Class 10 Biology Multiple Choice Questions (CBSE & ICSE)

Biology Multiple Choice Questions

Last Updated: 10 April 2024

Are you looking for important Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers to read before your class 10 Board Exam?

You came to the right place! This article contains all the chapters that are on your biology syllabus for both ICSE and CBSE Boards.

Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers will help you to boost your preparation because this article contains mixed questions from all the chapters of your syllabus that one should not miss while preparing for the exam.

All questions are solved and written in simple English step by step to guide and help you achieve good marks in your class 10 Board exam.

Biology Multiple Choice Questions

1. The cerebral hemispheres in mammals are connected by?
a) Corpus callosum
b) Hypothalamus
c) Pons varolli
d) Corpus luteum

2. Insulin is secreted by?
a) Delta cells of the pancreas
b) Beta cells of the pancreas
c) Alpha cells of the pancreas
d) None of the above

3. A de-starched plant is one whose?
a) Plant is free from starch
b) Aerial parts are free from starch
c) Leaves are free from chlorophyll
d) Leaves are free from starch

4. The onset of menstruation in the female is termed as?
a) Ovulation
b) Menopause
c) Menarche
d) Parthenogenesis

5. BCG vaccine provides immunity against which disease?
a) Tetanus
b) Tuberculosis
c) Cholera

6. While recording the pulse rate, where exactly does a doctor press on our wrist?
a) Vein
b) Nerve
c) Artery
d) Capillary

7. In a human male, a sperm will contain?
a) Both X and Y chromosomes
b) Only Y chromosomes
c) Only X chromosomes
d) Either X or Y chromosomes

8. A muscular wall is absent in?
a) Venule
b) Arteriole
c) Capillary
d) Vein

9. Which one of the following does not affect the rate of transpiration?
a) Wind
b) Humidity
c) Light
d) Age of the plant

10. On which day of the menstrual cycle does ovulation takes place?
a) 1st Day
b) 5th Day
c) 14th Day
d) 28th Day

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11. The part of the human eye where rod cells and cone cells are located in the?
a) Cornea
b) Retina
c) Choroid
d) Sclera

12. A reflex arc in man is best described as the movement of stimuli from?
a) Receptor Cell, Efferent Nerve, Relaying Neuron, Muscle of the Body
b) Receptor Cell, Sensory Neuron, Relaying Neuron, Effector Muscles
c) Receptor Cell, Spinal Cord, Motor Neuron, Relaying Neuron
d) Receptor Cell, Synapse, Motor Neuron, Relaying Neuron

13. NADP is expanded as?
a) Nicotinamide Adenosine Dinucleotide Phosphate
b) Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate
c) Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleous Phosphate
d) Nicotinamide Adenosine Dinucleous Phosphate

14. A plant is kept in a dark cupboard for about 48 hours before conducting any experiment on photosynthesis to?
a) Remove starch from the plant
b) Remove chlorophyll from the leaf of the plant
c) Ensure that starch is not translocated from the leaves
d) Remove starch from the experimental leaf

15. Which cell component is visible only during cell division?
a) Mitochondria
b) Chloroplast
c) Chromosome
d) Chromatin

16. Pulse wave is mainly caused by?
a) Systole of Atria
b) Diastole of Atria
c) Systole of the left ventricle
d) Systole of the right ventricle

17. The recessive gene expresses itself in?
a) Homozygous condition
b) Heterozygous condition
c) F2 generation
d) Y-linked inheritance

18. Which gland secretes both hormones and enzyme?
a) Pancreas
b) Pituitary
c) Thyroid
d) Adrenal

19. The ventral root ganglion of the spinal cord contains cell bodies of the?
a) Motor Neuron
b) Sensory Neuron
c) Intermediate Neuron
d) Association Neuron

20. The antibiotic penicillin is obtained from?
a) Protozoan
b) Bacteria
c) Fungus
d) Virus

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21. Which is the site for the maturation of human sperm?
a) Interstitial cells
b) Prostate gland
c) Epididymis
d) Seminiferous tubule

22. After mitotic cell division, a female human cell will have?
a) 22 + X chromosomes
b) 22 + Y chromosomes
c) 44 + XX chromosomes
d) 44 + XY chromosomes

23. Which of the following is not a natural reflex action?
a) Knee-jerk
b) Blinking of eyes due to strong light
c) Salivation at the sight of food
d) Sneezing when an irritant enters the nose

