GK Questions And Answer On Indian Rivers (2024 Updated)

GK Questions And Answers On Indian Rivers

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

Rivers in India play a very important role in the lives of the People, various Animals, and the Ecosystem.

In India rivers also have an importance in the Hindu religion because it is considered Holy by all the Hindus in the country. Rivers are also very useful in our lives because it provide us with drinking water, transportation, electricity, and livelihood for many people nationwide.

In this article, you will learn about all the Rivers in India, where they start, where they stop, and many other important lessons that are useful for competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, State PSCs, etc.

Read the 100+ GK Questions and Answer On Indian Rivers only for you.

GK Questions And Answers On Indian Rivers

1. Name the watershed from where all Major Rivers in India originate?

A) Aravalli Range
B) Sahyadri or The Western Ghats in Western India
C) Himalaya and Karakoram Ranges
D) Vindhya and Satpura ranges and Chotanagpur plateau in central India

2. Which Sea do the Rivers in India pour off?

Answer: The Bay of Bengal and The Arabian Sea

3.  Name the three River Basins that Himalayan glaciers divide?

A) Indus
B) Ganga
C) Brahmaputra

4. Largest River System in India?

Answer: Ganga

5. Which Indian Rivers pour into Bangladesh?

A) Ganga
B) Meghna
C) Brahmaputra

6. How many Major Rivers make up the River System of India?

Answer: 7 (Seven)

7. Name the Major Rivers that make up the River System in India?

A) Indus
B) Godavari
C) Brahmaputra
D) Krishna
E) Tapi
F) Narmada
G) Mahanadi

8. Name the 4 classifications of the River Systems in India?

1) Himalayan Rivers
2)Deccan Rivers
3) Coastal Rivers
4) Rivers of Inland Water Drainage.

9. Rivers that flow into the Arabian Sea?

A) Narmada
B) Tapti
C) Periyar

10. Largest River in India?

Answer: Ganga

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11. Smallest River in India?

Answer: Arvari River

12. Rivers in India that get lost in the sand?

1) Luni
2) Rupen
3) Saraswati
4) Ghagghar
5) Banas
6) Machhu

13. Largest River Island in India? (As well as World)

Answer: Majuli (formed by Brahmaputra River, Assam)

14. Deepest River Valley in India?

Answer: Bhagirathi and Alaknanda

15. Longest River Bridge in India?

Answer: Bhupen Hazarika Setu (9.15 km, Assam)

16. Longest River Bridge in Mumbai?

Answer: Bandra-Worli Sea Link (A.K.A Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link)

17. How many Rail-Cum-Road Bridges are there in India as of 2020?

Answer: 16

18. Largest River without Delta?

Answer: Narmada

19.  Which is the longest Tributary River of India?

Answer: Yamuna (A.K.A Jumna and Jamna)

20. Longest River in India?

Answer: Ganga (2,601 Km)

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21. River that is known as Dakshin Ganga?

Answer: Godavari River

22. What is the Brahmaputra River known as in Tibet?

Answer: Yarlung Tsangpo River

23. National River of India?

Answer: Ganga

24. Which River is known as the Sindhu River?

Answer: Indus River

25. Longest River in the World?

Answer: Nile River

26. What is River Ganga called in Bangladesh?

Answer: Padma River

27. Which River has lent its name to India?

Answer: Indus River

28. From where River Ganga Originate?

Answer: Gangotri Glacier
Explanation: River Ganga originates from the Gangotri Glacier of the western Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

29. Which Sea does River Ganga end?

Answer: Bay of Bengal

30. Which Indian River is known as the “Red River”?

Answer: Brahmaputra River

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31. What is Ganga called in Nepal?

