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Last Updated: 28 March 2024

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  • Quiz on Sports Personalities
  • Quiz on Sports Terminology
  • Football Quiz
  • Sport Personalities Nicknames
  • Important Sports Dates, etc

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Quiz On Sports For Competitive Exams

1. After how many Year’s FIFA World Cup held?
a) 2 Years
b) 3 Years
c) 4 Years
d) Every Year

2. Which Country won the first FIFA World Cup?
a) Argentina
b) Uruguay
c) Italy
d) Brazil

3. Who won the first ICC World Cup?
a) India
b) West Indies
c) England
d) Australia

4. Who won the first T20 World Cup?
a) Pakistan
b) India
c) Sri Lanka
d) West Indies

5. Who is known as the Flying Sikh?
a) Michael Johnson
b) Usain Bolt
c) Milkha Sing
d) Carl Lewis

6. Who has the Highest Number of Gold Medals in Olympic History?
a) Larisa Latynina
b) Mark Spitz
c) Michael Phelps
d) Saina Nehwal

7. What is the 100m World Record of Usain Bolt?
a) 14.35 Sec
b) 9.58 Sec
c) 9.05 Sec
d) 10.12 Sec

8. What is the Women’s World Record for the 100-Meter Dash?
a) 12.35 Sec
b) 10.45 Sec
c) 9.55 Sec
d) 10.49 Sec

9. Where is the Famous Boxer Mary Kom from?
a) Manipur
b) Mizoram
c) Nagaland
d) Tripura

10. How many FIFA World Cup has been played till 2022?
a) 29
b) 52
c) 22
d) 14

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11. How many times has India won the Men’s Hockey World Cup in the Olympics?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 0

12. Which Female has the Most Olympic Gold Medals in Olympic History?
a) Birgit Fischer
b) Marit Bjørgen
c) Larisa Latynina
d) Jenny Thompson

13. Who is known as “The Baltimore Bullet”?
a) Roger Federer
b) Usain Bolt
c) Michael Phelps
d) Michael Jordan

14. Who is the first Indian Badminton Player to win an Olympic Medal?
a) Srikanth Kidambi
b) P.V. Sindhu
c) P.V. Nehwal
d) Saina Nehwal

15. Which Sport is Performed by the Legend “Muhammad Ali”?
a) Weight Lifting
b) Swiming
c) Boxing
d) Shooting

16. When was the first FIFA World Cup held?
a) 1930
b) 1925
c) 1934
d) 1818

17. When did Cristiano Ronaldo join Juventus Football Club?
a) 2017
b) 2018
c) 2019
d) 2016

18. Which Country has Won the Most World Snooker Championships?
a) Wales
b) Scotland
c) England
d) Australia

19. Who holds the World Record for Solving Rubik’s Cube at 3.47 Seconds?
a) Feliks Zemdegs
b) Yusheng Du
c) Patrick Ponce
d) Max Park

20. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2018?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Portugal
d) Uraguay

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21. Who is the Undisputed World Chess Champion from 2007–2013?
a) Viswanathan Anand
b) Vladimir Kramnik
c) Magnus Carlsen
d) Veselin Topalov

22. Where is Magnus Carlsen from?
a) England
b) UK
c) Norway
d) Germany

23. Which is the Largest Football Stadium in the World?
a) Salt Lake Stadium
b) Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
c) AT&T Stadium
d) Melbourne Cricket Ground

24. What are the National Sports of China?
a) Table Tennis
b) Baseball
c) Cricket
d) Swimming

25. What is the National Game of the USA?
a) Tennis
b) Soccer
c) Baseball
d) Basket Ball

26. What is the World Record of Clean & Jerk Men’s 105 Kg Weightlifting?
a) 224 Kg
b) 206 Kg
c) 237 Kg
d) 436 Kg

27. Who is given the Nickname “God of Cricket”?
a) Ricky Ponting
b) MS Dhoni
c) Sachin Tendulkar
d) Anil Kumble

28. Who has won 23 Grand Slam Singles Titles in Women’s Tennis?
a) Sania Mirza
b) Serena Williams
c) Ashleigh Barty
d) Venus Williams

29. Who has the Highest Number of Medals in the Olympic Shooting event?
a) Willis A. Lee
b) Carl Osburn
c) Ole Lilloe-Olsen
d) Alfred Lane

30. Which Country won the most FIFA World Cups?
a) Germany
b) Argentina
c) Brazil
d) France

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31. Who won the Most Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing World Championship?
a) Giacomo Agostini
b) Ángel Nieto
c) Mike Hailwood
d) Carlo Ubbiali

