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Jharkhand GK

Last Updated: 20 February 2023

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The state of Jharkhand is located in the eastern part of the Indian Map. The state shares its border with the states of West Bengal to the East, Odisha to the South, Chhattisgarh to the West, Bihar to the North, and Uttar Pradesh to the Northwest.

These Multiple Choice Questions will be very helpful for You to know more about the beautiful Indian State of Jharkhand and many fascinating facts that You’ve never heard before.

Jharkhand At A Glance

3Largest CityJamshedpur
5Statehood15 November 2000
6GovernorC. P. Radhakrishnan
7Chief MinisterHemant Soren
9Assembly Seats81
10Rajya Sabha Seats6
11Lok Sabha Seats14
12Total Area79,716 km2
13Area Rank15th
14Official LanguageHindi
15Vehicle RegistrationJH

Jharkhand is the 15th largest state by area (79,716 km2) and the 14th largest by population. The state was formed on 15 November 2000, after carving out what was previously the southern half of Bihar.

The state is known for its waterfalls, hills, and holy places like Baidyanath Dham, Parasnath, Dewri, and Rajrappa. Jharkhand accounts for more than 40% of the mineral resources of India, but 39.1% of its population is below the poverty line and 19.6% of children under five years of age are malnourished.

Facts About Jharkhand

  • Jharkhand state was created as the 28th state of India by the Bihar Re-organization Act on 15 November 2000.
  • At the time of state formation, Jharkhand state had 18 districts.
  • Birsa Munda Revolt was the biggest and longest Tribal Revolt in India against British Raj.
  • Parasnath Hill is also recognized as Sri Sammed Sikharji, It is believed in the Jain culture that 20 of the 24 Tirthankaras attained Moksha from this place.
  • Netarhat town is also known as the “Queen of Chotanagpur”.
  • Jamshedpur or Tatanagar is the largest and most populous city in Jharkhand and the first planned industrial city in India.
  • Bokaro Steel City is India’s first Global Active City (GAC).
  • The film industry in the state of Jharkhand is known as Jhollywood.
  • Parasnath is the highest mountain peak in Jharkhand and is intervisible with Mount Everest over 450 km to the North.
  • Maluti in Dumka district is known for the annual sacrifice of over 100 goats on Kali Puja, besides one buffalo and a sheep.

Jharkhand Gk will be very helpful for students sitting for Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) and various other State Competitive Exams.

Jharkhand GK

1. What is the total area of Jharkhand?
a) 77,716 km2
b) 79,716 km2
c) 81,716 km2
d) 83,716 km2

2. Which country is comparable to the size of Jharkhand?
a) Czech Republic
b) Austria
c) Serbia
d) Azerbaijan

3. When was Jharkhand granted statehood?
a) 15 November 1998
b) 15 November 1999
c) 15 November 2000
d) 15 November 2001

4. What is the capital of Jharkhand?
a) Dhanbad
b) Ranchi
c) Jamshedpur
d) Hazaribagh

5. Which is the largest city in Jharkhand?
a) Dhanbad
b) Ranchi
c) Jamshedpur
d) Giridih

6. How many districts are in Jharkhand?
a) 21 Districts
b) 22 Districts
c) 23 Districts
d) 24 Districts

7. Which is the largest district in Jharkhand?
a) Gumla
b) Ranchi
c) Giridih
d) West Singhbhum

8. Which is the smallest district in Jharkhand?
a) Ramgarh
b) Kodarma
c) Lohardaga
d) Jamtara

9. What is the rank of Jharkhand as per areas of the states in India?
a) 14th
b) 15th
c) 16th
d) 17th

10. What is the Demonym of the Jharkhand People?
a) Jharkhanese
b) Jharkhandi
c) Jharkhano
d) Jharkhand Niwas

List Of Districts Of Jharkhand

No.DistrictCodeHeadquartersArea (km2)
1BokaroBOBokaro Steel City2,883
6East SinghbhumESJamshedpur3,562
19Ramgarh~Ramgarh Cantonment1,341
22Saraikela Kharsawan~Saraikela2,657
24West SinghbhumWSChaibasa7,224
Districts of Jharkhand

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11. How many administrative divisions are in Jharkhand?
a) 3 Divisions
b) 4 Divisions
c) 5 Divisions
d) 6 Divisions

12. How many districts were there when Jharkhand was formed on 15 November 2000?
a) 15 Districts
b) 16 Districts
c) 17 Districts
d) 18 Districts

13. Which is the most populous district of Jharkhand?
a) Ranchi
b) Dhanbad
c) Giridih
d) East Singhbhum

14. How many Indian states share a border with Jharkhand?
a) 3 States
b) 4 States
c) 5 States
d) 6 States

15. What is the official language of Jharkhand?
a) Hindi
b) Bengali
c) Bhojpuri
d) Odia

16. What is the vehicle registration code for Jharkhand?
a) JH
b) JK
c) JA
d) JD

17. What is the state mammal of Jharkhand?
a) Barasingha
b) Indian Elephant
c) Fishing Cat
d) Sambar Deer

18. What is the state bird of Jharkhand?
a) Hill Myna
b) Koel
c) Indian Paradise Flycatcher
d) Indian Roller

19. What is the state flower of Jharkhand?
a) Palash
b) Lotus
c) Kanikonna
d) Madonna Lily

20. What is the state tree of Jharkhand?
a) Neem
b) Hollong
c) Peepal
d) Sal

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21. Jharkhand state was created as ____ state of India.
a) 27th
b) 28th
c) 29th
d) 30th

