190+ Meghalaya GK Multiple Choice Questions For MPSC 2023

Meghalaya GK

Last Updated: 11 March 2023

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states in Northeast India. In various exams, Meghalaya GK is asked, as it plays a very important to Indian Tourism because of its diverse Flora & Fauna, Caves, Waterfalls, etc.

The state of Meghalaya was formed by carving out two districts from the state of Assam; the United Khasi Hills & Jaintia Hills, and the Garo Hills.

In this article, You’ll learn many fascinating facts about Meghalaya and what makes this state tourist attractive.

Topics That Are Covered In This Article
  • History
  • Geography
  • Districts
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Cultures
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Borders
  • Nicknames
  • State Symbols

Meghalaya GK can be really helpful for applying to Meghalaya Public Service Commission and various other State Competitive Exams.

Meghalaya GK Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the total area of Meghalaya?
a) 42,429 km2
b) 12,429 km2
c) 22,429 km2
d) 32,429 km2

2. Which country is comparable to the size of Meghalaya?
a) El Salvador
b) Bhutan
c) Belize
d) Austria

3. What is the capital of Meghalaya?
a) Imphal
b) Shillong
c) Cherrapunji
d) Mawsynram

4. What was the capital of Assam before Dispur?
a) Shillong
b) Guwahati
c) Jorhat
d) Kaziranga

5. When was Meghalaya separated from Assam?
a) 21 January 1972
b) 21 January 1971
c) 21 January 1969
d) 21 January 1973

6. How many Districts are in Meghalaya?
a) 10 Districts
b) 9 Districts
c) 11 Districts
d) 12 Districts

7. How many Divisions are in Meghalaya?
a) 1 Division
b) 4 Divisions
c) 2 Divisions
d) 3 Divisions

8. Which is the largest district of Meghalaya?
a) East Khasi Hills
b) West Garo Hills
c) Ri Bhoi
d) West Khasi Hills

9. What is the Sanskrit meaning of Meghalaya?
a) Rain Forest
b) Abode of Mountains
c) Abode of Clouds
d) Wettest Place

10. Which two district of Assam was carved out to form the state of Meghalaya?
a) Khasi Hills and Garo Hills
b) United Khasi Hills & Jaintia Hills, and Garo Hills
c) United Khasi Hills & Ri-Bhoi and Garo Hills
d) Khasi Hills and Ri-Bhoi

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11. What is the length-to-breadth ratio of Meghalaya?
a) 1:1
b) 2:1
c) 4:1
d) 3:1

12. Which is the only country that borders Meghalaya?
a) China
b) Bangladesh
c) Nepal
d) Myanmar

13. Which is the only Indian state that borders Meghalaya?
a) Assam
b) Tripura
c) Manipur
d) Mizoram

14. Which Bangladeshi division borders Meghalaya to the southern side?
a) Khulna Division and Rajshahi Division
b) Mymensingh Division and Sylhet Division
c) Rajshahi Division and Chittagong Division
d) Rangpur Division and Dhaka Division

15. Which Bangladeshi division borders Meghalaya to the western side?
a) Dhaka Division
b) Rangpur Division
c) Khulna Division
d) Chittagong Division

16. What nickname did the British imperial authorities give to Shillong during the British rule of India?
a) Gateway To Bangladesh
b) Land Of Warriors
c) Scotland of the East
d) Manchester of the East

17. What is the official language of Meghalaya?
a) English
b) English and Hindi
c) Garo
d) Khasi

18. Which system is followed in Meghalaya?
a) Zamindar System
b) Ryotwari System
c) Matrilineal System
d) Patrilineal System

19. Which is the wettest state in India?
a) Meghalaya
b) Ladakh
c) Kerala
d) Himachal Pradesh

20. Which is the wettest region in Meghalaya?
a) Debundscha
b) Lloró
c) Mawsynram
d) Quibdo

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21. What is the length of national highways in Meghalaya?
a) 3,170 km
b) 2,170 km
c) 1,170 km
d) 4,170 km

22. Which is the tallest plunge waterfall in Meghalaya?
a) Dudhsagar Falls
b) Mawsmai Falls
c) Kunchikal Falls
d) Nohkalikai Falls

23. Which is the smallest district of Meghalaya?
a) East Khasi Hills
b) South West Garo Hills
c) North Garo Hills
d) West Garo Hills

24. What is the Area rank of Meghalaya amongst the Northeastern state?
a) 3rd
b) 4th
c) 5th
d) 7th

25. What is the State code of Meghalaya?
a) MLA
b) ML
c) MG
d) MGL

26. What is the State Motto of Meghalaya?
a) Unity
b) The Dragon Lord
c) Satyameva Jayate
d) May None Suffer Any Pain

27. What is the State Animal of Meghalaya?
a) Sambar Deer
b) Clouded Leopard
c) Himalayan Serow
d) Mithun

28. What is the State Bird of Meghalaya?
a) Nongin
b) Emerald Dove
c) Blyth’s Tragopan
d) Hill Myna

29. What is the State Flower of Meghalaya?
a) Glorosa Lily
b) Lady’s Slipper Orchid
c) Tangidi Puvvu
d) Indian Rose Chestnut

30. What is the State Tree of Meghalaya?
a) Alder
b) Gamhar
c) Agarwood
d) Uningthou

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31. Who was the first Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
a) Williamson A. Sangma
b) B. B. Lyngdoh
c) P. A. Sangma
d) Darwin Diengdoh Pugh

32. Who is the longest-serving chief minister of Meghalaya?
a) B. B. Lyngdoh
b) Mukul Sangma
c) D. D. Lapang
d) S. C. Marak

33. Who was the first Indian National Congress Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
a) Williamson A. Sangma
b) P. A. Sangma
c) S. C. Marak
d) J. D. Rymbai

34. Which political party did Donkupar Roy, the 10th Chief Minister of Meghalaya belong to?
a) All Party Hill Leaders Conference
b) Indian National Congress
c) United Democratic Party
d) Hill People’s Union

35. Who became the 12th Chief Minsiter of Meghalaya?
a) Mukul Sangma
b) Conrad Sangma
c) D. D. Lapang
d) Donkupar Roy

List Of Chief Ministers Of Meghalaya

No.Chief MinisterTerm InTerm OutParty
1Williamson A. Sangma
02 Apr 197003 Mar 1978APHLC
2Darwin Diengdoh Pugh
10 Mar 197806 May 1979APHLC
3B. B. Lyngdoh
07 May 197907 May 1981APHLC
Williamson A. Sangma[1]
07 May 198124 Feb 1983INC
B. B. Lyngdoh[3]
02 Mar 198331 Mar 1983APHLC
Williamson A. Sangma[1]
02 Apr 198305 Feb 1988INC
4P. A. Sangma
06 Feb 198825 Mar 1990INC
B. B. Lyngdoh[3]
26 Mar 199010 Oct 1991HPU
~President’s Rule11 Oct 199105 Feb 1992
5D.D. Lapang
05 Feb 199219 Feb 1993INC
6S. C. Marak
19 Feb 199310 Mar 1998INC
B. B. Lyngdoh[3]
10 Mar 199808 Mar 2000UDP
7E. K. Mawlong
08 Mar 200008 Dec 2001UDP
8Flinder Anderson Khonglam
08 Dec 200104 Mar 2003IDP
D.D. Lapang[5]
04 Mar 200315 Jun 2006INC
9J. Dringbell Rymbai
15 Jun 200610 Mar 2007INC
D.D. Lapang[5]
10 Mar 200719 Mar 2008INC
10Donkupar Roy
19 Mar 200818 Mar 2009UDP
~President’s Rule18 Mar 200912 May 2009
D. D. Lapang[5]
13 May 200919 Apr 2010INC
11Mukul Sangma
20 Apr 201006 Mar 2018INC
12Conrad Sangma
(South Tura)
06 Mar 2018IncumbentNPP
Acronym’s Used:
1) APHLC– All Party Hill Leaders Conference
2) INC– Indian National Congress
3) HPU– Hill People’s Union
4) UDP– United Democratic Party
5) IDP– Independent
6) NPP– National People’s Party

