List Of 250+ Top Companies And Their Taglines & Slogans (2023)

Top Companies And Their Taglines

Last Updated: 25 January 2023

Hi There, Are You looking for the Top Companies and their Taglines?

Well, You’re in the right place! In this article, You will get all the Top Brands around the world and their Taglines and Slogans.

Some of the Company Slogans aren’t just a Sentence, they really mean what they are.

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Top Companies And Their Taglines


1AccentureHigh Performance. Delivered
2Acer1) Explore Beyond Limits
2) Empowering People
3) We Hear You
3Adidas1) Adidas Is All In
2) Impossible is Nothing
4AirBnBBelong Anywhere
5Airtel1) Aisi Azadi Aur Kahan
2) Express Yourself
6AjaxStronger Than Dirt
7AllstateYou’re In Good Hands
8AmazonWork Hard. Have Fun. Make History
9American ExpressDon’t Live Life Without It
10AppleThink Different
11ArmaniIt Speaks For You
12AsicsSound Mind, Sound Body
13AT&T1) Mobilizing Your World
2) Rethink Possible
2) Your World. Delivered
14Audi1) Being Ahead Through Technology
2) Some Wear Grey Better Than Others
3) Vorsprung Durch Technik
15AvisWe Try Harder
16Avon1) Beauty For A Purpose
2) The Company For Women
17Axe1) Even Angels Will Fall
2) Scent Of Attraction


1Bank of AmericaBank Of Opportunity
2Bata1) Every Day Comfort
2) Me & Comfortable With It
3) Must Have Shoes
4) Surprisingly Bata
5) The World At Your Feet
6) Where Life Meets Style
3BBCThe World’s Newsroom
4BirkenstockStay True
5BMWThe Ultimate Driving Machine
6BOOST1) Boost Is The Secret Of My Energy
2) Boost Is The Secret Of Our Energy
7Bounty1) The Quicker Picker-Upper
2) The Stronger Soaker-Upper
8BritanniaEat Healthy, Think Better
9BrylcreemA Little Dab’ll Do Ya!
10BSNLConnecting India
11BudweiserThe King of Beers
13Burger King1) Be Your Way
2) Have It Your Way


1Cadbury1) Free The Joy
2) Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaaye
3) Pure Happiness Pure Cadburyness
4) Shubh Aarambh
5) Tastes Like This Feels
2CadillacStandard Of The World
3Calvin KleinBetween Love And Madness Lies Obsession
4Campbell’sM’m! M’m! Good!
5Canon1) Delighting You Always
2) See Impossible
6CapGeminiPeople Matter, Results Count
7Capital OneWhat’s in your wallet?
8Carlsberg1) Probably The Best Beer In The World
2) That Calls For A Carlsberg
9CasioCreativity And Contribution
10ChanelA Girl Can Be Two Things Classy And Fabulous
11Charmin1) Enjoy The Go
2) Please Don’t Squeeze The Charmin!
12Cheerios1) Bee Happy, Bee Healthy
2) Nobody Can Say No To Honey Nut Cheerios
13Chevrolet1) Chevy Runs Deep
2) Find New Roads
3) Live Better
4) See The U.S.A. In your Chevrolet
5) The Heartbeat of America
14Chrysler1) America’s Import
2) Inspiration Comes Standard
15Chuck E. Cheese’sWhere A Kid Can Be a Kid
16Cisco1) There’s Never Been A Better Time
2) Welcome To The Human Network
17CitiBankThe Citi Never Sleeps
18CNNBe The First To Know
19Coca-Cola1) Always Coca-Cola
2) Be Really Refreshed
3) Coke Side Of Life
4) Delicious and Refreshing
5) Good To The Last Drop
6) Open Happiness
7) Taste the Feeling
8) The Pause That Refreshes
9) Things Go Better With Coke
10) Whenever You See an Arrow, Think Of Coca-Cola
20Comcast1) Beyond Fast
2) Ready To Work