24. Cretinism and Myxoedema are due to?
a) Hyposecretion of growth hormone
b) Hyposecretion of thyroxin
c) Hypersecretion of thyroxin
d) Hypersecretion of growth hormone

25. Where is the exact location of the Tricuspid valve?
a) Between Right Auricle and Right Ventricle
b) Between Left Auricle and Right Auricle
c) Between Left Ventricle and Right Ventricle
d) Between Right Auricle and Left Ventricle

26. When do the Chromosomes get aligned at the center of the cell?
a) Prophase
b) Metaphase
c) Anaphase
d) Telophase

27. Which one of the following is mainly associated with the maintenance of posture?
a) Cerebellum
b) Cerebrum
c) Thalamus
d) Pons

28. Which is an example of non-biodegradable waste?
a) Vegetable peels
b) Sewage
c) Livestock waste
d) DDT

29. A plant cell may burst when?
a) Turgor pressure equalizes wall pressure
b) Turgor pressure exceeds wall pressure
c) Wall pressure exceeds turgor pressure
d) None of the above

30. The individual flattened stacks of membranous structures inside the chloroplast are known as?
a) Grana
b) Stroma
c) Thylakoids
d) Cristae

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31. A single highly coiled tube where sperms are stored, concentrated, and mature is known as?
a) Epididymis
b) Vas Efferentia
c) Vas Deferens
d) Seminiferous Tubule

32. The nephrons discharge their urine at the?
a) Urinary Bladder
b) Renal Pelvis
c) Renal Pyramid
d) Urethra

33. Gigantism and Acromegaly are due to?
a) Hyposecretion of Thyroxine
b) Hyposecretion of Growth Hormone
c) Hypersecretion of Thyroxine
d) Hypersecretion of Growth Hormone

34. The mineral ion needed for the formation of a blood clot is?
a) Potassium
b) Calcium
c) Sodium
d) Iron

35. What is the prime source of chlorofluorocarbons?
a) Vehicular emissions
b) Industrial effluents
c) Domestic sewage
d) Refrigeration equipment’s

36. Penicillin obtained from a fungus is?
a) Antibiotic
b) Antibody
c) Antiseptic
d) Antiserum

37. Marine fish when placed in tap water bursts because of?
a) Endosmosis
b) Exosmosis
c) Diffusion
d) Plasmolysis

38. Surgical method of sterilization in a woman involves cutting and tying of?
a) Ureter
b) Uterus
c) Urethra
d) Oviduct

39. Synthesis phase in the cell cycle is called so, because of the synthesis of more?
a) RNA and DNA
b) RNA and Proteins
c) DNA
d) Glucose

40. Which one of the following is a Greenhouse Gas?
a) Oxygen
b) Methane
c) Sulphur dioxide
d) Nitrogen

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41. A strong chemical substance that is used on objects and surfaces in our surroundings to kill germs?
a) Carbolic Acid
b) Iodine
c) Cresol
d) Mercurochrome

42. Aqueous humour is present between?
a) Lens and Retina
b) Iris and Lens
c) Cornea and Iris
d) Cornea and Lens

43. What is the number of Spinal nerves in a human being?
a) 31 pairs
b) 30 pairs
c) 21 pairs
d) 10 pairs

44. Which blood vessel supplies blood to the liver?
a) Celiac Artery
b) Hepatic Artery
c) Right Gastric Artery
d) Gastroduodenal Artery

45. What is the number of chromosomes present in a nerve cell of a human being?
a) 72 Chromosomes
b) 56 Chromosomes
c) 36 Chromosomes
d) 46 Chromosomes

46. Which layer of the eyeball forms the transparent Cornea?
a) Cornea
b) Sclera
c) Uvea
d) Retina

47. What is the wax-like layer on the epidermis of leaves that reduces transpiration?
a) Cuticle
b) Palisade
c) Mesophyll
d) Xylem

48. The cell sap of root hair is?
a) Hypertonic
b) Hypotonic
c) Isotonic
d) None of the above

49. ______ transports starch from the leaves to all parts of the plant body?
a) Chlorenchyma
b) Sclerides
c) Phloem
d) Xylem

50. _______ bonds are present between the complementary nitrogenous bases of DNA?
a) Carbon
b) Nitrogen
c) Hydrogen
d) Oxygen

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51. What is the Graafian follicle that turns into a hormone-producing tissue after ovulation called?
a) Corpus luteum
b) Corpus callosum
c) Corpus cavernosum
d) Corpus spongiosum