36. Under which constituency did Conrad Sangma fight for the election of 2018?
a) Sohra
b) Shella
c) Ampati
d) Tura

37. Who was elected as the Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya when Conrad Sangma was elected as the Chief Minister?
a) Bindo Lanong
b) Prestone Tynsong
c) Mukul Sangma
d) D. D. Lapang

38. When did Meghalaya become an autonomous state within Assam?
a) 1st April 1969
b) 1st April 1970
c) 21 January 1971
d) 21 January 1972

39. Who was the first Governor of Meghalaya?
a) Lallan Prasad Singh
b) Prakash Mehrotra
c) Braj Kumar Nehru
d) Tribeni Sahai Misra

40. Who is the 19th Governor of Meghalaya?
a) Ganga Prasad
b) R. N. Ravi
c) Tathagata Roy
d) Satya Pal Malik

List Of Governors Of Meghalaya

No.GovernorTerm InTerm Out
1Braj Kumar Nehru01 Apr 197018 Sep 1973
2Lallan Prasad Singh19 Sep 197310 Aug 1981
3Prakash Mehrotra11 Aug 198128 Mar 1984
4Tribeni Sahai Misra29 Mar 198415 Apr 1984
5Bhishma Narain Singh16 Apr 198410 May 1989
6Harideo Joshi11 May 198926 Jul 1989
7Abubakar Abdul Rahim27 Jul 198908 May 1990
8Madhukar Dighe09 May 199018 Jun 1995
9M. M. Jacob19 Jun 199511 Apr 2007
10Banwari Lal Joshi12 Apr 200728 Oct 2007
11Shivinder Singh Sidhu29 Oct 200730 Jun 2008
12Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary01 Jul 200830 Jun 2013
13Krishan Kant Paul01 Jul 201306 Jan 2015
14Keshari Nath Tripathi06 Jan 201519 May 2015
15V. Shanmuganathan20 May 201527 Jan 2017
16Banwarilal Purohit27 Jan 201705 Oct 2017
17Ganga Prasad05 Oct 201725 Aug 2018
18Tathagata Roy25 Aug 201818 Dec 2019
R. N. Ravi
(Additional Charge)
18 Dec 201926 Jan 2020
Tathagata Roy[18]27 Jan 202018 Aug 2020
19Satya Pal Malik18 Aug 202003 Oct 2022
B. D. Mishra
(Additional Charge)
04 Oct 202212 Feb 2023
20Phagu Chauhan13 Feb 2023Incumbent

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41. How many seats does the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly contain?
a) 60 Seats
b) 66 Seats
c) 56 Seats
d) 64 Seats

42. How many seats does Meghalaya have in the Rajya Sabha?
a) 1 Seat
b) 2 Seats
c) 3 Seats
d) 4 Seats

43. How many seats does Meghalaya have in the Lok Sabha?
a) 4 Seats
b) 3 Seats
c) 2 Seats
d) 1 Seat

List Of Rajya Sabha Members From Meghalaya

No.NameTerm InTerm OutParty
1Showaless K. Shilla13/04/197212/04/1978INC
2Alexander Warjri13/04/197812/04/1984IND
3Jerlie E. Tariang13/04/198412/04/1990INC
4George Gilbert Swell13/04/199012/04/1996HSPDP
5Onward L. Nongtdu13/04/199612/04/2002INC
6Robert Kharshiing13/04/200212/04/2008NCP
7Thomas A. Sangma13/04/200804/02/2013 NCP
8Wansuk Syiem12/04/201312/04/2020INC
9Wanweiroy Kharlukhi22/06/202021/06/2026NPP

44. When was Meghalaya High Court established?
a) March 2011
b) March 2012
c) March 2013
d) March 2014

45. Who was the first Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court?
a) T. Meena Kumari
b) Uma Nath Singh
c) Prafulla C. Pant
d) Tarun Agarwala

46. When did Meghalaya receive the status of a full-fledged State by the North-Eastern Areas Act?
a) 1970
b) 1971
c) 1972
d) 1973

47. When did Shillong become the capital of Assam?
a) 1864
b) 1874
c) 1884
d) 1894

Meghalaya is a mountainous state with stretches of valleys and highland plateaus. It has Archean rock formations which result in formations that contain rich deposits of valuable minerals like coal, limestone, uranium, and sillimanite.

48. Who coined the term “Meghalaya”?
a) Amartya Sen
b) S.P. Chatterjee
c) Kazi Nazrul Islam
d) Rabindranath Tagore

49. Which is the highest point in Meghalaya?
a) Mawryngkneng
b) Rableng Hill
c) Nokrek Peak
d) Shillong Peak

50. Which is the longest River in Meghalaya?
a) Barapani River
b) Simsang River
c) Umtrew River
d) Umngot River

Important Rivers Of Meghalaya

No.Garo Hills RegionNo.Central and Eastern Region
3Bugai3Kynshi (Jadukata)
7Nitai7Umiam or Barapani

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51. Which River divides Garo Hills into two parts?
a) Ganol River
b) Dareng River
c) Simsang River
d) Bugai River

52. Which section of the plateau in the Garo Hills Region is nearly plain?
a) Western Section
b) Eastern Section
c) Northern Section
d) Southern Section

53. Which is the highest point in the Garo Hills?
a) Tura Peak
b) Nokrek Peak
c) Maryngsih Peak
d) Sellm Peak

54. What is the elevation of Tura Peak?
a) 872 meters
b) 772 meters
c) 672 meters
d) 572 meters

55. What is the highest average rainfall in some areas of Meghalaya?
a) 12,000 mm
b) 10,000 mm
c) 8,000 mm
d) 4,000 mm

Cherrapunji or Sohra received 9,300 mm (370 in) in July 1861 and 26,461 mm (1,041.8 in) between 1 August 1860 and 31 July 1861

56. Where is Nokrek National Park located?
a) West Garo Hills District
b) North Garo Hills District
c) East Garo Hills District
d) South Garo Hills District

57. Where is Balphakram National Park located?
a) North Garo Hills District
b) South Garo Hills District
c) East Garo Hills District
d) West Garo Hills District

58. How many wildlife sanctuaries are in Meghalaya?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) None

59. What is the species name of “Me’mang Koksi” a local name for the ‘Pitcher Plant’ found in Meghalaya?
a) Nepenthes
b) Caryophyllales
c) Nepenthaceae
d) Nepenthes khasiana

60. What is Siju Cave known in English?
a) Bat Cave
b) Mineral Cave
c) Coal Cave
d) Limestone Cave

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61. Which is the largest bird found in Meghalaya?
a) Deo Haah
b) Great Indian Hornbill
c) Rama Chiluka
d) Grey Peacock Pheasant

62. What is the population growth of Meghalaya from 2001 to 2011 as per the census report of the “Census of India”?
a) 32.0%
b) 30.6%
c) 31.6%
d) 27.8%

