GK On Major Ports In India: 100+ Short Questions For UPSC 2023

GK On Major Ports In India

Last Updated: 28 March 2023

Do you know India is one of the biggest peninsulas in the world?

It has a coastline spanning 7517 kilometers which makes it one of the biggest peninsulas in the world. As per the Ministry of Shipping, 95 percent of India’s trading by volume and 70 percent by Value is done through Marine Transport.

There are a total of 200 Major and Non-Major ports in India:

  • Maharashtra: 53
  • Gujarat: 40
  • Tamil Nadu: 15
  • Karnataka: 10
  • Others: 82

A project called “Sagarmala” is approved by the Government of India to modernize these ports. The Government of India has allowed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) up to 100 Percent under the automatic route for Port and Harbor Construction.

List Of Major Ports In India

No.Port NameDistrictSate
1Chennai PortChennaiTamil Nadu
2Jawaharlal Nehru PortNavi MumbaiMaharashtra
3Kamarajar PortEnnoreTamil Nadu
4Kandla PortKutchGujarat
5Kochi PortErnakulamKerala
6Kolkata PortKolkataWest Bengal
7Mormugao PortSouth GoaGoa
8Mumbai PortWest MumbaiMaharashtra
9New Mangalore PortMangaloreKarnataka
10Paradip PortJagatsinghpurOdisha
11V. O. Chidambaranar PortThoothukudiTamil Nadu
12Visakhapatnam PortVisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh

GK On Major Ports In India

1. The Oldest Port in India?

Answer: Lothal Port
Explanation: Lothal Port is the oldest port in India (3800 BC). It is presently located in the Bhal region of Gujarat. Lothal was one of the very important cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation. It was discovered by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1954.

2. How many Major Ports are there in India?

Answer: 12
Explanation: Port Blair was notified as a major port in 2010 but was removed of its status recently

3. World’s largest ship’s graveyard?

Answer: Alang-Sosiya Ship Breaking Yard (Gujarat)

4. Which port was known as “Nhava Sheva”, which is the largest container port in India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT)

5. Which Port falls in Asia’s First Special Economic Zone (SEZ)?

Answer: Kandla Port  
Explanation: Set up in Kandla, Gujarat in 1965

6. Where is Port Blair located?

Answer: South Andaman Island

7. Which port was the biggest and most famous port during the Mughal Period?

Answer: Surat Port

8. Deepest Port in India?

Answer: Gangavaram Port
Explanation: The port is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Gangavaram Port was inaugurated in July 2009, It is India’s deepest port with a depth of 21m.

9. Largest Container Port in India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT)

10. Second largest Container Port in India?

Answer: Mundra Port

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11. Which port is considered to be one of the Largest Ports between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea?

Answer: Cochin Port or Kochi Port (Kerala)

12. Second Largest Port in India?

Answer: Chennai Port

13. Largest Natural Port in India?

Answer: Mumbai Port

14. Which is the Largest Artificial Port in India?

Answer: Chennai Port

15. Largest Port in India by volume of cargo handled?

Answer: Kandla Port
Explanation: The capacity of 110.10 million tons of cargo handling.

16. Largest Port in the Arabian Sea?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT)

17. India’s Largest Port by size and shipping traffic?

Answer: Mumbai Port

18. India’s largest Commercial Port?

Answer: Mundra Port

19. Largest harbor In India?

Answer: Mumbai Port

20. Largest Port on the East Coast?

Answer: Chennai Port

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21. Largest Dry Port in India?

Answer: Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad, New Delhi

22. Busiest Container Port in India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT)
Explanation: 31st in the list of top busiest Container Port in the world

23. Busiest Cargo Port in India?

Answer: Paradip Port

24. Second Busiest Port in India after Jawaharlal Nehru Port?

Answer: Chennai Port

25. Which is the Busiest Port in the Indian Ocean?

Answer: Port of Singapore

26. Largest Private Port of India?

Answer: Mundra Port
Explanation: The Port is located on the north shores of the Gulf of Kutch near Mundra, Gujarat. 