52. Gyri and Sulci are the folds of?
a) Thalamus
b) Cerebellum
c) Cerebrum
d) Pons

53. What is the term for the division of the nucleus?
a) Karyokinesis
b) Cytokinesis
c) Orthokinesis
d) Klinokinesis

54. Free movement of solutes in and out of the cell takes place across the ______?
a) Cell Membrane
b) Cell Wall
c) Plasmodesmata
d) Cytoplasm

55. Which solvent is used for dissolving the chlorophyll pigments while testing a leaf for starch?
a) Soda Lime
b) Methylated Spirit
c) Water
d) Alcohol

56. Deafness is caused by the rupturing of the?
a) Stapes
b) Pinna
c) Tympanum
d) Cochlea

57. Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is secreted by the ______ lobe of the pituitary gland.
a) Posterior
b) Anterior
c) Corpus callosum
d) Thalamus

58. Complete stoppage of the menstrual cycle in females?
a) Menopause
b) Menarche
c) Ovulation
d) Follicular phase

59. Which pigment provides color to urine?
a) Rhodopsin
b) Bilirubin
c) Urochrome
d) Melanin

60. Name the canal through which testes descend into the scrotum just before the birth of a male baby?
a) Inguinal Canal
b) Pudendal Canal
c) Adductor Canal
d) Alveolar Canal

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61. What is the removal of nitrogenous wastes from the body called?
a) Respiration
b) Digestion
c) Excretion
d) Transportation

62. Repeating components of each DNA strand lengthwise?
a) Cytosine
b) Adenine
c) Deoxyribose
d) Nucleotides

63. An alteration in the genetic material that can be inherited?
a) Mutation
b) Intron Retention
c) Exon Skipping
d) RNA Splicing

64. What is the process of uptake of minerals ions against the concentration gradients using energy from the cell?
a) Osmosis
b) Diffusion
c) Passive Transport
d) Active Transport

65. Name the blood vessel that carries blood to the left atrium?
a) Systemic Veins
b) Deep Veins
c) Superficial Veins
d) Pulmonary Vein

66. Name the process of uptake of minerals ions against the concentration gradient using energy from the cell?
a) Active Absorption
b) Passive Absorption
c) Photoperiodism
d) Transpiration

67. ______ is mainly responsible for the formation of acid rain?
a) CO2
b) CNG
c) SO2
d) CO

68. The form in which glucose is stored in the liver?
a) Insulin
b) Glucose
c) Glycogen
d) Peptidoglycan

69. Which vein carries oxygenated blood?
a) Deep Veins
b) Superficial Veins
c) Pulmonary Veins
d) Systemic Veins

70. The cross between two parents having one pair of contrasting characters?
a) Backcross
b) Dihybrid Cross
c) Monohybrid Cross
d) Testcross

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71. Which structure is formed by the villi of the embryo and the uterus of the mother?
a) Blastula
b) Placenta
c) Blastocyst
d) Zygote

72. What do Alpha cells of the pancreas secrete?
a) Glucagon
b) Insulin
c) Amylase
d) Trypsinogen

73. Cretinism is caused due to deficiency of ________?
a) Adrenaline
b) Cortisol
c) Testosterone
d) Thyroxine

74. What is the phenomenon of loss of water through a cut stem or injured part of a plant called?
a) Transpiration
b) Bleeding
c) Respiration
d) Photosynthesis

75. What is the scientific name of the garden pea used by Gregor Mendel for his experiment?
a) Pisum vulgare
b) Pisum sativum
c) Pisum fabaceae
d) Pisum biflorum

76. Which fluid occupies the larger cavity of the eyeball behind the lens?
a) Retinals humor
b) Macular edema
c) Aqueous humor
d) Vitreous humor

77. Oxygen combines with Hemoglobin present in RBC and forms?
a) Deoxy-hemoglobin
b) Oxy-hemoglobin
c) Haemoglobin A
d) Haemoglobin A2

78. Which sex chromosomes are present in human males?
a) XX
b) XY
c) XX or XY
d) XX or YY

79. Which part of the brain is associated with memory?
a) Thalamus
b) Cerebrum
c) Cerebellum
d) Medulla

80. The ear ossicle which is attached to the tympanum?
a) Malleus
b) Stapes
c) Incus
d) Cochlea

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81. Which type of gene in the presence of a contrasting allele is not expressed?
a) Recessive
b) Dominant
c) Dominant or Recessive
d) Both Dominant & Recessive

