100+ GK On Mahatma Gandhi: Life, Family, Career, Movements

GK On Mahatma Gandhi

Last Updated: 4 March 2024

Do you know when the series of ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹500, and ₹1000 with Mahatma Gandhi’s Picture started?

Well, it was started back in 1996.

Mahatma Gandhi commonly called “Bapu” was an Indian Lawyer, Anti-Colonial Nationalist, and Political Ethicist. He was born in Gujarat in a Hindu family and became the leader of the Indian Independence Movement against the British Raj in India.

Gandhi was given the Honorific Title of “Father of The Nation”, with this point of view we can imagine what great works he has done for our country “India”.

Today we are going to learn about Mahatma Gandhi’s Life, Political Career, the Indian Independence Movement, and many more. Read all the GK On Mahatma Gandhi to learn more about him.

GK Question And Answer On Mahatma Gandhi

1. What is the Real Name of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

2. When was Mahatma Gandhi Born?

Answer: 2 October 1869

3. When did Mahatma Gandhi die?

Answer: 30 January 1948 (aged 78)

4. How did Mahatma Gandhi die?

Answer: Assassination (gunshot)

5. What was the age of Gandhi at the time of his marriage?

Answer: 13 Years

6. How old was Gandhi when he arrived in London to become a Barrister?

Answer: 19 Years

7. First Satyagraha Movement led by Gandhi in India?

Answer: Champaran Satyagraha (1917)

8. When did the Non-Cooperation Movement start?

Answer: 4th September 1920

9. Who started the Indian Independence Movement?

Answer: It was a series of activities that had the aim of ending British rule in India, so we can’t say who actually started the movement. However, the last phase of the self-rule principle was started in the 1920s by Mahatma Gandhi.

10. Timeline of the Indian Independence Movement?

Answer: 1857 – 1947

11. Major Movements started by Mahatma Gandhi?

1) Champaran Satyagraha (1917)
2) Kheda Satyagraha (1918)
3) Khilafat Movement (1919)
4) Non-cooperation movement (1920)
5) Salt March (1930)
6) Civil-Disobedience Movement (1930)
7) Quit India Movement (1942)

12. What are the other names of Salt March?

Answer: Salt Satyagraha, Dandi March, and Dandi Satyagraha

13. When did Salt Satyagraha start and end?

Answer: 12 Mar 1930 – 6 Apr 1930

14. When did the Quit India Movement start, demanding an end to British Rule?

Answer: 8 August 1942

15. Which station in South Africa was Mahatma Gandhi thrown out of the train?

Answer: Pietermaritzburg Station (June 7, 1893)

16. Indian Movie related to Keeda Satyagraha (1918)?

Answer: Lagaan (2001)

17. When did Champaran Satyagraha start?

Answer: 19 April 1917

18. Where was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Born?

Answer: Porbandar (Gujarat)

19. Name of Mahatma Gandhi‘s Wife?

Answer: Kasturba Gandhi

20. Who was the Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

21. Name of the Memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Raj Ghat (राज घाट)

22. Where did Mahatma Gandhi spend the last 144 days of his life?

Answer: Gandhi Smriti
Explanation: Formerly known as Birla House or Birla Bhavan

23. Who killed Gandhi?

Answer: Nathuram Vinayak Godse

24. How many shots did Nathuram Vinayak Godse shoot Gandhi?

Answer: 3 Shots (At Point Blank Range)

25. Where was Gandhi for 21 Years?

Answer: South Africa

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26. What was the age of Mahatma Gandhi when he went to South Africa?

Answer:  23 Years

27. Where did Gandhi study Law?

Answer: University College, London

28. Where did Mahatma Gandhi enroll to become a Barrister?

Answer: Inner Temple, London

29. Name of Gandhi’s children?

Answer: Ramdas Gandhi, Harilal Gandhi, Manilal Gandhi, and Devdas Gandhi

30. What is the Name of the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: The Story of My Experiments with Truth

31. Where was Mahatma Gandhi arrested for the first time?

Answer: Ahmedabad
Explanation: On 10 March 1922 Mahatma Gandhi was arrested and sentenced to 6-year jail on the charges of Sedition by British officials (However, he served only two years of that term).

32. How long was Dandi March?

Answer: 24 Days (12 March 1930 – 6 April 1930)

33. What is the name of the Political Agreement signed by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Lord Irwin?

Answer: Gandhi-Irwin Pact

34. When was the “Gandhi-Irwin Pact” signed?

Answer: 5th March 1931

35. Who gave the Slogan “Karo ya Maro”?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
Explanation: In the English Language, it means “Do or Die”. It was delivered by Mahatma Gandhi after a meeting of AICC (All India Congress Committee) which was held on 7th August 1942.

36. What are the Two Pillars of Gandhism?

Answer: Truth and Non-Violence (Satya & Ahimsa)

37. When did Mr. Gandhi move to South Africa?

Answer: 1893

38. When did Gandhi adopt the Indian loincloth (Dhoti)?

Answer: 1921

39. What was the Identification of charkha?

Answer: India’s Rural Poor

40. Which diet did Gandhi follow?

Answer: Vegetarian Diet

41. Where was the Honorific Title “Mahātmā” first applied to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi?

Answer: South Africa (1914)

42. What does “Mahātmā” mean in Sanskrit?

Answer: Great-Soul

43. Who were the parents of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Karamchand Gandhi (father) and Putlibai Gandhi (mother)

44. Who is the Author of Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi (Original: Gujarati)

45. Who translated Mahatma Gandhi’s Autobiography written in Gujarati “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”?

