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Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Last Updated: 27 November 2023

Do you know who invented the First Mechanical Computer?

Well, it was Charles Babbage who invented the First Mechanical Computer, he is also known as the Father of the Computer.

The Invention of the Computer led to a Revolution in Human Civilization. It has solved Great Problems for Human Beings and has helped in many Life-Changing Inventions.

In this article, you will learn about Computers from Basic to Advanced levels. This article is going to be a little long, so keep a Little Patience because you will get all the Questions and Answers that you’re looking for.

This article includes topics like Computer Viruses, Operating Systems, Hardware, Software, Full Forms, Comparisons, Inventors, Important Dates, etc

Read all the Computer General Knowledge Questions and Answers to boost your Knowledge.

Basic Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. What are the 6 Main Components of a Computer?

1) Storage Unit
2) Control Unit
3) Input Unit
4) Output Unit
5) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
6) Central Processing Unit (CPU)

2. What are the 3 Components of the CPU?

1) Memory Unit.
2) Control Unit.
3) Arithmetic Logic Unit

3. How many Bits are in a Single-Byte?

Answer: Eight Bits (8 Bits)

4. How many Megabyte makes one Gigabyte?

Answer: 1024 MB (1000 MB Standard)

5. Who is Called Livewares?

Answer: People who work with Computers

6. Who Invented the Mechanical Calculator known as Pascaline?

Answer: Blaise Pascal

7. Which Computer Unit Performs all Mathematical and Logical Functions?

Answer: Central Processing Unit (CPU)

8. Which Electronic Components were used in First Generation Computers?

Answer: Vacuum Tubes

9. Which Program runs on a Computer when the Computer Boots up?

Answer: Operating System

10. What Types of Devices are Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick?

Answer: Input Devices

11. What was the First Version of Windows called?

Answer: Interface Manager (1983)

12. What was the Code Name for Windows Vista?

Answer: Longhorn

13. What Type of Format is HTML?

Answer: Document File Format

14. What is the Name of the Software that Allows us to Browse the Internet?

Answer: Browser

15. Why do Cache and Main Memory lose their Contents when the Power is Off?

Answer: Because they are Volatile
Explanation: Volatile Memory is stored in a Computer Memory that only maintains its data while the device is powered.

16. Which Technology is used in a CD Drive?

Answer: Optical Laser

17. Which type of Software are MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Word?

Answer: Application Software

18. Which Company made Windows Operating System?

Answer: Microsoft Corporation

19. What is the Name of the First Microprocessor?

Answer: Intel 4004

20. What is the “Intel Company” Famous for?

Answer: Intel is the world’s Largest Semiconductor Chip manufacturer. Intel’s processors are found in most Personal Desktop Computers and Laptops

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21. What are C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, and Python?

Answer: Computer Programming Languages

22. What are .doc, .pdf, .txt, .png, and .Jpg called?

Answer: Computer File Extensions

23. What is the name of the Arrow Symbol Position Indicator on a Computer Display?

Answer: Cursor

24. What is the Name of the Process when the Operating System Runs?

Answer: Booting

25. Which Computer Memory Stores Data “Temporarily”?

Answer: Random Acces Memory

26. What is the name of the Set of Instructions that directs a Computer’s Hardware to perform a Task?

Answer: Computer Program

27. Which Programming Language was used by the First Generation Computers?

Answer: Machine language

28. Which Programming Language was used by the Second Generation Computers?

Answer: Assembly language

29. Name the First General-Purpose Electronic Computer?

Answer: UNIVAC

30. Who is known as the Human-Computer of India?

Answer: Shakuntala Devi

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31. Which Programming Language is used by Apple Computers?

Answer: Swift Language

32. Who is the Father of the Computer?

Answer: Charles Babbage

33. Who is the Father of Motherboard?

Answer: Reed Ghazala

34. When is World Computer Literacy Day?

Answer: 2 December

35. Name the Computer Engineer who received Nobel Prize for literature in 2003?

Answer: J.M. Coetzee

36. Which is the Physical Part of the Computer System?

Answer: Computer Hardware

37. Which Electronic Device Processes the Data converting it into Information?

Answer: Processor

38. What are the Three Types of Computer Bus?

1) Data Bus
2) Control Bus
3) Address Bus

39. Who Invented WWW (World Wide Web)?

Answer: Sir Tim Berners-Lee (1989)

40. What does BIOS stand for?

Answer: Basic Input/Output System

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41. Where does a Computer perform Addition and Comparison of Data?