63. Which is the largest group in Meghalaya?
a) Jaintias
b) Khasis
c) Garos
d) Nepali

64. Which religion is mostly found in Meghalaya?
a) Christianity
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Buddhism

65. Where are the Muslims of Meghalaya mostly concentrated?
a) South West Khasi Hills
b) West Khasi Hills
c) West Garo Hills
d) East Khasi Hills

66. Where is “Nartiang Durga Temple” located in Meghalaya?
a) West Khasi Hills
b) East Khasi Hills
c) West Jaintia Hills
d) East Jaintia Hills

67. Where is the Headquarters of East Garo Hills district located?
a) Resubelpara
b) Tura
c) Baghmara
d) Williamnagar

68. When was Union Christian College, Meghalaya established?
a) 1942
b) 1952
c) 1962
d) 1972

69. What is the Motto of North-Eastern Hill University?
a) Work Is Worship
b) True Knowledge Liberates
c) Work Maketh A Man
d) Rise Up And Build

70. When was North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) established?
a) 1973
b) 1975
c) 1963
d) 1979

Districts And Head Quarters Of Meghalaya

No.DistrictHeadquarterArea (km²)Established
1West Jaintia HillsJowai1,6932012
2East Jaintia HillsKhliehriat2,1262012
3East Khasi HillsShillong2,7521976
4West Khasi HillsNongstoin5,2471976
5South West Khasi HillsMawkyrwat1,3412012
7North Garo HillsResubelpara1,1131992
8East Garo HillsWilliamnagar2,6031976
9South Garo HillsBaghmara1,8501992
10West Garo HillsTura3,7141976
11South West Garo HillsAmpati8222012
12Eastern West Khasi HillsMairang1,3572021

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71. Which two universities were born through North-Eastern Hill University?
a) Mizoram University and Sikkim University
b) Tripura University and Mizoram University
c) Manipur University and Nagaland University
d) Nagaland University and Mizoram University

72. How many campuses does NEHU have?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

73. Where in Shillong is the North-Eastern Hill University located?
a) Jani Mawiong
b) Mawkynroh Umshing
c) Mawiong Umjapung
d) Mawlai Umthlong

74. Where in Tura is the North-Eastern Hill University located?
a) Chandmari
b) Sohiong
c) Mawlyndun
d) Mawdngiem

75. Which is the most spoken language in Meghalaya after English?
a) Khasi
b) Garo
c) Pnar
d) Bengali

76. When was Jaintia Hills District created?
a) 22 February 1982
b) 22 February 1972
c) 22 February 1976
d) 22 February 1992

77. When was Jaintia Hills District divided into West Jaintia Hills District and East Jaintia Hills District?
a) 31 July 2012
b) 31 July 2012
c) 31 July 2012
d) 31 July 2012

78. What was the total area of Jaintia Hills District?
a) 4,819 Km2
b) 3,819 Km2
c) 2,819 Km2
d) 1,819 Km2

79. When was the East Khasi Hills District carved out of the Khasi Hills?
a) 28 October 1972
b) 28 October 1974
c) 28 October 1976
d) 28 October 1978

80. Where is the Headquarters of East Khasi Hills District located?
a) Shillong
b) Mawjrong
c) Mawsynram
d) Pynsursla

Meghalaya House

1Meghalaya House, VelloreSathuvachari (Phase – IV), Rangapuram, Vellore – 632009
Phone: 0416-2254385
2Meghalaya House, GuwahatiAddress : A. K. Azad Road, Rehabari, Guwahati – 781008
Phone: 0361-2632174
3Meghalaya House, MumbaiAddress : Vashi Navi, Plot No. 25, Sector No. 30, Mumbai – 400705
Phone: 022-27815532
4Meghalaya House, New Delhi9-Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi – 110011
Phone: 011-21410847
5Meghalaya House, Kolkata120 – Shanti Pally, Kasba Road, Kolkata -700107
Phone: 033-48039577

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81. When was Ri-Bhoi District formed by the further division of East Khasi Hills district?
a) 4th June 1992
b) 4th June 1994
c) 4th June 1996
d) 4th June 1998

82. When was the West Khasi Hills district carved out of Khasi Hills District?
a) 28 October 1972
b) 28 October 1974
c) 28 October 1976
d) 28 October 1978

Meghalaya District Established Date & Area

Data As Given On The Meghalaya Official Website
No.DistrictEstablishedArea ( km2 )
1West Jaintia Hills31 Jul 20121,693
2East Jaintia Hills31 Jul 20122,115
3East Khasi Hills28 Oct 19762,748
4West Khasi Hills28 Oct 19765,247
5South West Khasi Hills03 Aug 20121,341
6Ri-Bhoi04 Jun 19922,378
7North Garo Hills22 Oct 19761,113
8East Garo Hills22 Oct 19761,490
9South Garo Hills22 Oct 19761,887
10West Garo Hills22 Oct 19763,714
11South West Garo Hills07 Aug 2012822
12Eastern West Khasi HillsNew10 Nov 20211,357

83. Which district of Meghalaya has the most Development blocks?
a) East Khasi Hills District
b) Ri-Bhoi District
c) East Garo Hills District
d) West Khasi Hills District

84. Which district of Meghalaya has the least number of Development blocks?
a) South West Khasi Hills District
b) West Jaintia Hills District
c) Ri-Bhoi District
d) South West Garo Hills District

85. How many total Development Blocks are in Meghalaya?
a) 42
b) 46
c) 56
d) 52

List Of Development Blocks In Meghalaya

No.DistrictDevelopment Block
1West Jaintia Hills1) Mylliem C&RD Block
2) Mawphlang C&RD Block
3) Mawsynram C&RD Block
4) Shella Bholaganj C&RD Block
5) Pynursla C&RD Block
6) Khatarshnong Laitkroh C&RD Block
7) Mawkynrew C&RD Block
8) Mawryngkneng C&RD Block
9) Sohiong C&RD Block
10) Mawpat C&RD Block
11) Mawlai C&RD Block
2East Jaintia Hills12) Mairang C&RD Block
13) Mawthadraishan C&RD Block
14) Nongstoin C&RD Block
15) Mawshynrut C&RD Block
3East Khasi Hills16) Mawkyrwat C&RD Block
17) Ranikor C&RD Block
4West Khasi Hills18) Umsning C&RD Block
19) Umling C&RD Block
20) Jirang C&RD Block
21) Bhoirymbong C & RD Block
5South West Khasi Hills22) Thadlaskein C&RD Block
23) Laskein C&RD Block
24) Amlarem C&RD Block
6Ri-Bhoi25) Khliehriat C&RD Block
26) Saipung C&RD Block
7North Garo Hills27) Dambo Rongjeng C&RD Block
28) Songsak C&RD Block
29) Samanda C&RD Block
8East Garo Hills30) Rongram C&RD Block
31) Dadenggiri C&RD Block
32) Selsella C&RD Block
33) Tikrikilla C&RD Block
34) Gambegre C&RD Block
35) Dalu C&RD Block
36) Demdema C & RD
9South Garo Hills37) Resubelpara C&RD Block
38) Kharkutta C&RD Block
39) Bajengdoba C&RD Block
10West Garo Hills40) Betasing C&RD Block
41) Zikzak C&RD Block
42) Damalgre C & RD Block
11South West Garo Hills43) Baghmara C&RD Block
44) Gasuapara C&RD Block
45) Ronggara C&RD Block
46) Chokpot C&RD Block
12Eastern West Khasi Hills(New District)

