List Of Important Days And Dates In India (2024)

Important Days And Dates

Last Updated: 6 January 2024

Before Reading the List Of Important Days And Dates In India, Do you know India is called the “Land of Festivals” and “Land of Diversity”?

India habituates people belonging to almost every faith found around the world, this is one of the reasons we have so many festivals and functions happening throughout the year.

Besides that, we have various important days in our history that are important to be celebrated every year.

Important Days and Dates are some of the most commonly asked questions in the SSC, Railway, UPSC, and other competitive exams. Usually, 2-3 Questions are asked in the General Aptitude Section from Important Days and Dates of the year.

Read this article to know more about the important days and dates happening each month of the year. Knowing Important days and dates boosts your knowledge every day.

Important Days And Dates In India


Zodiac Sign
Capricorn (22 Dec–20 Jan)
Aquarius (20 Jan–19 Feb)
1January1) Global Family Day
2) English New Year
3) Army Medical Corps Day
4) Copyright Law Day
2JanuaryNational Science Fiction Day
3JanuaryNational Drinking Straw Day
4January1) World Hypnotism Day
2) World Braille Day
5January1) National Keto Day
2) National Screenwriters Day
6January1) World War Orphans Day
2) Epiphany
7January1) Orthodox Christmas Day
2) National Tempura Day
8January1) African National Congress Foundation Day
2) National English Toffee Day
3) Earth’s Rotation Day
9January1) Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Non-resident Indian Day)
2) National Apricot Day
3) National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
4) Word Nerd Day
10January1) World Laughter Day
2) World Hindi Day
3) National Save The Eagles Day
4) Peculiar People Day
11January1) National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
2) Death Anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri
3) National Milk Day
4) International Thank-You Day
5) Poetry At Work Day
12January1) Birthday of Swami Vivekananda (National Youth Day)
2) National Marzipan Day
13January1) Korean American Day
2) Lohri Day
3) National Sticker Day
4) Public Radio Broadcasting Day
14January1) Makar Sankranti
2) World Logic Day
3) Ratification Day
4) International Kite Day
15January1) Indian Army Day
2) Wikipedia Day
16January1) National Religious Freedom Day (U.S.A)
2) World Religion Day
3) National Fig Newton Day
17January1) Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
2) Benjamin Franklin Day
3) Kid Inventors Day
18January1) National Michigan Day
2) National Thesaurus Day
19January1) World Quark Day
2) National Popcorn Day
20January1) Guru Govind Singh Jayanti
2) National Disc Jockey Day
3) Penguin Awareness Day
21January1) Tripura Statehood Day
2) Meghalaya Statehood Day
3) Manipur Statehood Day
22JanuaryNational Blonde Brownie Day
23January1) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti
2) Handwriting Day
24January1) International Day of Education
2) World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture
3) National Girl Child Day
4) Uttar Pradesh Foundation Day
25January1) National Voters’ Day
2) India Tourism Day
3) Himachal Pradesh Statehood Day
26January1) Republic Day (India)
2) Australia Day (Australia)
3) Assam Statehood Day
4) International Customs Day
5) National Spouses Day
27January1) Family Literacy Day
2) International Holocaust Day
3) National Geographic Day
28January1) Birth Anniversary Lala Lajpat Rai
2) Data Privacy Day
29JanuaryFreethinkers Day
30January1) Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom Day (Death Anniversary)
2) National Cleanliness Day
3) World Leprosy Day
4) World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day
31January1) National Backward Day
2) Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day


Zodiac Sign
Aquarius (20 Jan-19 Feb)
Pisces (19 Feb–21 Mar)
1February1) World Hijab Day
2) Indian Coast Guard Day
3) Chinese New Year
4) National Freedom Day
2FebruaryWorld Wetlands Day
3FebruaryNational Women Physicians Day
4February1) Sri Lankan Independence Day
2) World Cancer Day
3) International Day of Human Fraternity
5February1) Kashmir Solidarity Day
2) World Nutella Day
3) Basant Panchami
6FebruaryGlobal Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
7FebruaryNational Periodic Table Day
10FebruaryWorld Pulses Day
11FebruaryInternational Day of Females in Science
12February1) Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day
2) International Day of Women’s Health
3) Darwin Day
4) Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
13February1) World Radio Day
2) Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
3) World Marriage Day
14FebruaryWorld Valentine Day
18FebruaryMaha Shivratri
20February1) World Day of Social Justice
2) Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Day
21February1) International Mother Language Day
2) Presidents Day
22FebruaryWorld Thinking Day
24FebruaryCentral Excise Day
27FebruaryWorld NGO Day
28FebruaryNational Science Day
28FebruaryRare Disease Day


