160+ Ladakh Static GK Questions And Answers (Union Territory)

Ladakh Static GK

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

After all the disputes between India, Pakistan, and China since 1947, Ladakh finally became a union territory on 31st October 2019. In this article, you’ll read about Ladakh Static Gk and the importance of this union territory.

There are many important things to learn about Ladakh like its culture, political issues, rivers, borders, hills, etc. For you to understand Ladakh simply and easily we have provided questions and answers to all the important questions you might be having on your mind.

Read all the Ladakh static GK questions and answers to sharpen your knowledge and sit for competitive exams.

Ladakh Static GK Questions And Answers

1. What is the Nickname of Ladakh?

Answer: The Land of High Passes

2. Which is the Largest Union Territory in India?

Answer: Ladakh (59,146  km²)

3. Name the Monasteries in Ladakh?

1) Hermis
2) Thiksey
3) Lamayuru
4) Diskit
5) Shey, etc

4. What is the Temperature of Ladakh?

Answer: Ladakh has only two seasons i.e. Summer (June-September) and Winter (October-May).
Summer: 3 to 35 °C
Winter: -20 to -35 °C

5. Where is the Cold Desert found in India?

Answer: Ladakh

6. What is the Capital of Ladakh?

Answer:  Leh (Summer) and Kargil (Winter)

7. Which is the Most Important River in Ladakh?

Answer: Indus River

8. Name the Rivers in Ladakh?

1) Zanskar River
2) Indus River
3) Shyok River
4) Suru River
5) Tsarap River
6) Nubra River
7) Chip Chap River
8) Dras River
9) Galwan River
10) Shingo River

9. What does the word “Ladakh” mean?

Answer: La: Mountain Pass & Dak: Country

10. Which Range surrounds Ladakh in the North?

Answer: Karakoram Range

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11. Which Range surrounds Ladakh in the South?

Answer: Zanskar (ज़ंस्कार) Range

12. Which is the Highest Mountain in Ladakh?

Answer: Stok Kangri (6,154 meters)

13. Name the Mountain Passes in Ladakh?

1) Marsimik La Pass (5,582m)
2) Saser La Pass (5,411m)
3) Chang La Pass (5,360m)
4) Khardung La Pass (5,359m)
5) Taglang La Pass (5,328m)
6) Lungalacha La Pass (5,059m)
7) Bara-Lacha La Pass (4,892m)
8) Pensi La Pass (4,400m)
9) Fotu La Pass (4,108m)
10) Rohtang Pass  (3,978m)
11) Namika La Pass (3,700m)
12) Zoji La Pass (3,528m)

14. Which is the highest Motorable road in the World?

Answer: Kela Pass (18,600 ft) [Inaugurated on 31st August 2021]

15. Which is the second Highest Motorable road in the World?

Answer: Khardung La [5,359 m (17,582 ft)]

16. Which is the highest Mountain Pass in India?

Answer: Kalindi Pass, Uttarakhand (5,950 m)

17. Name the Trees that grow in Ladakh?

1) Willows
2) Walnut
2) Poplars
4) Apricots
5) Apple

18. Administrative Language of Ladakh?

Answer: Urdu, Hindi, English

19. What is the Area of Ladakh?

Answer: 59,146 km2

20. Which is the Second Largest Union Territory By Area?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir (42,241 km²)

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21. How many Districts are there in Ladakh?

Answer: 2
1) Kargil District: (Headquarter: Kargil)
2) Leh District: (Headquarter: Leh)

22. Name of District Council of Ladakh?

Answer: Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council

23. Which is the highest inhabited region in Ladakh?

Answer:  Rangdum

24. Which is the largest lake in Ladakh? (Also Himalaya)

Answer:  Pangong Lake (A.K.A Pangong Tso)

25. Which is the Highest Elevation of Ladakh?

Answer: Saltoro Kangri (7,742 m)

26. Which is the Lowest Elevation in Ladakh?

Answer: Indus River (2,550 m)

27. What is the length of Pangong Lake?

Answer: 134 km

28. Which is the only High Court of Ladakh?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir High Court

29. Which is the largest town in Ladakh?

Answer: Leh

30. Which is the Highest town in Ladakh?

Answer: Karzok

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31. Where is the highest TBR (The total birth rate) found in Ladakh?

