General Knowledge On Europe 2024 (Multiple Choice Questions)

General Knowledge On Europe

Last Updated: 27 November 2023

Do You Know that the United Kingdom withdrew its membership from the European Union on 31 January 2020?

Yes, You heard it right!

In this article, You’ll learn many fascinating facts about Europe and European Countries. Answer the following 100 General Knowledge Questions on Europe and test your knowledge.

This Article Includes:
  • List of Countries in Europe
  • List of European Countries by area
  • European Union
  • Cities in Europe
  • Rivers in Europe
  • Facts & Figures of Europe, etc

General Knowledge On Europe

1. Which is the Largest Country in terms of Area?
a) United Kingdom
b) Russia
c) Sweden
d) Norway

2. Which Sea surrounds the “Isle of Man”?
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Caspian Sea
c) Irish Sea
d) Norwegian Sea

3. Which is the largest Continent?
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) North America
d) Africa

4. What is the Capital of Austria?
a) Lisbon
b) Graz
c) Vienna
d) Sofia

5. Which is the Smallest Country in the world?
a) Luxembourg
b) San Marino
c) Vatican City
d) Monaco

6. Which Ocean is on the eastern side of Europe?
a) Black Sea
b) Arctic Ocean
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Mediterranean

7. Which Sea surrounds the “United Kingdom”?
a) Tyrrhenian Sea
b) Baltic Sea
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) North Sea

8. Where is Birmingham?
a) Ireland
b) England
c) Germany
d) Denmark

9. When did the Battle of France take place?
a) 1944
b) 1940
c) 1913
d) 1942

10. Which is the largest city in Europe?
a) Rome
b) Barcelona
c) Istanbul
d) Paris

List Of European Countries By Area

No.CountryArea (km2)
11United Kingdom*242,495
21Czech Republic78,866
27Bosnia & Herzegovina51,129
37North Macedonia25,713
49San Marino61
51Vatican City0.44

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11. Which Hemisphere is Europe located in?
a) Northern Hemisphere
b) Southern Hemisphere
c) Western Hemisphere
d) Northern and Western Hemisphere

12. How many nations make up the United Kingdom?
a) 4 Nations
b) 5 Nations
c) 3 Nations
d) 2 Nations

13. Which country is situated west of England?
a) Scotland
b) Wales
c) Belgium
d) France

14. What is the Capital of England?
a) Liverpool
b) London
c) Manchester
d) Birmingham

15. What is the Currency of England?
a) England Pound
b) England Dollar
c) Euro
d) Pound sterling

16. Which countries are called “Scandinavia”?
a) France, Spain, Sweden
b) Belarus, Kazakhstan, Greece
c) Serbia, Ireland, Lithuania
d) Denmark, Norway, and Sweden

17. How many Official Languages does Belgium have?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 2
d) 4

18. What separates Asia and Europe?
a) Monte Rosa
b) Baltic Sea
c) Ural Mountains
d) Black Sea

19. Which countries occupy the “Iberian Peninsula”?
a) Denmark and Estonia
b) Spain and Portugal
c) Liechtenstein and Lithuania
d) Iceland and Ireland

20. Which countries are known as the “Balkans”?
a) Estonia, Finland, France
b) Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia
c) Serbia, Montenegro, Romania
d) Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta

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21. Which countries are known as “Baltic States”?
a) Sweden, Norway, Denmark
b) Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
c) Poland, Denmark, Finland
d) Estonia, Finland, Latvia

22. Which is the highest Peak in Europe?
a) Mt. Kazbek
b) Mt. Elbrus
c) Mt. Blanc
d) Mt. Olympus

23. Which is the longest River in Europe?
a) Elbe River
b) Volga River
c) Loire River
d) Danube River

24. Where is St. Petersburg?
a) France
b) Scotland
c) Russia
d) Poland

25. Where was Queen Elizabeth II born?
a) Budapest
b) Berlin
c) London
d) Amsterdam

26. Which is the lowest terrain in Europe?
a) Red Sea
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Caspian Sea
d) Black Sea

27. What is the capital of Lithuania?
a) Klaipėda
b) Vilnius
c) Kaunas
d) Trakai

28. What is the Capital of Italy?
a) Vatican City
b) Naples
c) Milan
d) Rome

29. What is the Time Zone in England?
a) GMT+5
b) GMT+3
c) GMT+1
d) GMT+2

30. Which spelling is correct?
a) Eiffil Tower
b) Eiffel Tower
c) Eifel Tower
d) Aiffel Tower

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31. Which Country is the largest in Area?
a) Czech Republic
b) Iceland
c) Sweden
d) Italy