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86. Which group of people is mostly found in Meghalaya?
a) OBC
b) SC
c) ST
d) General

87. How many Parliamentary Constituencies are in Meghalaya?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Five

88. How many Vidhan Sabha Constituencies are in Meghalaya?
a) 60 Constituencies
b) 56 Constituencies
c) 70 Constituencies
d) 64 Constituencies

89. Which Northeastern state has the same number of constituencies as Meghalaya?
a) Assam
b) Sikkim
c) Mizoram
d) Tripura

90. Which district has the largest number of constituencies in Meghalaya?
a) East Jaintia Hills
b) East Khasi Hills
c) East Garo Hills
d) West Garo Hills

Constituencies Of The Meghalaya Legislative Assembly

No.DistrictVidhan Sabha Constituencies
1East Garo Hills3
2East Jaintia Hills2
3East Khasi Hills17
4Eastern West Khasi Hills2
5North Garo Hills4
7South Garo Hills3
8South West Garo Hills3
9South West Khasi Hills2
10West Garo Hills11
11West Jaintia Hills5
12West Khasi HillsNew3
Total: 60

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91. How many councils of ministers are in the Government of Meghalaya?(Cabinet)
a) 16 Ministers
b) 14 Ministers
c) 12 Ministers
d) 10 Ministers

92. Who is the Education Minister of Meghalaya (2023)?
a) Hamletson Dohling
b) Alexander Laloo Hek
c) Rakkam A. Sangma
d) Kyrmen Shylla

93. Who is the Minister of Forests & Environment Department (2023)?
a) Kyrmen Shylla
b) James Pangsang Sangma
c) Alexander Laloo Hek
d) Conrad Sangma

94. Who is the Health Minister of Meghalaya (2023)?
a) Dr. Conrad Sangma
b) Lahkmen Rymbui
c) Prestone Tynsong
d) Ampareen Lyngdoh

95. When did Conrad Sangma become the Cabinet Minister?
a) 2008-2009
b) 2009-2010
c) 2010-2013
d) 2016-2018

Portfolio Of Cabinet Ministers Of Meghalaya 2023

1Conrad K. Sangma
Chief Minister
(South Tura)
1) Finance
2) Personnel
3) Home (Political)
4) Cabinet Affairs
5) Planning
6) Forests & Environment
7) Investment Promotion & Sustainable Department
8) Mining & Geology
9) Elections
10) Programme Implementation & Evaluation
11) Information Technology and Communication
12) Other Departments not Allocated to any Minister
2Prestone Tynsong
Deputy Chief Minister
1) Home (Police)
2) Public Works Department
3) District Council Affairs
4) Parliamentary Affairs
3Sniawbhalang Dhar
Deputy Chief Minister
1) Urban Affairs
2) Transport
3) Commerce & Industries
4) Prisons and Correctional Services
4Alexander Laloo Hek
1) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary
2) Fisheries
3) Printing & Stationery
4) Secretariat Administration
5Kyrmen Shylla
1) Excise Department
2) Revenue & Disaster Management
3) Legal Metrology
4) Home (Passport)
6Paul Lyngdoh
(West Shillong)
1) Social Welfare
2) Tourism
3) Art & Culture
4) Textile
7Ampareen Lyngdoh
(East Shillong)
1) Health & Family Welfare
2) Law
3) Information & Public Relations
4) Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare
8Abu Taher Mondal
1) Power Department
2) Community & Rural Development
3) Taxation
9Marcuise N. Marak
1) Public Health Engineering
2) Housing
3) Soil and Water Conservation
10Rakkam A. Sangma
(Rongara Siju)
1) Education
2) General Administration
3) Border Areas Development
11Comingone Ymbon
1) Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
2) Water Resources
3) Home (Civil Defense and Home Guards)
4) Cooperation
12Shakliar Warjri
1) Sports & Youth Affairs
2) Labour
3) Registration and Stamps
Acronyms Used:
1) BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
2) HSPDP: Hill State People’s Democratic Party
3) NPP: National People’s Party
4) UDP: United Democratic Party

Member Parties:
1) NPP (8)
2) UDP (2)
3) BJP (1)
4) HSPDP (1)

96. Who was the second Chief Minister of Meghalaya after Mr. Williamson A. Sangma?
a) P. A. Sangma
b) Darwin Diengdoh Pugh
c) B. B. Lyngdoh
d) D.D. Lapang

97. How many MLAs form the Government of Meghalaya?
a) 56 MLAs
b) 31 MLAs
c) 32 MLAs
d) 60 MLAs

98. When was the first college established in Shillong by the Christian Brothers of Ireland?
a) 1934
b) 1956
c) 1924
d) 1944

99. When was the National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya established?
a) 2005
b) 2010
c) 2013
d) 2012

100. What was the former name of the Indian Institute of Management Shillong?
a) Indira Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong
b) Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Institute of Management Shillong
c) Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong
d) Debananda Gogoi Indian Institute of Management Shillong

Members Of Legislative Assembly (MLA) 2023

No.Assembly ConstituencyElected MemberParty
1NartiangSniawbhalang DharNPP
2JowaiWailadmiki ShyllaNPP
3RaliangComingone YmbonNPP
4MowkaiawNujorki SungohUDP
5Sutnga SaipungSanta Mary ShyllaNPP
6KhliehriatKyrmen ShyllaUDP
7AmlaremLahkmen RymbuiUDP
8MawhatiCharles MarngarINC
9NongpohMayralborn SyiemUDP
10JirangSosthenes SothumNPP
11UmsningCelestine LyngdohINC
12UmroiDamanbait LamareNPP
13MawrengknengHeavingston KharpanVPP
14Pynthorumkhrah (General)Alexander Laloo HekBJP
15MawlaiBrightstarwell MarbaniangVPP
16East ShillongAmpareen LyngdohNPP
17North ShillongAdelbert NongrumVPP
18West Shillong (General)Paul LyngdohUDP
19South Shillong (General)Sanbor ShullaiBJP
20MylliemRonnie V. LyngdohINC
21NongthymmaiCharles PyngropeAITC
22NongkremArdent Miller BasaiawmoitVPP
24MawphlangMatthew Beyondstar KurbahUDP
25MawsynramOllan Singh SuinUDP
26ShellaBalajied Kupar SyiemUDP
27PynurslaPrestone TynsongNPP
28SohraGavin Miguel MylleimPDF
29MawkynrewBanteidor LyngdohPDF
30MairangMetbah LyngdohUDP
31MawthadraishanShakliar WarjriHSPDP
32NongstoinGabriel WahlangINC
33Rambrai-JyrngamRemington Gabil MominIND
34MawshynrutMethodius DkharHSPDP
35RanikorPius MarweinUDP
36MawkyrwatRenikton Lyngdoh TongkharUDP
37KharkuttaRupert MominNPP
38MendipatharMarthon J. SangmaNPP
39ResubelparaTimothy J. ShiraNPP
40BajengdobaPongseng MarakNPP
41SongsakMukul SangmaAITC
42RongjengJim M. SangmaNPP
43WilliamnagarMarcuise N. MarakNPP
44RaksamgreLimison D. SangmaNPP
45TikrikillaJimmy D. SangmaNPP
46Phulbari (General)Abu Taher MondalNPP
47Rajabala (General)Mizanur Rahman KaziAITC
48SelsellaArbinstone B. MarakNPP
49DadenggreRupa M. MarakAITC
50North TuraThomas A. SangmaNPP
51South TuraConrad SangmaNPP
52RangsakonaSubir MarakNPP
53AmpatiMiani D. ShiraAITC
54MahendraganjSanjay A. SangmaNPP
55SalmanparaIan Botham K. SangmaNPP
56GambegreSaleng A. SangmaINC
57DaluBrening A. SangmaNPP
58Rongara SijuRakkam A. SangmaNPP
59ChokpotSengchim N. SangmaNPP
60BaghmaraKartush R. MarakIND
Out of 60 Assembly Constituency of Meghalaya, 5 Assembly Constituency are General;
1) Pynthorumkhrah
2) West Shillong
3) South Shillong
4) Phulbari
5) Rajabala
*Rest of the 55 Constituency is “ST”
MLA At A Glance
1) NPP (26)
2) UDP (11)
3) BJP (2)
4) HSPDP (2)
5) PDF (2)
7) AITC (5)
8) INC (5)
9) VPP (4)
10) Vacant (1)