Answer: Brokpas

32. Where can the lowest TBR (The total birth rate) in Ladakh be found?

Answer: Arghuns

33. What are the main religions of Ladakh?

1) Muslims (46%)
2) Tibetan Buddhists (40%)
3) Hindus (12%)
4) Others

34. Where is the highest Plateau in India found?

Answer: Ladakh 

35. When did Ladakh become a Union Territory?

Answer: 31 October 2019

36. Name the largest circulated Newspaper of Ladakh?

Answer: Daily Excelsior

37. What is the name of the Airport in Ladakh?

Answer: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport

38.  Who was the first European to study the wildlife of Ladakh?

Answer: William Moorcroft (1820)

39. Which is the first University of Ladakh?

Answer: University of Ladakh

40. Who was the first Governor of the Union Territory of Ladakh?

Answer: Radha Krishna Mathur

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41. When were Elections held for the first time in Ladakh?

Answer: 1995

42. How many seats does Ladakh have in the Legislative Assembly?

Answer: 4 (Four)

43. Which is the first School in Leh?

Answer: The Moravian Mission School (1889)

44. Which pass is called “The Pass of Lower Castle“?

Answer: Khardung La pass

45. Which lake is called “Twin Natural Paradise”?

Answer: Tso Moriri Lake

46. What is the nickname of Khardung La pass?

Answer: Gateway To Valleys

47. Where is Magnetic Hill in India?

Answer: Ladakh

48. Where in India is the Bactrian Camel (Double Humped Camel) found?

Answer: Ladakh

49. Which is the World’s Highest Salt Water Lake?

Answer: Pangong Lake

50. Which Chemical Element was found in Ladakh?

Answer: Uranium

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Full Forms Related To Ladakh

1BCCsBridge Construction Companies
2BRDBBorder Roads Development Board
3BRESBorder Roads Engineering Service
4BROBorder Roads Organisation
5DGBRDirector General Border Roads
6DMCsDrain Maintenance Companies
7GREFGeneral Reserve Engineer Force
8ILPInner Line Permit
9LACLine of Actual Control
10LAHDCLadakh Autonomous Hill Development Council
11LoCLine of Control
12LBALadakh Buddhist Association
13LIFFLadakh International Film Festival
14LUTFLadakh Union Territory Front
15NISRNational Institute of Sowa Rigpa
16NHIDCLNational Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited
17ONHOperation New Hope
18PAPProtected Area Permit
19RAPRestricted Area Permit
20RCCsRoad Construction Companies
21RRMRaksha Rajya Mantri
22SECMOLStudents’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh
23SRTMShuttle Radar Topography Mission

51. What are some important minerals found in Ladakh?
Answer: Limestone, Marble, Granite, Borax

52. Where did the Kargil War Happen?
Answer: Ladakh

53. Popular Movies Shot in Ladakh?
1) 3 Idiots (2009)
2) Lakshya (2004)
3) Race 3 (2018)
4) Tubelight (2017)
5) Shershaah (2020)

54. What has changed in Ladakh after it became Union Territory?
1) Indians from other states can buy the property and settle in Ladakh.
2) Right To Information (RTI) is now available.
3) Women will be free to work and get educational degrees.
4) Ladakh will have No assembly like Chandigarh.
5) Right To Education (RTE) will apply.

55. Which Article is related to the making of Ladakh a Union Territory?
Answer: Article 240

56. Which Country surrounds Ladakh?
Answer: China

57. What was Ladakh before Union Territory?
Answer: Part of Jammu And Kashmir

58. Where is Kargil located?
Answer: Ladakh (Second Largest Town after Leh)

59. What are the Traditional houses in Ladakh made of?
Answer: Stones, timbers, and mud

60. Which River is called the backbone of Ladakh?
Answer: Indus River

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61. Where were Red Throated Thrush and Plumbeous Water Redstart found in 2020?
Answer: Ladakh

62. Who is the real Phunsukh Wangdu in 3 Idiots Movie?
Answer: Sonam Wangchuk (He is an engineer hailing from Ladakh)

63. Why is Ladakh famous?
1) Breathtaking Landscapes
2) Crystal Clear Skies
3) Highest Mountain Passes
4) Thrilling Adventure Activities
5) Buddhist Monasteries
6) Festivals
7) Bikers Dream

64. Name the Lakes found in Ladakh?
1) Pangong Lake
2) Tso Moriri
3) Tso Kar
4) Kyagar Tso
5) Mirpal Tso

65. What is Ladakh sometimes called as?
Answer: Little Tibet

66. Dam in Ladakh?
Answer: Nimoo Bazgo Dam (Indus River)

67. Which lake in Ladakh shares a border with China?
Answer: Pangong Tso lake

68. The only National Park in Ladakh?
Answer: Hemis National Park

69. Who built the Mughal Garden in Ladakh in 1632 AD?
Answer: Chashme Shahi (A.K.AChashma i Shah)

70. Which Palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century?
Answer: Leh Palace

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71. Wildlife Sanctuary in Ladakh?
Answer: Karakoram Wildlife Sanctuary and Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary

72. Which Minister virtually inaugurated India’s highest Meteorological Centre in Leh?
Answer: Dr.
Harsh Vardhan

73. What is the elevation of Likir Monastery?
Answer: 3700m

74. When was “Khelo India” 1st Zanskar Winter Sports in Ladakh inaugurated?
Answer: January 18, 2021

75. What is the name of the Double Humped Camel found in Ladakh?
Answer: Bactrian Camel

76. Who is the Chief Executive Councillor (CEC) of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh?
Tashi Gyalson (31 October 2020)

77. How many seats are in Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh?
30 Seats

78. Who is the Chief Executive Councillor (CEC) of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Kargil?
Answer: Feroz Ahmad Khan (Since September 2018)

79. How many seats are in Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Kargil?
Answer: 30 Seats

80. When was Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council Act created?

81. How many members are nominated for the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC)?
: 4 Members

Members Of The Executive Council LAHDC Leh

1Chairman / Chief Executive CouncillorTashi Gyalson
2Deputy ChairmanTsering Angchuk
3Executive Councillor for Animals and SheepTashi Namgyal Yakzee
4Executive Councillor for Minorities and ForestryGhulam Mehdi
5Executive Councillor for AgricultureStanzin Chosphel

Members Of The Executive Council LAHDC Kargil

1Chairman / Chief Executive CouncilorFeroz Khan
2Executive Councilor for Animals, Sheep, and HorticultureSyeed Hassan Arman
3Executive Councilor for Works and FCS&CASyeed Abbas Razvi
4 Executive Councilor for RDD, Tourism, and Handicrafts Phunchok Tashi
5Executive Councilor for Health, Revenue, and AgricultureMohsin Ali

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82. When was the last election held for the LAHDC Kargil?
August 2018

83. When was the last election held for the LAHDC Leh?
October 2020

84. Which country is comparable to the size of Ladakh?

85. What is the IATA of Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport?

86. Ladakh is bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region on which side?
: Eastern Side

87. Which Indian state is on the southern side of Ladakh?
Himachal Pradesh

88. When was Ladakh International Film Festival inaugurated?

89. Which trophy is awarded at the Ladakh International Film Festival event?
Snow Leopard Trophy

Winners In 2012 Ladakh International Film Festival

1Best Feature FilmAlexandra David Neel
2Best Documentary FilmPartners in Crime
3Best Short FilAaliya
4Best DirectorBouli Lanners
5Best ActorBahram Radan
6Best ActressDominique Blanc

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90. When was Ladakh Buddhist Association founded?

91. Who are the founders of the Ladakh Buddhist Association?

1) King Jigmet Dadul Namgyal
2) Kalon Tsewang Rigzin
3) Kalon Bankapa Morup Gyaltsan
4) Munshi Sonam Tsewang

92. Khardung La Pass is the gateway to which two Valleys?
Shyok Valley and Nubra valley

93. The Shyok River of Ladakh is the tributary to which River?
Indus River

94. What is the meaning of the term “Shyok”?
The River of Death

95. The Nubra River of Ladakh is the tributary of which river?
Shyok River

96. At what height is the Nubra River located?
5,753 m (18,875 ft)

97. When was the Border Peace and Tranquility Agreement signed?

98. What is the nickname of Pangong Tso Lake?
The Mountain Tamers

99. What is the Motto of Project Himank?
Shramena Sarvam Sadhyam

100. When is BRO Day (Border Roads Organisation) celebrated?
7th May

Administration Of Ladakh

No.PositionOffice Bearer
1Lieutenant Governor of LadakhB. D. Mishra
2Advisor to the Lieutenant GovernorUmang Narula
3Commissioner SecretaryRigzin Sampheal
4Divisional CommissionerSaugat Biswas
5Inspector General of PoliceS. S. Khandare
6Deputy Commissioner Kargil DistrictSantosh Sukhadeve
7Chief Executive Councillor LAHDC KargilFeroz Ahmed Khan
8Deputy Commissioner Leh DistrictShrikant Balasaheb Suse
9Chief Executive Councillor LAHDC LehTashi Gyalson

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101. Who is the Director General of Himank?
Lt. Gen. Rajeev Chaudhary

102. Who is the Chief Engineer of Himank?
Brigadier Arvinder Singh

103. What is the ICAO of Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport?

104. At what height above sea level is the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport located?
3,256 m (10,682 ft)

105. Where is the headquarters of the Nubra Tehsil located?

106. When did the Indo-Pakistani War happen between India and Pakistan that occurred during the Bangladesh Liberation War?