22. Which Act led to the creation of the Jharkhand state?
a) Jharkhand Re-organization Act 
b) Bihar Re-organization Act 
c) Odisha Re-organization Act
d) West Bengal Re-organization Act

23. When was Bihar Re-organization Act passed by the parliament of India?
a) 1997
b) 1998
c) 1999
d) 2000

24. Which government introduced the law for the separate state of Jharkhand?
a) NDA
b) UPA
c) BJP
d) INC

25. Who is the Governor of Jharkhand? (2023)
a) Ramesh Bais
b) C. P. Radhakrishnan
c) Kaptan Singh Solanki
d) Satyadev Narayan Arya

List Of Governors Of Jharkhand

No.GovernorTerm InTerm OutTotal Term
1Prabhat Kumar15 Nov
03 Feb
1 Year
80 Days
 Vinod Chandra Pande
(Additional Charge)
04 Feb
14 Jul
160 Days
2M. Rama Jois15 Jul
11 Jun
331 Days
3Ved Marwah12 Jun
09 Dec
1 Year
180 Days
4Syed Sibtey Razi10 Dec
25 Jul
4 Years
227 Days
5Kateekal Sankaranarayanan26 Jul
21 Jan
179 Days
6M. O. H. Farook22 Jan
03 Sep
1 Year
224 Days
7Syed Ahmed04 Sep
17 May
3 Years
255 Days
8Droupadi Murmu18 May
13 Jul
6 Years
56 Days
9Ramesh Bais14 Jul
17 Feb
1 Year
216 Days
10C. P. Radhakrishnan18 Feb

26. Who is the present Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
a) Arjun Munda
b) Hemant Soren
c) Raghubar Das
d) Shibu Soren

27. Who is the longest-serving Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
a) Arjun Munda
b) Hemant Soren
c) Raghubar Das
d) Shibu Soren

28. Who is the shortest-serving Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
a) Babulal Marandi
b) Hemant Soren
c) Raghubar Das
d) Shibu Soren

29. Which Chief Minister of Jharkhand completed a full term?
a) Babulal Marandi
b) Hemant Soren
c) Raghubar Das
d) Shibu Soren

30. How many times President’s Rule was imposed in Jharkhand?
a) Twice
b) Thrice
c) Four Times
d) Five Times

Chief Ministers Of Jharkhand

No.Chief MinisterTerm InTerm OutTotal TermParty
1Babulal Marandi
15 Nov
18 Mar
2 Years
123 Days
2Arjun Munda
18 Mar
2 Mar
1 Year
349 Days
3Shibu Soren2 Mar
12 Mar
10 DaysJMM
Arjun Munda[2]
12 Mar
19 Sep
1 Year
191 Days
4Madhu Koda
19 Sep
27 Aug
1 Year
343 Days
Shibu Soren[3]27 Aug
19 Jan
145 DaysJMM
~President’s Rule19 Jan
30 Dec
345 DaysN/A
Shibu Soren[3]
30 Dec
1 Jun
153 DaysJMM
~President’s Rule1 Jun
11 Sep
102 DaysN/A
Arjun Munda[2]
11 Sep
18 Jan
2 Years
129 Days
~President’s Rule18 Jan
13 Jul
176 DaysN/A
5Hemant Soren
13 Jul
28 Dec
1 Year
168 Days
6Raghubar Das
(Jamshedpur East)
28 Dec
29 Dec
5 Years
1 Day
Hemant Soren[5]
29 Dec
1) BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
2) JMM: Jharkhand Mukti Morcha
3) IND: Independent

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31. Who is the only Chief Minister of Jharkhand to serve the office as an Independent?
a) Shibu Soren
b) Babulal Marandi
c) Madhu Koda
d) Arjun Munda

32. What type of Legislature is the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?
a) Unicameral
b) Bicameral
c) Tricameral
d) Multicameral

33. How many seats are there in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?
a) 79 Seats
b) 80 Seats
c) 81 Seats
d) 82 Seats

34. How many seats does Jharkhand have in Rajya Sabha?
a) 4 Seats
b) 5 Seats
c) 6 Seats
d) 7 Seats

35. How many seats does Jharkhand have in Lok Sabha?
a) 12 Seats
b) 13 Seats
c) 14 Seats
d) 15 Seats

36. When was Jharkhand High Court established?
a) 15 November 2000
b) 15 November 2001
c) 15 November 2002
d) 15 November 2003

37. Who was the first Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court?
a) P. K. Balasubramanyan
b) Altamas Kabir
c) Vinod Kumar Gupta
d) Nelavoy Dhinakar

