Quiz On Geography Of India And The World (UPSC Syllabus)

Geography Of India And The World

Last Updated: 4 February 2023

Hi There, Are You looking for a Quiz on the Geography of India and the World?

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This Article Includes
  • Various Places in India
  • Important Places Around the World
  • Important Seas, Oceans, Bays, Rivers
  • Largest, Smallest, and Cities Around the World
  • Capitals, Parks, Continents, etc

Solve this 100 Quiz & Improve your knowledge of Geography and Prepare Confidently for UPSC and various other Important Competitive Exams.

Geography Of India And The World

1. Which is the Largest Country in the World?
a) Brazil
b) Russia
c) China
d) United States

2. What is the Capital of Assam?
a) Agartala
b) Shillong
c) Dispur
d) Guwahati

3. What is the Rank of India with respect to the Area of the Whole World?
a) 4th
b) 10th
c) 12th
d) 7th

4. Which is the Largest English Speaking Country in the World?
a) India
b) United States
c) Brazil
d) Mexico

5. What is the Summer Capital of Uttarakhand?
a) Haridwar
b) Gairsain
c) Dehradun
d) Nainital

6. How many Indian State shares a border with Nepal?
a) 2
b) 5
c) 4
d) 3

7. Which State has the Largest Area in India?
a) Jammu & Kashmir
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Rajasthan
d) Maharashtra

8. Which States have a Common Capital?
a) Haryana and Punjab
b) Delhi and Haryana
c) Delhi and Uttar Pradesh
d) Goa and Kerala

9. Where does the Mahanadi River flow?
a) West Bengal
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Chhattisgarh
d) Bihar

10. Which Country is Comparable with the Size of Andhra Pradesh?
a) Cambodia
b) Greece
c) Bangladesh
d) Tunisia

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11. Which is the Smallest Country in the World?
a) Vatican City
b) Nauru
c) Monaco
d) San Marino

12. Where is the River Nile located?
a) North America
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) Europe

13. How many Continents are there in this World?
a) 7
b) 5
c) 1
d) 4

14. Which Continent is below the Arctic Ocean?
a) Africa
b) Europe
c) Australia
d) South America

15. Which Sea is between Australia and New Zealand?
a) Labrador Sea
b) Greenland Sea
c) Caribbean Sea
d) Tasman Sea

16. Which is the Highest Peak in India?
a) Mount Everest
b) K2
c) Kangchenjunga
d) Nanda Devi

17. How many Indian States Shares Boundary with Bangladesh?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 2
d) 4

18. What is the Capital of North Korea?
a) Busan
b) Pyongyang
c) Hamhung
d) Sinuiju

19. What is the Capital of China?
a) Beijing
b) Shanghai
c) Guangzhou
d) Shenzhen

20. What is the Brahmaputra River called in Arunachal Pradesh?
a) Brahmaputra
b) Siang
c) Yarlung
d) Tsangpo

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21. Where is the oldest National Park in India “Jim Corbett National Park” located?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Ladakh

22. Which is the Largest Country in Africa?
a) Nigeria
b) Ethiopia
c) Algeria
d) Kenya

23. What is the Capital of the United States?
a) California
b) Washington, D.C
c) New York
d) Texas

24. Which is the Largest Continent?
a) Europe
b) North America
c) Asia
d) Africa

25. Where is the Black Sea Located?
a) Australia
b) North America and South America
c) Eastern Europe and Western Asia
d) Antarctica

26. Which is a Landlocked State in the United States?
a) Idaho
b) Los Angeles
c) San Francisco
d) Florida

27. What is the Country Code of Egypt?
a) +20
b) +249
c) +966
d) +91

28. Where is Mount Fuji?
a) South Korea
b) China
c) Japan
d) Philippines

29. Where is the Maldives Located?
a) Caribbean Sea
b) Arabian Sea
c) Bay of Bengal
d) Tasman Sea

30. The Size of Bhutan is Comparable to which Indian State?
a) Assam
b) Haryana
c) Kerala
d) Punjab

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31. What is the Capital of the United Kingdom?
a) London
b) England
c) Manchester
d) Liverpool

