List of Programming Languages and Their Developers (2024)

Programming Languages and Their Developers

Last Updated: 27 November 2023

Do You Know Which Programming Language Is The First High-Level Language?

Well, It was FORTRAN which is also known as Formula Translation, Formula Translator that was created in 1954 by John Backus at IBM.

In this article, You can learn all the Popular Programming Language that was ever created to Compute and Solve Human Problems and Increase Efficiency in Problem-Solving.

Read all the Programming Languages and Their Developers and tell us which is your favorite Programming Language.

Programming Languages and Their Developers

No.Programming LanguageDeveloper
1ALGOLFriedrich Bauer
2AMPLBrian Kernighan
3Assembly LanguageKathleen Booth
4AWKBrian Kernighan
5BASIC1) John Kemeny
2) Thomas Kurtz
6B LanguageKen Thompson
7C LanguageDennis Ritchie
8C++Bjarne Stroustrup
9C#Anders Hejlsberg
10ClojureRich Hickey
11COBOLGrace Murray Hopper
12D LanguageWalter Bright
13FORTRANJohn Backus
14FortressGuy Lewis Steele Jr
15F#Don Syme
16GO Language1) Rob Pike
2) Ken Thompson
17HaskellPhilip Wadler
18IconRalph Griswold
19JavaJames Gosling
20JavaScriptBrendan Eich
21LimboRob Pike
22LispJohn McCarthy
23LuaRoberto Ierusalimschy
24Modula-2Niklaus Wirth
25Manchester Mark 1Cicely Popplewell
26MathematicaStephen Wolfram
27NewspeakGilad Bracha
28OCamlXavier Leroy
29PascalNiklaus Wirth
30PerlLarry Wall
31PHPRasmus Lerdorf
32PrologAlain Colmerauer
33PythonGuido van Rossum
34R Language1) Ross Ihaka
2) Robert Gentleman
35RacketMatthias Felleisen
36RubyYukihiro Matsumoto
37ScalaMartin Odersky
38Scheme1) Gerald Jay Sussman
2) Guy Lewis Steele Jr
39Simula1) Ole-Johan Dahl
2) Kristen Nygaard
40SL5Ralph Griswold
41Smalltalk1) Alan Kay
2) Dan Ingalls
42SNOBOLRalph Griswold
43SwiftChris Lattner
44TclJohn Ousterhout
45Turbo PascalAnders Hejlsberg
46Wolfram LanguageStephen Wolfram
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