600+ ISRO Related Full Forms (2024 Updated)

ISRO Related Full Forms

Last Updated: 28 November 2023

This article is written on ISRO-Related Full Forms to help students and anyone looking for Acronyms on the Internet but didn’t find the answer or Full Forms that didn’t have any relevance to ISRO.

Before we get into the list of ISRO Related Full Forms, let’s have a quick introduction to ISRO. The Indian Space Research Organisation is the national space agency of India, headquartered in Bangalore.

It operates under the Department of Space (DOS) which is directly overseen by the Prime Minister of India, while the Chairman of ISRO acts as the executive of DOS as well.

The Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) was established by Jawaharlal Nehru under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) in 1962, at the urging of scientist Vikram Sarabhai, who recognized the need for space research. INCOSPAR grew and became ISRO in 1969, within DAE.

Facts About ISRO

  • ISRO built India’s first satellite, Aryabhata, which was launched by the Soviet Union in 1975.
  • In 1980, ISRO launched satellite RS-1 onboard its own SLV-3, making India the sixth country to be capable of undertaking orbital launches.
  • ISRO has the world’s largest constellation of remote-sensing satellites and operates the GAGAN and NAVIC satellite navigation systems.
  • It has sent two missions to the Moon and one to Mars.
  • Aditya L1 is the first Indian dedicated mission to observe the sun, which is planned to be launched by the PSLV-XL launch vehicle.


1AAAluminium Alloy
2AAIAirports Authority of India
3ABPPAir Breathing Propulsion Project
4ACLAntrix Corporation Limited
5ACRSAutomated Conflict Resolution System
6ADCAnalog-toDigital Converter
7ADCOSAdvisory Committee of on Space Sciences
8ADPAuxiliary Data Processing
9ADRDEAriel Delivery Research and Development Establishment
10AeSIAeronautical Society of India
11AFCAutonomous Film Cooling
12AFTNAeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
13AGEOSAntarctica Ground Station for Earth Observation Satellites
14AHPIAssociation of Healthcare Providers (India)
15AICILAgricultural Insurance Company of India Limited
16AICTEAll India Council for Technical Education
17AIRAll India Radio
18AITAssembly Integration and Testing
19ALIMCOArtificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India
20ALSAutomatic Launch Secquence
21AMDAtomic Minerals Directorate
22AOAnnouncement of Opportunity
23AOCEAttitude and Orbit Control Electronics
24AoIArea of Interest
25APEPAmmonium Perchlorate Experimental Plant
26APIOsAssistant Public Information Officers
27APOMAstrosat Picture of the Month
28APPLEAriane Passenger Payload Experiment
29APPSAstroSat Proposal Processing System
30APRSAFAsia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum
31APXSAlpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer
32AQUAAmino Qnx Unified Architecture
33ARFIAcoustic Radiation Force Impulse
34ARFIAerosol Radiative Forcing over India
35ARGAutomatic Rain Gauge
36ASAL Algerian Space Agency
37ASCAstroSat Support Cell
38ASCIAdministrative Staff College of India
39ASDMAerial Services and Digital Mapping
40ASEANAssociation of South East Asian Nations
41ASIAstronautical Society of India
42ASICsApplication Specific Integrated Circuits
43ASLVAugmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
44ASPEXAditya Solar Wind Particle Experiment
45ASTDCAdvanced Space Technology Development Cell
46AstroSatAstronomy Satellite
47ATACAstroSat Time Allocation Committee
48ATCAstroSat Technical Committee
49ATCTMAtmospheric Trace Gases Chemistry and Transport Modeling
50ATLAtal Tinkering Lab
51ATSAmerican Technology Satellite
52ATVAdvanced Technology Vehicle
53AVIRIS-NGAdvanced Visible and Infrared Imaging Spectrometer-Next Generation
54AWiFSAdvanced Wide Field Sensor
55AWSAutomatic Weather Stations


1BCsBoundary Conditions
2BDRBaseline Design Review
3BFFRBabina Field Fire Range
4BIECBengaluru International Exhibition Centre
5BPOFMBunched Passage Orifice Flow Meter
6BSSBlock Storage Space
7BSXBengaluru Space Expo