27. Largest Port in India by size and traffic?

Answer: Mumbai Port

28. First in Asia to recognize the effectiveness of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ)?

Answer: Kandla Special Economic Zone, India in 1965

29. India’s first Free Trade and Warehousing Zone?

Answer: Arshiya International Ltd

30. Which Indian Port handles the export of iron and aluminum to South-East Asian countries?

Answer: Haldia Port and Kolkata Port

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31. The port in India that is also called a “World-class international container handling port”?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT)

32. Largest islands in the Arabian Sea?

1) Socotra (Yemen)
2) Astola Island (Pakistan)
3) Masirah Island (Oman)
4) Lakshadweep (India)

33. World’s largest-known dead zone with an area larger than that of Scotland?

Answer: Gulf of Oman

34. Most busiest Container Port in the World?

Answer: The Port of Shanghai (China)

35. Largest container shipping company?

Answer: Maersk Line
Explanation: Headquarters in Denmark has 700 Ships

36. Longest ship in the World?

Answer: Seawise Giant
Explanation: In-service from 1979–2009 that could support 564,650 DWT. It has an overall length of 458.46m (1,504 ft)

37. Which is the Longest ship in the World that is still in service?

Answer: TI class
Explanation: There is 4 TI Class of supertankers that comprises TI Asia, TI Europe, TI Africa, and TI Oceania. It has a length of 380 m (1,247 ft) and is in service since 2002.

38. Largest passenger ship?

Answer: Royal Caribbean International cruise ship

39. When did First Maritime Summit happen?

Answer: 14th to 16th April 2016

40. Which organization provides integrated dredging services to the Major Port in India?

Answer: Dredging Corporation of India Limited
Explanation: It was established in the year 1976 to provide dredging services to the Major Ports in India.

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41. Which tax was levied on coastal ships registered under the Merchant Shipping Act 1958?

Answer: Coastal Tax

42. Which Port is renamed after the First Prime Minister of India?

Answer: Nhava Sheva

43. When was Indian Maritime University (IMU) set up?

Answer: 14 November 2008
Address: SH 49, Semmancherry, Semmancheri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119

44. First Port built after the independence of India?

Answer: Kandla Port
Explanation: It was built after the partition of India and Pakistan. The Karachi port on the western coast had gone to Pakistan.

45. When was Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) built?

Answer: May 26, 1989
Explanation: It was built with an investment of ₹1,109 crores.

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46. First Major Port on the east coast?

Answer: Paradip Port (12 March 1966)

47. When was Bombay Port Trust (BPT) established as a corporation?

Answer: 26 June 1873

48. Which Port was earlier known as Madras Port?

Answer: Chennai Port

49. River Vine Major Port in India?

Answer: Kolkata Port

50. Official Name of Kolkata Port Trust?

Answer: Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee Port Trust

Map Of Major Ports In India

map of ports in india

Establishment Dates Of Major Ports

No.Port NameDate
1Chennai Port1639
2Jawaharlal Nehru Port26 May 1989
3Kamarajar Port2001
4Kandla Port1952
5Kochi Port26 May 1928
6Kolkata Port1870
7Mormugao Port1885
8Mumbai Port26 June 1873
9New Mangalore Port4 May 1974 
10Paradip Port3 January 1962
11V. O. Chidambaranar Port11 July 1974
12Visakhapatnam Port19 December 1933

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51. India’s first Port Trust Board?
Answer: Calcutta Port (1870)

52. Leading Iron Ore exporting port in India?
Answer: Mormugao Port

53. Which Port is called “The Natural Gateway to the Vast Industrial and Agricultural Produce Markets of South-West India”?
Answer: Cochin Port

54. Which port is renamed as “Kamarajar Port”?
Answer: Ennore Port Limited

55. Indian Port located in the Gulf of Mannar?
Answer: V. O. Chidambaranar Port

56. Which port is renamed as V. O. Chidambaranar Port?
Answer: Tuticorin Port

57. Which port is renamed as Deendayal Port?
Answer: Kandla Port

58. How many Active Ports are there in West Bengal?
Answer: There are 4 Active Ports in West Bengal
1) Kolkata Port
2) Haldia Port
3) Kulpi Port
4) Farakka Port

59. Which port is believed to be used by the Navies of Shivaji?
Answer: Mumbai Port

60. The only port in India to provide a direct weekly container service to the United States?
Answer: V. O. Chidambaranar Port Trust
Explanation: Transit time is 22 days