Answer: Gandak River (A.K.A Gandaki River and Narayani River)

32. Which River is located in Kolkata?

Answer: River Hooghly

33. How many Large Rivers does Patna have?

Answer: 4 (Four)

34. Largest River Basin in the World?

Answer: Amazon Basin

35. Cities covered by River Ganga in India?

1) Rishikesh
2) Haridwar
3) Bijnor
4) Farrukhabad
5) Kannauj
6) Bithoor
7) Kanpur
8) Jajmau
9) Prayagraj
10) Varanasi
11) Patna
12) Bhagalpur
13) Katihar
14) Murshidabad
15) Plassey
16) Nabadwip
17) Kolkata
18) Baranagar

36. Cities covered by River Ganga in Bangladesh?

1) Rajshahi
2) Dhaka
3) Chandpur
4) Chittagong

37. Length of Ganga?

Answer: 2,601 Km (1,616 miles)

38. Basin size of Ganga?

Answer: 1,320,000 km2 (510,000 sq miles)

39. Where is “Song River” located?

Answer:  Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

40. Which River is known as the Yarlung Tsangpo?

Answer: Brahmaputra River

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41. Which is the Second Largest River in India?

Answer: Godavari (1,465 km)

42. Oldest River in India?

Answer: Narmada River

43. Most Dangerous River in India?

Answer: Vishwamitri River (Full of Crocodiles)

44. Transparent River in India?

Answer: Umngot River
Explanation: Umngot River is located at Dawki village of Meghalaya. The water is so clean that you can see the rocks under the water.

45. Which Indian river is known as the “Dead River”?

Answer: Ghaggar River (Rajasthan)

46. Is there any state in India that does not have any Rivers?

Answer: No (All Indian states have rivers)

47. Which is the Fastest Flowing River in India?

Answer: Teesta River (Sikkim and West Bengal)

48. Which is the Longest River in Asia?

Answer: Yangtze River

49. Which state is called “Nadiyo ka Maayka”?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

50.  Birth Place of River Brahmaputra?

Answer: Himalayas

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Tributaries Of River Ganga

2Chandan2Burhi Gandak

GK Questions And Answers On Indian Rivers

51. Which state has the maximum number of Rivers in India?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

52. What is the name of the Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh?
Answer: Siang (A.K.A Dihang)

53. Which Country has no River?
Answer: Saudi Arabia

54. Which River is known as the “Sorrow of Bengal”?
Answer: Damodar River

55. Which River is known as “Dakshin Ganga”?
Answer: Godavari

56. Which Indian River is known as “The Sorrow of Bihar”?
Answer: Kosi River

57. The Indian River that crosses the Tropic of Cancer twice?
Answer: Mahi River

58. Two Headstreams of Ganga?
Answer: Bhagirathi and Alaknanda

59. Which Indian River is called the Salt River?
Answer:  Luni River (A.K.A Lavanavari)

60. How many Indian Rivers have been classified as Major Rivers by the Government?
Answer: 12 (Twelve)
Explanation: Ganga, Narmada, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Kaveri, Godavari,  Pranhita, Krishna, Bhima, Tapati, Tungabhadra, and Sindhu.

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61. The River is known as Singi Khamban in Tibet?
Answer: Indus River

62. What is River Ganga called in Hellenic (Ancient Greek)?
Answer: Ganges

63. Name the state called “The Land of Five Rivers”?
Answer: Punjab

64. “Male River” in India?
Answer: Brahmaputra River

65. Which River is called the Daughter of Sun?
Answer: Yamuna River

Nicknames Of Indian Rivers

1The Sorrow of BiharKosi River
2The Sorrow of AssamBrahmaputra River
3Vridha GangaGodavari River
4The Sorrow of BengalDamodar River
5The Sorrow of OdishaMahanadi River
6Lions MouthIndus River
7Lifeline of KeralaPeriyar River
8Dakshin GangaGodavari River
9Lifeline of SikkimTeesta River
10Lifeline of GoaMandovi River
11LavanavatiLuni River

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66. Which is the Largest River flowing through the State of Rajasthan?
Answer: Chambal River

67. Which is the Longest and only River of Rajasthan that flows throughout the year?
Answer: Chambal River

68. Which is the Largest River Basin in India?
Answer: Ganga Basin

69. Which River is called “Lions Mouth” in Tibet?
Answer: River Indus

70. Which River is a habitat for freshwater dolphins in India?
Answer: Ganga River

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71. Full Length of the Brahmaputra from Tibet?
Answer: 3,080 km

72.  Name of the place where “Alaknanda and Bhagirathi” meets to become River Ganga?
Answer: Devprayag

73. Longest River that flows entirely in India?
Answer: Godavari River

74. Barrage from where River Ganga bifurcates?
Answer: Farakka Barrage

75. Longest River in Goa?
Answer: Mandovi River (81 km)

76. Rivers that make Estuary in India?
Answer: Narmada and Tapti

77. Which cities are situated on the banks of the River Ganga?
1) Allahabad
2) Murshidabad
3) Haridwar
4) Baharampur
5) Kanpur
6) Kolkata
7) Patna, etc.