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1CA-CFARCell Averaging Constant False Alarm Rate
2CAHOConsortium of Accredited Healthcare Organization
3CARTOSATCartography Satellite
4CATVACComprehensive Assembly & Test Vacuum Chamber
5CBM-ZCarbon-Bond Mechanism Version Z
7CCDCharged Coupled Device
8CCoEChief Controller of Explosives
9CDMACode Division Multiple Access
10CECryogenic Engine
11CEJCounter Electrojet
12CeNSECentre for Nano Science and Engineering
13CEOSCommittee on Earth Observation Satellites
14CESCrew Escape System
15CFRPComposite Fibre Reinforced Plastic
16CFTCold Flow Test
17CGMSCoordination Group on Meteorological Satellites
18CH2OChandrayaan-2 Orbiter
19CHAMANCoordinated Horticulture Assessment and Management using geo-informatics
20CIIConfederation of Indian Industry
21CMCrew Module
22CMEContinuing Medical Education
23CMOSComplementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
24CMSCommunication & Data Relay Satellite
25CMSEComponents for Military & Space Electronics
26CNCComputer Numerical Control
27CNESCentre National d’Etudes Spatiales
(National Centre for Space Studies)
28COBChip On Board
29CoECentre of Excellence
30COPCommittee of Parties
31COPLOTCommittee On Papers Laid On the Table
32COPUOSCommittee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
33CORSCross-Origin Resource Sharing
34COSPARCommittee on Space Research
35COWAAComputerized Working in Administrative Areas
36CPCBCentral Pollution Control Board
37CPCSCabin Pressure Control System
38CPIOsCentral Public Information Officers
39CPMCharged Particle Monitor
40CPSEsCentral Public Sector Enterprises
41CRSCoarse Resolution ScanSAR
42CSACanadian Space Agency
43CSRCorporate Social Responsibility
44CSSTECentre for Space Science and Technology Education
45CSSTE-APSpace Science and Technology Education in Asia and The Pacific
46CSTTCommission For Scientific & Technical Terminology
47CUSCryogenic Upper Stage
48CWDSCyclone Warning Dissemination System
49CZTICadmium-Zinc-Telluride Imager


1DAC&FWDepartment of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
2DAEDepartment of Atomic Energy
3DCDeep Convective
5DECUDevelopment and Educational Communication Unit
6DEMDigital Elevation Model
7DeSSEIDevelopment of Space Start-up Ecosystem in India
8DFRSDual Frequency Radio Science
9DF-SARDual-Frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar
10DGCADirectorate General of Civil Aviation
11DLADual Launch Adaptor
12DMDark Matter
13DMSDynamics Middle Atmosphere
14DMSDisaster Management Support
15DOADioctyl Adipate
16DOHSDirectorate of Occupational Health and Safety
17DOIDigital Object Identifiers
18DoLRDepartment of Land Resources
19DOORSDynamic Object Oriented Requirements System
20DOSDepartment of Space
21DPTDifferential Pressure Transducers
22DRDODefence Research and Development Organisation
23DREDirect Radiative Forcing
24DRTData Relay Transponder
25DSCDecision Support Centre
26DSIDrought Severity Index
27DSNDeep Space Network
28DSNGDigital Satellite News Gathering
29DSPTsDigital Satellite Phone Terminal
30DSRQDirectorate of Safety Reliability and Quality
31DTHDirect To Home
32DWDSDisaster Warning Dissemination Systems
33DWRDoppler Weather Radars


1ECILElectronics Corporation of India Limited
2ECLSSEnvironmental Control and Life Support System
3ECMWFEuropean Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts
4ECVsEssential Climate Variables
5EGCEngine Gimbal Control
6EIAEquatorial Ionization Anomaly
7EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
8EMAElectromechanical Actuators
9EMISATElectromagnetic Intelligence-gathering Satellite
10ENWiElectron density and Neutral Wind
11EOEarth Observation
12EOCEarly Operations Capability
13EOSEarth Observation Satellite
14EPRISEmpowering Panchayati Raj Institutions Spatially
15ESAEuropean Space Agency
16ESCAPEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
17ESCESExperimental Satellite Communication Earth Station
18ESICEmployees State Insurance Corporation
19EUMETSATEuropean Organisation for Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
20EWSEquatorial Wave Studies


1FASALForecasting Agricultural output using Space, Agrometeorological and Land based observations
2FCCFalse Color Composite
3FDRFull Dress Rehearsal
4FEASTFinite Element Analysis of Structures
5FLEWSFlood Early Warning System
6FLPFirst Launch Pad
7FMFlight Model
8FOVField Of View
9FRSFine Resolution Stripmap
10FSIForest Survey of India
11FSSFixed Satellite Services
12FTPFile Transfer Protocol
13FTSFlight Termination System
14FUVFar Ultraviolet
15FWHMFull Width at Half Maximum

