List Of US Senators State Wise (2024 Updated)

List Of US Senators

Last Updated: 1 March 2024

Before we get into the List Of US Senators, let us boost our General knowledge about the United States of America Senators.

The United States Senate consists of 100 members, two from each of the 50 states of the country. There are 49 members from the Republican Party, 48 from the Democratic Party, and 3 are Independent.

Party Affiliation

1Republican Party49
2Democratic Party48

US Senators are under the leadership of the Presiding Officer; the President of the Senate “Kamala Harris” (49th Vice President of the United States) and the President pro tempore “Patty Murray”.


Presiding Officers

No.OfficeOfficerPartyStateTerm In
1President of the SenateKamala HarrisDemocraticCalifornia20 Jan 2021
2President pro temporePatty MurrayDemocraticVermont03 Jan 2023

Majority Leadership

1Senate Majority Leader Chair, Senate Democratic CaucusChuck Schumer
(New York)
[20 Jan 2021]
2Senate Majority WhipDick Durbin
[20 Jan 2021]
3Chair, Senate Democratic Policy and Communications CommitteeDebbie Stabenow
[03 Jan 2017]
4Vice Chairs, Senate Democratic Caucus1) Mark Warner
[03 Jan 2017]
2) Elizabeth Warren
[03 Jan 2017]
5Chair, Senate Democratic Steering CommitteeAmy Klobuchar
[03 Jan 2017]
6Chair, Senate Democratic OutreachBernie Sanders
[03 Jan 2017]
7Vice Chairs, Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee1) Cory Booker
(New Jersey)
[03 Jan 2021]
2) Joe Manchin
(West Virginia)
[03 Jan 2017]
8Secretary, Democratic CaucusTammy Baldwin
[03 Jan 2017]
9Chair, Democratic Senatorial Campaign CommitteeGary Peters
28 Jan 2021
10Vice Chair, Senate Democratic OutreachCatherine Cortez Masto
[03 Jan 2021]
11Deputy Secretary, Democratic CaucusBrian Schatz
[03 Jan 2023]
12Senate Democratic Chief Deputy WhipsJeff Merkley
[03 Jan 2017]

Minority Leadership

1Senate Minority LeaderMitch McConnell
[20 Jan 2021]
2Senate Minority WhipJohn Thune
(South Dakota)
[20 Jan 2021]
3Chair, Senate Republican ConferenceJohn Barrasso
[03 Jan 2019]
4Chair, Senate Republican Policy CommitteeJoni Ernst
[03 Jan 2023]
5Vice Chair, Senate Republican ConferenceShelley Moore Capito
(West Virginia)
[03 Jan 2023]
6Chair, National Republican Senatorial CommitteeSteve Daines
[03 Jan 2023]
7Chair, Senate Republican Steering CommitteeMike Lee
[03 Jan 2015]
8Senate Republican Chief Deputy WhipMike Crapo
[03 Jan 2013]
9President pro tempore emeritusChuck Grassley
[20 Jan 2021]

List Of US Senators


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Tommy Tuberville18 Sep 1954Republican03 Jan 2021
2Katie Britt02 Feb 1982Republican03 Jan 2023


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Lisa Murkowski22 May 1957Republican20 Dec 2002
2Dan Sullivan13 Nov 1964Republican03 Jan 2015


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Kyrsten Sinema12 Jul 1976Democratic03 Jan 2019
2Mark Kelly21 Feb 1964Democratic02 Dec 2020


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1John Boozman10 Dec 1950Republican03 Jan 2011
2Tom Cotton13 May 1977Republican03 Jan 2015


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Alex Padilla22 Mar 1973Democratic20 Jan 2021
2Laphonza Butler11 May 1979Democratic03 Oct 2023


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Michael Bennet28 Nov 1964Democratic21 Jan 2009
2John Hickenlooper07 Feb 7, 1952Democratic03 Jan 2021


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Richard Blumenthal13 Feb 1946Democratic03 Jan 2011
2Chris Murphy03 Aug 1973Democratic03 Jan 2013


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Tom Carper23 Jan 1947Democratic03 Jan 2001
2Chris Coons09 Sep 1963Democratic15 Nov 2010


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Marco Rubio28 May 1971Republican03 Jan 2011
2Rick Scott01 Dec 1952Republican08 Jan 2019


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Jon Ossoff16 Feb 1987Democratic20 Jan 2021
2Raphael Warnock23 Jul 1969Democratic20 Jan 2021


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Brian Schatz20 Oct 1972Democratic26 Dec 2012
2Mazie Hirono03 Nov 1947Democratic03 Jan 2013


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Mike Crapo20 May 1951Republican03 Jan 1999
2Jim Risch03 May 1943Republican03 Jan 2009


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Dick Durbin21 Nov 1944Democratic03 Jan 1997
2Tammy Duckworth12 Mar 1968Democratic03 Jan 2017


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Todd Young24 Aug 1972Republican03 Jan 2017
2Mike Braun24 Mar 1954Republican03 Jan 2019


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Chuck Grassley17 Sep 1933Republican03 Jan 1981
2Joni Ernst01 Jul 1970Republican03 Jan 2015