32. What is the National Game of India?
a) Kabaddi
b) Hockey
c) Cricket
d) Football

33. Which Sport is Ronnie O’Sullivan famous for?
a) Poker
b) Snooker
c) Tennis
d) Chess

34. What is the Full Name of the Famous Football Player Ronaldo?
a) Cristiano Santos Ronaldo
b) Cristiano Ronaldo Santos Aveiro
c) Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
d) Cristiano dos Ronaldo

35. Who is the Only Person to Win 6 Olympic Gold Medals in Archery?
a) Justin Huish
b) Hubert Van Innis
c) Kim Soo-Nyung
d) Park Kyung-mo

36. Which Sport is Mark Spitz popularly known for?
a) Golf
b) Snooker
c) Swimming
d) Cycling

37. Which Sport is Valentino Rossi Known for?
a) Swiming
b) Motorcycle Racing
c) Cycling
d) Formula One

38. What is the current World Record for Men’s High Jump in the Olympic Event?
a) 5.45 m
b) 4.45 m
c) 3.45 m
d) 2.45 m

39. When was Virat Kohli Selected as the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team (ODI)?
a) 2019
b) 2013
c) 2017
d) 2014

40. Which Sport does Roger Federer play?
a) Volleyball
b) Tennis
c) Table Tennis
d) Badminton

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41. When did Michael Jordan retire?
a) 2004
b) 2003
c) 2005
d) 2013

42. What is the National Game of Japan?
a) Boat Racing
b) Wrestling
c) Sipa
d) Sumo

43. What is the National Game of Spain?
a) Wrestling
b) Football
c) Basket Ball
d) Baseball

44. What is the National Sports of Brazil?
a) Football
b) Pato
c) Capoeira
d) Oina

45. What is the National Game of New Zealand?
a) Archery
b) Rugby Union
c) Cricket
d) Golf

46. Which Team did Kobe Bryant play for?
a) Chicago Bulls
b) Golden State Warriors
c) Los Angeles Lakers
d) Miami Heat

47. What is the Standard Size of a Football Pitch?
a) 105 x 45 m
b) 150 x 68 m
c) 105 x 68 m
d) 200 x 150 m

48. When did India win its first Olympic Gold Medal?
a) 1948
b) 1952
c) 1928
d) 1964

49. What is the National Sports of Canada?
a) Cricket
b) Ice hockey
c) Field Hockey
d) Football

50. Which Country has Volleyball as its National Sport?
a) Nepal
b) Brazil
c) Cuba
d) Philippines

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51. Which Country has Buzkashi as their National Sport?
a) Argentina
b) Afghanistan
c) Bhutan
d) Puerto Rico

52. Who Won the Most Ballon d’Or Award?
a) Marco van Basten
b) Cristiano Ronaldo
c) Lionel Messi
d) Michel Platini

53. Where did Snooker Game Originate from?
a) Austria
b) England
c) India
d) Wales

54. Which Country calls Football Soccer?
a) USA
b) India
c) China
d) UK

55. What is the distance of the Marathon Race?
a) 100 Km
b) 52.195 Km
c) 42.195 Km
d) 10 Km

56. What is the Number of Players in Hockey?
a) 10
b) 11
c) 12
d) 9

57. How many Ballon d’Or Awards does Cristiano Ronaldo have?
a) 6
b) 10
c) 7
d) 5

58. Which Sport does Indian “Somdev Devvarman” play?
a) Tennis
b) Kabaddi
c) Chess
d) Badminton

59. At what age Valentino Rossi became the first Rider to contest his 400th Grand Prix?
a) 39
b) 50
c) 40
d) 29

60. Which country hosted the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023?
a) Pakistan
b) India
c) Sri Lanka
d) Bangladesh

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61. What is the National Sports of Bangladesh?
a) Kabaddi
b) Volleyball
c) Cricket
d) Swimming

62. Who won Gold from India at the 2008 Summer Olympics?
a) Rajyavardhan Singh
b) Abhinav Bindra
c) Rathore Vijay Kumar
d) Gagan Narang

63. Which Country does Lionel Messi belong to?
a) PSG
b) Argentina
c) Portugal
d) FC Barcelona

64. What is Ranji Trophy Tournament?
a) Volleyball
b) Kabaddi
c) Football
d) Cricket

65. Which Sport does Internet Sensation “Dan Bilzerian” play?
a) Shooting
b) Poker
c) Chess
d) Weight Lifting

66. After how many years the Olympic Games are held?
a) 3 Years
b) 4 Years
c) 2 Years
d) 1 Year

67. Where did the first Olympics take place?
a) Berlin
b) Paris
c) Athens
d) Amsterdam

68. What do the 5 Rings in the Olympic Flag represent?
a) 5 Cities Of The World
b) 5 Countries Of The World
c) 5 Continents Of The World
d) 5 Sports Of The World