Chief Justice Of Jharkhand High Court

No.Chief JusticeTerm InTerm Out
1Vinod Kumar Gupta05 Dec 200004 Mar 2003
2P. K. Balasubramanyan10 Mar 200326 Aug 2004
3Altamas Kabir01 Mar 200508 Sep 2005
4Nelavoy Dhinakar04 Dec 200509 Jun 2006
5M. Karpaga Vinayagam17 Sep 200615 May 2008
6Gyan Sudha Misra13 Jul 200830 Apr 2010
7Bhagwati Prasad22 Aug 201012 May 2011
8Prakash Chandra Tatia11 Sep 201103 Aug 2013
9R. Banumathi16 Nov 201312 Aug 2014
10Virender Singh01 Nov 201406 Oct 2016
11Pradip Kumar Mohanty24 Mar 2017 09 Jun 2017
12Aniruddha Bose11 Aug 201823 May 2019
13Ravi Ranjan17 Nov 201919 Dec 2022
14Aparesh Kumar Singh20 Dec 2022~

38. Which division of Jharkhand has the highest number of districts under it?
a) Palamu
b) North Chotanagpur
c) Santhal Pargana
d) South Chotanagpur

39. Which division of Jharkhand has the lowest number of districts under it?
a) Palamu
b) Kolhan
c) Santhal Pargana
d) South Chotanagpur

40. Who was the first speaker of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?
a) Bagun Sumbrai
b) Alamgir Alam
c) Mrigendra Pratap Singh
d) Inder Singh Namdhari

Speakers Of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly

No.SpeakerTerm InTerm OutAssembly
1Inder Singh Namdhari
[3 Years 128 Days]
22 Nov
29 Mar
1st Assembly
Bagun Sumbrai
[61 Days]
29 Mar
29 May
1st Assembly
Inder Singh Namdhari[1]
[68 Days]
04 Jun
11 Aug
1st Assembly
2Mrigendra Pratap Singh
(Jamshedpur West)
[146 Days]
18 Aug
11 Jan
1st Assembly
Saba Ahmad
[48 Days]
12 Jan
01 Mar
1st Assembly
Inder Singh Namdhari[1]
[1 Year 183 Days]
15 Mar
14 Sep
2nd Assembly
3Alamgir Alam
[3 Years 67 Days]
20 Oct
26 Dec
2nd Assembly
4Chandreshwar Prasad Singh
[3 Years 194 Days]
06 Jan
19 Jul
3rd Assembly
5Shashank Shekhar Bhokta
[1 Year 151 Days]
25 Jul
23 Dec
3rd Assembly
6Dinesh Oraon
[4 Years 351 Days]
07 Jan
24 Dec
4th Assembly
7Rabindra Nath Mahato
[3 Years 31 Days]
07 Jan
Incumbent5th Assembly

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41. Who is the current speaker of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?
a) Dinesh Oraon
b) Chandreshwar Prasad Singh
c) Shashank Shekhar Bhokta
d) Rabindra Nath Mahato

42. What is the Maximum strength of judges in the Jharkhand High Court?
a) 24 Judges
b) 25 Judges
c) 26 Judges
d) 27 Judges

43. What is the rank of Jharkhand as per the population of India?
a) 13th Position
b) 14th Position
c) 15th Position
d) 16th Position

44. Which city in Jharkhand is known as the Sub-Capital of Jharkhand?
a) Hazaribagh
b) Dhanbad
c) Dumka
d) Deoghar

45. Jharkhand shares its border with Bihar on the ______?
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

46. Before Jharkhand was formed, it was part of _______?
a) Bihar
b) Odisha
c) West Bengal
d) Chhattisgarh

47. What does the term “Jharkhand” mean?
a) Supreme Land
b) Forest Land
c) Wise Land
d) Boundless Land

48. Where is Rajrappa located?
a) Ramgarh District
b) Ranchi District
c) Palamu District
d) Pakur District

49. Where is Baidyanath Temple located?
a) Dumka District
b) Garhwa District
c) Dhanbad District
d) Deoghar District

50. Which is the highest mountain peak in the state of Jharkhand?
a) Canary Hill
b) Tagore Hill
c) Parasnath
d) Trikut Parvat

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51. In which district is Parasnath located?
a) Godda District
b) Giridih District
c) Gumla District
d) Hazaribagh District

52. Which king built the Jagannath Temple at Ranchi?
a) Madhu Singh
b) Ani Nath Shahdeo
c) Ram Shah
d) Medini Ray

53. Where is Palamu fort located?
a) Hazaribagh District
b) Jamtara District
c) Lohardaga District
d) Latehar District

54. On which Plateau is the Betla National Park located?
a) Malwa Plateau
b) Marwar Plateau
c) Deccan Plateau
d) Chota Nagpur Plateau

55. In which district is Navratangarh located?
a) Godda District
b) Gumla District
c) Giridih District
d) Hazaribagh District