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1GACGlobal Area Coverage
2GAGANGPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation
3GALEXGalaxy Evolution Explorer
4GCNGround Control Network,
5GCPGeo Centric Phase
6GCPGround Control Points
7GEOGeostationary Earth Orbit
8GEOS-ChemGoddard Earth Observation System Chemical
9GFSGlobal Forecasting System
10GHRCGeo High Resolution Camera
11GHRCEG.H.Raisoni College of Engineering
12GHzGiga Hertz
13GISGeographical Information System
14GISATGeo Imaging Satellite
15GLOFGlacial Lake Outburst Flood
16GMRTGiant Metrewave Radio Telescope
17GNSSGlobal navigation satellite system
18GOCOGovernment Owned and Company Operate
19GOESGeo-stationary Operational Environmental Satellite
20GPPGross Primary Production
21GPRGround Penetrating Radar
22GPSGlobal Positioning System
23GRBsGamma-ray Bursts 
24GSATGeo Synchronous Satellite
25GSIGeological Survey of India
26GSLVGeosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle
27GSOGeo Synchronous Orbit
28GTOGeosynchronous Transfer Orbit


2HALHindustan Aeronautics Limited
3HAVAHypersonic Air Breathing Vehicle with Air frame integrated system
4HBCSEHomi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
5HCPHelio Centric Phase
6Health-QUESTHealth-Quality Upgradation Enabled through Space Technology
7HEL1OSHigh Energy L1 Orbiting X-ray Spectrometer
8HEMHigh-altitude Escape Motor
9HGAHigh Gain Antenna
10HMCHybrid Micro Circuit
11hpahecta pascal
12HRSHigh Resolution SpotLight
13HSFCHuman Space Flight Centre
14HSPHuman Spaceflight Programme
15HTPBHydroxyl Terminated Poly Butadiene
16HTSHigh Throughput Satellite
17HTVEHigh Thrust Vikas Engine
18HVHigh Voltage
19HySISHyper Spectral Image Sensor


1I&CADIrrigation and Computer-Aided Design
2IAImplementing Arrangement
3IAAInternational Academy of Astronautics
4IACInternational Astronautical Congress
5IADCInter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee
6IAFInternational Astronautical Federation
7IAOPIndian Astronomy Olympiad Programme
8ICCINSAT Coordination Committee
9ICDInterface Control Document
10ICESatIce, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite
11ICGNSSInternational Committee for Global Navigation Satellite Systems
12ICsInitial Conditions
13ICTInformation & Communication Technology
14IDSNIndian Deep Space Network Complex
15IGBPISRO Geosphere Biosphere Programme
16IGSInternational Ground Stations
17IIAIndian Institute of Astrophysics
18IIRSIndian Institute of Remote Sensing
19IIScIndian Institute of Science
20IISLInternational Institute of Space Law
21IISTIndian Institute of Space Science and Technology
22IISUISRO Inertial Systems Unit
23IITsIndian Institute of Technologies
24IMATIntegrated Main Parachute Airdrop Test
25IMDIndia Meteorological Department
26IMDPSINSAT Meteorological Data Processing System
27IMGInter-Ministerial Group
28IMGEOSIntegrated Multi mission Ground segment for Earth Observation Satellites
29IMOInternational Maritime Organization
30IMPRINTIMPacting Research INnovation and Technology
31IMSIndian Mini Satellite
32INAEIndian National Academy of Engineering
33INCIRNSS Navigation Centre
34INCOISIndian National Centre for Ocean Information Service
35INCOSPARIndian National Committee for Space Research
36INLUSIndian Navigation Land Uplink Stations
37INMCCIndian Mission Control Centres
38INPEInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
(National Institute for Space Research)
39INRESIndian Reference Stations
40INSATIndian National Satellite
41IN-SPACeIndian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center
42IOTIn Orbit Testing
43IPABIntegrated Product Assurance Board
44IPDCInternational Programme for the Development of Communication
45IPRIntellectual Property Rights
46IPRCISRO Propulsion Complex
47IRCDRIRNSS CDMA Ranging Stations
48IRDCNIRNSS Data Communication Network
49IRIMSIRNSS Range and Integrity Monitoring Stations
50IRNSSIndian Regional Navigation Satellite System
51IRNWTIRNSS Network Timing Facility
52IRSIndian Remote Sensing Satellite
53IRSCFIRNSS Spacecraft Control Facility
54ISACInformation Sharing and Analysis Center
55ISACISRO Satellite Centre
56ISCCMIndian Society of Critical Care Medicine
57ISEAIndian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica
58ISECGInternational Space Exploration Coordination Group
59ISITEISRO Satellite Integration and Test Establishment
60ISPIndian Space Programme
61ISPRSInternational Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
62ISROIndian Space Research Organisation
63ISSInternational Space Station
64ISSDC Indian Space Science Data Centre
65ISTIndian Standard Time
66ISTRACISRO Telemetry, Tracking, and Command Network
67ITBPIndo Tibetan Border Police
68IUCAAInter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
69IWMPIntegrated Watershed Management Programme

