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Nagaland GK

Last Updated: 11 March 2023

This article contains Nagaland GK in the form of Multiple Choice Questions for You to read and understand easily. But before we get into Nagaland General Knowledge MCQs, let’s have a quick introduction about this state!

Nagaland is one of the Seven Sisters states of Northeast India and the second smallest state of India by its total area. It is bordered by 3 Indian States (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur) and 1 Country (Myanmar).

Nagaland has experienced insurgency and inter-ethnic conflict since the 1950s, limiting its economic development and tourism. There are many facts and figures to learn about this beautiful state and we have tried our best in researching and writing them down.

Important topics that are covered in this article:

  • History & Geography
  • Government & Politics
  • District & Divisions
  • MLAs & Legislature
  • Nicknames & Awards
  • Dams & Rivers
  • Acronyms & Full Forms
  • Important Peoples of Nagaland, etc

Fascinating Facts About Nagaland

  • Nagaland is the only state in India to register a population decline of 0.5% between 2001 and 2011 (2001: 1,990,000 & 2011: 1,980,602).
  • The state animal of Nagaland “Mithun” weighs around 1000 Kg.
  • Nagaland is home to more than 16 Major tribes and 6 Minor Tribes. There are also sizable populations of non-tribal communities like Bengalis, Marwaris, Nepalis, Punjabis, and others mainly living around Dimapur City.
  • The state’s population is 2 Million+, out of which 88% are Christians.
  • Article 371A of the Constitution states that no Act of Parliament would apply to the state of Nagaland in matters relating to religious or social practices of Nagas, Naga customary law and procedure, More on Q131.
  • Naga tribes practiced head-hunting and preserved the heads of enemies as trophies as late as 1969.
  • Dimapur Airport was built during the Second World War.
  • There are 1,420 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War at the Kohima War Cemetery.
  • Tourists from other states of India are not allowed to enter the state of Nagaland without an Inner Line Permit (ILP).
  • Mount Saramati stands tall between the borders separating India and Myanmar.

Read all the Nagaland GK Questions and Answers and boost your knowledge about the Indian State of Nagaland. Best for exams like Nagaland Public Service Exams, State Competitive Exams, Bank Exams, and GK Olympiads.

Nagaland Gk MCQs

1. Which country is comparable with the size of Nagaland’s total area?
a) Eswatini
b) Lebanon
c) Cyprus
d) El Salvador

2. What is the total area of Nagaland?
a) 22,327 Km2
b) 21,081 Km2
c) 16,579 Km2
d) 10,486 Km2

3. What is the capital of Nagaland?
a) Kohima
b) Itanagar
c) Imphal
d) Dimapur

4. Which is the largest city of Nagaland?
a) Dimapur
b) Kohima
c) Mokokchung
d) Peren

5. Which country shares a border with Nagaland?
a) Tibet
b) Bangladesh
c) Nepal
d) Myanmar

6. How many Indian states share a border with Nagaland?
a) Two States
b) Three States
c) Four States
d) Five States

7. Which Indian state shares a border with Nagaland on the Northern Side?
a) Assam
b) Manipur
c) Meghalaya
d) Arunachal Pradesh

8. Which Indian state shares a border with Nagaland on the Western Side?
a) Assam
b) Manipur
c) Meghalaya
d) Arunachal Pradesh

9. Which Indian state shares a border with Nagaland on the Southern Side?
a) Tripura
b) Manipur
c) Meghalaya
d) Assam

10. Which region of Myanmar shares a boundary with Nagaland?
a) Sagaing Region
b) Kachin Region
c) Shan Region
d) Mandalay Region

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11. What is the Area rank of Nagaland out of 28 Indian states?
a) 23rd
b) 25th
c) 27th
d) 28th

12. When did Nagaland get its Statehood?
a) 1 December 1961
b) 1 December 1963
c) 1 December 1965
d) 1 December 1967

13. Which is the highest peak in Nagaland?
a) Glory Peak
b) Mount Paona
c) Mount Saramati
d) Japfu Peak

14. In which month is the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland celebrated?
a) September
b) October
c) November
d) December

15. In which year was the first Hornbill Festival held?
a) 1998
b) 1999
c) 2000
d) 2001

16. What is the other name for Hornbill Festival commonly popular amongst the Nagas?
a) Sekrenyi Festival
b) Festival of Festivals
c) Festival of Purification
d) Festival of the Konyak Nagas

17. What is the Motto of the Emblem of Nagaland?
a) Unity
b) Hope
c) Inspire
d) Live

18. What type of Legislature is the Nagaland Legislative Assembly?
a) Unicameral
b) Bicameral
c) Tricameral
d) Multicameral

19. How many seats does Nagaland have in the Rajya Sabha?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

20. How many seats does Nagaland have in the Lok Sabha?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

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21. How many Districts are in Nagaland?
a) 13 Districts
b) 14 Districts
c) 15 Districts
d) 16 Districts

22. Which is the largest district of Nagaland?
a) Peren District
b) Tuensang District
c) Phek District
d) Mokokchung District

23. Which is the smallest district of Nagaland?
a) Tseminyü District
b) Kiphire District
c) Dimapur District
d) Longleng District

24. Which areas were joined to form the centrally governed Naga Hills Tuensang Area?
a) Assam And Arunachal
b) Assam and Meghalaya
c) Meghalaya and Manipur
d) Manipur and Assam

25. Which district of Nagaland was created on 21 December 2017?
a) Noklak District
b) Kiphire District
c) Longleng District
d) Wokha District

26. When Nagaland was created in 1963, how many districts was Nagaland divided into?
a) Two District
b) Three District
c) Four District
d) Five District

27. Which district of Nagaland was recently created that made the number of districts of Nagand to sixteen?
a) Niuland District
b) Dimapur District
c) Kiphire District
d) Zunheboto District