Answer: Mahadev Desai

46. How many times was Mahatma Gandhi nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Answer: Five Times
Explanation: Though Mr. Gandhi was nominated 5 times he did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

47. Who Founded the “Natal Indian Congress” (NIC)?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
Explanation: NIC was an organization founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1894 to fight discrimination against Indians in South Africa,

48. When did Gandhi return to India from South Africa?

Answer: 1915

49. What is Gandhi’s Birthday known as?

Answer: Gandhi Jayanti (2 October 1869)

50. Who was the Youngest Child of Gandhi?

Answer: Devdas Gandhi

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51. Where was Gandhi detained on being arrested for his Quit India Movement?
Answer: Aga Khan Palace Jail

52. Who met Gandhi a few minutes before he was shot dead on January 30, 1948?
Answer: Vallabhbhai Patel

53. Where was Gandhi when he was shot?
Answer: Prayer Meeting

54. What did Mr. Gandhi mean by ‘Swaraj’?
Answer: Self-Governance or Self-Rule

55. Who was the Private Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi?
Answer: Mahadev Desai

56. Where did Mohandas do his schooling?
Answer: Alfred High School (Rajkot)

57. What was the Profession of Gandhi’s Father?
Answer: Politician

58. How many Children did Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi have?
Answer: 4 (Four)

59. Name of Gandhi’s sister?
Answer: Raliatbehn Gandhi

60. Childhood Nickname of Gandhi?
Answer: Manu

61. How is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday (2nd October) celebrated worldwide?
Answer: International Day of Nonviolence

62. How many Siblings did Gandhi Have?
Answer: 2 Brothers and 1 Sister

63. Which day was Indian Independence Day and Gandhi’s Death Day?
Answer: Friday

64. Who asked Mahatma Gandhi to eat Meat to become strong?
Answer: Sheikh Mehtab

65. How old was Gandhi when his father died?
Answer: 16 Years

66. What vow did Gandhi make to his Mother before leaving for England?
Answer:  Abstain from Meat, Alcohol, and Women

67. Which Society did Gandhi join in London?
Answer:  London Vegetarian Society

68. In India who is the “Father of the Nation”?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

69. Which Currency Note was first Introduced with Gandhi’s Portrait?
Answer: 500

70. When was the First Gandhi’s Portrait printed on an Indian Currency Note?
Answer: October 1987
Explanation: Later in 1996 all the series of ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹500, and ₹1000 were printed with Gandhi’s Portrait.

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71. From whose writing did Gandhi get inspired for the Civil Disobedience Movement?
Answer: Henry David Thoreau

72. Who gave Gandhi the Title Mahātmā?
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

73. Where did Mahatma Gandhi start his first Satyagraha in India?
Answer: Champaran (Bihar)

74. Who led the Salt Satyagraha Movement with Gandhi?
Answer: Sarojini Naidu

75. Where did the Salt March led by Mahatma Gandhi take place?
Answer: Sabarmati (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

76. Where did Mahatma Gandhi make the first use of “Hunger Strike”?
Answer: Ahmedabad Strike (1918)

77. What was the Main motive of Gandhi to organize the Dandi March Movement?
Answer: Imposition of tax on salt

78. Where did Gandhi first say the Slogan “Do or Die”?
Answer: All India Congress Committee (AICC) Meeting (held on 7 August 1942)

79. What did Mahatma Gandhi consider Khadi as?
Answer:  Economic Independence

80. What does Sarvodaya stand for?
Answer: Universal Upliftment

81. What is Gandhi’s Death Day celebrated as?
Answer: Martyrs’ Day

82. When did Mahatma Gandhi visit Kerala for the first time?
Answer: August 18, 1920

83. When did Mahatma Gandhi visit Tail Nadu for the first time?
Answer: October 24, 1896

84. When did Mahatma Gandhi visit Karnataka for the first time?
Answer: 1915

85. Which Round Table Conference was attended by Gandhi?
Answer: Second Round Table Conference

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86. When was the Second Round Table Conference held?
Answer: August 29, 1931

87. Who is known as African Gandhi?
Answer: Nelson Mandela

88. What is the period referred to in Gandhi’s Autobiography?
Answer: 1869 – 1921

89. Who wrote the book “The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi”
Answer: Louis Fischer

90. Who is known as Gandhi of Bihar?
Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

91. In which language did Gandhi write his Autobiography?
Answer: Gujarati

92. Last Viceroy of British India?
Answer: Lord Mountbatten

93. Who called Gandhi a “Half naked Seditious Fakir”?
Answer: Winston Churchill

94. Who started a Weekly Paper named Young India in English?
Answer: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

95. Where did Gandhi start the Phoenix Settlement?
Answer: Durban (South Africa)

96. What was the age of Mahatma Gandhi when he died?
Answer: 78 Years

97. Which University was Gandhi invited to speak at the laying of the Foundation Stone?
Answer: Banaras Hindu University (1916)

98. The book “The words of Gandhi” was written by which Author?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi and Richard Attenborough

99. What did Gandhi call Subhas Chandra Bose?
Answer: Patriot

100. Why did Gandhi go to South Africa?
To work on a lawsuit

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101. When did Mahatma Gandhi find the Sabarmati Ashram?
Answer: 25 June 1915

102. Who was the Viceroy of India when Gandhi was arrested in March 1922?
Answer: Lord Reading

103. When was the “Declaration of Independence for India” or Purna Swaraj promulgated?
Answer: 26th January 1930

104. Which Important Act was passed by the British Parliament in August 1935?
Answer: The Government of India Act, 1935

105. What Personal tragedy did Gandhi suffer in 1943?
Answer: Kasturba Gandhi Death (Wife)

106. What was Mahatma Gandhi commonly called?
Answer: Bapu

107. Who Encouraged Indians to Boycott British goods and Buy Indian goods?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

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