82. Which hormone is secreted by islets of Langerhans?
a) Testosterone
b) Insulin
c) Estrogen
d) Prolactin

83. Name the process of conversion of ADP into ATP during photosynthesis?
a) Carbon Fixation
b) Photolysis
c) Calvin Cycle
d) Photophosphorylation

84. Name the disease for which Salk’s Vaccine is used?
a) Polio
b) Meningitis
c) Pneumonia
d) Chicken Pox

85. Name the cell body of a nerve cell?
a) Nucleus
b) Dendrite
c) Cyton
d) Axon

86. Name the waxy layer on the epidermis of the leaf meant to reduce transpiration?
a) Cuticle
b) Epidermis
c) Xylem
d) Phloem

87. The physical expression of genes in an individual?
a) Allele
b) Genotype
c) Phenotype
d) Pseudogenes

88. Knot-like mass of blood capillaries inside the bowman’s capsule?
a) Glomerulus
b) Peri Capillaries
c) Efferent Arteriole
d) Afferent Arteriole

89. Name the phenomenon by which living or dead plant cells absorb water by surface tension?
a) Dialysis
b) Diffusion
c) Osmosis
d) Imbibition

90. Name the phase of the cardiac cycle in which the auricle contract?
a) Atrial Diastole
b) Atrial Systole
c) Ventricular Diastole
d) Ventricular Systole

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91. Name the organ where urea is produced?
a) Liver
b) Bladder
c) Kidneys
d) Intestines

92. Name the hormone that helps increase the reabsorption of water from the kidney tubules?
a) Erythropoietin
b) Aldosterone 
c) Vasopressin
d) Erythropoiesis

93. Which membrane allows the passage of molecules selectively?
a) Epithelial Membranes
b) Serous Membranes
c) Mucous Membranes
d) Semi-Permeable Membrane

94. Name the structure that carries visual stimuli from the retina to the brain?
a) Trigeminal Nerve
b) Optic Nerve
c) Cranial Nerves
d) Oculomotor Nerve

95. Name the process where WBCs squeeze through the walls of the capillaries into the tissue?
a) Extravasation
b) Chemotaxis
c) Diapedesis
d) Transmigration

96. Which protective covering is located around the human brain and spinal cord?
a) Meninges
b) Dura Mater
c) Arachnoid Mater
d) Pia Mater

97. Name the eye condition where the eye lens loses its flexibility resulting in a kind of long-sightedness in elderly people?
a) Cataract
b) Glaucoma
c) Presbyopia
d) Amblyopia

98. Which hormones stimulate other endocrine glands to produce their specific hormone?
a) Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone
b) Luteinising Hormone
c) Tropic Hormones
d) Prolactin

99. Name the phase in the menstrual cycle in which the remnant of the follicle in the ovary turns to corpus luteum?
a) Secretory Phase
b) Follicular Phase
c) Luteal Phase
d) Ovulation

100. Statistical study of the human population?
a) Demography
b) Cross-Sectional Studies
c) Cohort Studies
d) Case-Control Studies

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101. Which mineral element is essential for the clothing of blood?
a) Potassium
b) Calcium
c) Copper
d) Chromium

102. The cells of the testes that produce male hormones?
a) Interstitial Cells
b) Germ Cells
c) Sertoli Cells
d) Leydig Cells

103. Name the nutritive layer of the eye that prevents reflection of light?
a) Choroid
b) Retina
c) Sclera
d) Cornea

104. What is the structural and functional unit of the kidney?
a) Glomerulus
b) Arteriole
c) Venule
d) Nephron

105. Name the part of the chloroplast where the light reaction of photosynthesis takes place?
a) Lumen
b) Lamella
c) Grana
d) Stroma

106. Phenotype is the observable characteristic that is _______ controlled?
a) Chrmosomically
b) Biologically
c) Genetically
d) Human

107. The technical term for the fertilized egg is?
a) Zygote
b) Gamete
c) Morula
d) Embryo

108. Term for the point of contact between two neurons?
a) Synapse
b) Synapsis
c) Neuro Motor Junction
d) Axon

109. A plant with sunken stomata?
a) Nerium
b) Onion
c) Oat
d) Maize

110. The photoreceptor cells of the retina that is sensitive to color?
a) Cones
b) Rods
c) Organ of Corti
d) Bipolar Cells

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