28. Which is the least populous district in Nagaland?
a) Kiphire District
b) Noklak District
c) Longleng District
d) Peren District

29. Which is the most Populous district in Nagaland?
a) Dimapur District
b) Kohima District
c) Mokokchung District
d) Wokha District

30. Which district of Nagaland is located at the lowest elevation?
a) Mon District
b) Zunheboto District
c) Tuensang District
d) Dimapur District

List Of Districts Of Nagaland

No.DistrictHeadquarterArea (Km2)Elevation (m)

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31. Which district of Nagaland is located at the highest elevation?
a) Phek District
b) Zünheboto District
c) Mokokchung District
d) Peren District

32. Who designed the official emblem of Nagaland (Mithun Bison)?
a) Merimvu Doulo
b) Neidonuo Angami
c) Silas Kikon
d) Piyong Temjen Jamir

33. When was the Emblem of Nagaland officially adopted by the Government of Nagaland?
a) 2003
b) 2005
c) 2007
d) 2009

34. Which Award was not received by any of the Naga people?
a) Bharat Ratna Award
b) Padma Shri Award
c) Padma Bhushan Award
d) Nari Shakti Puraskar

35. Who received the first Padma Bhushan Award?
a) Tokheho Sema
b) Rani Gaidinliu
c) S. C. Jamir
d) Lentina Ao Thakkar

36. Who received the first Padma Shri Award?
a) Mayangnokcha AO
b) Chubalemla AO
c) L. Kijungluba AO
d) Natwar Thakkar

37. Who was the first Governor of Nagaland?
a) B.K. Nehru
b) Vishnu Sahay
c) L.P. Singh
d) S. M. H. Burney

38. Who is the present Governor of Nagaland (2023)?
a) R. N. Ravi
b) Ashwani Kumar
c) Jagdish Mukhi
d) La. Ganesan

List Of Governors Of Nagaland

No.GovernorTerm InTerm Out
1Vishnu Sahay01 Dec 196316 Apr 1968
2B.K. Nehru17 Apr 196818 Sep 1973
3L.P. Singh19 Sep 197309 Aug 1981
4S. M. H. Burney10 Aug 198112 Jun 1984
5K. V. Krishna Rao13 Jun 198419 Jul 1989
6Gopal Singh20 Jul 198903 May 1990
7M. M. Thomas09 May 199012 Apr 1992
8Loknath Mishra13 Apr 199201 Oct 1993
9V. K. Nayar02 Oct 199304 Aug 1994
10O. N. Shrivastava05 Aug 199411 Nov 1996
11Om Prakash Sharma12 Nov 199627 Jan 2002
12Shyamal Datta28 Jan 200202 Feb 2007
13K. Sankaranarayanan03 Feb 200728 Jul 2009
14Gurbachan Jagat28 Jul 200914 Oct 2009
15Nikhil Kumar15 Oct 200920 Mar 2013
16Ashwani Kumar21 Mar 201327 Jun 2014
~Krishan Kant Paul
(Additional Charge)
02 Jul 201419 Jul 2014
17Padmanabha Acharya19 Jul 201431 Jul 2019
18R. N. Ravi01 Aug 201917 Sep 2021
~Jagdish Mukhi
(Additional Charge)
17 Sep 202113 Feb 2023
19La. Ganesan15 Feb 2023Incumbent

39. Who was the first Chief Minister of Nagaland?
a) Vizol Koso
b) Hokishe Sema
c) T. N. Angami
d) P. Shilu Ao

40. Who is the longest-serving Chief Minister of Nagaland?
a) Vizol Koso
b) S. C. Jamir
c) Neiphiu Rio
d) Hokishe Sema

List Of Chief Ministers Of Nagaland

No.Chief MinisterTerm InTerm OutParty
1P. Shilu Ao
01 Dec 196314 Aug 1966NNO
2T. N. Angami
(Western Angami)
14 Aug 196622 Feb 1969NNO
3Hokishe Sema[1]
22 Feb 196926 Feb 1974NNO
4Vizol Koso[1]
(Southern Angami-II)
26 Feb 197410 Mar 1975UDF
5John Bosco Jasokie[1]
(Kohima Town)
10 Mar 197520 Mar 1975NNDP
~President’s Rule20 Mar 197525 Nov 1977
Vizol Koso[2]
(Southern Angami-II)
25 Nov 197718 Apr 1980UDF
6S. C. Jamir[1]
18 Apr 198005 Jun 1980UDF-P
John Bosco Jasokie[2]
(Kohima Town)
05 Jun 198018 Nov 1982NNDP
S. C. Jamir[2]
18 Nov 198228 Oct 1986UDF-P
Hokishe Sema[2]29 Oct 198607 Aug 1988INC
~President’s Rule07 Aug 198825 Jan 1989
S. C. Jamir[3]
(Mokokchung Town)
25 Jan 198910 May 1990INC
7K. L. Chishi
16 May 199019 Jun 1990INC
8Vamuzo Phesao19 Jun 199002 Apr 1992NPC
~President’s Rule02 Apr 199222 Feb 1993
S. C. Jamir[4]
22 Feb 199306 Mar 2003INC
9Neiphiu Rio[1]
(Northern Angami-II)
06 Mar 200303 Jan 2008NPF
~President’s Rule03 Jan 200812 Mar 2008
Neiphiu Rio[2]
(Northern Angami-II)
12 Mar 200824 May 2014NPF
10T. R. Zeliang[1]
24 May 201422 Febr 2017NPF
11Shurhozelie Liezietsu22 Feb 201719 Jul 2017NPF
T. R. Zeliang[2]
19 Jul 201708 Mar 2018NPF
Neiphiu Rio[3]
(Northern Angami-II)
08 Mar 2018IncumbentNDPP
1) NNO: Nagaland Nationalist Organisation
2) UDF: United Democratic Front
3) NNDP: Naga National Democratic Party
4) UDF-P: United Democratic Front—Progressive
5) INC: Indian National Congress
6) NPC: Nagaland People’s Council
7) NPF: Nagaland People’s Front
8) NDPP: Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party