32. Where is Disneyland in Europe?
a) Budapest
b) Barcelona
c) Paris
d) Venice

33. Where is Frankfurt?
a) Luxembourg
b) Germany
c) Hungary
d) Spain

34. Where was “Napoleon Bonaparte” born?
a) France
b) Italy
c) Germany
d) Austria

35. When was the “Black Death” Plague, the Deadliest Pandemic recorded in human history occur in Europe?
a) 1327
b) 1337
c) 1347
d) 1357

36. In Switzerland Which is more Banks or Dentists?
a) More Banks
b) More Dentists
c) Equal

37. What does the Italian word “Grazie” mean?
a) Welcome
b) Thank You
c) Good-Bye
d) Good Morning

38. Which Country has the longest coastline in Europe?
a) Greenland
b) Croatia
c) United Kingdom
d) Norway

39. Which Country sent the first man into space?
a) Slovakia
b) Russia
c) Sweden
d) United States

40. What is the Capital of Russia?
a) Saint Petersburg
b) Moscow
c) Berlin
d) Dublin

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41. What is the Other name of “Vatican City”?
a) Holy See
b) Holy City
c) Holy Vaticano
d) Holy Stato

42. Which country is near the Caspian Sea?
a) Ukraine
b) Greece
c) Azerbaijan
d) Turkey

43. Which one is the correct one?
a) Asia > Europe > Australia
b) Europe > Asia > North America
c) Europe > Asia > South America
d) Australia > Asia > Europe

44. Which country is called the “Land of Lakes”?
a) Denmark
b) Poland
c) Monaco
d) Finland

45. Which Country has a Plus sign on its flag?
a) Liechtenstein
b) Switzerland
c) Austria
d) Netherlands

46. Which country is wider than Moon?
a) Russia
b) Iceland
c) Australia
d) Austria

47. How many time zones does Russia have?
a) 16
b) 19
c) 11
d) 7

48. What separates Europe and Africa?
a) Strait of Gibraltar
b) Black Sea
c) North Sea
d) Gulf of Guinea

49. How many Members are in the European Union (EU)?
a) 25 Member
b) 29 Member
c) 22 Member
d) 27 Member

50. Which Country is a member of the European Union?
a) Monaco
b) Albania
c) Austria
d) Serbia

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51. Where is the Berlin Wall?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Denmark
d) Austria

52. What is the Autobiography of Adolf Hitler?
a) Wings of Fire
b) Hail Hitler
c) Mein Kampf
d) Long Walk to Freedom

53. Which country falls in Eastern Europe?
a) Denmark
b) Romania
c) France
d) Portugal

54. “DAX” is the Stock Market Index of which Country?
a) England
b) Germany
c) Switzerland
d) France

55. Which is the second-longest river in Europe that passes through the five Capital Cities of Europe?
a) Elbe
b) Danube
c) Rhine
d) Seine

56. From where does the Rhine River start?
a) Switzerland
b) Netherlands
c) Germany
d) France

57. When did the French Revolution occur?
a) 1789
b) 1689
c) 1589
d) 1889

58. Which is the Largest Church in the World?
a) Milan Cathedral
b) Church Of The Holy Trinity
c) St. Peter’s Basilica
d) Seville Cathedral

59. Which Religion is mostly found in Europe?
a) Buddhism
b) Islam
c) Christianity
d) No religion

60. Which is the highest-capacity Football stadium in Europe?
a) Signal Iduna Park
b) Camp Nou
c) Stade de France
d) Croke Park

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61. Where is Amsterdam?
a) Switzerland
b) England
c) Poland
d) Netherlands