Zodiac Sign
Pisces (19 Feb–21 Mar)
Aries (21 Mar–20 Apr)
1March1) World Civil Defence Day
2) Zero Discrimination Day
3) Maha Shivratri
2March1) Employee Appreciation Day
2) Texas Independence Day
3) Peasants’ Day
3March1) World Wildlife Day
2) World Hearing Day
3) National Canadian Bacon Day
4March1) World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation
2) World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development
3) National Safety Day
4) National Safety Day
5) National Grammar Day
5MarchNational Absinthe Day
6MarchGhana Independence Day
8March1) International Women’s Day
2) International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day
10March1) CISF Raising Day
2) Mario Day
3) International Day of Women Judges
4) Tibetan Uprising Day
12MarchMauritius Day
14March1) Pi Day
2) International Day of Action for Rivers
3) International Day of Mathematics
15March1) World Sleep Day
2) World Consumer Rights Day
16MarchNational Vaccination Day
17MarchSt. Patrick’s Day
18March1) Ordnance Factories Day (India)
2) World Sleep Day
3) Holi
19MarchInternational Client’s Day
20March1) International Day of Happiness
2) World Oral Health Day
3) UN French Language Day
4) Tunisha Independence Day
5) National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
21March1) International Colour Day
2) Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day
3) International Day of Forests
4) World Poetry Day
5) World Down Syndrome Day
22MarchWorld Water Day
23March1) World Meteorological Day
2) Pakistan Day
24MarchWorld Tuberculosis Day
25MarchInternational Day of the Unborn Child
26MarchBangladesh Independence Day
27March1) World Theatre Day
2) Armed Forces Day (Myanmar)
29MarchTaiwan Youth Day
30MarchWorld Idli Day

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Zodiac Sign
Aries (21 Mar–20 Apr)
Taurus (20 Apr–21 May)
1April1) April Fools’ Day
2) Odisha Day
2April1) World Autism Awareness Day
2) International Children’s Book Day
5AprilNational Maritime Day
6AprilSport Development and Peace Day
7AprilWorld Health Day
10AprilWorld Homeopathy Day
11April1) National Safe Motherhood Day
2) National Pet Day
12AprilEqual Pay Day
13AprilJallianwala Bagh Massacre Day (1919)
14April1) Black Day (South Korea)
2) Pohela Boishakh (Bangla New Year’s Day)
16April1) Foursquare Day
2) World Voice Day
17World Haemophilia Day
18AprilInternational Day For Monuments and Sites (Heritage Day)
21April1) National Tea Day
2) National Civil Service Day
3) Secretary’s Day
22AprilInternational Mother Earth Day
23April1) World Book and Copyright Day
2) English Language Day
24April1) National Panchayati Day
2) Fashion Revolution Day
3) International Sculpture Day
4) World Day for Laboratory Animals
25April1) DNA Day
2) Liberation Day (Italy)
3) World Malaria Day
4) International Delegate’s Day
27April1) Freedom Day (South Africa)
2) King’s Day (The Netherlands)
28AprilSafety and Health at Work Day
29April1) International Dance Day
2) Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare Day
30AprilInternational Jazz Day