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41. How many times President’s Rule was implemented in Nagaland?
a) 2 Times
b) 3 Times
c) 4 Times
d) 5 Times

42. Who is the first Deputy Chief Minister of Nagaland?
a) Shurhozelie Liezietsu
b) RC Chiten Jamir
c) T. R. Zeliang
d) Neiphiu Rio

43. What is the ISO code for Nagaland?
a) NA
b) NL
c) NG
d) ND

44. What is the State Mammal of Nagaland?
a) Sangai
b) Sambar Deer
c) Mithun
d) Clouded Leopard

45. What is the State Bird of Nagaland?
a) Hornbill
b) Nongin
c) Blyth’s Tragopan
d) Imperial Pigeon

List Of Deputy Chief Ministers Of Nagaland

No.Deputy Chief MinisterTerm InTerm OutTotal TermParty
1RC Chiten Jamir
198719892 YearsINC
2Yanthungo Patton
8 Mar 2018Incumbent5 Years
2 Days
3T. R. Zeliang
7 Mar 2023Incumbent3 DaysNDPP

46. What is the State Fish of Nagaland?
a) Chocolate Mahseer
b) Grey Mullet
c) Walking Catfish
d) Golden Mahseer

47. What is the State Flower of Nagaland?
a) Madonna Lily
b) Jasmine
c) Rhododendron
d) Lady’s Slipper Orchid

48. What is the State Tree of Nagaland?
a) Alder
b) Sheesham
c) Indian Rose Chestnut
d) Gamhar

49. When was the State Of Nagaland Act signed?
a) 1960
b) 1962
c) 1964
d) 1966

50. The first European to enter Naga Hills in 1832 are Captain Jenkins and Captain ________?
a) Magellan
b) Pemberton
c) Rackham
d) Ferdinand

Members Of The Legislative Assembly (MLA) 2023

No.Assembly ConstituencyElected MemberParty
1Dimapur-I (General)H Tovihoto AyemiBJP
2Dimapur-IIMoatoshi LongkumerNDPP
3Dimapur-IIIHekani Jakhalu KenseNDPP
4Ghaspani-IN. Jacob ZhimomiBJP
5Ghaspani-IIZhaleo RioNDPP
6TenningNamri NchangNCP
7PerenTaditui Rangkau ZeliangNDPP
8Western AngamiSalhoutuonuo KruseNDPP
9Kohima TownTseilhoutuo RhutsoNPP
10Northern Angami – IKekhrielhoulie YhomeNDPP
11Northern Angami -IINeiphiu RioNDPP
12TseminyuJwenga SebIND
13PughobotoSukhato A SemaLJP(RV)
14Southern Angami-IKevipodi SophieIND
15Southern Angami-IIKropol VitsuBJP
16PfutseroNeisatuo MeroIND
17ChizamiK. G KenyeNDPP
18ChazoubaKudecho KhamoNDPP
19PhekKuzholuzo NeinuNPF
20MeluriZ. Nyusietho NyutheNDPP
21TuliA. Pangjung JamirBJP
22ArkakongNuklutoshi LongkümerNPP
23ImpurT N MannenNDPP
24AngetyongpangTongpang OzükümNDPP
26AonglendenSharingain LongkumerNDPP
27Mokokchung TownMetsübo JamirNDPP
28KoridangImkong L. ImchenBJP
30AlongtakiTemjen Imna AlongBJP
31AkulutoKazheto KinimiBJP
32AtoizuPicto ShoheNCP
33SuruhotoS. Toiho YepthoNCP
34AghunatoG. Ikuto ZhimomiNDPP
35ZunhebotoK. Tokugha SukhaluNDPP
36SatakhaG. Kaito AyeNDPP
37TyuiYanthungo PattonBJP
38WokhaY. Mhonbemo HümtsoeNCP
39SanisMhathung YanthanNDPP
40BhandariAchumbemo KikonNPF
41TizitP. Paiwang KonyakBJP
42WakchingW. Chingang KonyakNDPP
43TapiNoke WangnaoNDPP
44PhomchingK. Kongnam KonyakBJP
45TehokC. L. JohnNDPP
46Mon TownY. Mankhao KonyakNCP
47AboiC. Manpon KonyakIND
48MokaA. Nyamnei KonyakNPkP
49TamluB. Banktick PhomIND
50LonglengA. Pongshi PhomNCP
51NoksenL. Lima Onen ChanRPI(A)
52Longkhim ChareSethrongkyuBJP
53Tuensang Sadar-IP. Bashangmongba ChangBJP
54Tuensang Sadar-IIImtichobaRPI(A)
55TobuNaiba KonyakLJP(RV)
56NoklakP. LongonNCP
57ThonoknyuBenei M. LamthiuNPP
58Shamator-ChessoreS. Keoshu YimchungerNDPP
59Seyochong-Sitimi C. Kipili SangtamNPP
60Pungro-KiphireS. Kiusumew YimchungerNDPP
Out of 60 Assembly Constituency of Nagaland only Dimapur I is “General”, rest of the 59 Constituency is “ST”
MLA At A Glance:
1) NDPP: 25
2) BJP: 12
3) NCP: 7
4) NPP: 5
5) LJP(RV): 2
6) NPF: 2
7) RPI(A): 2
8) IND: 5
1) NDPP: Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party
2) BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
3) NCP: Nationalist Congress Party
4) NPP: National People’s Party
5) LJP(RV): Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas)
6) NPF: Naga People’s Front
7) RPI(A): Republican Party of India (Athawale)
8) IND: Independent Politician