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Jerry Moran29 May 1954Republican03 Jan 2011
2Roger Marshall09 Aug 1960Republican03 Jan 2021


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Mitch McConnell20 Feb 1942Republican03 Jan 1985
2Rand Paul07 Jan 1963Republican03 Jan 2011


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Bill Cassidy28 Sep 1957Republican03 Jan 2015
2John Kennedy21 Nov 1951Republican03 Jan 2017


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Susan Collins07 Dec 1952Republican03 Jan 1997
2Angus King31 Mar 1944Independent03 Jan 2013


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Ben Cardin05 Oct 1943Democratic03 Jan 2007
2Chris Van Hollen10 Jan 1959Democratic03 Jan 2017


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Elizabeth Warren22 Jun 1949Democratic03 Jan 2013
2Ed Markey11 Jul 1946Democratic16 Jul 2013


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Debbie Stabenow29 Apr 1950Democratic03 Jan 2001
2Gary Peters01 Dec 1958Democratic03 Jan 2015


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Amy Klobuchar25 May 1960Democratic03 Jan 2007
2Tina Smith04 Mar 1958Democratic03 Jan 2018


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Roger Wicker05 Jul 1951Republican31 Dec 2007
2Cindy Hyde-Smith10 May 1959Republican09 Apr 2018


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Josh Hawley31 Dec 1979Republican03 Jan 2019
2Eric Schmitt20 Jun 1975Republican03 Jan 2023


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Jon Tester21 Aug 1956Democratic03 Jan 2007
2Steve Daines20 Aug 1962Republican03 Jan 2015


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Deb Fischer01 Mar 1951Republican03 Jan 2013
2Pete Ricketts16 Aug 1964Republican12 Jan 2023


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Catherine Cortez Masto29 Mar 1964Democratic03 Jan 2017
2Jacky Rosen02 Aug 1957Democratic03 Jan 2019

New Hampshire

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Jeanne Shaheen28 Jan 1947Democratic03 Jan 2009
2Maggie Hassan27 Feb 1958Democratic03 Jan 2017

New Jersey

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Bob Menendez01 Jan 1954Democratic17 Jan 2006
2Cory Booker27 Apr 1969Democratic31 Oct 2013

New Mexico

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Martin Heinrich17 Oct 1971Democratic03 Jan 2013
2Ben Ray Luján07 Jun 1972Democratic03 Jan 2021

New York

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Chuck Schumer23 Nov 1950Democratic03 Jan 1999
2Kirsten Gillibrand09 Dec 1966Democratic26 Jan 2009

North Carolina

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Thom Tillis30 Aug 1960Republican03 Jan 2015
2Ted Budd21 Oct 1971Republican03 Jan 2023

North Dakota

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1John Hoeven13 Mar 1957Republican03 Jan 2011
2Kevin Cramer21 Jan 1961Republican03 Jan 2019


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Sherrod Brown09 Nov 1952Democratic03 Jan 2007
2J.D. Vance02 Aug 1984Republican03 Jan 2023


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1James Lankford04 Mar 1968Republican03 Jan 2015
2Markwayne Mullin26 Jul 1977Republican03 Jan 2023


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Ron Wyden03 May 1949Democratic05 Feb 1996
2Jeff Merkley24 Oct 1956Democratic03 Jan 2009


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Bob Casey Jr.13 Apr 1960Democratic03 Jan 2007
2John Fetterman15 Aug 1969Democratic03 Jan 2023

Rhode Island

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Jack Reed12 Nov 1949Democratic03 Jan 1997
2Sheldon Whitehouse20 Oct 1955Democratic03 Jan 2007

South Carolina

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Lindsey Graham09 Jul 1955Republican03 Jan 2003
2Tim Scott19 Sep 1965Republican03 Jan 2013

South Dakota

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1John Thune07 Jan 1961Republican03 Jan 2005
2Mike Rounds24 Oct 1954Republican03 Jan 2015


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Marsha Blackburn06 Jun 1952Republican03 Jan 2019
2Bill Hagerty14 Aug 1959Republican03 Jan 2021


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1John Cornyn02 Feb 1952Republican02 Dec 2002
2Ted Cruz22 Dec 1970Republican03 Jan 2013


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Mike Lee04 Jun 1971Republican03 Jan 2011
2Mitt Romney12 Mar 1947Republican03 Jan 2019


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Bernie Sanders08 Sep 1941Independent03 Jan 2007
2Peter Welch02 May 1947Democratic03 Jan 2023


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Mark Warner15 Dec 1954Democratic03 Jan 2009
2Tim Kaine26 Feb 1958Democratic03 Jan 2013


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Patty Murray11 Oct 1950Democratic03 Jan 1993
2Maria Cantwell13 Oct 1958Democratic03 Jan 2001

West Virginia

No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Joe Manchin24 Aug 1947Democratic15 Nov 2010
2Shelley Moore Capito26 Nov 1953Republican03 Jan 2015


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1Ron Johnson08 Apr 1955Republican03 Jan 2011
2Tammy Baldwin11 Feb 1962Democratic03 Jan 2013


No.SenatorD.O.BPartyTerm In
1John Barrasso21 Jul 1952Republican25 Jun 2007
2Cynthia Lummis10 Sep 1954Republican03 Jan 2021
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