32. Where is the first Indian Scientific Base Station “Dakshin Gangotri” situated?
a) Greenland
b) Antarctica
c) Alaska
d) Norway

33. What is the Old Name of Prayagraj?
a) Allahabad
b) Ahmedabad
c) Indore
d) Vadodara

34. Where is Athens?
a) Sweden
b) Greece
c) Germany
d) France

35. Which is the Smallest Country in Asia?
a) Qatar
b) Singapore
c) Maldives
d) Bahrain

36. What is the Capital of Tripura?
a) Shillong
b) Agartala
c) Dharmanagar
d) Aizawl

37. Which is the Largest District in India?
a) Jamnagar
b) Ahmednagar
c) Kutch
d) Lakhimpur

38. How many Union Territories are in India?
a) 7
b) 8
c) 6
d) 5

39. Which Bay is located between India and Sri Lanka?
a) Gulf of Mannar
b) Gulf of Kutch
c) Gulf of Alaska
d) Palk Bay

40. How many Countries make the United Kingdom?
a) 7
b) 4
c) 5
d) 3

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41. Which is the Largest Country in South Asia?
a) Australia
b) China
c) India
d) Thailand

42. What is the Capital of Sri Lanka?
a) Munnar
b) Vavuniya
c) Jaffna
d) Colombo

43. Which Country has its Dailing Code +1?
a) United Kingdom
b) United States
c) Australia
d) Russia

44. Which is the Smallest State in India?
a) Tripura
b) Sikkim
c) Goa
d) Meghalaya

45. When was Ladakh declared as Union Territory?
a) 31 October 2019
b) 31 September 2018
c) 31 October 2017
d) 31 November 2019

46. Where is Indira Point located?
a) Kerala
b) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
c) Maldives
d) Lakshadweep

47. Where is the Great Victoria Desert located?
a) England
b) Egypt
c) Canada
d) Australia

48. Tropic of Cancer passes through how many States in India?
a) 8
b) 7
c) 6
d) 2

49. Which is the Oldest Oil Field in India?
a) Mumbai High
b) Digboi
c) Motikhavdi
d) Tonk

50. How many Countries surround the Bay of Bengal?
a) 2
b) 5
c) 4
d) 11

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51. The Yellow Sea is located between China and?
a) Japan
b) Korea
c) Taiwan
d) Vietnam

52. What is the Diameter of Earth?
a) 3,474 Million Km
b) 6,779 Km
c) 12,742 km
d) 1.3927 million km

53. What is the Capital of Lakshadweep?
a) Port Blair
b) Kavaratti
c) Silvassa
d) Agatti

54. How many States are in Northeast India?
a) 8
b) 7
c) 6
d) 4

55. Which is the Smallest Union Territory in India?
a) Delhi
b) Lakshadweep
c) Chandigarh
d) Puducherry

56. Which country was known as Ceylon?
a) Russia
b) Uzbekistan
c) Sri Lanka
d) Madagaskar

57. Which is the Smallest Continent by Land Area?
a) Africa
b) South America
c) Australia
d) Europe

58. Where is the Highest Dam in India, the Tehri Dam Located?
a) Maharashtra
b) Uttarakhand
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Tamil Nadu

59. Which River is Known as Dakshin Ganga?
a) Mahanadi
b) Godavari
c) Brahmaputra
d) Kaveri

60. Which is the Largest Island in the World?
a) Borneo
b) Iceland
c) Greenland
d) Madagascar

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61. In which Country is the Yangtze River, the Longest River in Asia found?
a) Russia
b) China
c) Mongolia
d) Iran

62. Which is the Largest City in India by Area?
a) Visakhapatnam
b) Bangaluru
c) Delhi
d) Jaipur

63. Which Country is South of Taiwan?
a) Japan
b) Philippines
c) South Korea
d) China

64. How many States are there in India?
a) 27
b) 28
c) 29
d) 25

65. Which is the Smallest District in India?
a) Karaikal
b) Unokoti
c) Mahé
d) Hapur

66. Which place recorded the Highest Temperature ever?
a) Montana
b) Furnace Creek
c) Michigan
d) Colorado

67. The Red Sea is located between which Continent?
a) Asia and Australia
b) Asia and Europe
c) North America and South America
d) Asia and Africa