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51. In which year did the Battle of Kohima take place?
a) 1942
b) 1943
c) 1944
d) 1945

52. When was the Naga Memorandum submitted to the Simon Statutory Commission, requesting that the Nagas be exempt from reforms and new taxes proposed in British India?
a) 1927
b) 1929
c) 1931
d) 1933

53. Which Government of India Act ordered Naga areas as Excluded Areas; meaning outside the administration of the British Indian Government?
a) 1931
b) 1933
c) 1935
d) 1937

54. Which Club of Nagaland later became the Naga National Council?
a) Naga Club
b) Kohima Club
c) Wokha Club
d) Peren Club

55. Who was the Prime Minister of India when Nagaland got its statehood?
a) Jawaharlal Nehru
b) Lal Bahadur Shastri
c) Indira Gandhi
d) Morarji Desai

56. The Naga Hills District was a former district of the _____?
a) Tripura
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Assam
d) Manipur

57. When was the Naga Hills District established?
a) 1866
b) 1868
c) 1870
d) 1873

58. When was the Naga Hills District disestablished?
a) 1955
b) 1957
c) 1959
d) 1963

59. When was the first democratically elected Nagaland Legislative Assembly constituted?
a) 1966
b) 1964
c) 1962
d) 1960

60. When is Nagaland Day celebrated?
a) 30th March
b) 11th February
c) 30th November
d) 1st December

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61. When was the Nagaland Peace Council formed?
a) 1968
b) 1970
c) 1972
d) 1976

62. How many Legislative Assembly constituencies are in Nagaland?
a) 57 Constituencies
b) 59 Constituencies
c) 60 Constituencies
d) 63 Constituencies

63. In which constituency, elections did not take place for the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland 2018?
a) Northern Angami I
b) Northern Angami II
c) Longkhim Sadar II
d) Seyochung Sitimi

64. Naga Hills lies on the border of Nagaland and ______?
a) Tibet
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Myanmar
d) Bhutan

65. Nagaland is also known as?
a) City of Dawn
b) Falcon Capital of the World
c) Land of Sunrise
d) Kohinoor of India

66. When did the Zünheboto District of Nagaland come into existence?
a) 19 December 1971
b) 19 December 1973
c) 19 December 1975
d) 19 December 1977

67. How many districts have been carved out of Tuensang District?
a) 2 Districts
b) 3 Districts
c) 4 Districts
d) 5 Districts

68. The town “Pfütsero” comes under which district?
a) Noklak District
b) Kiphire District
c) Peren District
d) Phek District

69. The Dzüko Valley is a valley located at the borders of the states of Nagaland and _______?
a) Assam
b) Meghalaya
c) Manipur
d) Arunachal Pradesh

70. How many districts of Nagaland share their boundary with Assam?
a) 3 Districts
b) 4 Districts
c) 5 Districts
d) 6 Districts

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71. How many districts of Nagaland share their boundary with Manipur?
a) 2 Districts
b) 3 Districts
c) 4 Districts
d) 6 Districts

72. How many districts of Nagaland share their boundary with Myanmar?
a) 1 District
b) 2 Districts
c) 3 Districts
d) 4 Districts

73. How many districts of Nagaland share their boundary with Arunachal Pradesh?
a) 1 District
b) 2 Districts
c) 3 Districts
d) 4 Districts

74. Which district of Nagaland shares its boundary with Assam as well as Manipur?
a) Peren District
b) Kohima District
c) Dimapur District
d) Phek District

75. Which district of Nagaland shares its boundary with Assam as well as Arunachal Pradesh?
a) Mon District
b) Noklak District
c) Mokokchung District
d) Tuensang District

76. Which district of Nagaland shares its boundary with Arunachal Pradesh as well as Mynamar?
a) Noklak District
b) Kiphire District
c) Phek District
d) Mon District

77. Which district of Nagaland shares its boundary with Manipur and Myanmar?
a) Phek District
b) Kohima District
c) Mon District
d) Zunheboto District

78. Which research center was established to conserve and protect the animal “Mithun” in the northeast?
a) Indian Agricultural Research Institute
b) Indian Veterinary Research Institute
c) Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes
d) National Research Centre on Mithun

79. Which is the most populated district of Nagaland?
a) Kohima District
b) Dimapur District
c) Mon District
d) Mokokchung District

80. Which language is the official language of Nagaland?
a) English
b) Hindi
c) Nagamese
d) Ao

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81. Which language is widely spoken in Nagaland as per the 2011 Census?
a) Ao
b) Konyak
c) Lotha
d) Angami

82. Where is the Headquarters of Nagaland Baptist Church Council?
a) Kohima
b) Dimapur
c) Mokokchung
d) Wokha

83. Which religion is a majority in Nagaland?
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Christianity
d) Islam

84. Which Indian state is known as the only predominantly Baptist state in the world?
a) Meghalaya
b) Nagaland
c) Mizoram
d) Manipur

85. Who is the Speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (2023)?

86. Who is the present Deputy Leader of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (2023)?
a) T. R. Zeliang
b) Imtikümzük Longkümer
c) Neiphiu Rio
d) Zhaleo Rio

87. Where is the High Court of Kohima Bench located?
a) Tripura High Court
b) Manipur High Court
c) Gauhati High Court
d) Andhra Pradesh High Court

88. Who is the Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court?
a) Ajai Lamba
b) Sandeep Mehta
c) Sharad Arvind Bobde
d) K. G. Balakrishnan

89. When was the last Nagaland Legislative Assembly election held in Nagaland?
a) 27 February 2016
b) 27 February 2017
c) 27 February 2018
d) 27 February 2019

90. C. M. Chang, former Cabinet Minister of Nagaland held which Department before his death in October 2020?
a) Agriculture
b) Forest
c) Transport
d) Land revenue