Zodiac Sign
Taurus (20 Apr–21 May)
Gemini (21 May–21 Jun)
1May1) May Day
2) Gujarat Day
3) Maharashtra Day
4) International Workers’ Day
5) National Loyalty Day
2May1) Ramadan Ends
2) National Truffle Day
3May1) World Press Freedom Day
2) World Asthma Day
4May1) International Firefighters’ Day
2) Star Wars Day
3) Greenery Day
5May1) World Asthma Day
2) World Portuguese Language Day
6MayInternational No Diet Day
7May1) World Password Day
2) National Cosmopolitan Day
3) World Athletics Day
8May1) World Red Cross Day
2) World Migratory Bird Day
3) World Thalassaemia Day
9May1) Mother’s Day
2) Rabindra Jayanti
10MayGolden Spike Day
11MayNational Technology Day
12MayInternational Nurses Day
13MayHummus Day
14MayWorld Migratory Day
15MayInternational Astronomy Day
16May1) International Day of Light
2) Buddha’s Birthday
3) National Dengue Day
17May1) International Day Against Biphobia, Homophobia, Transphobia
2) World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
3) World Hypertension Day
18May1) World AIDS Vaccine Day
2) International Museum Day
19MayHepatitis Testing Day
20May1) World Metrology Day
2) World Bee Day
3) National Endangered Species Day
21May1) Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development Day
2) National Anti-Terrorism Day
22MayInternational Day for Biological Diversity
23MayWorld Turtle Day
24MayCommonwealth Day
25May1) African Liberation Day
2) International Missing Children’s Day
3) National Wine Day
26MayNational Paper Airplane Day
27MayNational Grape Popsicle Day
28MayInternational Day of Action for Women’s Health
29May1) International Day of UN Peacekeepers
2) International Mount Everest Day
3) World Digestive Health Day
30MayNational Memorial Day
31MayWorld No-Tobacco Day


Zodiac Sign
Gemini (21 May–21 Jun)
Cancer (21 Jun–23 Jul)
1June1) Global Day of Parents
2) World Milk Day
2June1) Telangana Formation Day
2) Global Running Day
3JuneWorld Bicycle Day
4JuneInternational Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5June1) World Environment Day
2) National Cancer Survivors Day
6June1) Russian Language Day
2) World Pest Day
7June1) World Food Safety Day
2) National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
8June1) World Oceans Day
2) World Brain Tumor Day
9JuneCoral Triangle Day
10JuneNavy Day (Italy)
11JuneAmerican Evacuation Day
12JuneWorld Day Against Child Labour
13JuneInternational Albinism Awareness Day
14JuneWorld Blood Donor Day
15June1) Flag Day
2) Global Wind Day
3) ASEAN Dengue Day
16June1) International Day of Family Remittances
2) Guru Arjan Dev Martyrdom Day
17JuneCombat Desertification and Drought Day
18June1) Sustainable Gastronomy Day
2) Autistic Pride Day
19June1) Father’s Day
2) World Sickle Cell Day
20JuneWorld Refugee Day
21June1) International Yoga Day
2) World Music Day
22JuneTeachers’ Day (El Salvador)
23June1) International Widow’s Day
2) United Nations Public Service Day
3) International Olympic Day
24JuneDay of the Caboclo
25June1) World Vitiligo Day
2) Day of the Seafarer
26June1) Support of Victims of Torture Day
2) International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
3) World Refrigeration Day
27JuneMicro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day
28JuneNational Ceviche Day
29June1) National Statistics Day
2) International Day of the Tropics
30June1) United Nations International Asteroid Day
2) International Day of Parliamentarism

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Zodiac Sign
Cancer (21 Jun–23 Jul)
Leo (23 Jul–23 Aug)
1July1) Canada Day
2) National Doctors’ Day (India)
3) Chartered Accountants’ Day (India)
4) GST Day
5) SBI Foundation Day
2July1) World UFO Day
2) World Sports Journalists Day
3JulyInternational Co-operative Day
4JulyIndependence Day (United States)
7July1) Global Forgiveness Day
2) World Chocolate Day
10JulyNational Fish Farmers’ Day
11July1) World Population Day
2) National 7-Eleven Day
12July1) Malala Day
2) Paper Bag Day
13JulyGuru Purnima
15July1) World Youth Skills Day
2) Education Development Day
16JulyWorld Snake Day
17July1) World Day for International Justice
2) World Emoji Day
18JulyNelson Mandela International Day
20July1) World Chess Day
2) Science Exploration Day
22July1) World Brain Day
2) Pi Approximation Day
23JulyNational Broadcasting Day
24July1) Parents’ Day
2) Income Tax Day
3) Cousin’s Day
26JulyKargil Vijay Diwas
28July1) World Hepatitis Day
2) World Nature conservation day
29JulyInternational Tiger Day
30July1) International Day of Friendship
2) World Day against Trafficking in Persons
31JulyWorld Ranger Day