69. Which City will host the 2028 Olympic Games?
a) London
b) Los Angeles
c) Paris
d) Beijing

70. What does the Blue Color Ring represent in the Olympic Rings?
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) Africa
d) Oceania

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71. How many Olympic Medals does Michael Phelps have?
a) 6
b) 23
c) 28
d) 52

72. Which was the first Sport played on the Moon?
a) Golf
b) Tennis
c) Badminton
d) Archery

73. Which Racing Sport does Sebastian Vettel perform?
a) MotoGP
b) Formula One
c) Auto Racing
d) Asphalt

74. How many Dimples does a Golf Ball have?
a) 100-200 Dimples
b) 200-250 Dimples
c) 300-500 Dimples
d) 500-600 Dimples

75. What is Magnus Carlsen famous for?
a) Ludo
b) Chess
c) Poker
d) Billiards

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76. When was the first Olympic Event Cancelled?
a) 1908
b) 1916
c) 1915
d) 1924

77. Who Made the World Record for Men’s Long Jump?
a) Bob Beamon
b) Mike Powell
c) Carl Lewis
d) Juan Miguel

78. What is the Women’s Olympic Record of the Long Jump?
a) 7.20 m
b) 7.40 m
c) 7.52 m
d) 5.20 m

79. In 1928 Which Countries held the Olympics?
a) Switzerland and France
b) Japan and Germany
c) Switzerland and Netherlands
d) Netherlands and Belgium

80. When was the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing Season Inaugurated?
a) 1997
b) 1949
c) 1914
d) 2003

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81. After how many Minutes Half Time starts in a Football match?
a) 30 Mins
b) 39 Mins
c) 45 Mins
d) 40 Mins

82. What is the Full Form of the NBA?
a) National Premier Basketball Association
b) North Basketball Association
c) National Bundesliga Association
d) National Basketball Association

83. How many Umpires are there in a Cricket Match?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

84. What is WCA?
a) World Council Association
b) Wide Cube Association
c) World Cube Association
d) Women Cube Association

85. The term Beamer is Associated with which Sport?
a) Football
b) Swiming
c) Hockey
d) Cricket

86. The Sport “Jallikattu” belongs to which Country?
a) China
b) India
c) Sri Lanka
d) Bangladesh

87. Narain Karthikeyan was the First ______  from India?
a) Car Racer
b) Formula One Driver
c) MotoGP Racer
d) Cyclist

88. Who is a Jockey?
a) Who Rides a Bull
b) Who Rides a Dirt Bike
c) Who Rides a BMX
d) Who Rides a Horse

89. Who invented the Penalty Kick in Football?
a) Pelé
b) Diego Maradona
c) William McCrum
d) David Beckham

90. Where was the first Commonwealth Games held?
a) Canada
b) USA
c) Mexico
d) Chile

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91. Which Year did Mary Kom win the Bronze at the Olympics?
a) 2008
b) 2012
c) 2016
d) 2004

92. Which Sport has the Term “Butterfly Stroke”?
a) Table Tennis
b) Boating
c) Swiming
d) MotoGP

93. What is the Maximum Permitted length of the Cricket Bat?
a) 36″
b) 38″
c) 40″
d) 42″

94. Which is the Largest Stadium in India?
a) Eden Gardens
b) Buddh International Circuit
c) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
d) Kalinga Stadium

95. Who’s Autobiography is Named as “Sandy storm”?
a) Sachin Tendulkar
b) Roger Binny
c) Sandeep Patil
d) Sunil Gavaskar

96. Dhyan Chand was a Legendary ______?
a) Kabaddi Player
b) Hockey Player
c) Cricketer
d) Chess Grandmaster

97. When was the first Commonwealth Games held?
a) 1930
b) 2002
c) 1997
d) 1814

98. What is the Wimbledon Championship?
a) Tennis
b) Table Tennis
c) Golf
d) Archery

99. Thomas Cup is related to?
a) Cricket
b) Basket Ball
c) Badminton
d) Tennis

100. What is the National Sport of Bhutan?
a) Volleyball
b) Tennis
c) Archery
d) Badminton

101. Neeraj Chopra is an Olympic Champion in which sport?
a) Badminton
b) Table Tennis
c) Javelin Throw
d) Boxing

102. What was the length of the throw that led Neeraj Chopra to win an Olympic gold medal in the Men’s Javelin throw?
a) 84.58
b) 85.58
c) 86.58
d) 87.58

103. Saikhom Mirabai Chanu is an Olympic Champion in which sport?
a) Athletics
b) Hockey
c) Wrestling
d) Weightlifting

104. In which category of weightlifting did Mirabai Chanu participate to win Silver Medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
a) 45kg
b) 49kg
c) 55kg
d) 59Kg

105. Which Country won the FIFA World Cup 2022?
a) Argentina
b) France
c) Germany
d) Spain

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