Portfolio Of Cabinet Minister Of Nagaland 2023

1Neiphiu Rio
Chief Minister
(Northern Angami-I)
1) Finance
2) Personnel & Administrative Reforms
4) All Other Departments not Allocated to any Minister
2T. R. Zeliang
Deputy Chief Minister
1) Planning & Transformation
2) National Highway
3Yanthungo Patton
Deputy Chief Minister
1) Home
2) Border Affairs
4G. Kaito Aye
Roads & BridgesNDPP
5Jacob Zhimomi
1) Public Health Engineering
2) Cooperation
6K. G. Kenye
1) Power
2) Parliamentary Affairs
7P. Paiwang Konyak
Health & Family WelfareBJP
8Metsübo Jamir
(Mokokchung Town)
1) Rural Development
9Temjen Imma Along
1) Tourism
2) Higher Education
10C. L. John
1) Forest
2) Environment & Climate Change
3) Village Guards
11Salhoutuonuo Kruse
(Western Angami)
1) Women Resource Development
2) Horticulture
12P. Bashangmongba Chang
(Tuensang Sadar-I)
1) Housing
2) Mechanical Engineering
1) NDPP: Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party
2) BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party

Advisors To The Chief Minister Of Nagaland

1Noke WangnaoSocial Welfare
2Imkong L Imchen1) Soil & Water Conservation
2) Information & Public Relations
3K Konngam Konyak1) Art & Culture
2) Treasuries & Accounts
4Zhaleo Rio1) Municipal Affairs
2) Urban Development
5H Tovihoto AyemiTribal Affairs
6Tongpang OzukumWater Resources
7K Tokugha Sukhalu1) Legal Metrology
2) Food & Civil Supply
8KazhetoAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary Services
9Mhathung YanthanAgriculture
10S. Keoshu YimchungerYouth Resources & Sports
11Kropol Vitsu1) Prison
2) Printing & Stationery
12Moatoshi Longkumer1) Labour
2) Excise
3) Employment & Skill Development
13T N Mannen1) Law & Justice
2) Land Revenue
14A. Pangjung JamirFishery & Aquatic Resources
15Kekhrielhoulie Yhome1) SCERT
2) School Education
16Kudecho Khamo1) Taxes
2) Civil Administration Works Division
17Z. Nyusietho Nyuthe1) New & Renewal Energy
2) Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority
18Hekani Jakhalu KenseIndustries and Commerce
19Imkongmar1) Sericulture
2) Minority Affairs
20Temjenmemba1) Transport
2) Technical Education
21G Ikuto ZhimomiLand Resources
22W Chingang Konyak1) DUDA
2) Geology & Mining
23S. Kiusumew Yimchunger1) Fire & Emergency Services
2) Home Guard & Civil Defence
24Sethrongkyu1) Evaluation
2) Economics & Statistics
3) Information Technology & Communication

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91. Who was the first Chairman of Kohima Municipal Council?
a) Yusuf Ali
b) John Bosco Jasokie
c) Kovi Meyase
d) Neilhouzhu Kire

92. When did Kohima Town Committee become Kohima Municipal Council?
a) 2004
b) 2005
c) 2006
d) 2007

93. When did the Kohima Town Council (KTC) come into existence?
a) 1955
b) 1957
c) 1959
d) 1961

94. Which political party of Nagaland introduced the first Chief Minister of Nagaland?
a) Indian National Congress
b) Nagaland Nationalist Organisation
c) United Democratic Front
d) Naga National Democratic Party

95. What is the total area of Kohima?
a) 15 Km2
b) 20 Km2
c) 25 Km2
d) 30 Km2

96. When was the town of Kohima founded?
a) 1678
b) 1778
c) 1878
d) 1978

97. In which year was Kohima officially declared to become the capital of Nagaland?
a) 1960
b) 1963
c) 1967
d) 1969

98. Where is the Hornbill Festival held every year in Nagaland?
a) Hukhai
b) Kisama
c) Khehuto
d) Khuhoi

99. Which National Highway passes through Kohima?
a) NH 2
b) NH 4
c) NH 129
d) NH 202

100. Which National Highway passes through Dimapur?
a) NH 27
b) NH 29
c) NH 602
d) NH 702

Festivals Of Nagaland

2Ao1) Moatsu
2) Tsungremong
1) May
2) August
3Chakhesang1) Tsukhenyie
2) Sekrenyi
1) April/May
2) January
4Chang1) Kundanglem
2) Nuknyu Lem
1) April
2) July
5Dimasa Kachari1) Bushu
2) Jiba
1) January
2) April
6Khiamniungan1) Miu Festival
2) Tsokum
1) May
2) October
7Konyak1) Aoleang Monyu
2) Lao-ong Mo
1) April
2) September
8Kuki1) Mimkut
2) Chavang kut
1) January
2) November
9LothaTokhü EmongNovember
10Phom1) Monyu
2) Moha
3) Bongvum
1) April
2) May
3) October
15Sumi1) Ahuna
2) Tuluni
1) November
2) July
16Yimchungru1) Metumniu
2) Tsungkamniu
1) August
2) January
17Zeliang1) Hega
2) Langsimyi/Chaga Gadi
3) Mileinyi
1) February
2) October
3) March

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101. What is the total length of State Highways in Nagaland?
a) 1295 Km
b) 1095 Km
c) 995 Km
d) 995 Km

102. What is the IATA of Dimapur Airport?
a) IXA
b) DMU
c) DIM
d) DM

103. When was Nagaland first connected to the railway line?
a) 1900
b) 1903
c) 1906
d) 1909

104. How many railway stations are in Nagaland?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

105. Who laid the foundation stone of the 88-km rail line to bring Kohima (Dhansiri–Zubza line), the capital of Nagaland on the railway map of India?
a) Ashok Gajapathi Raju
b) Suresh Prabhu
c) Jyotiraditya Scindia
d) Hardeep Singh Puri

