110+ General Knowledge Questions On Northeast India (2024)

Northeast India

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

Do you know the Northeast States are the only states in India surrounded by 5 Countries?

Yes, you heard it right Northeast states are surrounded by 5 countries, They are:

  • Tibet Autonomous Region, China in the North
  • Myanmar in the East
  • Bangladesh in the South-West
  • Nepal in the West
  • Bhutan in the North-West
North Eastern Region (NER) Comprises 8 States
  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Assam
  3. Manipur
  4. Meghalaya
  5. Mizoram
  6. Nagaland
  7. Sikkim
  8. Tripura

There are many interesting things to learn about the northeastern part of India. Let’s take a quick look at the fascinating General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Northeast India.

GK Questions And Answers On Northeast India

1. Which is the largest state in Northeast India?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh (Approx 83,743 km²)

2. Which is the smallest state in Northeast India?

Answer: Sikkim (Approx 7,096 km²)

3. How many states are there in the Northeast?

Answer: 8

4. Which Northeast state has the highest literacy rate?

Answer: Mizoram (91.33%)

5. Northeast Capital Names?

1) Assam: Dispur
2) Manipur: Imphal
3) Mizoram: Aizawl
4) Meghalaya: Shillong
5) Nagaland: Kohima
6) Sikkim: Gangtok
7) Tripura: Agartala
8) Arunachal Pradesh: Itanagar

6. The Nick Name of Northeast India?

Answer: 7 Sisters
Explanation: Some also call Northeast as 7 Sisters and 1 Brother after the inclusion of Sikkim.

7. Which state is called the brother of 7 other northeast states?

Answer: Sikkim

8. Which Council recognizes the states of the North Eastern Region officially?

Answer: North Eastern Council (NEC)

9. Which 3 Countries surround Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: China, Bhutan, and Myanmar

10. Where is Barak Valley Plain?

Answer: Southern Region of Assam

11. Name of the hot spring found in Sikkim?

Answer: Yume Samdong Hot Spring

12. What are the names “Bihu, Hojagiri, Cheraw, Lahoo”?

Answer: Traditional Dance

13. Where is Kaziranga National Park Located?

Answer:  Kanchanjuri, Assam

14. Which state is not included under the seven sisters of North East India?

Answer: Sikkim

15. Which Rhino is home to Kaziranga National Park?

Answer: One-Horned Rhinoceros

16. Who is the Chief Minister of Tripura?

Answer: Manik Saha

17. Transparent River found in Shillong?

Answer: Dawki River

18. Cheraw Dance is also popularly known as?

Answer: Bamboo Dance

19. Which is the only IIT in the Northeast?

Answer: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati)

20. Assam shares borders with how many states?

Answer: 7
Explanation: It shares a border with Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, and West Bengal

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21. Shillong is the capital of?

Answer: Meghalaya

22. Present King of Tripura?

Answer: Kirit Pradyot Manikya Kishore DebBarman

23. Wettest place in the world?

Answer: Mawsynram in Meghalaya
Explanation: Mawsynram is a village in the East Khasi Hills 65 kilometers from Shillong, Meghalaya. Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in the World reportedly the wettest place on Earth. It has an average annual rainfall of 11,872 mm

24. When did Tripura become a constituent state of India?

Answer: 21 January 1972

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25. Who is the Chief Minister of Assam?

Answer: Himanta Biswa Sarma

26. Where is Kiren Rijiju from?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

27. Which city in the Northeast is called the Gateway to the North East?

Answer: Guwahati
General Knowledge Questions On Northeast India- Guwahati

28. Tibet’s Yarlung Zangbo river in India is known as?

Answer: Brahmaputra River

29. What is the Literal Meaning of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Land of the Rising Sun

30. Tripura shares a border with which country?

Answer: Bangladesh

31. Which city is known as Scotland of East in India?

Answer: Shillong

32. Which state in India is the largest Tea producer?

Answer: Assam

33. Which region in India is most prone to earthquakes?

Answer: North-East Indian region

34. Where is Lengpui Airport?

Answer: Mizoram

35. Where is Jampui Hills?

Answer: Tripura

36. Which Northeast State has the highest number of District Divisions?

Answer: Assam

37. Which Northeast State has the highest number of Sub-Divisions?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

38. The 8th state to Join North East Council?

Answer:  Sikkim (2002)

39. What was the capital of Assam during the British Raj?

Answer:  Shillong

40. “Kangleipak” is the Historic name of which state?