61. Which Country is Hong Kong Port Located in?
Answer: China

62. Mangalore is the chief port city of which Indian state?
Answer: Karnataka

63. All-weather port with State-of-the-art infrastructure and modern navigational facilities?
Answer: Kamarajar Port

64. Which port is known as the “Jewel of all ports in India”?
Answer: Visakhapatnam Port

65. Which port in India is listed in the World’s top 30 container ports?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port

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66. Where is the Headquarters of the Land Ports Authority of India (LPAI)?
Answer: New Delhi

67. How many Minor Ports are in India?
Answer: 187

68. Which is the Southernmost Port in India?
Answer: Tuticorin Port

69. How many major and non-major ports are there in India?
Answer: 200
Explanation: Maharashtra (53), Gujarat (40), Tamil Nadu (15), Karnataka (10), and others (82)

70. Where is Mormugao Port located?
Answer: Goa

71. Which Indian Port handles the largest volume of foreign trade?
Answer: Kandla Port (Cargo Handled 110.10 Million Tones)

72. Largest hinterland port in India?
Answer: Mumbai Port

73. Largest Port during the Mughal Period?
Answer: Surat Port

74. Kamarajar Port is also known as?
Answer: Ennore Port

75. Where is Paradip Port Located?
Answer: Odisha

76. India’s biggest private-sector port?
Answer: Krishnapatnam Port (Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh)

77. Name of the Tidal Port in India?
Answer: Kandla Port

78. Where is the Vizag Port located?
Answer: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

79. Where is the Haldia Port located?
Answer: West Bengal Port

80. length of the total coastline of India?
Answer: 7,517 km

State Wise Ports In India (Non-Major)

No.StateNumber of Ports
3Andaman & Nicobar23
4Tamil Nadu15
6Andhra Pradesh12
10Daman & Diu2
12West Bengal 1

81. Which Indian state is having the longest coastline?
Answer: Gujarat (1214.7 Km)

82. The only Major Port in Karnataka?
Answer: New Mangalore Port

83. Which Indian state has the smallest Coastline?
Answer: West Bengal (157.5 Km)

84. Which is the deepest landlocked port in India?
Answer: Visakhapatnam Port

85. Which South Indian Major Port has an artificial harbor?
Answer: Chennai Port

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86. How many Indian states have a coastal line?
Answer: 9

87. Which Port is situated at the confluence of the river Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal?
Answer: Paradip Port

88. Which state in India has the highest number of ports?
Answer: Maharashtra (53 Ports)

89. India’s first port in the private sector?
Answer: Port Pipavav

90. Which Major Port in Kerala lies on two islands Wellington and Vallarpadam?
Answer: Kochi Port

91. When was the Indian Ports Association (IPA) established?
Answer: 1966

92. Oldest and Active Port in India?
Answer: Madras Port

93. Which Port is known as the king Port of India?
Answer: Nhava Sheva

94. Which Indian Port export commodities include tea, coffee, and spices?
Answer: Cochin Port

95. Which state has 40 seaports in India?
Answer: Gujarat

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96. Largest Port in India located in the Bay of Bengal?
Answer: Chennai Port

97. Which Port was considered as the 13th Major Port in India in 2010?
Answer: Port Blair

98. Name all states having Sea Ports in India?

1) Kerala
2) Gujarat
3) Tamil Nadu
4) Puducherry
5) Andhra Pradesh
6) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
7) Maharashtra
8) Karnataka
9) West Bengal
10) Lakshadweep
11) Daman and Diu
12) Goa
13) Odisha

99. which Indian Port has its own railway connection?
Answer: Mumbai Port
Explanation: Mumbai Port owns and operates its own Railway. The port is connected to broad-gauge mainlines of the Central and Western Railway through its interchange yard at Wadala.

100. Where is the Headquarters of the Coast Guard Region for Andaman & Nicobar located?
Answer: Port Blair

101. The Highest Earning Port in India?
Answer: Kandla Port

102. Which Port is Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea?
Kochi Port

103. Which Ports are Natural Harbors in India?
Answer: Mumbai Port, Mormugao Port, Kochi Port, Jawaharlal Nehru Port

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