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1JAXAJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
2JCMJoint Consultative Machinery
3JITsatJeppiaar Institute of Technology, Sriperumbudur


1KaRAKa-Band Radio Altimeter
2kbpskilobits per second
3KCPKheda Communications Project
4KSCKennedy Space Center


1LABLaunch Authorisation Board
2LACLocal Area Coverage
3LAMLiquid Apogee Motor
4LAPLyman Alpha Photometer
5LAPTLander Actuator Performance Test
6LAXPCsLarge Area X-ray Proportional Counters
7LEMLow-altitude Escape Motor
8LCLander Craft
9LCSLagrangian Coherent Structures
10LEOLow Earth Orbit
11LEOSLaboratory for Electro-Optics Systems
12LGALow Gain Antenna
13LiDARLight Detection and Ranging
14LINLiquid Nitrogen
15LIRAPLaser Inertial Reference & Accelerometer Package
16LISLand Information System
17LISSLinear Imaging SelfScanning Censors
18LiVHySILimb Viewing Hyper Spectral Imager
19LOXLiquid Oxygen
20LPLaunch Phase
21LPDCLander Pattern Detection Camera
22LPFTLow Pressure Fuel Turbo
23LPOTLow Pressure Oxidiser Turbo pump
24LPSCLiquid Propulsion Systems Centre
25LSPTLander Sensor Performance Test
26LSTLand Surface Temperature
27LSWILand Surface Water Index
28LULCLand Use Land Cover
29LUTsLocal User Terminals
30LWIRLong Wave Infrared


1M&CMonitor & Control
2M&EMonitoring & Evaluation
3MADRASMicrowave Analysis and Detection of Rain and Atmospheric Structures
4MATLABMATrix LABoratory
5MbpsMegabits per seconds
6MCCMars Color Camera
7MCFMaster Control Facility
8MCNCMarine Carbon Nitrogen Cycles
9MEMSMicro Electro Mechanical System
10MENCAMars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser
11MEOMedium Earth Orbit
12MGAMid Gain Antenna
13MHRDMinistry of Human Resource Development
14MIPMoon Impact Probe
15MISManagement Information System
16MMHMono Methyl Hydrazine
17MNCFCMahalanobis National Crop Forecasting Centre
18MoDMinistry of Defence
19MODISModerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
20MOIMars Orbit Insertion
21MOMMars Orbiter Mission
22MONMixed Oxides of Nitrogen
23MONEXMonsoon Experiment
24MOPITTMeasurements of Pollution in the Troposphere
25MOSDACMeteorological and Oceanographic Satellite Data Archival Centre
26MOTRMulti-Object Tracking Radar
27MoUMemorandum of understanding
28MOXMission Operations Complex
29MPMartian Phase
30MPWMulti-Product Wafer
31MRCCsMaritime Rescue Coordination Centres
32MRDMinistry of Rural Development
33MRRMission Readiness Review
34MRSMedium Resolution ScanSAR
35MSAMechanical Systems Area
36MSCMaritime Safety Committee
37MSDEMinistry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
38MSMMethane Sensor for Mars
39MSSMobile Servicing System
40MSTMobile Service Tower
41MSTMesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposphere

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1NARLNational Atmospheric Research Laboratory
2NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
3NavICNavigation with Indian Constellation
4NCEPNational Centre for Environmental Prediction
5NCPNational Carbon Project
6NDEMNational Database for Emergency Management
7NDRFNational Disaster Response Force
8NDVINormalised Difference Vegetation Index
9NECNorth Eastern Council
10NEENet Ecosystem Carbon Exchange
11NERNorth Eastern Region
12NE-SACNorth Eastern Space Applications Centre
13NGCNew General Catalogue
14NGOsNon-Government Organizations
15NGPENon-Government Private Entity
16NHNNickel Hydrazine Nitrate
17NIASNational Institute of Advanced Studies
18NICESNational Information system for Climate and Environment Studies
19NICNETNational Informatics Centre Network
20NICNETNation Wide Computer Communication Network
21NIONorth Indian Ocean
22NISARNASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar
23NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
24NOBLENetwork of Observatories for Boundary Layer Experiments
25NPLINational Physical Laboratory India
26NNRMSNational Natural Resources Management System
27NPDNASA Policy Directive
28NPPNet Primary Productivity
29NRCNatural Resource Census
30NR-CENSUSNatural Resources Census
31NRSCNational Remote Sensing Centre
32NSILNewSpace India Limited
33NSSONational Sample Survey Office
34NSSSNational Space Science Symposium
35NUVNear Ultraviolet
36NWHNorth West Himalaya


1OBCOn Board Computer
2OBROptical Butting Registration
3OCOrbiter Craft
4OCMOcean Colour Monitor
5OCOOrbiting Carbon Observatory
6OGDRsOperational Geophysical Records
7OLIOperational Land Imager
8OLICsOfficial Language Implementation Committees
9OPOrbital Phase
10OPOOptical Parametric Oscillator
11ORVOrbital Re-entry Vehicle
12OSCATOcean scatterometer
13OS-CFAROrdered Statistics Constant False Alarm Rate


1P&TPost and Telegraphs
2PAAPhased Array Antenna
3PATPad Abort Test
4PC-NNRMSPlanning Committee on National Natural Resources Management System
6PDRPreliminary Design Review
7PFAPost Flight Analysis
8PHMSPersonal Hygiene Management System
9PIPrincipal Investigators
10PICsPacific Island Countries
11PISatPESIT Imaging Satellite
12PLANEXPlanetary Science and Exploration
13POCsPayload Operations Centers
14POLIXPolarimeter Instrument in X-rays
15PRLPhysical Research Laboratory
16PSLVPolar Satellite Launch Vehicle
17PSPPre-Signalised Points
18PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
19PVPerformance Verification


1QBOQuasi-Biennial Oscillation
2QKDQuantum Key Distribution
3QLDQuick look Display
4QPOsQuasi Periodic Oscillations

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1R&DResearch & Development
2RaBITRadio Beacon for Ionospheric Tomography
3RAC-SRegional Academic Centre for Space
4RAPIDRealtime Analysis Product & Information Dissemination
5RAWEXRegional Aerosol Warming Experiment
6RCCsRescue Coordination Centres
7RCSReaction Control System
8RCTReaction Control Thrusters
9RDASReconfigurable Data Acquisition System
10RESPONDResearch Sponsored
11RFQRequest for Qualification
12RISRLV Interface System
13RISATRadar Imaging Satellite
14RLV-TDReusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator
15RNRadio Networking
16ROSARoll Out Solar Array
17ROSCOSMOSRussian Federal Space Agency
18ROTsReceive Only Terminals
19RoURight of Usage
20RRIRaman Research Institute
21RRSCsRegional Remote Sensing Centres
22RSRestricted Service
23RSDPRemote Sensing Data Policy
24RTIRight To Information
25RTRSRail Track Rocket Sled
26RXTERossi X-ray Timing Explorer