Wildlife Sanctuary & National Parks In Jharkhand

No.Sanctuary/National ParkEstablishedArea
1Hazaribag Wildlife Sanctuary1955184 km2
2Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary1976195 km2
3Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary1976259 km2
4Mahuadanr Wolf Sanctuary197663.25 km2
5Betla National Park19861,315 km2
6Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary1990760 km2

56. When did the Battle of Chatra take place?
a) 2 October 1857
b) 2 October 1867
c) 2 October 1877
d) 2 October 1887

57. When did Indian Rebellion take place?
a) 1857
b) 1858
c) 1859
d) 1860

58. When did the Bharatiya Janata party first demand the separate state of Jharkhand?
a) 1986
b) 1987
c) 1988
d) 1989

59. When is the birth anniversary of the tribal leader Birsa Munda celebrated?
a) 15 September
b) 15 October
c) 15 November
d) 15 December

60. Damodar River was earlier known as?
a) Sorrow of Jharkhand
b) Sorrow of Bengal
c) Lions Mouth
d) Lifeline of Jharkhand

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61. In which district is Netarhat located?
a) Kodarma District
b) Latehar District
c) Lohardaga District
d) Pakur District

Hills & Mountain Ranges Of Jharkhand

1ParasnathGiridih1,365 m
2NetarhatLatehar1,071 m
3TrikutDeoghar753 m
4Rajmahal HillsSahibganj
300 m
5Tagore HillRanchi91 m

62. When was Palamau Tiger Reserve established?
a) 1963
b) 1973
c) 1983
d) 1993

63. What is the area of Palamau Tiger Reserve?
a) 1130 km2
b) 1230 km2
c) 1330 km2
d) 1430 km2

64. Where is Betla National Park located?
a) Garhwa & Palamu District
b) Latehar & Palamu District
c) Latehar & Lohardaga District
d) Lohardaga & Gumla District

65. Which district of Jharkhand has the highest literacy rate?
a) Ranchi District
b) Dhanbad District
c) Giridih District
d) East Singhbhum District

List Of Rivers In Jharkhand

1A1) Ajay River
2) Amanat River
3) Auranga River
2B1) Baitarani River
2) Bakreshwar River
3) Bansloi River
4) Barakar River
5) Bokaro River
6) Brahmani River
7) Burha River
3D1) Damodar River
2) Deo River
3) Dwarka River
4G1) Ganges
5H1) Hinglo River
6J1) Jamunia River
7K1) Kangsabati River
2) Kanhar River
3) Kaunhara ghat
4) Kharkai River
5) Kiul River
6) Koina River
7) Konar River
8L1) Lilajan River
9M1) Mayurakshi River
2) Mohana River
10N1) North Karo River
2) North Koel River
11P1) Punpun River
12S1) Sankh River
2) Son River
3) South Karo River
4) South Koel River
5) Subarnarekha River
13T1) Telen River

66. Which is the majority religion in Jharkhand?
a) Hinduism
b) Islam
c) Christianity
d) Sarna

67. How many MLA seats are in Jharkhand?
a) 79 Seats
b) 80 Seats
c) 81 Seats
d) 82 Seats

68. How many cabinet ministers are in Jharkhand? (2023)
a) 9 Ministers
b) 10 Ministers
c) 11 Ministers
d) 12 Ministers

69. Who is the Health Minister of Jharkhand? (2023)
a) Banna Gupta
b) Champai Soren
c) Jagarnath Mahto
d) Badal Patralekh

70. Who is the transport minister of Jharkhand?
a) Champai Soren
b) Hafizul Hasan
c) Hemant Soren
d) Rameshwar Oraon

Cabinet Ministers Of Jharkhand

No.NameConstituencyDepartmentPartyTerm In
1Hemant Soren
(Chief Minister)
Barhait1) Home, Jail, and Disaster Management
2) Personnel, Administrative Reforms, & Raj Bhasha
3) Cabinet Secretariat & Vigilance
4) Cabinet Election
5) Information & public relations
6) Law
7) Industries
8) Forest, Environment, & Climate Change
9) Higher & Technical Education
10) Other Departments not Allocated to any Minister
JMM29 Dec
2Rameshwar OraonLohardaga1) Finance
2) Planning & Development
3) Commercial Tax
4) Food, Public Distribution, & Consumer Affairs
INC29 Dec
3Champai SorenSeraikella1) Transport
2) Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, Minority, & Backward Class Welfare
JMM28 Jan
4Banna GuptaJamshedpur West1) Health, Medical Education, & Family Welfare
2) Home, Jail, & Disaster Management
(Disaster Management)
INC28 Jan
5Jagarnath MahtoDumri1) School Education & Literacy Development
2) Excise & Prohibition
JMM28 Jan
6Badal PatralekhJarmundiAgriculture, Animal Husbandry, & CooperativesINC28 Jan
7Mithilesh Kumar ThakurGarhwaDrinking Water & SanitationJMM28 Jan
8Satyanand BhogtaChatraLabor, Employment, Training, & Skill developmentRJD29 Dec
9Joba MajhiManoharpurWomen Child Development & Social SecurityJMM28 Jan
10Alamgir AlamPakur1) Parliamentary Affairs
2) Rural Development
INC29 Dec
11Hafizul HasanMadhupur1) Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sports, & Youth Affairs
2) Minority & Backward Welfare (Minority Affairs)
JMM05 Feb