78. Which River flows through Delhi?
Answer: Yamuna River

79. How many Rivers are there in Uttar Pradesh?
Answer: 31 (Thirty-One)

80. The river that flows near the Taj Mahal?
Answer: Yamuna River

Length Of Major Rivers From Source

No.RiverLength (Km)
10Kaveri 805

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81. Name the Major East Flowing Rivers in India?
1) Ganga
2) Brahmaputra
3) Vaigai
4) Godavari
5) Krishna
6) Kaveri
7) Mahanadi
8) Pennaiyar
9) Penneru
10) Subarnarekha

82. Name the Major West Flowing Rivers in India?
1) Indus
2) Sharavati
3) Ghaggar
4) Luni
5) Pampa
6) Periyar
7) Bharathappuzha
8) Narmada
9) Tapi
10) Sabarmati
11) Mahi

83. Which is the Biggest, Tallest, and Highest Dam in India?
Answer: Tehri Dam

84. Which River in India has the Highest Dam?
Answer: Bhagirathi River

85. Longest Dam in India?
Answer: The Hirakud Dam (25.8 km)

86. Which River in India has the Longest Dam?
Answer: Mahanadi River

87. Oldest Dam in India?
Answer: Kallanai Dam

88. Which Indian River has the oldest Dam?
Answer: Kaveri River

89. Which state has the most number of Dams in India?
Answer: Maharashtra (More than 1821)

90. Longest River of South India?
Answer: Godavari (A.K.A Dakshina Ganga)

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91. Which state has the Highest and Biggest Dam in India?
Answer:  Uttarakhand

92. Which River has Laxman Jhula Bridge?
Answer: River Ganga

93. Which River is known as Sagarmati?
Answer: Luni River

94. Where does the Godavari River originate?
Answer: Nasik (Maharashtra)

95. Where does the Beas River originate?
Answer: Rohtang La

Alternative River Names

No.Present NameAlternative Name
1Indus RiverSindhū
2Jhelum RiverVitastā
3Brahmaputra RiverDihang, Tsangpo
4Krishna RiverKṛṣṇaveṇā
5Chenab RiverAsikini 
6Luni RiverLavanavat, Sagarmati
7Beas RiverVipasa
8Sutlej RiverSatadree
9Narmada RiverNerbudda, Rewa
10Ravi RiverParusni
11Chambal RiverCharmanyavati
12Kosi RiverSaptakoshi
13Ghaghara RiverKarnali
14Gandak RiverKali Gandaki
15Betwa RiverBetravati 

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96. Which is the most Polluted River in India?
Answer: Yamuna River

97. Which state is known as the “City of Lakes”?
Answer: Udaipur

98. Which color is used in the topographical map to show Rivers and Lakes?
Answer: Blue

99. Which River originates in India and ends in India?
Answer: Chambal River

100. Which River is located near Ajmer?
Answer: Luni River

101. Which Riverbank is situated in Aizawl?
Answer: Tlawng River Valley

102. What are the most abundant dissolved ions in seawater?
1) Sodium
2) Magnesium
3) Calcium
4) Sulfate
5) Chloride

103. Which River does not originate from India?
Answer: Brahmaputra River

104. Which Dam is present in the Sutlej River?
Answer: Bhakra Dam

105. Which Major Rivers are not Peninsular Rivers of India?
Answer: Ganga and Yamuna

106. Where is the Mayurakshi Dam project?
Answer: River Mayurakshi (Jharkhand)

107. On which bank of River Ahmedabad is situated?
Answer: Sabarmati River

108. Which River Basin is called the “Ruhr of India”?
Answer: Damodar Valley Corporation

109. Where does the Narmada River rise?
Answer: Amarkantak Plateau (Madhya Pradesh)

110. What are the Perennial Rivers in India?
1) Ganga
2) Yamuna
3) Indus
4) Brahmaputra
5) Kaveri, etc

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