer: 9 December 2016

68. Which Airport was renamed Bir Tikendrajit Airport?
Answer:  Tulihal Airport

69. What is the Floating Island of Manipur known as?
Answer: Phumdi

70. Where is the Floating Island of Manipur located?
Answer: Loktak Lake

Important Full Forms Of Manipur

1AFSPAArmed Forces Special Powers Act
2CKRFChin Kuki Revolutionary Front
3HPCHmar Peoples Convention
4KCPKangleipak Communist Party
5KDFKuki Defence Force
6KDMKuki Democratic Movement
7KNAKuki National Army
8KNFKuki National Front
9KNOKuki National Organisation
10KRPCKom Rem Peoples Convention
11KSFKuki Security Force
12KYKLKanglei Yawol Kanba Lup
13MDUManipur Dramatic Union
14MLFAManipur Liberation Front Army
15MNPFManipur Naga People Front
16NSCNNational Socialist Council of Nagaland
17PLAPeople’s Liberation Army
18PREPAKPeople’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak
19PULFPeoples United Liberation Front
20RJCRevolutionary Joint Committee
21RPFRevolutionary Peoples Front
22SATPSouth Asia Terrorism Portal
23TARTrans-Asian Railway
24UKLFUnited Kuki Liberation Front
25UNLFUnited National Liberation Front
26ZRAZomi Revolutionary Army
27ZROZomi Reunification Organisation
28ZRVZomi Revolutionary Volunteers

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71. When was the Khuman Lampak Main Stadium built?
Answer: 1999

72. What is the Literal meaning of “Loktak”?
Answer: End of the Streams

73. Which hillock is located about 921 meters above sea level that is considered a sacred place for Manipuri Hindus?
Answer: Kaina

74. Name the National Park of Manipur?
Answer: Keibul Lamjao National Park

75. Which waterfall is located in the Senapati District?
Answer: Sadu Chiru Waterfall

76. Which Historical Cave is located in the Tamenglong District?
Answer: Thalon Cave

77. When was the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) established?
Answer: 14 September 1972

78. How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes in the Manipur Assembly?
Answer: 1 Seat

79. Which is the first Railway Station of Manipur?
Answer: Jiribam Railway Station

80. Which Districts of Manipur Share Its Border with Myanmar?
Answer: Chandel, Churachandpur, Kamjong, Tengnoupal, Ukhrul

Cabinet Ministers Of Manipur

1Nongthombam Biren Singh
Chief Minister
1) Home Affairs
2) Vigilance
3) Personnel & Administrative Reforms
4) Finance
5) Planning
6) Information & Technology
7) Other Departments not Allocated to any Minister
2Thongam Biswajit Singh1) Power
2) Environment
3) Forest & Climate Change
4) Agriculture
5) Science & Technology
3Yumnam Khemchand Singh1) Municipal Administration Housing & Urban Development (MAHUD)
2) Rural Development & Panchayati Raj
4Govindas Konthoujam1) Public Works Department
2) Youth Affairs & Sports
5Nemcha Kipgen1) Commerce & Industry
2) Textiles
3) Co-operation
6Awangbow Newmai1) Water Resources
2) Relief & Disaster Management
7Letpao Haokip1) Tribal Affairs & Hills Department
2) Horticulture & Soil Conservation
8Sapam Ranjan Singh1) Medical Health & Family Welfare Department
2) Publicity & Information Department
9Thounaojam Basanta Singh1) Education Department
2) Law & Legislative Affairs
10Leishangthem Susindro Meitei1) Public Health Engineering Department
2) Consumer Affairs
3) Food & Public Distribution Department
11H Dingo Singh1) Social Welfare Department
2) Skill
3) Labour
4) Employment & Entrepreneurship
5) Fisheries Department
12Khashim Vashum1) Animal Husbandary & Veterinary
2) Transport Department
1) BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
2) NPF: Naga People’s Front

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81. What is the Full Form of MDU?
Answer: Manipur Dramatic Union

82. Which Institution was founded by Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami in 1989?
Answer: Ranganiketan Manipuri Cultural Arts Troupe

83. Is Manipuri Dance considered one of the 8 Classical Dances of India?
Answer: Yes

84. Name the Martial Art form of Manipur?
Answer: Thang-Ta

85. Who founded the Chorus Repertory Theatre?
Answer: Ratan Thiyam

86. Which game combines the arts of Mukna (wrestling hockey) and Kangjei (Cane Stick) to play the ball made of seasoned bamboo roots?
Answer: Mukna Kangjei

87. What does Yubi lakpi” literally mean?
Answer: Coconut Snatching

88. When is “Ningol Chakouba” celebrated?
Answer: Second Lunar Day of Hiyangei (October-November)

89. Who inaugurated the 2017 Sangai Festival?
Answer: President Ram Nath Kovind

90. Who is the 6th Chief Minister of Manipur?
Answer: Rishang Keishing

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91. Who is the first IAS officer of Manipur?
Answer: Kaikhokam Kipgen

92. Which Festival is known as the New Year of Manipur?
Answer: Cheiraoba

93. Name the Mono String Instrument of Manipur Which falls in the lute category?
Answer: Pena

94. When was the first President’s Rule imposed in Manipur?
Answer: 12 January 1967

95. Who was the first person to receive the Arjuna Award from Manipur?
Answer: N. Kunjarani Devi (1990)

96. When did Mary Kom receive the Arjuna Award?
Answer: 2003

97. Name the festival of Manipur where married women are invited to a feast at their Parental Home?
Answer: Ningol Chakouba