68. Which Indian state is known as the “Tea Capital of the World”?
a) Munnar
b) Darjeeling
c) Jorhat
d) Coorg

69. Who Coined the term “Geography”?
a) Socrates
b) Eratosthenes
c) Archimedes
d) Ptolemy

70. Which Countries are separated by McMahon Line?
a) Indian-Myanmar
b) India-Nepal
c) India-China
d) India-Pakistan

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71. Which place is called the “Orchid Paradise” in India?
a) Kerala
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Meghalaya
d) Assam

72. What is the name of the India and Pakistan border?
a) Nathu La Pass
b) Rann of Kutch
c) Line of Control
d) Dawki-Tamabil

73. Which country is called the Land of the Rising Sun?
a) New Zealand
b) India
c) Japan
d) Los Angeles

74. Which Indian State is Comparable to the Size of Lebanon?
a) Assam
b) Delhi
c) Uttarakhand
d) Tripura

75. In which country Dubai is located?
a) United Arab Emirates
b) Iran
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Qatar

76. Which city is known as Manchester of Japan?
a) Tokyo
b) Kyoto
c) Osaka
d) Yokohama

77. Which city is known as the City of Palaces?
a) Madrid
b) Jaipur
c) Mexico City
d) Rome

78. Which Continent has the least Earthquakes?
a) Europe
b) Antarctica
c) Asia
d) Australia

79. Which is the Largest Landlocked Country in the World?
a) Afghanistan
b) Kazakhstan
c) China
d) Tajikistan

80. Which is the Largest State in India?
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Rajasthan
c) Maharashtra
d) Uttar Pradesh

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81. Where is the Statue of Liberty situated?
a) California
b) New York
c) Texas
d) Las Vegas

82. In which Sea is Country Malta located?
a) Aegean Sea
b) Tyrrhenian Sea
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Caspian Sea

83. Which River crosses the Equator Twice?
a) Congo River
b) Nile River
c) Amazon River
d) Mississippi River

84. What is the Capital of Germany?
a) Brussels
b) Berlin
c) Luxembourg
d) Belarus

85. Which is the Largest Desert in the World?
a) Gobi Desert
b) Sahara Desert
c) Arabian Desert
d) Antarctic Desert

86. Which is the Largest Desert in India?
a) Sahara Desert
b) Desert of Kutch
c) Thar Desert
d) Kalahari Desert

87. Which is a Landlocked Sea?
a) Caspian Sea
b) kara Sea
c) Yellow Sea
d) Caribbean Sea

88. Which is the Largest National Park in the World?
a) Sequoia National Park
b) Greenland’s National Park
c) Glacier National Park
d) Yosemite National Park

89. What is Kaziranga National Park famous for?
a) Royal Bengal Tiger
b) One Horned Rhinoceros
c) Great Indian Bustard
d) Blackbuck

90. Where did RMS Titanic Sink?
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Arctic Ocean
c) Caribbean Sea
d) Gulf of Mexico

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91. Where is Disneyland Park?
a) Minneapolis
b) Seattle
c) California
d) Chicago

92. Which is the Driest Desert in the World?
a) Gobi Desert
b) Atacama Desert
c) Kalahari Desert
d) Sahara Desert

93. Which Element is found Abundantly in the Crust of the Earth?
a) Aluminum
b) Silicon
c) Oxygen
d) Iron

94. Which is the Largest Delta in the World?
a) Amazon Delta
b) Irrawaddy Delta
c) Yukon Delta
d) Ganges Delta

95. What is the Indus River called in Pakistan?
a) Chenab
b) Indu
c) Sindhū
d) Ravi

96. Where is the Headquarters of ISRO?
a) Thiruvananthapuram
b) Sriharikota
c) Trivandrum
d) Bengaluru

97. Which is the First Solar Railway Station in India?
a) Gorakhpur Railway Station
b) Howrah Railway Station
c) Lucknow Junction
d) Guwahati Railway Station

98. Which is the Closest Planet to Earth?
a) Jupiter
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Saturn

99. Where is New Moore Island located?
a) Red Sea
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Arabian Sea
d) Caspian Sea

100. Which Continent is Iceland situated in?
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) South America
d) Africa

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