45 Vs 14 [Opposition includes AITC, INC, VPP]
1) NPP: National People’s Party
2) UDP: United Democratic Party
3) BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
4) HSPDP: Hill State People’s Democratic Party
5) PDF: People’s Democratic Front
6) IND: Independent politician
7) AITC: All India Trinamool Congress
8) INC: Indian National Congress
9) VPP: Voice of the People Party

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101. When was the Indian Institute of Management Shillong established?
a) 2007
b) 2009
c) 2010
d) 2011

102. When was the National Institute of Fashion Technology established?
a) 1992
b) 1986
c) 1988
d) 1996

103. What is the full form of NEIGRIHMS?
a) North East Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences
b) North Eastern Institute Regional Institute of Health and Medicine Sciences
c) North-East India Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences
d) North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences

104. What is the Motto of NEIGRIHMS?
a) Knowledge Is The Supreme Power
b) Success Is Born Out Of Action
c) Towards Knowledge and Life
d) Labour Triumphs

105. When was NEIGRIHMS established?
a) 1987
b) 1983
c) 1997
d) 1989

106. Who was the Leader of the Opposition in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly from 2018-2023?
a) Lahkmen Rymbui
b) Banteidor Lyngdoh
c) Mukul Sangma
d) Alexander Laloo Hek

107. Who is the Speaker of the 11th  Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya?
a) Conrad Sangma
b) Metbah Lyngdoh
c) Thomas A. Sangma
d) Mukul Sangma

108. When was Meghalaya High Court separated from the Gauhati High Court making the state its own High Court?
a) March 2013
b) March 2012
c) March 2011
d) March 2010

109. How many Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) are in Meghalaya?
a) Two ADCs
b) Three ADCs
c) Four ADCs
d) One ADCs

110. What is the percentage of the total state population Below the Poverty Line (BPL) as per the record of the Reserve Bank of India in 2012?
a) 12%
b) 14%
c) 7%
d) 4%

List Of Superintendent of Police

No.Superintendent of PoliceDistrict
1Raghavendra Kumar M.G (IPS)East Khasi Hills
2Vivekanand Singh Rathore (IPS)West Garo Hills
3Siddharth Kumar Ambedkar (IPS)South Garo Hills
4Jagpal Singh Dhanoa (IPS)East Jaintia Hills
5Shailendra Bamaniya (IPS)North Garo Hills
6Giri Prasad M (IPS)Ri-Bhoi
7Darwin M. Sangma (MPS)West Khasi Hills
8Maxwell B. Syiem (MPS)Eastern West Khasi Hills
9Bashanborlang J. Laloo (MPS)South West Khasi Hills
10Abraham T. Sangma (MPS)East Garo Hills
11Stephen A. Rynjah (MPS)South West Garo Hills
12Bikram D. Marak (MPS)West Jaintia Hills

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111. Where is ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region located?
a) Umsawli
b) Mawdiangdiang
c) Mawlai-Mawïong
d) Umiam

112. Which Lake is known as ‘Barapani’?
a) Umhang Lake
b) Thadlaskein Lake
c) Umiam Lake
d) Ward’s Lake

113. What is the Catchment area of Umiam Lake?
a) 120 km2
b) 220 km2
c) 320 km2
d) 92 km2

114. Which River is related to Khandong Dam?
a) Myntdu
b) Umiam
c) Umtru
d) Kopili

115. When was Umiam Dam completed?
a) 1965
b) 1975
c) 1985
d) 1995

116. Which district does Umtru Dam belong to?
a) South West Khasi Hills District
b) West Khasi Hills District
c) East Khasi Hills District
d) Ri Bhoi District

117. Which district does Shillong Cantonment belong to?
a) East Garo Hills District
b) East Khasi Hills District
c) West Khasi Hills District
d) North Garo Hills District

118. How many Municipalities are in Meghalaya?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) None

119. How many census towns are in Meghalayan Urban Area?
a) 4 Towns
b) 7 Towns
c) 9 Towns
d) 11 Towns

120. As per the Matrilineal society of Meghalaya, which daughter inherits all the property & takes care of aged parents and any unmarried siblings?
a) Youngest Daughter
b) Eldest Daughter
c) Middle Daughter
d) Anyone

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121. On which month is the Den’bilsia festival celebrated?
a) August
b) February
c) September
d) January

122. On which month is the Rongchugala festival celebrated?
a) August
b) June
c) April
d) March

123. Which tree had been used in the making of the Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya?
a) Ficus Elastica Tree
b) Quercus Alba Tree
c) Platanus Occidentalis Tree
d) Juglans Microcarpanigra Tree

124. What was the total road length of Meghalaya when Meghalaya was carved out of Assam as an autonomous state in 1972?
a) 4786.68 km
b) 3786.68 km
c) 2786.68 km
d) 1786.68 km

125. Which state is not connected with Meghalaya through National Highways?
a) Assam
b) Mizoram
c) Tripura
d) Manipur

126. Where does Meghalaya have its Railhead?
a) Chokpot
b) Nongpoh
c) Mowkaiaw
d) Mendipathar

127. What is the ICAO of Baljek Airport (Tura Airport)?
b) BLJ
c) TUA

128. When was Baljek Airport inaugurated?
a) 2004
b) 2006
c) 2008
d) 2010

129. What is the IATA of Shillong Airport?
a) SHL
b) SLG
c) SHG
d) SLA

130. Which district is the Nongriat Village, famous for Living Root Bridges located in?
a) East Khasi Hills District
b) West Khasi Hills District
c) South West Khasi Hills District
d) Ri-Bhoi District

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131. Which District is Dawki located in?
a) West Garo Hills District
b) East Garo Hills District
c) West Jaintia Hills District
d) East Jaintia Hills District

132. Which lake is known as ‘Pung Sajar Nangli’, a man-made historical Lake in Meghalaya?
a) Umhang Lake
b) Ward’s Lake
c) Thadlaskein Lake
d) Umiam Lake

133. Which is the longest cave in Meghalaya?
a) Krem Lymput Nongjri
b) Krem KotSati Kotsati
c) Krem Tyngheng Diengjem
d) Krem Liat Prah