Zodiac Sign
Leo (23 Jul–23 Aug)
Virgo 23 (Aug–23 Sept)
1August1) World Lung Cancer Day
2) World Wide Web Day
3) Yorkshire Day
4) National Mountain Climbing Day
2AugustDay of Airborne Forces
4AugustCoast Guard Day
5AugustInternational Beer Day
6AugustHiroshima Day
7AugustNational Handloom Day
8AugustQuit India Movement Day
9August1) World’s Indigenous People Day
2) National Day (Singapore)
3) Nagasaki Day
10August1) World Lion Day
2) World Biofuel Day
3) Vlogging Day
11AugustRaksha Bandhan
12August1) International Youth Day
2) World Elephant Day
3) Coconut Day
13August1) International Lefthanders Day
2) World Organ Donation Day
14AugustYoum-e-Azadi (Pakistan Independence Day)
15August1) Independence Day (India)
2) National Day of Mourning (Bangladesh)
3) Victory Over Japan Day
16AugustNational Airborne Day
17AugustNever Give Up Day
18AugustKrishna Janmashtami
19August1) World Humanitarian Day
2) World Photography Day
3) National Aviation Day
20August1) Indian Akshay Urja Day
2) Sadbhavna Diwas
3) World Mosquito Day
21August1) World Senior Citizens Day
2) World Entrepreneurs’ Day
22AugustMadras Day
23August1) Slave Trade and its Abolition Day
2) Black Ribbon Day
26AugustWomen’s Equality Day
28AugustCoal Miner’s Day
29August1) International Day against Nuclear Tests
2) National Sports Day
3) Telugu Language Day
30AugustSmall Industry Day
31August1) International Overdose Awareness Day
2) Ganesh Chaturthi

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Zodiac Sign
Virgo (23 Aug–23 Sept)
Libra (23 Sep–23 Oct)
1September1) Rishi Panchami
2) Disaster Prevention Day
3) National Nutrition Week
2SeptemberWorld Coconut Day
3SeptemberDurva Ashtami
5September1) Teachers’ Day (India)
2) International Day of Charity
6SeptemberDefense Day (Pakistan)
7SeptemberInternational Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies
8September1) International Literacy Day
2) World Physical Therapy Day
9SeptemberInternational Day to Protect Education from Attack
10September1) World Suicide Prevention Day
2) World First Aid Day
11September1) Grandparents’ Day
2) Emergency Number Day
12SeptemberUnited Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
13SeptemberProgrammers’ Day
14SeptemberHindi Day
15September1) International Day of Democracy
2) Engineer’s Day (India)
16SeptemberPreservation of the Ozone Layer Day
17SeptemberWorld Patient Safety Day
18September1) International Equal Pay Day
2) World Bamboo Day
21September1) International Day of Peace
2) Biosphere Day
22September1) World Rhino Day
2) World Rose Day
23SeptemberInternational Day of Sign Languages
24SeptemberNational Punctuation Day
25September1) World Pharmacists Day
2) Antyodaya Diwas
3) National Daughters Day
26September1) World Environmental Health Day
2) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Day
27SeptemberWorld Tourism Day
28SeptemberWorld Rabies Day
29September1) World Heart Day
2) International Coffee Day
30SeptemberInternational Translation Day