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1DeBeersA Diamond Is Forever
2Dell1) Easy as Dell
2) Purely You
3) The Power To Do More
4) Uniquely You
5) Yours Is Here
3Delta Airlines1) Keep Climbing
2) We Love To Fly, And It Shows
4Denny’s1) A Good Place To Sit And Eat
2) America’s Diner Is Always Open
3) See You At Denny’s
4) Great Food Great Service Great People Every Time!
5DHL1) The Power Of Global Trade
2) We Move The World
6DieselFor Successful Living
7DisneylandThe Happiest Place On Earth
8DodgeDomestic. Not Domesticated
9Dollar Shave ClubShave Time. Shave Money
10Dominos1) Dil, Dosti, Domino’s
2) It’s What We Do
3) The Pizza Delivery Experts
11Dove1) Beauty Bar
2) Put Your Best Face Forward With Dove
3) The Dove Real Beauty Pledge
12Dunkin’ DonutsAmerica Runs On Dunkin’
13DunlopFeel the road
14DuracellTrust Is Power
15Durex1) Feeling Is Everything
2) Love Sex Durex


1eBay1) Buy It. Sell It. Love It
2) Shop Victoriously
3) The World’s Online Marketplace
4) Your Personal Trading Community
2Electronic Arts1) Challenge Everything
2) We See Farther
3EnergizerIt Just Keeps Going And Going…
4Ernst & Young1) Building A Better Working World
2) From Thought To Finish
3) Quality In Everything We Do
5ExpediaWhere You Book Matters


1Facebook1) It’s Free And Always Will Be
2) It’s Quick And Easy
3) Be Connected. Be Discovered. Be On Facebook
2Fanta1) Anything Is Possible
2) Bajao Masti Ki Ghanti
3) Bold Orange Fun
4) Masti Ka Apna Taste
5) Wanta Fanta
3FedEx1) Relax, It’s FedEx
2) The World On Time
3) We Live To Deliver
4) We Understand
4FiatDriven by Passion
5Folgers1) The Best Part Of Wakin’ Up
2) The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Folgers In Your Cup!
6Forbes MagazineChange The World
7Ford1) Go Further
2) One Ford
3) Quality Is Job One
4) The Best Never Rest
8Forever 211) Buy It Now, Or It’s Gone
2) Fashion Is For Everyone
9Frooti1) Juice Up your Life
2) Mango Frooti, Fresh And Juicy


1GAPDress Normal
2Garnier1) By Garnier, Naturally
2) Take Care
3Gatorade1) Is It In You?
2) Life Is A Sport. Drink It Up
3) Rehydrate, Replenish, Refuel
4) Thirst Quencher
5) When You Give Everything, Gatorade Gives It Back
4GeicoFifteen Minutes Could Save You 15%
5General Electric1) Imagination At Work
2) We Bring Good Things To Life
6GilletteThe Best A Man Can Get
7GoldfishThe Snack That Smiles Back
8GoogleDon’t Be Evil
10GucciQuality Is Remembered Long After The Price Is Forgotten

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1H&MI Love GBV
2HallmarkWhen You Care Enough To Send The Very Best
3Harley Davidson1) American By Birth, Rebel By Choice
2) Screw It, Let’s Ride
4Harvey’s1) Beautiful Choice
2) It’s A Beautiful Thing
3) T’as Du Goût
4) When You Want What You Want, You Want Harvey’s
5HCLEmployees First, Customers Second
6HDFC BankWe Understand Your World
7HeinekenOpen Your World
8HeinzThe Best Things Come To Those Who Wait
9Hershey’s1) The Great American Chocolate Bar
2) There’s A Smile In Every Hershey Bar
10Home DepotHow Doers Get More Done
11HondaThe Power Of Dreams
12HP1) Invent
2) Keep Reinventing
3) Make It Matter
13HSBCThe World’s Local Bank
14HTCQuietly Brilliant
15HuaweiMake It Possible
16HyundaiNew Thinking, New Possibilities


1IBM1) Let’s Build A Smarter Planet
2) Solution For A Small Planet
3) Think
2IKEA1) Any Space Can Be Beautiful
2) Make Everyday Brighter
3) The Wonderful Everyday
3IMAXThink Big
4Infosys1) Navigate Your Next
2) Power By Intellect, Driven By Values
5Intel1) Experience What’s Inside
2) Intel Inside
3) Look Inside
4) Sponsors Of Tomorrow


1JaquarProudly Made In India, For The World
2JeepDo Anything
3JockeyJockey Or Nothing
4John DeereNothing Runs Like A Deere
5Johnnie Walker1) Joy Will Take You Further. Keep Walking
2) Keep Walking
6JP MorganThe Right Relationship Is Everything