134. What does “Krem” mean in the local Khasi language?
a) Clouds
b) Cave
c) Limestone
d) Hills

List Of Longest Caves In Meghalaya

No.Cave NameLength (m)Location
1Krem Liat Prah30,957Jaintia Hills
2Krem Kotsati21,530Jaintia Hills
3Krem Tyngheng Diengjem21,250Jaintia Hills
4Krem Synrang Pamiang18,181Jaintia Hills
5Krem Chympe12,434Jaintia Hills
6Krem Shrieh Tangnub8,862Jaintia Hills
7Krem Tyngheng8,671Jaintia Hills
8Krem Mawkhyrdop7,194Khasi Hills
9Krem Lymput6,641Khasi Hills
10Krem Rongdangngai Mondil5,831Jaintia Hills
11Krem Shyrong Labbit5,715Jaintia Hills
12Tetengkil Balwakol5,681Garo Hills
13Krem Umsynrang5,612Jaintia Hills
14Siju Cave4,772Garo Hills
15Krem Risang4,565Jaintia Hills
16Krem Synrang Ngap4,172Jaintia Hills
17Krem Synrang Labbit3,933Jaintia Hills
18Krem Wah Ryngo3,416Jaintia Hills
19Krem Iawe3,398Jaintia Hills
20Krem Mawshun3,339Khasi Hills

135. The nine-hole course of the Shilong Golf Course was later converted into how many hole courses by Captain Jackson and C. K. Rhodes?
a) 16-hole course
b) 21-hole course
c) 18-hole course
d) 12-hole course

136. Which river can be found under the Dawki Bridge?
a) Kulsi River
b) Kopili River
c) Dawki River
d) Umngot River

137. What is the border length of Meghalaya with Bangladesh?
a) 262 km
b) 856 Km
c) 318 km
d) 443 km

138. What is the Inter-State border length of Meghalaya with Assam?
a) 884.9 Km
b) 127.0 Km
c) 46.3 Km
d) 204.1 Km

139. Who is the shortest-serving Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
a) D.D. Lapang
b) Darwin Diengdoh Pugh
c) E. K. Mawlong
d) J. D. Rymbai

140. Which Chief Minister of Meghalaya served the term for Chief Minsiter for only 30 days?
a) Flinder A. Khonglam
b) B. B. Lyngdoh
c) D. D. Lapang
d) Darwin Diengdoh Pugh

141. Which is North-East India’s oldest English-language daily newspaper?
a) The Shillong Times
b) The Meghalaya Times
c) The Tura Times
d) Mawphor

142. What is the Khasi name for “Elephant Falls”?
a) Ka Kshaid Dakerlang
b) Banri Rida Riakor
c) Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew
d) Abandahun Wanborlang

143. What is the size of Shillong Town?
a) 54.36 km2
b) 64.36 km2
c) 74.36 km2
d) 84.36 km2

144. Which National Highway connects Meghalaya with Tripura?
a) NH-8
b) NH-2
c) NH-15
d) NH-12

145. What is the height of Shillong Peak above sea level?
a) 1525 m
b) 1956 m
c) 1966 m
d) 1991 m

146. Which National Park of Meghalaya is included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
a) Siju Bird Sanctuary
b) Baghmara Reserve Forest
c) Balphakram National Park
d) Nongkhyllem Sanctuary

147. Out of the 60 Constituencies of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, how many Areas are ST?
a) 55
b) 59
c) 52
d) 54

148. Who was elected as the Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court on 27 April 2020?
a) Tarun Agarwala
b) Ajay Kumar Mittal
c) Biswanath Somadder
d) Mohammad Rafiq

149. What is the height of Nokrek Peak above sea level?
a) 1,412 m
b) 1,512 m
c) 1,612 m
d) 1,712 m

150. Which Autonomous District Council does ‘Tura’ fall into?
d) None

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151. Which Village of Meghalaya was declared the cleanest in Asia in 2003 and 2005 by the travel magazine “Discover India”?
a) Mawsynram
b) Mawlynnong
c) Mawkynrew
d) Mawphlang

152. What is the vehicle registration code for Jowai?
a) ML-06
b) ML-05
c) ML-04
d) ML-03

153. Which famous river is present in Baghmara?
a) Digaru River
b) Someshwari River
c) Myntdu River
d) Kopili River

154. Ampati the District HQ of South West Garo Hill is surrounded by which District of Assam?
a) South Salmara District
b) Nalbari
c) Goalpara
d) Chirang

155. What is the Vehicle registration code for Nongpoh?
a) ML-06
b) ML-08
c) ML-12
d) ML-10

RTO Codes Of Meghalaya

No.RTO LocationRTO Code
2Jaintia HillsML04
4West Khasi HillsML06
5East Garo HillsML07
6West Garo HillsML08
7South Garo HillsML09

156. What was the former name of Williamnagar?
a) Nengmandal
b) Mrik Wari
c) Simsanggre
d) Bansamgre

157. Where is the Mawlynnong Village located?
a) West Garo Hills District
b) West Khasi Hills District
c) East Khasi Hills District
d) West Jaintia Hills District

158. When was Nokrek National Park added to the UNESCO list of Biosphere Reserves?
a) May 2008
b) May 2009
c) May 2007
d) May 2006

159. Where is Nohkalikai Falls located?
a) Cherrapunji
b) Shillong
c) Mawsynram
d) Tura

160. Which country’s Golf Association Museum considered Shillong Golf Course as the “Glen Eagle of the East”?
a) Ireland
b) United States
c) Canada
d) United Kingdom

161. Who is the only person from Meghalaya to receive Padma Vibhushan Award?
a) Nanadro B Marak
b) Erasmus Lyngdoh
c) Purno Agitok Sangma
d) Mrinal Miri

162. Who received Padma Bhushan Award from Meghalaya for Public Affairs?
a) Trinity Saioo
b) Helen Giri
c) Inderjit Kaur Barthakur
d) Theilin Phanbuh

163. Who is the first Chairman of the Lokayukta of Meghalaya?
a) Naresh Kumar Gupta
b) Pranoy Kumar Musahary
c) T Nandakumar Singh
d) Ashim Kumar Roy

164. When was the Lokayukta of Meghalaya formed?
a) 2011
b) 2012
c) 2013
d) 2014

165. Who is the current Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court?
a) Sudhanshu Dhulia
b) Sanjib Banerjee
c) Sanjay Karol
d) Satish Chandra Sharma

Full-Form Related To Meghalaya

No.AcronymFill Form
1AFSPAArmed Forces Special Powers Act
2APHLCAll Party Hill Leaders Conference
3GHADCGaro Hills Autonomous District Council
4GSUGaro Students’ Union
5HPUHill People’s Union
6JHADCJaintia Hills Autonomous District Council
7JSUJantia Students’ Union
8KHADCKhasi Hills Autonomous District Council
9KSUKhasi Students’ Union
10MBOSEMeghalaya Board of School Education
11MCSMeghalaya’s Civil Society
12MGLMeghalaya Cements Limited
13NEAANorth-Eastern Areas Act
14NEHUNorth-Eastern Hill University
15NEIAHNorth Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Homoeopathy
16NEIGRIHMSNorth Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences
17NPPNational People’s Party
18PBPolice Bazar
19PDFPeople’s Democratic Front
20RUFCRangdajied United Football Club
21RWDCRoyal Wahingdoh Football Club
22SLFCShillong Lajong Football Club
23UDPUnited Democratic Party
24USTMUniversity of Science and Technology, Meghalaya
25UTMUniversity of Technology and Management
26WCUMWilliam Carey University, Meghalaya

166. Which is the 12th District of Meghalaya?
a) Western East Khasi Hills
b) Northern West Khasi Hills
c) Eastern South Khasi Hills
d) Eastern West Khasi Hills