106. In how many phases will the railway project in Nagaland be executed?
a) Two Phases
b) Three Phases
c) Four Phases
d) Five Phases

107. What is the motto of Nagaland University?
a) Labour Triumphs
b) By Labour and Honour
c) Work Maketh A Man
d) Success Is Born Out Of Action

108. How many Autonomous Colleges are in Nagaland?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five

109. What is the motto of the National Institute of Technology Nagaland?
a) Excellence In Action
b) Education Is Power
c) Truth Alone Triumphs
d) Hard Work And Consistent Efforts

110. When was the National Institute of Technology Nagaland established?
a) 2006
b) 2008
c) 2010
d) 2012

Lok Sabha Members of Parliament

1967S. C. JamirNagaland Nationalist Organisation
1971A. KevichüsaUnited Front of Nagaland
1977Rano M. ShaizaUnited Democratic Front
1980Chingwang KonyakIndependent
1984Chingwang KonyakIndian National Congress
1989Shikiho SemaIndian National Congress
1991ImchalembaNagaland People’s Council
1996ImchalembaIndian National Congress
1998K. Asungba SangtamIndian National Congress
1999K. Asungba SangtamIndian National Congress
2004W. Wangyuh KonyakNagaland People’s Front
2009C. M. ChangNagaland People’s Front
2014Neiphiu RioNagaland People’s Front
(By Poll)
Tokheho YepthomiNationalist Democratic Progressive Party
2019Tokheho YepthomiNationalist Democratic Progressive Party

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111. When was Nagaland University established?
a) 1984
b) 1989
c) 1991
d) 1994

112. Who is the present Vice-Chancellor of Nagaland University (2023)?
a) D. N. Buragohain
b) Pardeshi Lal
c) K.R.S. Sambasiva Rao
d) Pratap Jyoti Handique

113. When was Hari Prasad Gorkha Rai, a well-known Indian Nagaland-based Nepali language writer felicitated by Assom Sahitya Sabha?
a) 1944
b) 1975
c) 1987
d) 1989

114. Which Indian state is the Aki Kiti, a semi-contact combat sport belong to?
a) Nagaland
b) Manipur
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Telangana

115. The Sekrenyi Festival is mainly observed by which Naga Tribe?
a) Konyak Tribe
b) Angami Tribe
c) Ao Tribe
d) Chakhesang Tribe

116. In which district is the Ntangki National Park of Nagaland located?
a) Phek District
b) Kohima District
c) Tuensang District
d) Peren District

117. When was Ntangki National Park established?
a) 1923
b) 1927
c) 1975
d) 1993

118. Where is the headquarter of the National Research Centre on Mithun located?
a) Dimapur
b) Kohima
c) Peren
d) Mokokchung

119. When was National Research Centre on Mithun (NRCM) established?
a) 1966
b) 1977
c) 1988
d) 1998

120. Tetseo Sisters are a group of how many members?
a) Two Members
b) Three Members
c) Four Members
d) Five Members

Rajya Sabha Members of Parliament

No.NameTerm InTerm OutTermParty
1Melhupra Vero18/03/196402/04/19681INC
Melhupra Vero03/04/196802/04/19742INC
2Khyomo Lotha04/03/197404/02/19801Others
3T. Aliba Imti03/04/198002/04/19861Others
4Hokishe Sema03/04/198602/04/19921INC
5S. C. Jamir02/07/198702/04/19921INC
6Khyomo Lotha08/06/198902/04/19922INC
7Vizol Angami03/04/199202/04/19981Others
8C. Apok Jamir03/04/199802/04/20041INC
9T. R. Zeliang03/04/200402/04/20101NPF
10H. Khekiho Zhimomi04/07/200802/04/20101NPF
H. Khekiho Zhimomi03/04/201002/04/20162NPF
11K. G. Kenye03/04/201602/04/20221NPF
12S. Phangnon Konyak03/04/202202/04/20281BJP

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121. Tetseo Sisters belongs to which Naga Tribe?
a) Yimchunger Tribe
b) Chakhesang Tribe
c) Pochury Tribe
d) Zeme-Liangmai Tribe

122. Who was the first Member of Parliament (M.P.) from Nagaland?
a) T. Aliba Imti
b) Khyomo Lotha
c) Melhupra Vero
d) Hokishe Sema

123. Who is the present Lok Sabha Member of Parliament from Nagaland (2023)?
a) C. Apok Jamir
b) Tokheho Yepthomi
c) H. Khekiho Zhimomi
d) T. R. Zeliang

124. Where is Rangapahar Reserve Forest located in Dimapur?
a) Kohima
b) Dimapur
c) Noklak
d) Pangti

125. Which church is considered to be one of the largest church buildings in Asia?
a) Santhome Church
b) Morning Star Church
c) Sümi Baptist Church
d) St. Joseph’s Cathedral

126. In which district of Nagaland is the Sümi Baptist Church located?
a) Peren District
b) Longleng District
c) Mokokchung District
d) Zünheboto District

127. Which is the largest National Park/Sanctuary of Nagaland?
a) Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary
b) Singphan Wildlife Sanctuary
c) Ntangki National Park
d) Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary

128. What is Mon District of Nagaland famous for?
a) Folk Music
b) Handicrafts
c) Bee Culture
d) Bisons

129. Which Constitution Amendment Act provided reservation of seats in the Lok Sabha for the Scheduled Tribes in Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Arunachal Pradesh?
a) 53th
b) 55th
c) 57th
d) 59th

130. From which constituency Neiphiu Rio was elected as the Chief Minister?
a) Northern Angami-I
b) Northern Angami-II
c) Peren
d) Dimapur-II