107. At what height is Pangong Lake located?
4,225 m (13,862 ft)

108. Into how many sub-lakes is Pangong Tso divided?
: 5 (Pangong Tso, Tso Nyak, Rum Tso (twin lakes) and Nyak Tso)

109. What does the Tibetan name Dumra mean?
Valley of Flowers (Nubra is also called Dumra)

110. At what elevation is the Umling La Pass located?
19,300 feet (5,900 m)

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111. Where is the headquarters of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO)?
Seema Sadak Bhawan, New Delhi

112. When was Border Roads Organisation formed?
7 May 1960

113. Who is the Director General of the Border Roads Organisation?
Lt. Gen. Rajeev Chaudhary

114. What is the motto of the Border Roads Organisation?
Shramena Sarvam Sadhyam

115. Who is the first woman officer for the BRO road project along the border with China?
Vaishali S Hiwase

116. What is the Rank Group of the Indian Border Roads Organisation?

Director General

Additional Director General

Chief Engineer

Superintending Engineer

Executive Engineer (NFSG)

Executive Engineer

Assistant Executive Engineer

117. What is the length of the Zoji-la Tunnel?
14.2 km

118. Which National Highway will connect Zoji-la Tunnel?
NH 1

119. When did the operation for the Zoji-la Tunnel begin?
October 2020

120. In which district is Dras located?
Kargil District

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121. Which is the coldest place in India?
Dras (The Second Coldest Inhabited Place In The World)

122. Which place is often called “The Gateway to Ladakh”?

123. At what elevation is Dras located?
3,300 m (10,800 ft)

124. What is the other name of the Dras War Memorial?
Kargil War Memorial

125. When did Kargil War take place?

26. When did the Indian Army launch “Operation Vijay”?
May 1999 

127. When is Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated every year?
26 July

128. Who was the Prime Minister of India when the Kargil War took place?
Atal Bihari Vajpayee

129. Where does the National Highway 1 (NH 1) run in India?
Between the union territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

130. What is the total area of Leh?
9.15 km2

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131. What is the elevation of Leh?
3,500 m (11,500 ft)

132. What is the elevation of Tanglang La?
5,328 meters (17,480 ft)

133. In which Tehsil is Gia located?
Kharu tehsil

134. When was Namgyal Tsemo Monastery founded?

135. Who founded Namgyal Tsemo Monastery
King Tashi Namgyal of Ladakh

136. When was the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh established?
26 March 1928

137. Who is the current Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh (2023)?
N. Kotiswar Singh (Since 13 February 2023)

138. Who was the first Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh?
Answer: Kanwar Sain (27 Apr 1928–16 Feb 1931)

139. Which is the highest peak of Ladakh?
Saltoro Kangri [7,742 m (25,400 ft)]

140. Where is the lowest elevation of Ladakh located?
Indus River [2,550 m (8,370 ft)]

Chief Justices of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

No.Chief JusticeTerm InTerm Out
1Kanwar Sain27 Apr 192816 Feb 1931
2Birjor Dalal16 Feb 193124 Nov 1936
3Abdul Qayoom24 Nov 193620 Jul 1940
4Rachpal Singh13 Aug 194006 Mar 1942
5Ganga Nath24 Jun 194223 Oct 1945
6S.K. Ghose29 Mar 194629 Mar 1948
7Janki Nath Wazir30 Mar 194802 Dec 1967
8Syed Murtaza Fazl Ali03 Dec 196701 Apr 1975
9Raja Jaswant Singh02 Apr 197523 Jan 1976
10M.R.A. Ansari23 Jan 197608 Nov 1977
11Mian Jalal-ud-Din15 Feb 197822 Feb 1980
12Mufti Baha-ud-Din07 Mar 198323 Aug 1983
13Vazhakkulangarayil Khalid24 Aug 198324 Jun 1984
14Adarsh Sein Anand11 May 198523 Oct 1989
15S.S. Kang24 Oct 198914 May 1993
16S.C. Mathur10 Oct 199317 Mar 1994
17S. Sagir Ahmed18 Mar 199422 Sep 1994
18M. Ramakrishna10 Oct 199415 Jun 1997
19Bhawani Singh16 Jun 199721 Feb 2000
20B.P. Saraf21 Feb 200022 Aug 2001
21H.K. Sema12 Sep 200108 Apr 2002
22B.C. Patel16 May 200204 Mar 2003
23S.N. Jha04 Feb 200411 Oct 2005
24B.A. Khan25 Jan 200731 Mar 2007
25K.S. Radhakrishnan07 Jan 200828 Aug 2008
26Manmohan Sarin04 Sep 200819 Oct 2008
27Barin Ghosh03 Jan 200913 Apr 2010
28Dr. Aftab Hussain Saikia13 Apr 201006 Apr 2011
29F. M. Ibrahim Kalifulla24 Feb 201102 Apr 2012
30M. M. Kumar08 Jun 201204 Jan 2015
31N. Paul Vasanthakumar02 Feb 201514 Mar 2017
Ramalingam Sudhakar
16 Mar 201831 Mar 2018
32Badar Durrez Ahmed01 Apr 201715 Mar 2018
Ramalingam Sudhakar
16 Mar 201811 May 2018
Alok Aradhe
11 May 201811 Aug 2018
33Gita Mittal11 Aug 20188 Dec 2020
Rajesh Bindal
9 Dec 202003 Jan 2021
34Pankaj Mithal4 Jan 202112 Oct 2022
35Ali Mohammad Magrey13 Oct 202207 Dec 2022
Tashi Rabstan
8 Dec 2022Incumbent