Answer: Central Processing Unit (CPU)

42. Where is Temporary Data stored in a Computer?

Answer: Random Access Memory (RAM)

43. Where is Permanent Data stored in a Computer?

Answer: Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD)

44. In what form is the Data Stored in the Memory of a Computer?

Answer: Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, etc

45. Who is the Father of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Answer: John McCarthy

46. Name of the World’s First Successful Electronic Computer?

Answer: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer(ENIAC)

47. What is Computer Virus?

Answer: It is a malicious Software or a Program that can reproduce itself by rewriting other accessible PC programs and embedding its own code. After Successful replication, the affected areas are said to be “infected” with a Computer Virus.

48. What is the name of the Standalone Malware Computer Program that replicates itself to spread to other Computers?

Answer: Computer Worm

49. How many Bits is One Nibble?

Answer: 4 Bits

50. What is the Name of the Computer’s Memory?

Answer: RAM

List Of Top 10 Programming Languages and Their Developers

1BASICJohn Kemeny & Thomas Kurtz
2CDennis Ritchie
3C++Bjarne Stroustrup
4C#Anders Hejlsberg
5JavaJames Gosling
6JavaScriptBrendan Eich
7PerlLarry Wall
8PHPRasmus Lerdorf
9PythonGuido van Rossum
10SwiftChris Lattner

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Basic List Of All Computer Related Full-Forms

1BASICBeginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
2BitBinary Digit
3BIOSBasic Input/Output System
4CDCompact Disc
5COMPUTERCommon Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research
6CPUCentral Processing Unit
7DVDDigital Video Disc
8FATFile Allocation Table
9HDDHard Disk Drive
10HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
11IBMInternational Business Machines
12I/OInput & Output
13ISPInternet Service Provider
14UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
15URLUniform Resource Locator.
16VIRUSVital Information Resources Under Seize
17WiFiWireless Fidelity
18WANWide Area Network
19WORMWrite Once Read Many
20WLANWireless Local Area Network
Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers: Advanced

Advanced Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. What is the Name of the Technique for Assigning a Memory Address to each Input/Output Device in the Security Account Manager System?
Answer: Memory-Mapped I/O

2. How is Forward Reference Table (FRT) Arranged?
Answer: Linked list

3. Which Computer Program does Storage Mapping?
Answer: Compiler

4. What is the Binary Value of 100?
Answer: 1100100

5. Which Program is Available for Computer Users as a part of the Software Package?
Answer: Program Library

6. Which Type of Computer is found in a Digital Watch?
Answer: Embedded Computer

7. Name of the Information in Memory that is no Longer Valid or Wanted?
Answer: Garbage

8. What is the Name of the First Computer Worm?
Answer: Morris Worm

9. Which Computer Programs Manage the Hardware/Software of a Computer?
Answer: Operating System

10. Who is the Co-Founder of Microsoft?
Answer: Paul Allen

11. Which Loader is Executed when a Computer System is First Turned On?
Answer: Bootstrap Loader

12. How much is 1 KB in MB?
Answer: 0.001 MB

13. What is the Name of the First Computer Virus?
Answer: Creeper System

14. Which is the First Computer Virus in India?
Answer: The Brain Virus

15. What is the Name of the Program that can Cope with Data Errors?
Answer: Robust Program

List Of Top 10 Computer Brands & Their Founders

1AcerStan Shih
Carolyn Yeh
2AppleSteve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
Ronald Wayne
3ASUST.H. Tung
M.T. Liao
Wayne Hsieh
Ted Hsu
4DellMichael S. Dell
5HPBill Hewlett
David Packard
6LenovoLiu Chuanzhi
7LogitechDaniel Borel
Pierluigi Zappacosta
Giacomo Marini
Jean-Luc Mazzone
8MicrosoftBill Gates
Paul Allen
9SamsungLee Byung-Chul
10ToshibaTanaka Hisashige
Ichisuke Fujioka

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16. What is the Smallest Unit of Data in a Computer?
Answer: Bit

17. In which Generation of Computer Transistors were used?
Answer: Second Generation

18. What is the Decimal Value of Binary Value 1111110?
Answer: 126

19. What are Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9?
Answer: Intel Processor Names

20. What are Powerful Types of Computers called?
Answer: SuperComputers

21. What are the 5 Examples of SuperComputers?
1) JAGUAR- Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2) ROADRUNNER- Los Alamos National Laboratory
3) PLEIADES- NASA Ames Research Center
4) JUGENE- Juelich Supercomputing Centre
5) KRAKEN- National Institute for Computational Sciences

22. What is the function of the Alt+F4 Key? 
Answer: Closes the Currently Open Program

23. What is the function of the F5 Key?
Answer: Refresh a Web Page

24. What is a Programming Language Processor?
Answer: It is a Computer Program that translates programs written in one Programming Language to another Programming Language

25. What is the Most Common Type of Storage Device?
Answer: Magnetic Storage and Flash Memory

26. What is the Extension of Microsoft Office Word?
Answer: .docx

27. Who designed the QWERTY Keyboard?
Answer: Christopher Latham Sholes

28. What did Charles Babbage (The Father of Computers) invent?
1) Difference Engine
2) Pilot (Locomotive)
3) Analytical Engine