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131. Under which article of the Indian Constitution does Nagaland have special provisions?
a) 371 A
b) 371 B
c) 371 C
d) 371D

132. The Development of Tribal Circuit: Peren-Kohima-Wokha Project” falls under the ambit of which Central Government Ministry?
a) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
b) Ministry of Tourism
c) Ministry of Cultural Affairs
d) Ministry of Home Affairs

133. Who was the first Lokayukta of Nagaland?
a) Justice Ajit Singh
b) Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma
c) Justice Subal Baidya
d) Justice Uma Nath Singh

134. Which Indian state held the Hornbill Festival for the first time?
a) Tripura
b) Meghalaya
c) Sikkim
d) Mizoram

135. Nagaland became the ____ state of India on 1st December 1963?
a) 16th
b) 18th
c) 19th
d) 22nd

136. What is the elevation of Mol Len mountain?
a) 2,088 m
b) 3,088 m
c) 4,088 m
d) 5,088 m

137. When was Doyang Hydro Electric Project commissioned?
a) 1998
b) 2000
c) 2003
d) 2007

138. How many Commonwealth burials of the Second World War at the Kohima War Cemetery?
a) 1082
b) 1917
c) 1946
d) 1420

139. How many completed Dams are in Nagaland?
a) 1 Dam
b) 2 Dams
c) 3 Dams
d) 4 Dams

140. Doyang Dam was built on which river?
a) Doyang River
b) Dhansiri River
c) Kushiyara River
d) Barak River

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141. Which is the longest river in Nagaland?
a) Kushiyara River
b) Dhansiri River
c) Barak River
d) Doyang River

142. What is the length of the Dhansiri River?
a) 152 km 
b) 252 km 
c) 352 km 
d) 452 km 

List Of Rivers In Nagaland

1BhogdoiNaga Hills
2ChatheAreas near Medziphema/Chumukedima of Dimapur
3DhansiriLaisang Peak of Nagaland
4DikhuNuroto Hills
5DoyangJapfü Hills
6DzuRusoma Village & Kijumetouma Village
7MikiSangphure Village
8MilakFlows through Mokokchung District
9TapiMon District
10ZungkiCentral Part of Nagaland

143. How many National Parks are in Nagaland?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Six

144. How many Wildlife Sanctuaries are in Nagaland?
a) Two
b) Four
c) Five
d) Seven

145. Which is the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagaland?
a) Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary
b) Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary
c) Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary
d) Singphan Wildlife Sanctuary

146. Which is the smallest Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagaland?
a) Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary
b) Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary
c) Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary
d) Singphan Wildlife Sanctuary

147. When was Singphan Wildlife Sanctuary established?
a) 2003
b) 2007
c) 2009
d) 2011

National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries In Nagaland

1Intanki National ParkPeren District1993202.02
2Singphan Wildlife SanctuaryMon district200923.57
3Puliebadze Wildlife SanctuaryKohima District19809.23
4Fakim Wildlife SanctuaryKiphire District19806.4
5Rangapahar Wildlife SanctuaryDimapur District19864.7

148. Who was the first Naga Martyr to be killed by the Indian army?
a) S. C. Jamir
b) P. Shilu Ao
c) Zasibito Nagi
d) Vizadel Sakhrie

149. Who established the Naga Hills District Tribal Council?
a) J. H. Hutton
b) C.R. Pawsney
c) T. C. Hodson
d) J. P. Mills

150. When was Naga Hills District Tribal Council established?
a) 1943
b) 1945
c) 1947
d) 1949

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151. Who was the first speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly?
a) Chotisuh Sazo
b) T. N. Angami
c) Vikho-o Yhoshü
d) Kiyanilie Peseyie

152. Who was the second Governor of Nagaland?
a) B.K. Nehru
b) L.P. Singh
c) S. M. H. Burney
d) Gopal Singh

153. Who is the Director-General of Police (DGP) of Nagaland Police? (2023)
a) S. R. Saravanan
b) Rupin Sharma
c) Sandeep M.Tamgadge
d) Renchamo P. Kikon

154. Mokokchung is the cultural nerve center of the ____ people?
a) Angami
b) Ao
c) Chakhesang
d) Chang

155. Which athlete from Nagaland represented India in archery in the 2012 Summer Olympics?
a) Talimeren Ao
b) Hitova Ayemi
c) Chekrovolu Swuro
d) Khwetelhi Thopi

