List Of Top Computer Companies And Their Founders

Top Computer Companies And Their Founders

Last Updated: 26 June 2023

Did You Know that the First Computer Mouse was made out of Wood?

Yes, You heard it right. It was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964.

Wooden Mouse Made by Douglas Engelbart
First Computer Mouse

There are many Computer Brands on the market, but some brands like Sony, Philips, HCL, etc have stopped Manufacturing new Desktops and Laptops.

We have List Out the Top 21 Computer Companies And Their Founders that are still manufacturing Computers and have contributed to changing the World through their Technology.

Interesting Computer Facts

  • The First Version of Windows was called Interface Manager, launched in 1983.
  • Origin PC was Founded by former employees of Alienware (Dell) in 2009. They assemble Custom computers with high-Performance Gaming Desktops from Third-Party components with Custom Paint and Logo.
  • Google’s Chromebooks were first sold in 2011.
  • Alienware is a Subsidiary Company of Dell founded by Nelson Gonzalez, Alex Aguila, and Frank Azor for Gaming. It can be easily identified by its Alien Logo and Alien-Themed Designs.
  • The Full Form of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Seize.
  • Do You know People Blink Less When They Use Computers?
  • The First Gigabyte Disk Drive Produced by IBM Cost $ 40,000.
  • The Longest Word that you can type using the letters only on one row on a Computer Keyboard is TYPEWRITER.
  • The Top Computer brands like Apple, HP, and Microsoft were all started in a Garage.
  • Charles Babbage is known as The Father of Computing.
  • Sony Stopped making VAIO Laptops in 2014.

List Of Top Computer Companies And Their Founders

1Acer1) Carolyn Yeh
2) Stan Shih
2AOCRoss Siragusa
3Alienware1) Nelson Gonzalez 
2) Alex Aguila
4Apple1) Steve Jobs
2) Steve Wozniak
3) Ronald Wayne
5ASUS1) T.H. Tung
2) Wayne Hsieh
3) M.T. Liao
4) Ted Hsu
6DellMichael S. Dell
7GigabytePei-Chen Yeh
8Google1) Larry Page
2) Sergey Brin
9HP1) David Packard
2) Bill Hewlett
10HuaweiRen Zhengfei
11iBall1) Shreans Daga
2) Anil Parasrampuria
3) Sandeep P.
12InfinixGeorge Zhu
13LenovoLiu Chuanzhi
14Logitech1) Daniel Borel
2) Pierluigi Z.
3) Giacomo Marini
4) Jean-Luc Mazzone
15LGKoo In-Hwoi
16Micromax1) Rahul Sharma
2) Vikas Jain
3) Sumeet Arora
4) Rajesh Agarwal
17Microsoft1) Bill Gates
2) Paul Allen
18MSI1) Henry Lu
2) Jeans Huang
3) Frank Lin
4) Joseph Hsu
5) Kenny Yu
19Nokia1) Fredrik Idestam
2) Leo Mechelin
3) Eduard Polón
20ORIGIN PC1) Kevin Wasielewski
2) Richard Cary
3) Hector Penton
21Razer1) Min-Liang Tan
2) Robert Krakoff
22RealmeSky Li
23SamsungLee Byung-Chul
24SmartronMahesh Lingareddy
25Toshiba1) Tanaka Hisashige
2) Ichisuke Fujioka
26VaioMasaaki Nakagawa
27Xiaomi1) Lei Jun
2) Lin Bin
3) Li Wanqiang
4) Wang Chuan
5) Hong Feng
6) Liu De
7) Zhou Guangping
8) Wong Jiangji
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