167. When was Eastern West Khasi Hills established?
a) 10 November 2018
b) 10 November 2019
c) 10 November 2020
d) 10 November 2021

168. Where is the Headquarters of Eastern West Khasi Hills?
a) Mairang
b) Masar
c) Mawroh
d) Mawpiah

169. Which is the second largest district of Meghalaya after West Khasi Hills?
a) Ri-Bhoi
b) West Garo Hills
c) East Khasi Hills
d) South Garo Hills

170. Which District has 11 Vidhan Sabha Constituencies?
a) West Garo Hills
b) West Jaintia Hills
c) West Khasi Hills
d) East Garo Hills

171. What is the new upper age limit for candidates belonging to the General Category?
a) 29 Years
b) 30 Years
c) 31 Years
d) 32 Years

172. How many recipients from Meghalaya received the Padma Shri Award 2022?
a) 1 Recipient
b) 2 Recipients
c) 3 Recipients
d) 4 Recipients

173. Who is the recipient of the Padma Shri Award 2022?
a) Badaplin War
b) Nanadro B Marak
c) Trinity Saioo
d) Veena Tandon

174. Who is the first recipient of the Padma Vibhushan Award from Meghalaya?
a) Sitimon Sawain
b) P. A. Sangma
c) Veena Tandon
d) Evelyn Norah Shullai

175. Who is the first recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award from Meghalaya?
a) Inderjit Kaur Barthakur
b) Mrinal Miri
c) Evelyn Norah Shullai
d) Erasmus Lyngdoh

List Of Chief Justices Of Meghalaya High Court

No.Chief JusticeTerm InTerm Out
1T. Meena Kumari23 Mar 201303 Aug 2013
2Prafulla Chandra Pant20 Sep 201312 Aug 2014
3Uma Nath Singh19 Mar 201514 Jan 2016
4Dinesh Maheshwari24 Feb 201612 Feb 2018
5Tarun Agarwala12 Feb 201802 Mar 2018
6Mohammad Yaqoob Mir21 May 201827 May 2019
7Ajay Kumar Mittal28 May 201902 Nov 2019
8Mohammad Rafiq13 Nov 201926 Apr 2020
9Biswanath Somadder27 Apr 202011 Oct 2021
10Ranjit Vasantrao More12 Oct 202103 Nov 2021
11Sanjib Banerjee24 Nov 2021Incumbent

176. Who is the first recipient of the Padma Shri Award from Meghalaya?
a) Sitimon Sawain
b) Evelyn Norah Shullai
c) Erasmus Lyngdoh
d) Silverine Swer

177. Who received the National Florence Nightingale Award 2020 from Meghalaya?
a) Nanadro B Marak
b) Victorealness Syiemlieh
c) Veena Tandon
d) Silverine Swer

178. Who received the National Florence Nightingale Award 2021 from Meghalaya?
a) Neil Nongkynrih
b) Skendrowell Syiemlieh
c) Helen Giri
d) Leitmon Paslein

179. When were the North East Olympic Games held in Meghalaya?
a) 10th September 2022
b) 10th October 2022
c) 10th November 2022
d) 10th December 2022

180. How many Gold Medals were won by Meghalaya in the North East Olympic Games 2022?
a) 32 Gold Medals
b) 34 Gold Medals
c) 36 Gold Medals
d) 38 Gold Medals

181. How many Silver Medals were won by Meghalaya in the North East Olympic Games 2022?
a) 15 Silver Medals
b) 25 Silver Medals
c) 35 Silver Medals
d) 45 Silver Medals

182. How many Bronze Medals were won by Meghalaya in the North East Olympic Games 2022?
a) 48 Bronze Medals
b) 58 Bronze Medals
c) 68 Bronze Medals
d) 78 Bronze Medals

182. What is the worth of the foundation stone laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the December visit to Meghalaya for various development projects? 
a) ₹6800 crores
b) ₹5850 crores
c) ₹4350 crores
d) ₹2450 crores

183. Who is the current Governor of Meghalaya? (2023) 
a) Tathagata Roy
b) Satya Pal Malik
c) B. D. Mishra
d) Phagu Chauhan

184. How many persons have served as the Governor of Meghalaya? 
a) 16 Governors
b) 17 Governors
c) 18 Governors
d) 20 Governors

185. Who is the Chief Secretary of Meghalaya? (2023) 
a) Vijay Kumar
b) Cyril V. Darlong Diengdoh
c) Donald Phillips Wahlang
d) Isaac K. Marak,

Chief Minister’s Secretariat

1Vijay Kumar D (IAS)Commissioner and Secretary
2Cyril V. Darlong Diengdoh (IAS)Secretary
3David D. Sangma (IAS)Joint Secretary
4Rikse R. Marak (MCS)CM’s Secretariat Tura
5Isaac K. Marak (MCS)Deputy Secretary (CM’s Secretariat)
6Shanborlang Warjri (MCS)Deputy Secretary (CM’s Office)

186. Who is the Chairperson of Meghalaya Lokayukta? (2023)
a) Bhalang Dhar
b) Ryntihlang Rapthap
c) Paleisha Lyngdoh Lawai
d) C. Lalsawta

187. Who is the present Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court? (2023)
a) Sanjib Banerjee
b) Ranjit Vasantrao More
c) Biswanath Somadder
d) Mohammad Rafiq

188. Who is the new Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya? 
a) Alexander Laloo Hek
b) Kyrmen Shylla
c) Prestone Tynsong
d) Sniawbhalang Dhar

189. Who is the present MP of Rajya Sabha from Meghalaya? 
a) Paty Ripple Kyndiah
b) Wanweiroy Kharlukhi
c) Hopingstone Lyngdoh
d) Peter G. Marbaniang

190. Who is the present MP of Lok Sabha from Meghalaya? 
a) Agatha Sangma
b) Conrad Sangma
c) George Gilbert Swell
d) Hopingstone Lyngdoh

Deputy Commissioners Of Meghalaya

No.Deputy CommissionerDistrict
1Tableland Lyngwa (IAS)South West Khasi Hills
2Sibhi Chakravarthy Sadhu (IAS)East Khasi Hills
3Wilfred Nongsiej (IAS)Eastern West Khasi Hills
4Raksin P. Marak (IAS)North Garo Hills
5Garod LSN Dykes (IAS)West Khasi Hills
6Batlang Samuel Sohliya (IAS)West Jaintia Hills
7Gideon Kharmawphlang (IAS)South West Garo Hills
8Swapnil Tembe (IAS)West Garo Hills
9Abhilash Baranwal (IAS)East Jaintia Hills
10Jagdish Chelani (IAS)East Garo Hills
11Arpit Upadhyay (IAS)Ri-Bhoi
12Shivansh Awasthi (IAS)South Garo Hills