1Kay JewelersEvery Kiss Begins With Kay
2Kellog’s1) It’s Gonna Be A Great Day
2) The Best Way To Start The Day
3) The Original And Best
4) The Nation’s Breakfast
5) What Breakfast Was Meant To Be
6) Wins Its Favor Through Its Flavor
3Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)1) It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good
2) So Good
4Kia MotorsThe Power To Surprise
5Kit-Kat1) Break Time, Anytime
2) Have A Break, Have A Kit Kat
6Kodak1) Share Moments. Share Life
2) You Press The Button, We Do The Rest

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1Lamborghini1) Meaningful, Memorable, Likable
2) Transfer Value Of Creative, Freedom Living Style
3) We Are Not supercars. We Are Lamborghini
2Land RoverAbove & Beyond
3Lay’sBetcha Can’t Eat Just One
4LEGO1) Just Imagine
2) Play On
5Levi’s1) Live in Levi’s
2) Quality Never Goes Out Of Style
6Lexus1) Experience Amazing
2) The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection
7LGLife’s Good
8Li-Ning1) Anything Is Possible
2) Make The Change
9L’OréalBecause I’m Worth It
10Louis VuittonL.V The Truth
11Lufthansa1) Nonstop You
2) There’s No Better Way To Fly


1M&MsMelts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand
2Maggi1) 2 Minute Noodles
2) Taste Bhi Health Bhi
4Marks & SpencerThe Customer Is Always And Completely Right!
5Marlboro1) Come To Marlboro Country
2) Come To Where the flavor Is
3) Gentle On Your Throat
4) Mild As May
4) You Get A Lot To Like With A Marlboro
6Maruti Suzuki1) Count on us
2) Way Of Life
7MasterCard1) Priceless
2) There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s Mastercard
8Maxwell HouseGood To The Last Drop
9Maybelline1) Make It Happen
2) Maybe It’s Maybelline
3) Maybe She’s Born With It
10McDonald’s1) I’m Lovin’ It
2) Lovin’ Beats Hatin
11Meow MixTastes So Good, Cats Ask For It By Name
12MercedesThe Best Or Nothing
13Microsoft1) Be What’s Next
2) Making It Easier
3) Open Up Your Digital Life
4) People Ready
5) Start Something
6) Where Do You Want To Go Today?
7) Your potential. Our passion
14Milo1) Go And Go And Go With Milo
2) I Need My Milo Today
15MitsubishiDrive your Ambition
16Molson CanadianI Am Canadian
17Morgan Stanley1) One Client At A Time
2) World Wise
18Morton SaltWhen It Rains, It Pours
19MotorolaHello Moto
20Mountain Dew1) Darr Ke Aagey Jeet Hai
2) Do The Dew
3) Hip Hop Is Different On The Mountain
21MTV1) I Am My MTV
2) I Want My MTV
3) You’ll Never Look At Music The Same Way Again


1NescaféIt All Starts With A Nescafé
2NestleGood Food, Good Life
3NetflixSee What’s Next
4New BalanceFearlessly Independent Since 1906
5Nike Just Do It
6NintendoNow You’re Playing With Power!
7NISSANInnovation That Excites
8NIVEAWhite Is Purity
9NokiaConnecting People

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1OlympusYour Vission, Our Future
2Oracle1) Can’t Break It, Can’t Break In
2) Hardware And Software Engineered To Work Together
3) Information Driven
4) Unbreakable
3OrbitJust Brushed Clean Feeling


1P&GTouching Lives, Improving Lives
2Panasonic1) A Better Life, A Better World
2) Panasonic Ideas For Life
3Park AvenuePlay The Lead
4ParleG For Genius
5Pepsi1) For The Love Of It
2) That’s What I Like
3) The Joy Of Cola
6Philip Morris1) Call For Philip Morris!
2) Have A Commander, Welcome Aboard
7Philips1) Innovation And You
2) Let’s Make Things Better
3) Sense And Simplicity
8Pizza Hut1) Make It Great
2) No One Outpizzas The Hut
3) The Best Pizzas Under One Roof
9PlayStation1) Be Amazing, Be Amazed, Be PlayStation
2) For The Players
3) Greatness Awaits
4) It Only Does Everything
5) Live In Your World, Play In Ours
10PokemonGotta Catch ’em All!
11PoloThe Mint With The Hole
12PontiacWe Build Excitement
13PorscheThere Is No Substitute
14PringlesOnce You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop
15PumaForever Faster
16PwCBuilding Relationships, Creating Value