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71. When was Jharkhand Mukti Morcha founded?
a) 15 November 1969
b) 15 November 1970
c) 15 November 1971
d) 15 November 1972

72. Who is the founder of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha?
a) Hemant Soren
b) Nirmal Mahto
c) Tek Lal Mahto
d) Binod Bihari Mahato

73. When is the next legislative election of Jharkhand?
a) 2024
b) 2025
c) 2026
d) 2027

74. When was Jharkhand Police formed?
a) 1998
b) 1999
c) 2000
d) 2001

75. What is the Motto of the Jharkhand Police?
a) Public Service is Our Goal
b) We Serve, We Protect
c) Always at Your Service
d) Shanti, Seva, Nyaya

76. Who is the DGP of the Jharkhand Police?
a) Asha Sinha
b) Ajay Kumar Singh
c) Vishnu Dayal Ram
d) Rameshwar Oraon

77. Who was the first Lokayukta of Jharkhand?
a) Laxman Oraon
b) Amareshwar Sahay
c) D. N. Upadhyay
d) Hari Pal Verma

78. Who is the current Lokayukta of Jharkhand?
a) Laxman Oraon
b) Amareshwar Sahay
c) D. N. Upadhyay
d) Hari Pal Verma

Lokayukta Of Jharkhand

No.LokayuktaTerm InTerm Out
1Laxman Oraon 04 Dec 2004 04 Dec 2009 
2Amareshwar Sahay03 Jan 2011 02 Jan 2016
3D. N. Upadhyay 13 Jan 2017 ~

79. Sohrai and Khovar is an ______?
a) Painting
b) Festival
c) Dance
d) Music

80. What is the Film industry in Jharkhand known as?
a) Indywood
b) Mollywood
c) Sandalwood
d) Jhollywood

Festivals & Folk Dances Of Jharkhand

FestivalsFolk DancesInstrument

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81. When was Doordarshan Kendra Jharkhand launched?
a) 1964
b) 1974
c) 1984
d) 1994

82. What is the IATA of Birsa Munda Airport?
a) IXA
b) IXJ
c) IXR
d) IXZ

83. When was Deoghar Airport opened to the public?
a) 12 July 2020
b) 12 July 2021
c) 12 July 2022
d) 12 July 2023

84. When was Sonari Airport opened to the public?
a) 1930
b) 1940
c) 1950
d) 1960

85. In which district is Birsa Munda Airport located?
a) Ranchi District
b) Ramgarh District
c) Dhanbad District
d) Bokaro District

List Of Airports In Jharkhand

1Birsa Munda International AirportIXRInternational
2Deoghar AirportDGHInternational
3Sonari AirportIXWDomestic
4Dhalbhumgarh Airport
(Future Airport)

86. Under how many jurisdictions are Railway stations in Jharkhand?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five

87. Which district of Jharkhand has the second-highest literacy rate after Ranchi?
a) East Singhbhum
b) Dhanbad
c) Ramgarh
d) Hazaribagh

88. When was St. Thomas School, Ranchi established?
a) 1957
b) 1967
c) 1977
d) 1987

89. When was the Central University of Jharkhand established?
a) 2006
b) 2007
c) 2008
d) 2009

90. When was Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra established?
a) 1945
b) 1955
c) 1965
d) 1975

Oldest Universities & Colleges In Jharkhand

1Central Institute of Psychiatry1918
2Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad1926
3Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra1955
4National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur1960
5Ranchi University1960
6National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology1966
7Birsa Agricultural University1980
8Sido Kanhu Murmu University1992
9Central University of Jharkhand2009
10Indian Institute of Management Ranchi2009

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91. When was JRD Tata Sports Complex opened to the public?
a) 1990
b) 1991
c) 1992
d) 1993

92. When was Jamshedpur Football Club founded?
a) 12 June 2015
b) 12 June 2016
c) 12 June 2017
d) 12 June 2018

93. Who captained the Indian field hockey team to clinch gold in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam?
a) Ashish Ballal
b) Vasudevan Baskaran
c) Jaipal Singh Munda
d) Maharaj Krishan Kaushik

94. When was Keenan Stadium established?
a) 1919
b) 1929
c) 1939
d) 1949

95. What is the capacity of Keenan Stadium?
a) 19,000
b) 20,000
c) 21,000
d) 22,000

Sports Persons From Jharkhand

No.Sports PersonSports
1Deepika KumariArchery
2Mahendra Singh DhoniCricket
3Varun AaronCricket
4Shahbaz NadeemCricket
5Saurabh TiwaryCricket
6Manohar TopnoHockey
7Jaipal Singh MundaHockey
8Nikki PradhanHockey