29. What is the name of the First Operating System for Apple Computers?
Answer: Apple DOS

30. What does Mac mean in Apple Computers?
Answer: Macintosh

List Of Computer Devices And Their Inventors

No.Who InventedInventor
1ComputerCharles Babbage
2Compact Disc (CD)James Russell
3MouseDouglas Engelbart
4QWERTY KeyboardChristopher Latham Sholes
5Inkjet PrinterIchiro Endo
6JoystickRalph H. Bear
7Laser PrinterGary Starkweather
8Photocopier (Xerox)Chester Carlson
9WebcamPaul Jardetzky
10USBAjay Bhatt

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31. Which Supercomputer was developed in India?
Answer: PARAM 8000

32. When was Windows 10 released to the Public?
Answer: July 29, 2015

33. What is Picture Element known in Short?
Answer: Pixel

34. Which Device can be both Physical Input and an Output Device?
Answer: Monitor, Speaker, and Printer

35. What is used for sending Control Messages and Errors?
Answer: Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

36. Which is more secure HTTP or HTTPS?
Answers: HTTPS

37. What is the Function of USB?
Answers: It is a Cross-Platform Technology where you can transfer data from one device to another.

38. What is the Name given to Good Hackers who discover Security Vulnerabilities Legally?
Answers: White Hat Hackers

39. What are the Examples of Linear Data Structures?
Answers: Array, Stacks, Queue, Linked List

40. How many Buses are connected to 8085 Intel Microprocessors?
Answers: 3 (Three)

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41. What is the function of Medium Access Control (MAC)?
Answers: It controls the transmission of data packets via remotely shared channels and is also responsible for encapsulating frames so that they are suitable for transmission via the physical medium.

42. What is the Unit of Clock Speed that we see on a Computer Screen?
Answers: Gigahertz (GHz) 

43. What is the Command for System Information in Windows Command Prompt?

44. What is POP3?
Answers: Standard Protocol for receiving E-mails

45. How many Bits does the Intel 8085 Microprocessor have?
Answers: 8-Bit

46. How many Bits are used in the Data Bus?
Answers: 64 Bits (32 Till 2012)

47. Why are File Extensions used?
Answers: To identify the File Type

48. What do a Microprocessor unit, Memory unit, and Input/Output unit form?
Answers: Microcomputer

49. What is the Symbol used by the Hexadecimal Number System?
Answers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,, 9 and A, B, C, D, E, F

50. In which year did Supercomputer Deep Blue developed by IBM beat chess wizard Garry Kasparov?
Answers: 1997

Advanced List Of All Computer Related Full-Forms

1ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
2ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
3APIApplication Programming Interface
5CMOSComplementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
6EPROMErasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
8GUIGraphical User Interface
9ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
10NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
11OOPSObject-Oriented Programming System
12PATAParallel Advanced Technology Attachment
13PINGPacket InterNet Groper
14SAMSecurity Account Manager
15SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment
16SMPSSwitch Mode Power Supply
17SSLSecure Sockets Layer
18UNIVACUniversal Automatic Computer
19WBMPWireless Bitmap Image
20XMLeXtensible Markup Language

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Interview Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers: Introduction And Fundamentals

Interview Computer General Knowledge Questions: Introduction & Fundamentals

1. How was the First Coding Language made?
Answer: The First Codes or Programs were all written in Machine Code using the 1’s and 0’s combined to make Instructions.

2. What is the Other Name of Morris Worm?
Answer: Internet Worm

3. What is the Perl Programming Language used for?
Answer: System Administration, Network Programming, GUI Development, Web Development, etc

4. What is the Lisp Programming Language used for?
Answer: Emacs and the Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

5. What is the Name of the First Compiler?

6. Who Wrote the First Implemented Compiler?
Answer: Grace Hopper

7. What is JDK?
Answer: Java Development Kit

8. Who is the Father of Coding?
Answer: Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie

9. What language is Python written in?
Answer: C Language

10. What are the 4 types of Programming Languages?
1) Imperative
2) Functional
3) Logical
4) Object-Oriented

11. What does ANSI Stand for?
Answer: American National Standards Institute

12. What is the Full Form of BASIC?
Answer: Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

13. What is the use of SQL?
Answer: Structured Query Language (SQL) is used for performing tasks such as updating data on a database and retrieving data from a database

14. Who is the Man behind C++?
Answer: Bjarne Stroustrup

15. Why is Matlab Useful?
Answer: It is designed for mathematical and scientific purposes that has plenty of tools to deal with most areas of Mathematics. Matlab typically uses Math and computation.