62. Who is the largest producer of Chocolates?
a) Albania
b) Belgium
c) Croatia
d) Denmark

63. Which is the largest City in Greece?
a) Missolonghi
b) Athens
c) Kavala
d) Ierapetra

64. What is the Capital of Iceland?
a) Reykjavík
b) Hafnarfjordur
c) Akureyri
d) Kópavogur

65. Which country is not a member of the European Union?
a) Italy
b) Latvia
c) Netherlands
d) Russia

66. Where was Adolf Hitler born?
a) Poland
b) Germany
c) Austria
d) Belgium

67. Where is the headquarters of the European Union?
a) Denmark
b) Germany
c) Belgium
d) Luxembourg

68. Which country does not share its border with the Black Sea?
a) Hungary
b) Georgia
c) Bulgaria
d) Turkey

69. KLM Airlines belongs to which Country?
a) Sweden
b) Netherlands
c) San Marino
d) Ukraine

70. Which country is known as the “Land of Cakes”?
a) Malta
b) Scotland
c) Norway
d) Liechtenstein

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71. Which city is known as the “Eternal City”?
a) Rome
b) Siena
c) Prague
d) Rothenburg

72. Which is not a National Capital?
a) Sofia
b) Vienna
c) Dublin
d) Gothenburg

73. Which Country does not share a border with Austria?
a) Hungary
b) Belgium
c) Croatia
d) Czechia

74. What is the Colour of the National Flag of Denmark?
a) Blue, White, & Red
b) Blue & White
c) Red & White
d) Green, White, & Red

75. Which country does not have a Coast on the Mediterranean Sea?
a) Belarus
b) Italy
c) Greece
d) France

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76. “Tallinn” is the National Capital of which Country?
a) Georgia
b) Estonia
c) Slovakia
d) Armenia

77. Which country has 3 colors in its National Flag?
a) Denmark
b) Poland
c) Czechia
d) Finland

78. Which country joined the European Union in 2013?
a) Bulgaria
b) Poland
c) Cyprus
d) Croatia

79. Which European Member withdrew its membership from the European Union in 2020?
a) San Marino
b) Estonia
c) United Kingdom
d) Turkey

80. Which of the following is not a Local Wind of Europe?
a) Föhn
b) Harmattan
c) Böhm
d) Helm

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81. Where was the Final of the UEFA European Championship 2016 Played?
a) France
b) Ukraine
c) Portugal
d) Netherlands

82. Which country is connected by Great St. Bernard Pass?
a) Switzerland & Germany
b) Switzerland & Austria
c) Switzerland & Italy
d) Switzerland & France

83. Where is BMW from?
a) Germany
b) Italy
c) Russia
d) France

84. Brenner Pass forms a border between?
a) Italy & Slovenia
b) Italy & Switzerland
c) Italy & Austria
d) Italy & Monaco

85. Which country speaks Dutch?
a) Austria
b) Netherlands
c) Poland
d) Hungary

86. Where is the “Black Forest” in Europe?
a) Switzerland
b) Germany
c) Serbia
d) Denmark

87. Which is the Longest River in Italy?
a) Piave River
b) Amo River
c) Adige River
d) Po River

88. Which River flows through the London Bridge?
a) River Thames
b) River Severn
c) River Tyne
d) River Mersey

89. Which Country is smaller in Size?
a) Albania
b) Sweden
c) Latvia
d) Norway

90. Which Country is located partially in Europe as well as Asia?
a) Bulgaria
b) Romania
c) Kazakhstan
d) Moldova

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91. Who is the current President of the European Commission (2024)?
a) Romano Prodi
b) José Manuel Barroso
c) Jean-Claude Juncker
d) Ursula von der Leyen

92. Which is the largest Port in Europe?
a) Port of Hamburg
b) Port of Antwerp
c) Port of Rotterdam
d) Bremerhaven

93. Where is the city Nokia?
a) Denmark
b) Finland
c) Ireland
d) Poland

94. Which is the largest Lake in Europe?
a) Lake Peipus
b) Lake Ladoga
c) Lake Onega
d) Lake Vänern

95. Which is the largest waterfall in Europe?
a) Gullfoss Falls
b) Dettifoss Falls
c) Rhine Falls
d) Goðafoss Falls

96. Where is Neuschwanstein Castle?
a) Spain
b) Germany
c) Rome
d) Greece

97. Where is the headquarters of Nestlé?
a) Italy
b) Switzerland
c) Ukraine
d) Georgia

98. In which country the Greenwich Mean Time is named after a City?
a) Ireland
b) England
c) Belgium
d) Scotland

99. Where is the Cathedral of Santa Maria situated?
a) Serbia
b) Estonia
c) Italy
d) Spain

100. Where was William Shakespeare born?
a) Warwickshire
b) Stratford-upon-Avon
c) St Albans
d) Stratford Butterfly Farm

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