96. In which district is Baidyanath Temple located?
a) Deoghar
b) Dhanbad
c) Dumka
d) Chatra

97. In which district is Maa Dewri Temple located?
a) Sahibganj
b) Palamu
c) Saraikela Kharsawan
d) Ranchi

98. In which district is Chhinnamasta Temple located?
a) Ramgarh District
b) Simdega District
c) Sahibganj District
d) West Singhbhum District

99. Where is the Itkhori community development block located in Jharkhand?
a) Chatra District
b) Deoghar District
c) Bokaro District
d) Dhanbad District

100. When was Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary established?
a) 1966
b) 1976
c) 1986
d) 1996

Water Falls In Jharkhand

1Usri FallsGiridih12 m
2Hirni FallsWest Singhbhum37 m
3Jonha FallsRanchi43 m
4Dassam FallsRanchi44 m
5Sita FallsRanchi44 m
6Perwaghagh FallsKhunti~
7Panchghagh FallsKhunti~
8Sadni FallsGumla60 m
9Lower Ghaghri FallsLatehar98 m
10Hundru FallsRanchi98 m
11Lodh FallsLatehar143m

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101. What is the area of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary?
a) 195 km2
b) 185 km2
c) 175 km2
d) 165 km2

102. Where is the Tribal Research Institute and Museum located in Jharkhand?
a) Dumka
b) Garhwa
c) Simdega
d) Morabadi

103. Who was the first recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award from Jharkhand?
a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
b) Mukund Nayak
c) Ram Dayal Munda
d) Deepika Kumari

104. Who was the first recipient of the Padma Shri Award from Jharkhand?
a) Mangala Prasad Mohanty
b) Shyama Charan Pati
c) Kedar Nath Sahoo
d) Parasu Ram Mishra

105. Who was the recipient of the Padma Shri Award from Jharkhand in 2023?
a) Chutni Devi
b) Janum Singh Soy
c) Shashadhar Acharya
d) Girdhari Ram Ghonju

106. Who won the National Florence Nightingale Award from Jharkhand in 2020?
a) Gayathri Devi
b) Premalata Barik
c) Anaparthi Aruna Kumari
d) Ashisan Kullu

107. When was JSCA International Stadium Complex established?
a) 2010
b) 2011
c) 2012
d) 2013

108. What is the capacity of the JSCA International Stadium Complex?
a) 40,000
b) 50,000
c) 60,000
d) 70,000

109. Which place in Jharkhand is known as Queen of Chotanagpur?
a) Netarhat
b) Hazaribagh
c) Bokaro
d) Ranchi

110. Who led the first People’s Revolt Against the British in Bihar (now Jharkhand)?
a) Tilka Manjhi
b) Birsa Munda
c) Govind Guru
d) Rani Gaidhinliu

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111. Sohrai is also known as ______?
a) Poila Boishakh
b) Jamai Shasthi
c) Bipattarini Brata
d) Cattle Festival

112. Which city in Jharkhand is known as the steel city of India?
a) Khunti
b) Jamshedpur
c) Chaibasa
d) Jamtara

113. Who established Jamshedpur city?
a) Jamsetji Tata
b) Dorabji Tata
c) Ratanji Tata
d) Naval Tata

114. When did the National Games take place in Jharkhand?
a) 2009
b) 2010
c) 2011
d) 2012

115. On which side is Bihar located from Jharkhand?
a) North
b) East
c) West
d) South

116. In which river is Tilaiya Dam built?
a) Damodar River
b) Mayurakshi River
c) Barakar River
d) Subarnarekha River

117. In which district is the Tilaiya Dam located?
a) Khunti District
b) Latehar District
c) Lohardaga District
d) Koderma District

118. In which river is Tenughat Dam built?
a) Damodar River
b) Mayurakshi River
c) Barakar River
d) Subarnarekha River

119. When was Bokaro Steel Plant established?
a) 1954
b) 1964
c) 1974
d) 1984

120. Who renamed Sakchi city as Jamshedpur in honor of its founder Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata?
a) Lord Canning
b) Lord Chelmsford
c) Lord Lawrence
d) Lord Northbrook

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121. When was the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act signed?
a) 1906
b) 1908
c) 1910
d) 1912

122. Who was the first Governor of Jharkhand?
a) M. Rama Jois
b) Syed Sibtey Razi
c) Prabhat Kumar
d) Vinod Chandra Pande

123. How many persons have served as the Governor in Jharkhand?
a) 8 Governors
b) 9 Governors
c) 10 Governors
d) 11 Governors

124. What is the head of the Santal community called?
a) Manjhi Haddam
b) Sarpanch
c) Chowdhury
d) Lalapur

125. Who is the author of “Jharkhand, Castle Over the Graves”?
a) Anuj Lugun
b) Victor Das
c) Ghasiram Mahli
d) Dalel Singh

126. When did the Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act come into force?
a) 1866
b) 1876
c) 1886
d) 1896

127. Which of the following is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand?
a) Hundru Falls
b) Sadni Falls
c) Sita Falls
d) Lodh Falls