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141. What was the Indus River known to the ancient Indians in Sanskrit?
Sindhu River

142. What does Zanskar mean?
White Copper

143. Shyok River flows through which side of Ladakh?
Northern Side

144. In which Tehsil is Bogdang located?
Nubra Tehsil

145. Which is the second-highest mountain on Earth?

146. When was Ladakh Union Territory Front formed?

147. Where is Zoji La located?

148. Which district of Himachal Pradesh is connected by the Bara-lacha Pass of Leh?
Lahaul district

149. What is the literal meaning of “Karakoram”?
Black Gravel

150. Which glacier is located in the eastern Karakoram range in the Himalayas?
Siachen Glacier

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151. Which place was founded as the capital of Ladakh (then called Maryul) by king Lhachen Palgyigon in the 10th century?
Answer: Shey

152. Which is the largest district of Ladakh?
Leh District (45,110 Km2)

153. Who is the Chief Secretary of Ladakh?
Rigzin Sampheal (IAS)

154. Who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh?
B. D. Mishra (12 February 2023)

155. When did Ladakh become part of the Dominion of India?
26 October 1947

156. Which is an eponymous community development block in southeast Ladakh?

List Of Elevation Of Different Places In Ladakh

No.Place In LadakhHeight (m)Height (ft)
1Zanskar2,825 m9,268 ft
2Shey3,250 m10,660 ft
3Basgo3,292 m10,801 ft
4Dras3,300 m10,800 ft
5Zoji La3,528 m11,575 ft
6Thikse Monastery3,600 m11,800 ft
7Likir Monastery3,700 m12,139 ft
8Namika La Pass3,700 m12,139 ft
9Rohtang Pass3,978 m13,051 ft
10Fotu La Pass4,108 m13,478 ft
11Pangong Tso4,225 m13,862 ft
12Pensi La Pass4,400 m14,436 ft
13Bara-Lacha La Pass4,892 m15,912 ft
14Lungalacha La Pass5,059 m16,598 ft
15Taglang La5,328 m17,480 ft
16Khardung La Pass5,359 m17,582 ft
17Chang La Pass5,360 m17,585 ft
18Saser La Pass5,411 m17,753 ft
19Karakoram Pass5,540 m18,176 ft
20Marsimik La Pass5,582 m18,314 ft
21Stok Kangri6,153 m20,187 ft
22Saltoro Kangri7,742 m25,400 ft
23Zanskar7,756 m25,446 ft

157. Which Padma Awards have not been received in Ladakh in 2022?
Padma Vibhushan & Padma Bhushan

158. Which Padma Award was received in Ladakh in 2022?
Padma Shri

159. How many awardees of Padma Shri are from Ladakh in 2022?
2 (Two)

160. Who were the two recipients of the Padma Shri Award from Ladakh in 2022?
Tsering Namgyal (Art) and Akhone Asgar Ali Basharat (Literature and Education)

161. Who was the first recipient of the Padma Shri Award from Ladakh?
Chewang Motup Goba (Trade & Industry) in 2020

162. Who received the Padma Shri Award from Ladakh in 2021?
Tsultrim Chonjor (Social Work)

163. Who is the first recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award from Ladakh?
Tsering Landol (Medicine) in 2020

Lieutenant Governors Of Ladakh

No.Lieutenant GovernorTerm InTerm Out
1R. K. Mathur31 Oct 201912 Feb 2023
2B. D. Mishra12 Feb 2023Incumbent
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