Answer: Manipur

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41. Mizoram is also known as?

Answer: Lushai hills

42. The English Literal meaning of Nagaland?

Answer: Land of the Naga people

43. Highest peak in Meghalaya?

Answer: Shillong Peak
Explanation: It is located in the Khasi Hills section of the Shillong Plateau having an altitude of 1,965m (6,447ft)

44. Name of the Folk Dance of Meghalaya?

Answer: Shad Nongkrem/Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem
Explanation: The Khasi tribe of Meghalaya is related to this dance.

45. Where is ” The Hornbill Festival” celebrated?

Answer: Nagaland

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46. Present Chief Minister of Meghalaya?

Answer: Conrad Sangma 

47. Which is the largest and longest River in the Northeast?

Answer: Brahmaputra River

48. Where is “Nathu La Pass” located?

Answer: East Sikkim District

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49. Capital of Nagaland?

Answer: Kohima

50. Where is the Oldest Oil refinery in India?

Answer: Digboi (Assam)
Explanation: The first oil well in Asia was drilled at Digboi which was started in 1901. Digboi is the oldest oil well in operation and is also known as the Oil City of Assam.

General Knowledge Questions On Northeast India-Shillong

List of Chief Ministers Of Northeast

No.StateChief Minister
1Arunachal PradeshPema Khandu
2AssamHimanta Biswa Sarma
3ManipurNongthombam Biren Singh
4MeghalayaConrad Sangma
6NagalandNeiphiu Rio
7SikkimPrem Singh Tamang
8TripuraManik Saha

51. Official Language of Tripura?
Answer: Kokborok, Bengali, English

52. Folk dance of Assam?
Answer: Bihu

53. Folk dance of Tripura?
Answer: Hozagiri Dance

54. Folk dance of Manipur?
Answer: Nupa

55. Capital of Mizoram?
Answer: Aizawl

56. Cheraw, Also known as Bamboo Dance is the dance of which state?
Answer: Mizoram

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57. The only state in the Northeast whose Official Language is English only?
Answer: Nagaland

58. Floating Lake in the world?
Answer: Loktak Lake
Explanation: Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the whole world located at Moirang in Manipur. It is called the Floating lake due to the floating phumdis on it (heterogeneous mass of vegetation, organic matter, and soil at various stages of decomposition).

59. Which state is known as the “Switzerland of India”?
Answer: Manipur

60. Which Ape is found in the Northeast Region of India?
Answer: Hoolock Gibbons

61. Which is the highest peak located in Northeast India?
Answer: Kangchenjunga 
Explanation: Kangchenjunga is located in the Eastern Himalayas in Sikkim which is shared with Nepal. It has a height of 28,169 ft (8,586m)

62. Out of the Nine important Vegetation types of India, How many are found in the North Eastern Region?
Answer: 6 (Six)

63. According to the Botanical Survey of India out of the 1500 endangered floral species how many are reported from Northeast India?
Answer: 800 (Eight Hundred)

64. UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Northeast India?
1) Manas National Park: Barpeta district (Assam)
2) Kaziranga National Park: Golaghat and Nagaon districts (Assam)
3) Khangchendzonga National Park: North Sikkim district (Sikkim)

65. Arunachal Pradesh state symbol for a bird?
Answer: Hornbill (Buceros bicornis)

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66. Which is the most populated state in the Northeast?
Answer: Assam

67. The only city in Arunachal Pradesh?
Answer: Itanagar

68. Which is the only state in the Northeast having a literacy rate below the national average of 74 percent?
Arunachal Pradesh

69. Manipuri language is known as?
Answer: Meiteilon

70. Where is Loktak Lake?
Answer: Manipur

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71. What is the Sanskrit Literal meaning of Meghalaya?
Abode of the clouds

72. What is the Sanskrit Literal meaning of Manipur?
Land abundant with jewels

73. What is the Literal meaning of Sikkim?
New House 

74. What is the Literal meaning of Tripura?
Land near the Water

75. Which Northeast state has the Major Population of Christians Considering the total population?

76. The organic vegetable mostly consumed by the people of the Northeast?
Bamboo Shoot

77. “Bhangui” is an Ethnic food of which state?

78. Famous “Tetseo Sisters” belong from which state?

79. Where was Famous Tv anchor Arnab Goswami born?
Guwahati (Assam)

80. The largest religion of Meghalaya?

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81. The largest religion of Tripura?