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16. What is the use of CSS?
Answer: Developing Internet Webpages

17. Name the Two most commonly used Programming Languages for Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Scripts?
Answer: Perl and C++

18. What is Beta Testing?
Answer: A Trial Test of Software or Other Products in the Final Stages of Development and before the Commercial Launch.

19. Who is the Mother of Programming?
Answer: Ada Lovelace

20. Which is the Oldest Computer Language?
Answer: Fortran (1957)

21. Which programming language is called the Mother of all Languages?
Answer: C Language

22. What is the Main Difference between C and C++?
Answer: C is a Procedural Oriented Programming Language while C++ is a combination of both Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming Languages.

23. What is the use of RAM and ROM?
RAM: Temporary Memory when the Computer is Running
ROM: Boot the Computer

24. What is the Main Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller?
Answer: Microprocessor has a CPU Inside Them and Microcontroller has a CPU in Addition.

25. What is the One Difference between Structure and Union?
Structure is a User-Defined Data Type and Union is a Special Data Type

26. Which Keys are called as Modifiers in a Keyboard?
Answer: Shift, Function, Control, Alt

27. Which Key can be used for Renaming Files and Folders?
Answer: F2

28. Which are the Widely used Scripting Language?
Answer: JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, VBScript, Ruby, ASP

29. How many ways can the Floating-Point Operation be carried out?
Answer: 3 (Three)

30. What is the use of the Arithmetic Logic Unit?
Answer: To perform Arithmetic and Logical Operations

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31. What is the Tagline of Google?
Answer: Don’t Be Evil

32. What is the Tagline of Microsoft?
Answer: Be What’s Next

33. Who is the founder of
Answer: Ajit Balakrishnan

34. When was Gmail Launched?
Answer: 1 April 2004

35. Name of the first Email Service?
Answer: ARPANET mail

36. What is the Full Form of COBOL?
Answer: Common Business-Oriented Language

37. What are IC Chips made of?
Answer: Silicon

38. Which is the First Windows Server?
Answer: Windows NT 3.1 (27 July 1993)

39. What is the Code Name for Windows 10?
Answer: Threshold and Redstone

40. What is an Example of Non-Volatile Memory?
Answer: ROM, Flash Memory, SSD, Hard Disk

41. Who Discovered the Internet?
Vinton Gray Cerf and Robert Elliot Kahn

42. Name the World’s First Search Engine?
Answer: Archie

43. Which was the First Web Browser?
Answer: WorldWideWeb

44. Where is BIOS stored?
Answer: Flash Memory Chip

45. MS Word is an example of a?
Answer: Application Software

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46. What is the Name of the Structure when data moves through Networks?
Answer: Packets

47. Who is the Founder of Bluetooth?
Answer: Jaap Haartsen (At Ericsson)

48. Which Computer Component is considered as the Heart of a Computer?
Answer: Microprocessor

49. DNS refers to?
Answer: Domain Name System

50. What is the Port Number of POP3?
Answer: 110

51. First Website on the Internet?
Answer: CERN (Address:

52. How many Bits are there in IPv6 address?
Answer: 128 Bits

53. How are Web Pages Created?
Answer: Using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

54. In which field Email Addresses are visible to all Recipients?
Answer:  CC (Carbon Copy)
Explanation: Email Addresses in the BCC Field of a Message are invisible only to the Recipients of the email.

55. How many Types of Memory are there?
Answer: Primary Memory (RAM, ROM) and Secondary Memory (Hard drive, CD, SSD)

56. What is Cache?
Answer: Type of Data stored in a Computer’s Memory so that future requests for that Data can be Served Faster.

57. What is the full form of a PDF?
Answer: Portable Document Format

58. What is the Binary Value of A and Z?
Answer: A: 01000001 and Z: 01011010

59. What are the ASCII Values for “A to Z” and “a to z”?
Answer: 65 to 90 and 97 to 122

60. Who is the Father of Indian Supercomputing?
Answer: Vijay Bhatkar

Tagline Of Famous Companies

1AmazonWork hard. Have Fun. Make History
2AppleThink Different
3DellThe Power To Do More
4HPKeep Reinventing
6LenovoFor Those Who Do
7OracleCan’t Break It, Can’t Break-In
8GoogleDon’t Be Evil
9MicrosoftBe What’s Next
10SonyMake Believe

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Important Dates In Computer History

1Amazon05 July 1994
2Apple01 April 1976
3Baidu01 January 2000
4Blogger23 August 1999
5BitTorrent22 September 2004
6Dell01 February 198
7FacebookFebruary 2004
8Google04 September 1998
9HP01 January 1939
10IBM16 June 1911
11Microsoft04 April 1975
12Oracle16 June 1977
13Wikipedia15 January 2001
14YahooJanuary 1994
15YouTube14 February 2005

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