128. Who is the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
a) Babulal Marandi
b) Arjun Munda
c) Shibu Soren
d) Madhu Koda

129. When was IIT (ISM) Dhanbad established?
a) 1916
b) 1926
c) 1936
d) 1946

130. Who inaugurated IIT (ISM) Dhanbad?
a) Lord Irwin
b) Lord Willingdon
c) Lord Linlithgow
d) Lord Wavell

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131. When was Tata Steel founded in Jharkhand?
a) 26 August 1887
b) 26 August 1897
c) 26 August 1907
d) 26 August 1917

132. In which river is Massanjore Dam built?
a) Amanat River
b) Mayurakshi River
c) Kharkai River
d) Bokaro River

133. Which city in Jharkhand is known as the Pittsburgh of India?
a) Deoghar
b) Jamshedpur
c) Dhanbad
d) Hazaribagh

134. Which river in Jharkhand creates the Hundru Falls?
a) Amanat River
b) Subarnarekha River
c) Mohana River
d) Jamunia River

135. When did the Tana Bhagat Movement take place?
a) 1914-1920
b) 1920-1926
c) 1926-1932
d) 1932-1938

Dams In Jharkhand

No.Dam NameRiverDistrictCompletionLength (m)
1Anjanwa DamAnjanwaHazaribagh19811341
2Baksa/Buksa DamBaksaChatra19822668
3Bandha/Baudha DamAgrawa/
4Barhi DamMahuaghatHazaribagh19811058
5Batane DamBatanePalamu19902012
6Batre DamBatarePalamu1954749
7Bucha Opa DamBuchaopa NalaRanchi19571067
8Chatania Ghat DamKuljhiri NalaGarhwa1980366
9Chinda DamChindaSimdega1984121
10Chirka DamDhenguraGarhwa19851046
11Danro DamDanroGarhwa19851372
12Dhankai DamDhankai NalaPalamu1979811
13Dhansingtoli DamSouth KoelGumla20091068
14Dhulki DamLilajanChatra19711067
15Diggalpahari DamAshabani River/
Reshma Nala
16Getalsud DamSubarnarekhaRanchi19713800
17Ghaghra DamGhaghraHazaribagh195795
18Gonda DamGondaHazaribagh19541006
19Hatia DamSubarnarekhaRanchi19634525
20Hiru DamHirooChatra1982971
21Jaipur DamNakti NallahGumla1985914
22Jamunia DamJamuniaHazaribagh19541067
23Karawani DamDararikaDumka1967296
24Khudia DamKhudia RiverDhanbad19711227
25Konar DamKonarHazaribagh19553807
26Larwa DamDeoSimdega1974366
27Latratu DamNorth KaroRanchi19881220
28Left Banki DamLeft BankiGarhwa19801499
29Lorgara DamKharkhaiSaraikela-
30Lotia DamChondhiHazaribagh1978762
31Maithon DamBarakarDhanbad19574426
32Malay DamNorth KoelPalamu19851684
33Masanjor JH DamMayurakshiDumka1955630
34Masaria DamMasariaGumla1983808
35Nakti DamBijayPashchimi
36Nalkari DamNalkariRamgarh19683074
37Nandini DamNandiniLohardaga19871646
38Palna DamRanka JhuriaSaraikela-kharsawan1985381
39Panchat Hill DamDamodarDhanbad19596777
40Pandarwa DamPandarwaGarhwa1983194
41Paras DamParasRanchi1985703
42Ramrekha DamUtial NalaSimdega2010518
43Sitaram Pur DamKharkaiSaraikela-kharsawan19642043
44Sonua DamSanjayPashchimi Singhbhum2009640
45Sunder DamSunderGodda19761555
46Suryodi DamSurjudi NalaPakur1974488
47Tapkara DamKukurdobaGumla1988351
48Tenughat DamDamodarBokaro19786492
49Tilaiya DamBarakarKodarma1953366
50Torlow DamTorlowPashchimi Singhbhum19902485

136. When did the Santhal Rebellion take place?
a) 1835
b) 1845
c) 1855
d) 1865

137. Which city in Jharkhand is known as Tatanagar?
a) Dhanbad
b) Ranchi
c) Jamshedpur
d) Ramgarh

138. Which is the only district that borders East Singhbhum?
a) West Singhbhum
b) Saraikela Kharsawan
c) Simdega
d) Ranchi

139. How many districts border the Latehar district?
a) 3 Districts
b) 4 Districts
c) 5 Districts
d) 6 Districts

140. How many districts of Jharkhand share the border with West Bengal?
a) 8 Districts
b) 9 Districts
c) 10 Districts
d) 11 Districts

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141. How many districts of Jharkhand share the border with Odisha?
a) 2 Districts
b) 3 Districts
c) 4 Districts
d) 5 Districts

142. How many districts of Jharkhand share the border with Chhattisgarh?
a) 3 Districts
b) 4 Districts
c) 5 Districts
d) 6 Districts