82. Name of the Development Authorities of Northeast?

1) Ministry for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER)
2) North Eastern Council (NEC)

83. The only Autonomous Administrative Divisions of Tripura?
Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC)

84. Where is Garo Hills Located?

85. Name the museum that was the former palace of the Kingdom of Tripura?
Ujjayanta Palace

86. Which Northeast states do not have their own High Court?
Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland

87. Where is The Famous “Living Root Bridge” Located?

88. How many Airports are present in Assam?

89. The only state in the Northeast without an Airport?
Arunachal Pradesh

90. Who is the “Iron lady of Manipur”?
Irom Chanu Sharmila

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91. Male River in India?
Brahmaputra River

92. First Northeast state to test corona positive?

93. The longest bridge in India?
Dhola Sadiya Bridge
Explanation: Dhola Sadiya bridge also known as the Bhupen Hazarika Setu is 9.15 Km long above the Brahmaputra River located in Assam.

94. Which Agricultural Practice is found in the northeastern states?
1) Jhum cultivation
2) Wet rice cultivation
3) Terrace land cultivation
4) Shifting cultivation

95. Different types of Industries operating in northeast India?

1) Engineering industry
2) Agro-based industry
3) Tea
4) Horticulture
5) Handicrafts and textile
6) Forest and mineral-based industries
7) Petrochemicals
8) Crude oil and natural gas

96. When does the harvest season start and end in the northeastern Indian states?
September to End of November

97. Which plant is found in northeastern India that is used extensively for the construction of houses?

98. Where is Chicken’s Neck located in India?
West Bengal

99. Where are the majority of the Orchids found in India?
Northeast India

100. The largest monastery in India?
Tawang Monastery (Arunachal Pradesh)

101. How many languages are there in the Northeast?
Answer: 220

102. Cleanest village in India and Asia?
Answer: Mawlynnong Village
Explanation: Mawlynnong Village is a village in Meghalaya also known as God’s Own Garden. In 2003, Discover India awarded Mawlynnong the title of the cleanest village in Asia.

103. Which part of India is not occupied by the Mughals?
Answer: Northeast India

104. Which countries surround Sikkim?
Bhutan, Nepal, and China

105. Name of the Dams found in the Northeast?
1) Ranganadi Dam-Arunachal Pradesh
2) Khuga Dam-Manipur
3) Tuirial Dam-Mizoram
4) Gumati Dam-Tripura
5) Subansiri Dam-Assam
6) Rangit Dam-Sikkim
7) Umiam Dam-Meghalaya
8) Doyang Dam-Nagaland

106. Asia’s oldest Amphitheater?
Rang Ghar in Assam

107. Highest Waterfall in the Northeast?
Answer: Nohkalikai Falls; 1,120 ft Cherapunjee (Meghalaya)

108. Which state has the First Sunrise in India?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

109. Which is the largest city in the Northeast?
Answer: Guwahati

110. Which year did Sikkim enter the North Eastern Council (NEC)?
Answer: 2002

111. When did the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport of Tripura become an International Airport?
4th January 2022

112. Who is the first Padma Vibhushan recipient from the Northeast?
Bimala Prasad Chaliha (Assam) in 1971

113. Who is the first Padma Bhushan recipient from the Northeast?
Sitaram Seksaria (Assam) in 1962

114. Who is the first Padma Shri recipient from the Northeast?
Mathura Das (Medicine) & Amalprava Das (Public Affairs) in 1954

115. How many people from the Northeast received the Padma Shri Award in 2022?
10 (Ten)

116. Which Northeast State received the highest number of Padma Shri Awards in 2022?
Manipur (3)

2022 Padma Shri Recipients From Northeast

1Arunachal Pradesh1) Guru Tulku Rinpoche: Arunachal Pradesh (Others – Spiritualism)
2Assam2) Shakuntala Choudhary: Assam (Social Work)
3) Dhaneswar Engti: Assam (Literature and Education)
3Manipur4) Lourembam Bino Devi: Manipur (Art)
5) Muktamani Devi: Manipur (Trade and Industry)
6) Konsam Ibomcha Singh: Manipur (Art)
4Meghalaya7) Badaplin War: Meghalaya (Literature and Education)
5Mizoram8) V L Nghaka: Mizoram (Literature and Education)
6Nagaland9) T Senka Ao: Nagaland (Literature and Education)
7Sikkim10) Khandu Wangchuk Bhutia: Sikkim (Art)

Northeast Olympic Games 2022

3rdArunachal Pradesh393637112
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