1S&TScientific and Technical
2SAASpace Act Agreements
3SAASouth Atlantic Anomaly
4SAARCSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
5SACSpace Applications Centre
6SADMSolar Array Drive Mechanism
7SAFESolar Array Flight Experiment
8SANSASouth African National Space Agency
9SAOStratospheric Semiannual Oscillation
10SAPState Action Plan
11SAPHIRSounder for Probing Vertical Profiles of Humidity
12SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
13SARSearch And Rescue
14SARALSystematic Administrative Reforms for Achieving & Learning
15SASSurface Active Substances
16SAS&RSatellite Aided Search and Rescue
17SATCOMSatellite Communication
18SATNAVSatellite Navigation
19SBASSatellite Based Augmentation System
20SCATSemicryo flow control Components Assembly and Test
21SCENCSemi Cryo Engine Nozzle Closure
22SCESSatellite Control Earth Stations
23SCFTSemi-cryogenic Cold Flow Test facility
24SCLSemi-Conductor Laboratory
25SCORPIOSatellite based Cyclone Observation for Real-time Prediction over Indian Ocean
26SCPDSoil Carbon Pools and Dynamics
27SCRAMJETSupersonic Combustion Ramjet
28SDLPSpace-based Distance Learning Programme
29SDMSystem Demonstration Module
30SDSATSatish Dhawan Sat
31SDSCSatish Dhawan Space Centre
32SEMISociety for Emergency Medicine India
33SFCGSpace Frequency Coordination Group
34SGISilicon Graphics
37SITsSatellite Interactive Terminals
38SITESatellite Instructional Television Experiment
39SMAShape Memory Alloy
40SMARTSatellite Meteorology and Oceanography Research and Training
41S-NAPSpace-National Academic Partner
42SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
43SOI Sphere of Influence
44SOLARSun of Light Active Reaction
45SoLEXSSolar Low Energy X-ray Spectrometer
46SPACESpacecraft Prelaunch Automatic Checkout Equipment
47SPADEXSpace Docking Experimnet
48SPDMSolar Panel Drive Mechanism
49SPLSpace Physics Laboratory
50SPOCsSearch and Rescue Points of Contact
51SPROBSolid Propellant Space Booster Plant
52SPSStandard Positioning Service
53SRSACState level Remote Sensing Application Centre
54SSCSatellite Control Centre
55SSLVSmall Satellite Launch Vehicle
56SSMScanning Sky Monitor
57SSPSpace Studies Programme
58SSPASolid State Power Amplifier
59SSPOSun Synchronous Polar Orbit
60SSTSea Surface Temperature
61SSTCSpace Science and Technology Centre
62SSTLSurvey Satellite Technology Limited
63SSTMSea Surface Temperature Monitor
64SSVSpace Service Volume
65STCSpace Technology Cell
66STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
67STEPSatellite Telecommunication Experiments Project
68STFSStandard Time and Frequency Signal
69STPsStructured Training Programmes
70Sub-GTOSub-Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
71SUITSolar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
72SVABSecond Vehicle Assembly Building
73SWIRShort Wave Infrared
74SXTSoft X-ray imaging Telescope


1TDPTechnology Development Programmes
2TDVTechnology Demonstrator Vehicle
4TECTotal Electron Content
5TECUTransmission Electronic Control Unit
6TERLSThumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
7TERRATransportation Engineering and Road Research Alliance
8TGTemperature Greenness
9THCSTemperature & Humidity Control System
10TIMEDThermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Energetics, and Dynamics
11TIRSThermal Infrared Sensors
12TISThermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
14TMATrimethyl Aluminum Experiment
15TMCTerrain Mapping Camera
16TM-CFARTrimmed Mean Constant False Alarm Rate
17TOATop of the Atmosphere
18TOSSTransfer Orbit Support Service
19TRAITelecom Regulatory Authority of India
20TSRTycho Supernova Remnant
21TSTOTwo Stage To Orbit
22TT&CTelementry & Commanding
23TTCTelemetry and Telecommand
25TWRISTelangana Water Resources Information System

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1UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
2UAYUchchatar Avishkar Yojana
3UFAUnfurlable antenna
4UFSUrban Frame Survey
5USGSUnited States Geological Survey
6USOUdaipur Solar Observatory
7UH25Unsymmetrical Dimethyl  Hydrazine + 25% Hydrazine Hydrate
8UNUnited Nations
9UNISPACEUnited Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.
10UNNATIUNispace Nanosatellite Assembly & Training by ISRO
11UNSPIDERUN Platform for Space based Information for Disaster management and Emergency Response
12UPUtilisation Program
13URSCU R Rao Satellite Centre
14USGSUnited States Geological Survey
15UTUniversity of Twente
17UVITUltra-Violet Imaging Telescope


1VEDASVisualisation of Earth Observation Data and Archival System
2VELCVisible Emission Line Coronagraph
3VERVolume Emission Rate
4VHRRVery High Resolution Radiometer
5VHRSVery High Resolution Satellite
6VISVerification Information System
7VISWASVillage based Initiative to Synergise Health, Water, And Sanitation
9VLSIVery Large Scale Integrated Circuit
10VNIRVery Near Infra Red
11VRCVillage Resource Centre
12VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
13VSSCVikram Sarabhai Space Centre
14VTMVelocity Trimming Module


1WNWeek Number
2WVWater Vapour


1XPoSatX-ray Polarimeter Satellite
2XSMSolar X-ray Monitor


1YUVIKAYUva VIjyani KAryakram
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