98. Who is the first recipient of the Dhyanchand Award from Manipur?
Answer: L. Anita Chanu

99. Who is the first Olympian of Manipur?
Answer: Pangambam Nilakomol Singh

100. Who inaugurated Khuga Dam?
Answer: Sonia Gandhi

101. How many Autonomous Councils are in Manipur?
Answer: 6 (Six)

102. Which athlete of Manipur won a medal in the Olympics 2020?
Saikhom Mirabai Chanu

103. Which Medal did Saikhom Mirabai Chanu win in the Olympics 2020?
Silver (2nd)

104. Where was the Olympics 2020 held?

105. In which weight category did Saikhom Mirabai Chanu win a Silver Medal at Tokyo Olympics 2020?
49 Kg

106. Who was the flag bearer for India in the Tokyo Olympics 2021?
Mary Kom & Manpreet Singh

107. When was Saikhom Mirabai Chanu awarded Padma Shri Award?

108. When was Mary Kom awarded Padma Shri Award?

109. In which sport did Mirabai Chanu win a Silver Medal in the Olympics?

110. What was the total weight lifted by Mirabai Chanu in the Tokyo Olympics 2020?
202 Kg

111. Who is the first Lokayukta of Manipur?
Justice (Retd) T Nandakumar Singh

112. How many persons from Manipur received the Padma Shri Award 2022?
3 (Three)

113. Who were the recipients of the Padma Shri Awards 2022?

1) Lourembam Bino Devi: Manipur (Art)
2) Muktamani Devi: Manipur (Trade and Industry)
3) Konsam Ibomcha Singh: Manipur (Art)

114. Who is the first recipient of the Padma Vibhushan Award from Manipur?
M.C. Mary Kom (2020)

115. Who is the first recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award from Manipur?
M.C. Mary Kom (2013)

116. Who is the first recipient of the Padma Shri Award from Manipur?
Ralengnao Khathing (Public Affairs) in 1957

117. Who is the first person from Manipur to receive all three Padma Awards?
M.C. Mary Kom (PVA: 2020, PBA: 2013, PSA: 2006)

118. When did N. Biren Singh swear in as the Chief Minister of Manipur for the second term?
21 March 2022

119. Which assembly election was held in Manipur in 2022?
13th Assembly Election

120. Out of the 6 Cabinet Ministers of the Second N. Biren Singh ministry, how many members are from the Naga People’s Front (NPF)
One (Awangbow Newmai)

121. Who is the current Governor of Manipur (2023)?
Anusuiya Uikey (since 12 February 2023)

122. Who won the first Gold Medal for India at the Commonwealth Games 2022 on 30th July?
Saikhom Mirabai Chanu

123. In which weight category did Saikhom Mirabai Chanu bag the Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022?
Women’s 49Kg

124. How many women received the National Florence Nightingale Award 2020 from Manipur?
2 Women

125. Who received the National Florence Nightingale Award 2020 from Manipur?
K. Biaklun (ANM) & Sagolsem Rama Meitei Chanu (Clinical Nurse)

126. How many women received the National Florence Nightingale Award 2021 from Manipur?
3 Women

127. Who received the National Florence Nightingale Award 2020 from Manipur?
Thaimei Sanahanbi (ANM), Wairokpam Hemabati Devi (LHV), & Takhellambam Helena Devi (Nurse)

128. How many persons have served as the Governor in Manipur? (2023)
18 Governors (Excluding 4 Additional Charge)

List Of Governors Of Manipur

No.GovernorTerm InTerm Out
1B. K. Nehru21 Jan 197220 Sep 1973
2L.P. Singh21 Sep 197311 Aug 1981
3S. M. H. Burney18 Aug 198111 Jun 1984
4K. V. Krishna Rao02 Jun 198407 Jul 1989
5Chintamani Panigrahi10 Jul 198919 Mar 1993
6K. V. Raghunatha Reddy20 Mar 199330 Aug 1993
7V. K. Nayar31 Aug 199322 Dec 1994
8O.N. Shrivastava23 Dec 199411 Feb 1999
9Ved Marwah02 Dec 199912 Jun 2003
10Arvind Dave13 Jun 200305 Aug 2004
11Shivinder Singh Sidhu06 Aug 200422 Jul 2008
12Gurbachan Jagat23 Jul 200822 Jul 2013
13Ashwani Kumar23 Jul 201331 Dec 2013
14Vinod Duggal31 Dec 201328 Aug 2014
~K. K. Paul
(Additional Charge)
16 Sep 201415 May 2015
15Syed Ahmed16 May 201527 Sep 2015
~V. Shanmuganathan
(Additional Charge)
30 Sep 201517 Aug 2016
16Najma A. Heptulla21 Aug 201626 Jun 2019
~Padmanabha Acharya
(Additional Charge)
27 Jun 201923 Jul 2019
Najma Heptulla[16]24 Jul 201910 Aug 2021
~Ganga Prasad
(Additional Charge)
12 Aug 202126 Aug 2021
17La. Ganesan27 Aug 202112 Feb 2023
18Anusuiya Uikey12 Feb 2023Incumbent

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