List Of All Olympics Motto From 1896 To 2026

Olympics Motto

Last Updated: 23 March 2023

In this article, you’ll find the list of all Olympics Motto from 1896 to 2026. Before we get started let us have a quick intro to the Olympics.

Summer and Winter Olympic Games are held every 4 years and are normally held in staggered even years.

When the modern Olympic Games were started back in 1896, events did not have any specific Motto or Slogan but the 1936 Berlin Olympics held in Germany had the first Motto of the Summer Olympics “I Call The Youth Of The World!”.

After the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics, the next motto was seen in the 1972 Summer Olympics having the motto “The Cheerful Games”. The following 2 Olympics held in 1976 and 1980 did not have any Motto for their events.

Since the 1984 Summer Olympics, now every Olympic Games has had a Motto that truly describes and expresses the spirit & purpose of the Olympic Games.

There are many ways to carry the mottos of the Olympics and express your understanding of the spirit of the Olympic games. Printing them on the Olympic Custom Lanyards along with the Olympic Rings, or displaying them with banners are effective ways.

Olympics Motto

Read the list of mottos from the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics Motto below.

Facts About Olympics

  • There have been 29 Summer Olympics Games and 23 Winter Olympic Games till 2022.
  • The official Olympics motto in Latin “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger) was coined by Father Henri Didon, it was adopted by the IOC in 1894.
  • The United States has hosted 7 Summer Olympics and 4 Winter Olympics, more than any other Country. They are also going to host the 2028 Summer Olympics.
  • Olympic Gold Medals aren’t made entirely from pure Gold. It is made almost entirely from silver but contains approximately 6 grams of gold to meet the standard laid out in the Olympic Charter.
  • Since 1896 only three modern Olympic Games have been canceled, 1916 due to World War I and 1940 & 1944 for World War II.
  • Back in the early 1900s, the Olympic games lasted for 4 to 6 months from Opening Ceremony to Closing Ceremony.

Summer Olympics

YearFlagHost CountryMotto
1896 GreeceN/A
1900France FranceN/A
1904 United StatesN/A
1908 United KingdomN/A
1912 SwedenN/A
1916 GermanyN/A
1920 BelgiumN/A
1924France FranceN/A
1928 NetherlandsN/A
1932 United StatesN/A
1936 GermanyI Call The Youth Of The World!
1944 United KingdomN/A
1948 United KingdomN/A
1952 FinlandN/A
1960 ItalyN/A
1964 JapanN/A
1968 MexicoN/A
1972 West GermanyThe Cheerful Games
1976 CanadaN/A
1980 Soviet UnionN/A
1984 United StatesPlay A Part In History
1988 South KoreaHarmony And Progress
1992 SpainFriends For Life
1996 United StatesThe Celebration Of The Century
2000 AustraliaShare The Spirit – Dare To dream
2004 GreeceWelcome Home
2008 ChinaOne World, One Dream
2012 United KingdomInspire A Generation
2016 BrazilA New World
2020 JapanUnited By Emotion
2024 FranceCome Share

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Winter Olympics

YearFlagHost CountryMotto
1924France FranceN/A
1928  SwitzerlandN/A
1932 United StatesN/A
1936 GermanyN/A
1944 ItalyN/A
1948  SwitzerlandN/A
1952 NorwayN/A
1956 ItalyN/A
1960 United StatesN/A
1964 AustriaN/A
1968 FranceN/A
1972 JapanN/A
1976 AustriaN/A
1980 United StatesN/A
1984 YugoslaviaN/A
1988 CanadaComing Together In Calgary
1992 FranceSavoie en Fête (Party in Savoie)
1994 NorwayFire In Your Heart
1998 JapanCoexistence With Nature
2002 United StatesLight The Fire Within
2006 ItalyPassion Lives Here
2010 CanadaWith Glowing Hearts
2014 RussiaHot. Cool. Yours.
2018 South KoreaPassion. Connected.
2022 ChinaJoyful Rendezvous Upon Pure Ice And Snow
2026 ItalyDream Together
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