Bureaucrats Of Nagaland

1J. Alam (IAS)Chief Secretary of Nagaland
2R. Binchilo Thong (IAS)Director General of ATI
3Sentiyanger Imchen (IAS)ACS & Finance Commissioner
4Abhijit Sinha (IAS)Home Commissioner & Additional charge of Commissioner
5O.T. Chingmak (IAS)Commissioner & Secretary of Science & Technology
6Y. Kikheto Sema (IAS)Agriculture Production Commissioner
7Chubasangla Anar, (IAS)Commissioner & Secretary of Land Revenue, F & CS, P & AR
8Gregory Thejawelie, (IAS)Commissioner of State Taxes
9Lhouchalie ViyaSecretary NSDMA
10R. Asenla Keitzar (IAS)Commissioner Secretary of Environment, Forests & amp, Climate Control, Labour &amp, Employment, and Skill Development
11Kesonyu Yhome (IAS)Commissioner & Secretary of Works & Housing
12Anenla T. Sato (IAS)Commissioner & Secretary of Women Resources Department, Horticulture
13Vikeyie Kenya (IAS)Secretary of Land Resource Development
14V. Maria Yanthan (IAS)Secretary of IPR
15T.Mhabemo Yanthan (IAS)Secretary to Governor, Secretary to NRE & Team Leader, & NBHM
16Kenilo Apon (IAS)Commissioner & Secretary of Tribal Affairs
17Neposo Theluo (IAS)Secretary of Rural Development
18K. Libanthung Lotha (IAS)Secretary of Geology & Mining, Soil & Water Conservation
19K.S. Anden Konyak (IAS)Secretary of DUDA
20Khrupi Sothu (IAS)Secretary of AH & VS
21Athel O. Lotha (IAS)Secretary of Art & Culture
22Wezope Kenye (IAS)Secretary of Youth Resources & Sports, Parliamentary Affairs
23Kevisa Kense (IAS)Secretary of Water Resources
24Rajesh S. (IAS)Secretary of Transport
25Hokhuli K. Chishi (IAS)Secretary of Higher & Technical Education
26I. Himato Zhimomi (IFS)Principal Secretary of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs
27K. D. Vizo (ITS)Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, IT & C, & Power
28E.Mhonbemo Patton (AS)Principal Secretary of PHE
29Kekhrievor Kevichusa (IPoS)Commissioner & Secretary of Industries & Commerce
30TalirembaCommissioner & Secretary of Justice & Law
31Imokaba Jamir (IRS)Commissioner & Secretary of H & FW
32I. Kitto Zhimomi (IRS)Commissioner & Secretary of Tourism
33Kevileno Angami (IES)Commissioner & Secretary of School Education, SCERT, Economics & Statistics
34Sehjang Doungel, NCSCommissioner & Secretary of Co-operation
35Henkhohao Singson, NCSCommissioner & Secretary of Sericulture
36Martha R. Ritse (NCS)Commissioner & Secretary of Social Welfare
37Sotsula, NCSCommissioner & Secretary of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources
38Kevekha Kevin Zehol (NCS)Secretary of Excise
39Mohammed Ali Shihab ASecretary of Power
40Sushil Kumar PatelCommissioner & Secretary Finance, Additional charge Labour & Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
41Mhathung TungoeSecretary of PHE
42Y.RenbonthungSecretary of F & CS
43Nchumbemo Lotha (NSS)Secretary of Cabinet Cell & Tribal Affairs
44Jitendra Gupta (IAS)Additional Secretary of Agriculture and Project Director, FOCUS

156. Who was the first Director-General of Police (DGP) of Nagaland Police?
a) Neiba Newmai
b) Videlalie Zashumo
c) K. K. Zutshi
d) Soyimna Aier Koza

157. NL-01 is the vehicle registration code for which district in Nagaland?
a) Kohima
b) Mokokchung
c) Tuensang
d) Wokha

158. What is the nickname of Zunheboto town?
a) Land Of Birds
b) Land Of Churches
c) Land Of Warriors
d) Land Of Crafts

159. Which river of Nagaland is also known as the River of salt?
a) Zungki River
b) Dhansiri River
c) Miki River
d) Tizu River

160. What is the altitude of the Dzüko Valley?
a) 1452 m
b) 2452 m
c) 3452 m
d) 4452 m

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161. In which district is Dzüko Valley located in Nagaland?
a) Dimapur District
b) Peren District
c) Kohima District
d) Phek District

162. What is the border length of Nagaland with Myanmar?
a) 415 Km
b) 315 Km
c) 215 Km
d) 115 Km

163. How many new districts were created on 18 December 2021?
a) 2 Districts
b) 3 Districts
c) 4 Districts
d) 5 Districts

164. After the creation of 3 new districts, what is the total number of districts in Nagaland?
a) 12 Districts
b) 13 Districts
c) 14 Districts
d) 15 Districts

1DANDemocratic Alliance of Nagaland
2DEFDistrict Executive Force
3FSLForensic Science Laboratory
4ICARIndian Council of Agricultural Research
5INAIndian National Army
6KTCKohima Town Committee
7NAPNagaland Armed Police
8NAPTCNagaland Armed Police Training Centre
9NBCCNagaland Baptist Church Council
10NHDTCNaga Hills District Tribal Council
11NHTANaga Hills Tuensang Area
12NLANagaland Legislative Assembly
13NNANaga National Council
14NNCNaga National Council
15NPCNaga People Convention
16NPCNagaland Peace Council
17NPFNaga People’s Front
18NPTONagaland Police Telecommunication Organization
19NRCMNational Research Centre on Mithun
20NTPRNagaland Transitional Provisions Regulation
21PTSPolice Training School
22UDFUnited Democratic Front

165. Which district was created on 19th January 2022?
a) Shamator District
b) Niuland District
c) Chümoukedima District
d) Tseminyü District

166. After the creation of the Shamator District, what is the total number of Districts in Nagaland?
a) 14 Districts
b) 15 Districts
c) 16 Districts
d) 17 Districts

167. Which Naga tribe was approved by the Cabinet on the day of the creation of the Shamator District?
a) Sangtam
b) Pochury
c) Tikhir
d) Poumai

168. Who is the recipient of the Padma Shri Award 2022 from Nagaland?
a) Lentina Ao Thakkar
b) T Senka Ao
c) Piyong Temjen Jamir
d) Tokheho Sema

169. How many persons have served as the Governor in Nagaland?
a) 16 Governors
b) 17 Governors
c) 18 Governors
d) 19 Governors

170. Who is the Chief Secretary of Nagaland?
a) J. Alam
b) La Ganesan
c) Mayang Lima
d) G. Kaito Aye

171. Who is the present Upa-Lokayukta of Nagaland?
a) Ajit Singh
b) Vinod Kumar Sharma
c) Subal Baidya
d) Mayang Lima

172. Who is the Rajya Sabha MP of Nagaland?
a) T. R. Zeliang
b) H. Khekiho Zhimomi
c) K. G. Kenye
d) S. Phangnon Konyak

173. Who is the ADGP of Nagaland Police (Administration)?
a) Rupin Sharma
b) Renchamo P. Kikon
c) S.R.Saravanan
d) Sandeep M.Tamgadge

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