143. Which district of Jharkhand shares the border with Uttar Pradesh?
a) Palamu District
b) Latehar District
c) Chatra District
d) Garhwa District

144. How many districts of Jharkhand share the border with Bihar?
a) 8 Districts
b) 9 Districts
c) 10 Districts
d) 11 Districts

145. How many Municipal Corporations are in Jharkhand?
a) 7 Municipal Corporations
b) 8 Municipal Corporations
c) 9 Municipal Corporations
d) 10 Municipal Corporations

List Of Municipal Corporations In Jharkhand

No.Corporation NameCityDistrictArea
No. of WardsEstablished
1Adityapur Municipal CorporationAdityapurSeraikela Kharsawan49.00352016
2Chas Municipal CorporationChasBokaro29.98352015
3Deoghar Municipal CorporationDeogharDeoghar119.70362010
4Dhanbad Municipal CorporationDhanbadDhanbad275.00552006
5Giridih Municipal CorporationGiridihGiridih87.04362016
6Hazaribagh Municipal CorporationHazaribaghHazaribagh53.94362016
7Jamshedpur/Mango Municipal CorporationJamshedpurEast Singhbhum18.0303
8Medininagar Municipal CorporationMedininagarPalamu14.90352015
9Ranchi Municipal CorporationRanchiRanchi175.12551979

146. How many Nagar Parishads are in Jharkhand?
a) 17 Nagar Parishads
b) 18 Nagar Parishads
c) 19 Nagar Parishads
d) 20 Nagar Parishads

147. How many Nagar Panchayats are in Jharkhand?
a) 20 Nagar Panchayats
b) 19 Nagar Panchayats
c) 18 Nagar Panchayats
d) 17 Nagar Panchayats

148. Which Notification Number formed the Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) by Bihar Government?
a) 6068
b) 6608
c) 6680
d) 0668

149. When was Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) formed?
a) 25 June 1914
b) 25 June 1924
c) 25 June 1934
d) 25 June 1944

150. Who is the secretary of the Urban Development & Housing Department?
a) Amit Kumar
b) Vinay Kumar Choubey
c) Aditya Kumar Anand
d) Abhay Kumar Jha

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151. Who is the Chief Secretary of Jharkhand?
a) Vandana Dadel
b) Sukhdev Singh
c) Sukhdeo Singh
d) Rajiv Gauba

152. Who is the DG of the Jharkhand Police?
a) Ajay Kumar Singh
b) Sanjay Anandrao Lathkar
c) Anurag Gupta
d) M.L. Meena

153. The Parasnath Mountain peak is named after whom?
a) Shikharji
b) Parshvanatha
c) Parasanth
d) Prashanth Thiagarajan

154. What is the meaning of the term “Marang Buru”?
a) Great Mountain
b) High Mountain
c) HillTop
d) Pilgrimage Hill

155. What is the height of Parasnath Hill?
a) 1265 m
b) 1365 m
c) 1465 m
d) 1564 m

156. Handia is a _______?
a) Rice Beer
b) Civilization
c) Valley
d) Canyon

157. Handi means ________?
a) Ancient Times
b) Maurya Emperor
c) Fermented Rice
d) Earthen Pot

158. At what age did Birsa Munda die?
a) 24 Years
b) 28 Years
c) 32 Years
d) 36 Years

159. Which is the oldest Municipal Corporation in India?
a) Dhanbad Municipal Corporation
b) Chas Municipal Corporation
c) Ranchi Municipal Corporation
d) Deoghar Municipal Corporation

160. Which Municipal Corporation was established in 2006?
a) Dhanbad Municipal Corporation
b) Deoghar Municipal Corporation
c) Medininagar Municipal Corporation
d) Chas Municipal Corporation

161. Who were the leaders of the Santhal rebellion? (1855–1856)
a) Mundal Singh & Raghunath Singh
b) Sidhu Murmu & Kanhu Murmu
c) Dhananjay Mahato & Raghunath Mahato
d) Nilambar & Pitambar

162. Who was the first Adivasi leader from Santal Community?
a) Budhu Bhagat
b) Tilka Majhi
c) Birsa Munda
d) Tikait Umrao Singh

163. When was McCluskieganj established?
a) 1913
b) 1923
c) 1933
d) 1943

164. Who is the founder of McCluskieganj?
a) Ernest Timothy McCluskie
b) Ernest Mathew McCluskie
c) Ernest John McCluskie
d) Ernest Luke McCluskie

165. When was  Hazaribag Wildlife Sanctuary established?
a) 1955
b) 1965
c) 1975
d) 1985

Full Forms Related To Jharkhand

No.AcronymFull Form
1AICCCRAll India Coordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries
2AMRUTAtal Mission For Rejuvenation And Urban Transformation
3BEICBritish East India Company
4BSLBokaro Steel Plant
5DAY-NULMDeendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission
6JCCJharkhand coordination committee
7JEPCJharkhand Education Project Council
8JNACJamshedpur Notified Area Committee
9JUIDCOJharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company Limited
10MCCIMaoist Communist Centre of India
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