191. How many Meghalaya Houses are in India? 
a) 3 Houses
b) 4 Houses
c) 5 Houses
d) 6 Houses

List Of IAS Officers In Meghalaya

No.NamePresent Post
1Donald Phillips Wahlang1) Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Meghalaya
2) State Vigilance Commissioner
3) Chairman, Administrative Reforms
2Shakil P. Ahammed1) Principal Secretary:
a) Water Resources Department
b) Home (Police) Department
c) Home (Political) Department
2) Commissioner of Departmental Enquiries
3) Chairman, Board of Revenue
3Sampath Kumar1) Principal Secretary:
a) Community & Rural Dev Department
b) Social Welfare Department
c) Health & Family Welfare Department
d) Programme Implementation & Evaluation Department
2) Resident Commissioner, Meghalaya House, New Delhi
3) Ex-Officio Additional Development Commissioner, New Delhi
4) Chief Executive Officer, MBDA
5) Commissioner, Investment Promotion Centre, New Delhi
6) Development Commissioner, Planning Department
4Frederick Roy Kharkongor1) Commissioner and Secretary, Election Department
2) Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya
5Ripnar Lyngdoh1) Commissioner & Secretary:
a) Personnel & A.R. Department
b) General Administration Department
c) District Council Affairs Department
d) State Planning Board
2) Commissioner of Shillong Division:
a) P.W.D. (Buildings)
b) State Nodal Officer for Census
c) State Coordinator, NPR
6Sanjay Goyal1) Commissioner & Secretary:
a) Revenue & D. M. Department
b) ERTS Department
c) Commerce & Industries Department
d) Transport Department
2) Member, Board of Revenue
3) Chairman-cum-MD, MeECL
7Vijay Kumar D1) Commissioner & Secretary:
a) FinanceDepartment
b) Planning Department
c) CM’s Secretariat
d) Tourism Department
e) Cooperation Department
f) Sports & Youth Affairs Department
g) Soil & Water Conservation Department
h) Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Department
2) Director-General, MIE
3) Chairman, MSWC
4) Deputy Chief Executive Officer MBDA
5) Commissioner of Division, Garo Hills
7) Chairman, MSWWDA
8Pravin Bakshi1) Commissioner & Secretary,
a) Food Civil Supplies & CA
b) Legal Metrology Department
c) Power Department
d) Social Welfare Department
e) IPR Department
f) IT & Communication Department
g) Urban Affairs Department
2) Director, Food Civil Supplies & CA
3) MD, Mawmluh Cherra Cement Limited
9B.D.R. Tiwari1) Commissioner & Secretary:
a) To the Governor
b) Education Department
3) I/c of Meghalaya State Investment Promotion Board
10Joram Beda1) Commissioner & Secretary:
a) Planning Department
b) General Administration Department
c) Health & Family Welfare Department
d) Soil & Water Conservation Department
2) Member Secretary, State Council of Science Technology & Environment
3) Member Secretary, Bio-Resource Development Centre
4) Director, MNREDA
5) Project Director, Science & Technology Cell
7) Nodal Officer, Aadhaar
8) Registrar of Societies, ERTS Department
9) Inspector General of Registration & Superintendent of Stamps
10) Chairperson of the Meghalaya Medical Services Recruitment Board (MMRB)
11Ryntihlang Rapthap1) Secretary, Education Department
2) Secretary, Meghalaya Lokayukta
12Cyril V. Darlong Diengdoh1) Secretary:
a) C.Ms. Office
b) Finance Department
c) Personnel & A.R Department
d) Home (Police) Department
e) Home (Political) Department
f) Planning Department
g) Law Department
h) Legal Remembrancer
j) Cabinet Affairs Department
j) Parliamentary Affairs Department
k) Director, Tourism
3) Managing Director, MTDC
4) Project Director, New Devl. Bank Funded Project
5) Additional CEO, National Games Secretariat
13Federick M. DopthSecretary:
a) Housing Department
b) Arts & Culture Department
c) District Council Affairs Department
d) Meghalaya Human Right Commission
14Matsiewdor War Nongbri1) Secretary:
a) Printing & Stationery Department
b) Revenue & D.M. Department
c) Board of Revenue
2) Executive Director, SDMA
3) Commissioner of Excise
15Renette C. Sohkhlet1) Secretary:
a) Tourism Department
b) Urban Affairs Department
c) Sports & Youth Affairs Department
2) Registrar, Cooperative Societies
3) Managing Director, Meghalaya State Warehousing Corporation
16Rosetta Mary Kurbah1) Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department
2) Director of School Education & Literacy
3) State Project Director SSA (SEMAM)
17Tableland LyngwaDeputy Commissioner, South West Khasi Hills District
18Israel W. Ingty1) Secretary:
a) Revenue & D.M. Department
b) Social Welfare Department
2) Member Secretary SLPGC
19Caramai KharkongorSecretary:
a) C&RD Department
b) Home (Passport) Department
c) Home (CD& HG) Department
d) Textiles Department
20Ethelbert Kharmalki1) Secretary:
a) Mining & Geology Department
b) ERTS Department
c) Transport Department
2) Commissioner of Transport
3) Director, Urban Affairs
21Sibhi Chakravarthy SadhuDeputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District
22Wilfred NongsiejDeputy Commissioner, Eastern West Khasi Hills District
23Varianarica Syiem1) Director, Border Areas Development
2) Secretary, Border Areas Development Department
3) Secretariat Administration Department
4) Member, Board of Revenue
5) Secretary, MCRM
24Raksin P. MarakDeputy Commissioner, North Garo Hills District
25Ambrose Ch. Marak1) Secretary:
a) Education Department
b) Personnel & A.R. Department
2) Director, Higher & Technical Education
3) Chairman, MBOSE
26Bhupesh HajongSecretary Labour Department
27Garod LSN DykesDeputy Commissioner, West Khasi Hills District
28Batlang Samuel SohliyaDeputy Commissioner, West Jaintia Hills District
29Ram Kumar S1) Additional Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department
2) P.I. & Evaluation Department
3) Mission Director, NHM
4) Director, MATI
5) Director, P.I. & Evaluation
30Isawanda Laloo1) Secretary:
a) Community & Rural Development Department
b) Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Department
c) Fisheries Department
d) Water Resource Department
2) Commissioner of Taxes
3) Director, C&RD Department
31Gideon KharmawphlangDeputy Commissioner, South West Garo Hills District
32Swapnil TembeDeputy Commissioner, West Garo Hills District
33David D. Sangma1) Joint Secretary:
a) Mining & Geology Department
b) Chief Minister Secretariat
c) Health & F.W. Department
d) Housing Department
2) Director, Mineral Resources
34Wanrilin A.M. Booth1) Joint Secretary, Cooperation Department
2) Director of Small Savings
35Ramakrishna Chitturi1) Joint Secretary:
a) Finance Department
b) C & RD Department
c) Social Welfare Department
d) Planning Department
3) Nodal Officer, ECD Mission
4) Director, Finance, MeECL
36Abhilash BaranwalDeputy Commissioner, East Jaintia Hills District
37Jagdish ChelaniDeputy Commissioner, East Garo Hills District
38Arpit UpadhyayDeputy Commissioner, Ri-Bhoi District
39Vibhor Aggarwal1) Deputy Secretary, Sports & Youth Affairs Department
2) Director, Sports & Youth Affairs
3) Executive Director, MBMA
40Shivansh AwasthiDeputy Commissioner, South Garo Hills District
41Mitali Chandra1) Deputy Secretary, Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Department
2) Labour Commissioner
3) Director, Meghalayan Age Limited
4) Executive Director, MSSDS
5) Secretary, MBOCWWB
42Hema NayakSub-Divisional Officer, Sohra (Civil) Sub-Division
43Abhinav Kumar SinghSub-Divisional Officer (Sadar), East Jaintia Hills District
44Abhishek Gowda MjSub Divisional Officer (Civil), Dadenggre Civil Sub-Division
45Saloni VermaAssistant Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District
46Abhishek SainiAssistant Commissioner, Ri-Bhoi District
47Sumit Kumar SinghAssistant Commissioner, West Garo Hills District
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