1Qantas AirwaysYou’re The Reason We Fly
2Qatar AirwaysA World Like Never Before


1Red Bull1) No Red Bull, No Wings
2) Red Bull Gives You Wings
2Red Cross1) Together We Can Save Life
2) With Humanity, Towards Peace
3Reebok1) Be More Human
2) I am what I am
4Reliance IndustriesGrowth Is Life
5RenaultPassion For Life
6Rice KrispiesSnap, Crackle, And Pop
7RolexA Crown For Every Achievement
8Rolls Royce1) Strive For Perfection In Everything You Do
2) Take The Best That Exists And Make It Better
3) Trusted To Deliver Excellence
4) When It Does Not Exist, Design It
9RonsealIt Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin
10Rothy’sReduce Your Carbon Footprint In Style


1Samsung1) Do What You Can’t
2) Next Is What?
3) Inspire The World, Create The Future
2SAP1) Run Simple
2) Simplify Everything. Do Anything
3) The Best Run
3Sara LeeEverybody Doesn’t Like Something, But Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee
4SharpBe Original
5Shell Oil1) Go further With Shell
2) Together, Anything Is Possible
3) You Can Be Sure Of Shell
6SiemensIngenuity For Life
7Singapore AirlinesA Great Way To Fly
8SkechersUnseen, Untold, Unsold
9SkittlesTaste The Rainbow
10SkodaSimply Clever
11Sony 1) Make. Believe
2) The One and Only
12Southwest AirlinesLow fares. Nothing To Hide. That’s TransFarency!
13Sprite1) Freedom From Thirst
2) I Like The Sprite In You
3) Obey Your Thirst
4) Rasta Clear Hai
5) Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas
14Staples 1) Make More Happen
2) That Was Easy
3) Yeah, We’ve Got That
15Starbucks1) Customize Your Cup
2) It’s not just coffee. It’s Starbucks
16StarPlusRishte Wahi, Soch Nayi
17Subway1) Eat Fresh
2) My Way
3) The Place Where Fresh Is The Taste
4) Think Fresh. Eat Fresh
18Sun Microsystems1) The Network Is The Computer
2) Write Once, Run Anywhere

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1Taco Bell1) Live Mas
2) Think Outside The Bun
3) Yo Quiero Taco Bell
2Tag Heuer1) Don’t Crack Under Pressure
2) Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860
3Tata MotorsConnecting Aspirations
4TCSExperience Certainty
5TelusThe Future Is Friendly
6TescoEvery Little Helps
7The New York TimesAll The News That’s Fit To Print
8Thumbs Up1) Aaj Kuch Toofani Kartey Hain
2) Happy Days Are Here Again
3) Main Hoon Toofani
4) Taste The Thunder
9Tide1) Dirt Can’t Hide From Intensified Tide
2) If It’s Got to Be Clean, It’s Got To Be Tide
3) Style Is An option. Clean Is Not
4) Tide’s In, Dirt’s Out
10TimberlandBorn In The Woods
11TimexIt Takes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking
12ToshibaLeading Innovation
13ToyotaLet’s Go Places
14Twitter1) See What’s Happening
2) Your To Discover


1Uber1) Everyone’s Private Driver
2) Get There
2Under ArmourI will
3UniqloMade For All
4United AirlinesFly The Friendly Skies
5UPSWhat Can Brown Do For You
6US Postal ServiceWe Deliver For You


1VansOff The Wall
2Verizon1) Better Matters
2) Can You Hear Me Now? Good
3) We Never Stop Working For You
3Visa1) It’s Everywhere You Want To Be
2) Life takes Visa
4Vodafone1) Power to You
2) The Future is Exciting. Ready?
5VolkswagenDas Auto
6VolvoVolvo Your Life


1Wall Street JournalThe Daily Diary Of The American dream
2Walmart1) Always Low Prices. Always
2) Save Money. Live Better
3Wendy’s1) Deliciously Different
2) Eat Great, Even Late
3) It’s Better Here
4) Now That’s Better
5) Quality Is Our Recipe
4WheatiesThe Breakfast Of Champions
5WiproApplying Thought
6Wrigley’s Spearmint1) Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
2) Even Better, Longer-Lasting
3) Some Call It A Spear, Some Call It An Arrow


1Xbox 360Jump In
2XeroxWork Can Work Better


1Yahoo!Do You Yahoo?
2YamahaRevs Your Heart
3Yellow PagesLet Your Fingers Do The Walking
4YouTubeBroadcast Yourself


1ZaraLove Your Curves
2ZellersThe Lowest Price Is The Law


13MScience. Applied to Life
27 Up1) Make 7 Up Yours
2) You Like It, It Likes You
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