Zodiac Sign
Libra (23 Sept–23 Oct)
Scorpio (23 Oct–22 Nov)
1October1) International Day of Older Persons
2) World Vegetarian Day
3) International Coffee Day
2October1) International Day of Non-Violence
2) Gandhi Jayanthi
4October1) World Animal Welfare Day
2) World Architecture Day
5October1) World Teachers’ Day
2) Ganga River Dolphin Day
7OctoberWorld Cotton Day
8OctoberIndian Air Force Day
9October1) World Post Day
2) World Migratory Bird Day
3) Indian Foreign Service Day
10October1) World Mental Health Day
2) World Migratory Bird Day
11OctoberInternational Day of the Girl Child
12OctoberWorld Arthritis Day
13OctoberInternational Day for Disaster Reduction
14October1) World Standards Day
2) World Sight Day
15October1) World Students’ Day
2) International Day of Rural Women
16OctoberWorld Food Day
17OctoberEradication of Poverty Day
18OctoberWorld Vasectomy Day
20October1) World Statistics Day
2) World Osteoporosis Day
3) National Solidarity Day (India)
4) International Day of the Air Traffic Controller
5) International Chefs Day
21OctoberPolice Commemoration Day
24October1) United Nations Day
2) World Development Information Day
3) World Polio Day
4) Diwali
25OctoberWorld Mother-in-Law’s Day
27October1) World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
2) Infantry Day
28OctoberInternational Animation Day
29OctoberInternational Internet Day
31October1) Halloween
2) National Unity Day (India)

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Zodiac Sign
Scorpio (23 Oct–22 Nov)
Sagittarius (22 Nov–22 Dec)
1November1) World Vegan Day
2) Karnataka Formation Day
2NovemberInternational Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
4NovemberNational Candy Day
5NovemberWorld Tsunami Awareness Day
6November1) International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
2) National Nachos Day
7November1) Infant Protection Day
2) National Cancer Awareness Day
8November1) World Radiography Day
2) Guru Nanak Gurpurab
9November1) Legal Services Day
2) World Adoption Day
3) Uttarakhand Foundation Day
10November1) World Science Day for Peace and Development
2) World Immunization Day
11November1) Veterans Day
2) World Quality Day
3) National Education Day
12NovemberWorld Pneumonia Day
13NovemberWorld Kindness Day
14November1) Children’s Day
2) World Diabetes Day
15NovemberJharkhand Foundation Day
16November1) National Press Day
2) International Day for Tolerance
17November1) National Journalism Day
2) International Student’s Day
18NovemberWorld Adult Day
19November1) International Journalist’s Remembrance Day
2) World Toilet Day
3) International Men’s Day
4) Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
20November1) Africa Industrialization Day
2) World Children’s Day
21November1) World Television Day
2) World Fisheries Day
3) World Hello Day
23NovemberFibonacci Day
25November1) The Elimination of Violence against Women Day
2) Black Friday
26NovemberIndian Constitution Day
27NovemberIndian Organ Donation Day
28NovemberCyber Monday
30NovemberBonifacio Day


Zodiac Sign
Sagittarius (22 Nov–22 Dec)
Capricorn (22 Dec–20 Jan)
1December1) World AIDS Day
2) Nagaland Formation Day
3) Hornbill Festival
2December1) Abolition of Slavery Day
2) World Computer literacy Day
3) National Pollution Control Day
3DecemberInternational Day of Persons with Disabilities
4December1) Indian Navy Day
2) International Day of Banks
3) International Cheetah Day
5December1) World Soil Day
2) International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
6DecemberBR Ambedkar’s Death Anniversary
7December1) International Civil Aviation Day
2) Indian Armed Forces Flag Day
9DecemberInternational Anti-Corruption Day
10December1) Human Rights Day
2) Nobel Prize Day
3) Nobel Prize Day
11December1) International Mountain Day
13DecemberWorld Violin Day
17DecemberWright Brothers Day
18December1) International Migrants Day
2) Minorities Rights Day
19DecemberGoa’s liberation day
20DecemberInternational Human Solidarity Day
22DecemberNational Mathematics Day (India)
23DecemberKisan Diwas
24DecemberChristmas Eve
25December1) Christmas Day
2) Good Governance Day (India)
3) Quaid-e-Azam Day
26DecemberBoxing Day
30DecemberBodhi Day
31DecemberNew Year’s Eve

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